2020 Is New Terrain: Avatars Awaken, Resets Abound, & Higher Sensory Perception Activates

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.10.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through calming, affirming, grounding, and higher visioning energies from the Star Planet Arcturus and from the Heart of the Entire Arcturian Collective.  We invite you in this moment to join us in taking a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In and allowing this Sacred Breath to flow to all of the parts of you right here, right now that might feel weary in the journey.  Breathe in that Sacred Divine Oxygen coming directly from the Heart of Source and from the Heart of the Earth Mother, filling you up with this calming, grounding, loving, refreshing, and peaceful energy . . . restoring your soul’s memories of your own Divine Perfection.  You can access this Divine Refreshment and Higher Soul Oxygenating and Nourishing Energy any time you like.  And now, we invite you to take one more Deep Divine Breath In.  This time, filling this Sacred Source Breath in you with a beautiful and rich Sapphire Blue color frequency . . . that connects your Sacred Heart Center with the Arcturian Collective’s Deepest Love, Support, and Inspiration for you now in the journeys you each and all are making . . . as the Earth Mother rises into her 5th Dimensional Divinity Codes once more . . . and as all of you rise into these Higher Frequencies as well.  Breathe in these Arcturian Sapphire Blue Frequencies of Timeless Love and Celestial Light, and know you are Home in your Cosmic Consciousness in this moment, and in every moment you consciously breathe and connect with your Higher Self, your Higher Source, and your Connections with the Earth Mother.  

Isn’t it amazing how one minute you can be swirling and twirling in the pushes and pulls on your attention throughout your day . . . and the next minute . . . you can access this Higher Dimensional conscious breathing technique and exercise . . . and merge once more with your Soul Presence, Essence, and Divine Well-Being again . . . no matter what is unfolding in your world, in your experience, or in your current circumstances?  We find it extraordinary, and another confirmation and affirmation of the magic and magnificence available to you in each and every moment.  

Speaking of Magic and Magnificence, how are you faring with the Gifts of Soul Skill #8, The Gift of Inspiration?  Some of you we know feel and know yourselves to be deep divine channels and conduits of Divine Inspiration in many ways and in many areas of your lives these days.  Creativity, Love, Light, Imagination, and the Energy of Infinite Positive Possibilities are a magical elixir that have the power inside you to create worlds.  To manifest a new life you desire today, out of the ashes and experiences you had yesterday, like magic.  Some of you may feel like you desire that lovely light-hearted experience but it in many ways escapes you, or it is a fleeting experience and one you don’t find sustainable.  And some of you are quite unsure as to how to access frequencies of which we are describing, because the journey has been so long, so arduous, and so fraught with land mines, snafus, entanglements, dramas, and traumas that you are unsure how to excavate yourselves from their densities and access the greater light in your daily life and lived experiences.  

Its okay.  Remember ~ wherever you are, is perfect.  Sometimes, accessing this level of magic, miracles, and magnificence requires you to simply appreciate where you are.  If it is a job you presently feel ill-suited for, or even loathe, love it for the guidance it is giving to you right now in this moment.  In the awareness you are having of “this position/job/work environment/schedule/task etc. just isn’t for me.  I don’t resonate with it at all. And I very much appreciate knowing that, for in this knowing, I am so much closer to identifying, clarifying, and CLAIMING what IS aligned for me and for my new life I am presently creating.” 

You see . . . as you rise and find yourselves resonating less and less with the 3D matrix . . . your guidance system is going to let you know this.  Giving you inner coordinates from the inside out . . . and activating your senses in grander and grander ways . . . so that you can literally soon “taste, see, hear, touch, and smell” resonance and disresonance all around you.  This resonance or disresonance might very well be a job, a schedule, a home, a location, a relationship, a vision, a project, a physical condition, an interaction, an exploration, or even simply a brief moment in time . . . that is perfectly divinely designed to give you this input, in this way, at exactly this time.

In these in-between times, you are being guided to learn how to feel and see through your senses again, or your sentient operating systems, that are electromagnetic and vortexual in nature, and highly intelligent and intuitive as well.  And all of that whirling, and swirling, inside you, or out there in the collective, is really an invitation and opportunity to remember . . . to go back to the basics . . . and to essentially go back to the process and divine soul skill of conscious breathing and conscious connection with your Guides, your Source, your Earth Mother, your Chakras, your Talents and your Gifts and what lights you up from the inside out.  

Sentience knows without knowing.  For Sentience is connected to the Infinite Nature of All Time and No Time, and Every Thing and No Thing, and the Womb of All Creation and the Halls of the Akashic Records.  Sentience is a Living Conscious Energy that connects you with everything and everyone, and essentially with your Divine Spark that shines through the Night Sky of Spiritual Amnesia and 3D Forgetfulness . . . to awaken you in your very own perfect right timing to your Soul’s Gifts, Breath, Interconnection, and Perfection in this and all realms.  

And in March 2020, the unfoldments on your world, are once again inviting you into your own Inner Sanctuaries of Light and Communion with Divine Truth, Divine Love, and Divine Oneness and Wholeness again . . . while the world around you swirls and twirls more and more 3D tales, blunders, exposures, dramas, traumas, fears, and distractions of one sort or another.

