11:11 Soul Mastery, Portals, & Gateways of Ascension: Quakes, Shakes, Quirks, Fireworks, & Upgrades

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.2.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a message of hope, higher ascension portals and gateways, and extraordinary light code expansions for all sentient life on planet earth . . . this month and onward through the end of the year.  Dear One ~ a Sacred Fire Light and Consciousness is ringing through the ethers as both Light and Sound . . . announcing the new Light Codes of the New Earth and encoding them ever more deeply, accessibly, blessing-fully, and alchemically in each and all of you.  At the time of this transmission, the 11:1 frequencies have already opened the Arches of Change and Ascension WIDE.  And as the 11:11 draws near, truly a new level of planetary oxygen, awakeness, clarity, humility, and a feeling of profound triumph will fill many on the planet.  For the 11:11 Archways are truly activating more Frequencies of the New Earth than has been yet experienced on your world, to date.  But experience more Light and Expansions, you will!  And it is a joyful time to behold!

Let us begin by saying dear ones that we understand the quakiness, shakiness, and quirkiness of your world’s energies at the moment, both personal and global.  As we have been sharing for quite some time, old structures are leaving the scene of the crime so to speak.  The crime being ~ all of the separation cycle’s nefarious activities ~ that run far deeper than most people realize . . . and that only bubble to the surface in many of your lives in the form of taxes, imprisonment, debt, war, division, conflicts, etc.  And so it would make sense ~ upon further review for each of you ~ that the culprits who have created those crimes and criminal structures at least in recent decades are either being exposed, or will be exposed, to make way for the structures they have upheld and served so diligently for many years, and lifetimes even, to crumble.  

The only way any structure can maintain its form in this or any other realm or timeline is for people to believe in it.  When belief is released, and the curtains or veils are pulled back, to reveal and un-veil that which was only an illusion, the vibrational support for those structures crumbles and topples quickly, because there is nothing supporting them whatsoever at that point to even be in existence!

Therefore . . . yes . . . it is very true that November will see more quakes, shakes, quirks, and exposures as the Divine Torch of Light of Truth brings this Sacred Fire to illuminate all that is out of alignment with the True Vibrational Coordinates of a New 5th Dimensional Planet Earth.  AND . . . so many new and incredible structures, creations, and unbelievable breakthroughs, innovations, and new manifestations of the New Light will ring through the darkness like a shooting star bringing and showering its magic on all of you!

It will be a bit like the 4th of July Fireworks celebrated in the United States of America . . . where at the start . . . there are singular fireworks set off for the world to see and enjoy.  And then, as the show and evening progresses, more and more fireworks are paired up and set off together, until finally, towards the end, there is an entire show of incredible light lighting up the night sky and sounding the energies of Freedom, Sovereignty, Patriotism, Strength, Hope, and Better Days Ahead.  

This is you dear ones.  Consider November 2019, and specifically the 11:11 Ascension Portal, to be that Cosmic Fireworks for you and for every single sentient being on the planet.  It is Independence Day . . . only on a Grand and Global Scale!  For everyone ~ deep in their Soul Light ~ deep in their Heart Centers ~ deep in their Soul’s Awareness . . . is listening for the Sounds of these New Light Codes.  And 11:11 this month is going to shine, sparkle, sound, and celebrate this New Light anchoring its frequencies and portaling in new templates and new ways of co-creating on your world again.  These Kinds of Light Codes have been missing from the Human Experience for Centuries.  And truly, for millenia.  And this month, is a Celestial Cosmic Moment for all of the Galaxy to witness more infusion of the Sacred Light Codes of the New Earth activating on planet earth, and sounding the Bell of Divine Sovereignty with great fervor, festivity, and excitement like never before.

So allow yourselves and your cells to enjoy the Newly Birthing Earth.  Allow these Light Codes of Innovation, Integration, Transparency, Truth, Clarity, Support for Humanity, and Support for All Sentient Life on your world to touch down in your Heart’s Higher Consciousness.  The more people that allow them and receive them ~ the more magic at a collective level they can create.

Will you witness and see other matrixes and individuals that were the gatekeepers and enforcers of the old matrixes be exposed?  Yes.  When Forces of Light such as these Galactic Infusions of Central Sun Energies and Frequencies of Galactic Support and Light infuse and empower this Level of Light to activate once more inside the people, and inside all Life on earth, there is no going back!  There is only a witnessing of the old cloaks, capes, and structures that once governed your lives, your consciousnesses, and your countries and global systems ~ releasing ~ for good now.  Let them go.  Let them go.  Let them return to Source for full alchemization, and full clearing, and full renewal in the Light and Purification that the All That Is is capable of creating, for Future Light and Future Templatings of Light through the Universe.  

This is an Extraordinary Event!  These are Extraordinary Times.  If you ever catch yourself feeling overwhelmed, lost, confused, or dazed by all of what is unfolding in your life and on the world at this time, you must first know that you are not alone.  There are many having to integrate and upgrade their consciousness and conscious awareness ~ just like you.  

Most on your world today do not remember all that they pledged to witness, go through, heal, and rise beyond . . . when they incarnated here many years ago . . . and specifically again this lifetime.  So shock and bewilderment will be some of the emotional experiences many may feel and have.  

And at the same time, as a 3D-5D hybridized being at this point, some of this, at some level within you, will not be quite that shocking.  As surprising as some things will continue to be, the fabulous things and the challenging things, deep inside, all of it is already known to you.  For you all knew the story of humanity ahead of time.  And you all know it now. And you all know how this plays out. And now you are here as it plays out.

You are that play.  You are that theatre.  And this is the world and galactic stage.  Shining for all to see.  And co-creating the Fireworks of Sovereignty and New Light.  Sending your signals actually into the big night sky . . . to let the other beings in the cosmos know . . . we are here!  We are here!  We are waking up and we are rising into our Fields of Light again inside us.  5D Fields of Light are activating and informing us again!  

Knowledge that you have not known for lifetimes will be returning to you. In little fragments perhaps.  And in some quantum leaps.  You will begin to simply know things that feel very familiar to you . . . even though you haven’t yet experienced them.  Or they may not have occurred yet.  But they will.  And you will know the story of those events . . . at some level deep inside.  As if you knew it before.  It is a celestial déjà vu experience of creation.  You will remember more of who you really are when this happens, and you will see that the stage and the theatre is what is “coming down” . . . not you.  You are Light Eternal.  You are Love Eternal.  You are Divine Breath from Source in all that you breathe into form in every way.  No ~ what is coming down is the illusion that was never real in the first place.  And you will eventually awaken inside to remember this to be true.  You will remember the illusion that was planned to be an illusion ~ until it would be exposed for what it always was in the first place.  A Planned Illusion for the Soul Experience of Separation to be gleaned.  And this is where you are now.  This is what 11:11 Awakens in Humanity at this time.  It awakens more of the Truth of the Illusion you have been living.  And it helps you too to put in perspective, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and co-creatively . . . what is releasing (that is not real) and what is rising (that is truly the 5D frequencies and insights and soul skills you really and truly are).  

This is a Re-Wiring.  It is a Resetting.  It is a Restoration Process of Epic Proportions.  You are Re-Instating your Galactic Heritage.  You are Re-Membering the Gifts you Truly Are.  And you are Re-leasing anything less than the True Story of You and Humanity and All Life on this planet.  For all have agreed collectively ~ It Is Time to Rise and Remember and to Be What Your Sacred Divinity has always been again. 

And so with that Collective Agreement, and with that One Heart Song of Unity in your Consciousness again to be what you Truly Are again ~ there is the tearing down of the illusions and the illusionary scaffolding of the fake stories, the fake structures, the false systems, and any anything really that doesn’t serve the Light of Truth but rather served a different Master, . . . the Vibration of Separation.  

11:11 is a Day of Celebration and Further Earth Emancipation!  

Will everyone celebrate?  Will everyone know what is unfolding this day?  Of opening the Heavenly Gates in People’s Hearts and in the Collective Consciousness . . . at Higher and Higher Ascension Speeds and Codes of Light again?  No.  Not everyone.  But the ones that do will anchor the New Frequencies of Light that are necessary to sound a collective song . . . into the stratosphere . . . a pulse strong enough to Sound the New Light into form and to make it a newly unveiled reality as a New Living Life Force supporting Planet Earth and all life yet to form here in the times to come.

Will there be quakes and shakes of illusions?  Yes.  For the only thing quaking and shaking right now IS the illusion.  Truth will stand tall in these shifts and in these Ascension Codes.  So if you experience some of your own Quakes and Shakes of your own False Narratives, of your own False Stories, of your own Emperor’s New Clothes scenarios in your life, it helps to have this perspective that an illusion has just risen to the surface of your consciousness . . . one that likely needs your attention . . . to acknowledge it . . . to thank it for the lessons it has held for you . . . and to release it into the Heart of Source for full cleansing now.  

And THAT, that is what is happening to others in the very public eye right now.  Only their personal illusions, and professional illusions, are airing out, like dirty laundry for everyone to see.  Not easy for those characters.  Not easy for those in the roles of the “villains” to have their illusions and distorted belief systems aired for all to see.  Its hard enough for many of us to face our personal illusions privately.  Imagine having bigger illusions that you have committedly kept, and even perpetrated on others, that you now have to show to the world ~ for everyone to see?  Not easy.  Not easy.  But necessary?  Yes.

Ascension is not a free pass.  It is not something that Source passes out like candy on Halloween night to every person in their crazy and crafty costumes with an open sack. 

Ascension is an active, conscious, allowance and embracing of a New Higher Light Consciousness.  It requires these New Light Codes to help the process along.  But it is a choice inside each and every person on the planet whether they will accept and receive these Light Codes and these Sacred Activational Fire Codes coming directly from the Central Sun’s Portals of Light . . . through a willingness to see the Truth in the Illusions . . . and the Light that is emerging now to expose the Illusions . . . and the pain and suffering they have created and caused for eons.

So Ascension is an active, co-creative, integrative, and expansive process that all are invited to consciously experience!

And it will require spiritual stamina, fortitude, faith, trust, love, and a willingness to witness what is releasing at whatever levels you can . . . to glean the clearest lessons in the journey of separation . . . for the new life and the new light you are entering now more fully . . . as we continue to walk on the other side of 11:11 and head on a fairly straight path . . . into the energies of 2020 . . . the Ultimate Year of Clear Sight!

There is no way out but through.  And so . . . let’s portal up and portal in and portal with grace and love and appreciation and joy . . . for the gifts of the 3D journey and theatre . . . and for the gifts now of rising into the clarity, purity, unity, humility, sanctity, and perfection of a New 5D Earth and soul expansion to come.

What do you want to portal up and through into?  Who do you wish to be?  

How do you wish to move through the coming exposures and releases of the old 3D crumblings?  What are your resources (inner and outer) that you will call upon and utilize to help you fortify your spiritual stamina and spiritual vision . . . while things continue to accelerate and shift with great power, stealth, and grace now?

What are your talents, that you know . . . and that you love . . . about you?  That are here as your guides and mentors in the shifts? For when the illusion comes down, and crumbles down, it helps to have the Truth ready as a perfect replacement and re-engagement of the New Light.  What is True, really True, in the Divine Sense of True, about you?  What is something you LOVE about you?  Everyone has things inside they love about who they are.  Its time to call these feelings and these knowings out inside us again.  Not with vanity or ego pride (those are the old illusions, of course).  But with deep reverence and tears of joy almost, that it is safe to pull them out of the “toy chest” again.  It is safe to come out of hiding for who we really are.  

And that initial coming out process?  That coming out of the spiritual closet so to speak?  Or that coming out of the Divinity Closet?  First occurs ~ within ourselves.  

When we are comfortable with Who We Really Are, we are more able to embrace or to help to embrace others beginning to come out as Who They Really Are too.  

And when we say ~ Who They Really Are and Who You Really Are ~ this is your spiritual maturity and your spiritual mastery we are speaking about.  Not any lingering costumes, masquerading as mastery.  True Higher Dimensional Vibrations are Self Evident.  Old Costumes that “Wore” Higher Vibrations, like a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing so to speak, will also be increasingly Self Evident.

And that Higher Vibrational True 5D Light and Divinity in you . . . is the metaphorically “naked” you or “transparent” you.  Will you become see-through in these new energies?  Not in the way your 3D mental minds conceive that to be, no.  But will your vibration be known to all, as if it were a marquis of your every thought and feeling and intention?  Soon, very soon, yes.  All will know who you are.  And all will know who they are.  

And hence, the need for deep self compassion.  For all things done with regret or remorse at this point.  In the past.  Or perhaps even still today. The pain of the wrongs done is lifting, in your wilingness to recognize the costume and the illusion.  And the pain they caused to you, in you, and to others.  

Self compassion and knowing your divine talents and loving who you are . . . these are the soul skills to walk with in November 2019.  Conscious Breathing will align your Heart Center with the Heart of Source Energy as well.  Adding Colors to your Conscious Breathing will support your True Light’s Emergence into this world in the form of a more accurate reflection of the Divinity You Are.

There is so much support for each and every one of you.  

November is opening these portals of light WIDE OPEN to all of you!  

You all will step through them . . . in one way or another.  We invite you to step through with a clean and clear consciousness and conceptualization of the tasks at hand in the Ascension Process . . . for you and for every single being on the planet today. 

Come out to yourself . . . as the Light and Godspark you are.  Love the perfection of your imperfections in the 3D illusion and costume party.  And then, love the perfection of the lived perfection returning to you in the 5D Vibrations you are emerging day by day moment by moment to embody again.  

Celebrate the 11:11’s Light Codes streaming through to this Beloved Planet Earth to uncover and expose the 3D slumbering and illusion cycle . . . as well as to activate and liberate the Higher Light Codes you truly always were underneath those very costumes you call jobs, work, to-do lists, taxes, debts, dramas, and more.  

Most of all, BE FREE!  Embrace the Freedom your Light Codes are celebrating inside you . . . with these Infusions of Light and Soul Mastery coming to the trillions of cells you are . . . that live as one community inside you . . . and that live as one larger global community . . . that all sentient life is on your world.  

All are being freed!  All are returning to their Soul Light’s Mastery!

Stay awake.  Stay alert.  Witness the duality playing out.  Witness the exposures playing out.  Know Your Truth.  Know Your Light.  Know Your Gifts and Grace within.  And rise out of the ashes of the old crumblings . . . renewed in the faith and fortitude that you remember Who You Really Are!

If you can’t find what that feeling is yet inside you, give yourself a little time.  Try new experiences on that are not costumes but that are real vibrational experiences you want to see and to experience as you.  It is a rediscovery process of your mastery now.  That’s the Celebration!

Welcome dear ones to the 11:11 Portals of Higher Soul Ascension and Greater Soul Mastery!  You have all of the Soul Skills Required to Be the Light you Truly Are!

You have all of the Soul Skills Required to Be the Light You Truly Are!

Be compassionate with yourself, with others, and with the world stage right now.  

New 5D seeds are growing in new projects and the new paradigm of light emerging in events like 11:11 and this whole next year through.  

The Earth you have “known” will be nearly unrecognizable 1 year from now.  2 years from now.  4 years from now.  Massive, massive planetary shifts and upgrades are underway.  

And you are those living shifts!  You are those living upgrades!

Deep Conscious Breaths every day will support your expansions!

In those Sacred Conscious Breaths, and your willingness to Receive Your True Light Codes and to Be Them Within, you have everything you need to be your Divine Self as these Powerful Central Sun Upgrades stream through All Beings on Planet Earth!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

2 Responses to “11:11 Soul Mastery, Portals, & Gateways of Ascension: Quakes, Shakes, Quirks, Fireworks, & Upgrades

  • Linda Kane
    5 years ago

    Thankful for you who deliver light and truth to remind us who we truly are and why we are here at this most blessed time

    • Hi Linda! Thank you ❤️🙏 Thank you for your appreciation, reflections of light, and beautiful energy! ✨🌎 We are rising in these times to really remember Who We Truly Are and How Interconnected We Truly Are! It is a gift to connect with you Linda. 🌸💕🌸 Blessings and Light to you!