Your Sentient Operating Systems within you see beyond all of that.  They feel, see, and know a much greater picture and story, beyond the illusions running amok on your world today.  It is in your willingness to see or feel your sentience percolating and activating in your field of awareness . . . and to appreciate its little nudges or bread crumbs of inspiration or guidance . . . that helps and supports it to come online inside you and activate more gently, easily, flow-fully, and gracefully.  Everyone desires this grace.  This ease.  This gentle activation and reconnection with the Truth of Who They Really Are.

But the big, loud, hustle and bustle energy of the 3D world attempts to distract you . . . and invite your ego to run the show . . . to keep treading water in a sea of shark-like energies . . . where you are constantly avoiding one thing in order to access or manifest another.  Duality itself has a way of ratcheting up the volume in your daily lives, because it feels nearly impossible to avoid its messages, comparisons, complications, divisions, and separations altogether.

And we would say . . . the only way to get beyond the steady din of 3D separation noise and frequency offerings . . . is to consciously breathe.  Is to ground your energies and connect with the Heart of the Earth Mother and the Heart of Source.  And the Heart of your Sentient Operating Systems and Star Being Essences that know yourselves as Multidimensional Beings and Avatars of Light, pretending for a brief moment in time that you have forgotten who you are.  So that you can reclaim it all again and soar in the gift and grace of having embraced your Divinity, Light Codes, and Timeless Perfection after all this time.

Inspiration dear ones is here to partner with you . . . as you awaken your Sentient Operating Systems . . . and listen for the emerging Higher Senses . . . that know how to see beyond this realm.  And that know how to see the Truth in all situations, despite any outer wrappings, packagings, or propagandas.  Sentience is the Gift of God’s All-Knowing Heart Vision . . . that sees through anything less or louder than the brilliance and ease of Organic Light Frequencies.  Sentience knows that Light is Self Evident, and so is Illusion, at this Higher Level of Sight.

So you are learning how to see again, aren’t you?  In 2020, you are invited to see your lives differently, aren’t you?  The invitation is there to move differently, to enjoy your lives differently, to participate in the world differently, and to thrive in new ways, isn’t it?  Have you noticed a stillness come into your lives, despite the acceleration of noise in the media?  And in the markets?  And in the demands on your time, energies, and resources?  Where is that stillness coming from?  And how are you experiencing that stillness?  That calm in the storm feeling within . . . despite the swirling seas all around you in the collective energies on the planet?  

Some have reported to this channel feeling a bit lost, confused, uninspired, self-doubting, empty in a way, without direction, or somehow in a void almost . . . where much of what they previously enjoyed and participated in isn’t bringing the same feelings of fulfillment, engagement, interest, excitement, or joy that they perhaps once were.  Its as if the landscape has changed, your sentience knows it, but your feet are still trying to move forward in an entirely new terrain from the old map they once knew.  But the new terrain is different.  And your feet aren’t really designed to lead.  And they actually don’t know where they are going.  In this new energy and in this new world unfolding still more in the ethers than in the manifested world as of yet.  

It is the Time of the Great Reset dear ones, and this means, on ALL levels of your being.  The old 3D matrix doesn’t connect with the emerging New Light Codes inside you.  There are actually no congruent codes between the old 3D codes that used to wire and “operate” you . . . and the New 5D Light Codes coming online with increasing frequency and infusions of light every day now.  

You can try to hook up with the old ways of being that formerly engaged you or inspired you, or fulfilled you in some way.  But they just don’t have the power and the joy and the resonance that they once did.  

Your ego might attempt to make this time period “wrong” or that something about you is “wrong” or “not okay.”  Because when the ego doesn’t compute or understand something, from its limited 3D perception and linear vision, it brings out its defenses . . . to navigate what it perceives to be an unsafe and threatening world . . . in order to attempt to course correct and keep itself safe.  So your ego might be telling you that you are confused, lost, directionless, lacking motivation or inspiration, and in a strange or unfamiliar place that feels uncomfortable, to trigger doubt, or fear, or shame, or judgement in some way inside you . . . to run the old pathways it knows within you . . . and ultimately to attempt to get you to take some kind of action step.  Because being a defense frequency, such as the ego is, it requires action.  It demands action.  That is why it is trying to get you to move your feet, to change direction, to push you to do this or to try that.  But inside, your sentient operating system, the aspects and essence of you that knows how to breathe, be, listen, and move from an other-worldly perspective, from a higher knowing and timeless unity inside with the All That Is, is learning and remembering how to move once more in these new energies.  That feel different from 3D life and life force . . . but somehow strangely familiar.  

You are finding your footing, aren’t you? In this new terrain.  In this new, higher, more sensitive, more attuned operating system?  And world energy?  Of greater light, transparency, community, healing, integration, and so much more.  

You are learning how to listen again.  You are learning how to attune again. You are learning how to SENSE again.  TO MAKE SENSE of what is happening inside and out, within you personally and within the collective.  

We invite you to merely witness the ego’s attempts to judge your “in-between-ness” at this time.  You are in fact “in between” worlds.  But this is no time for judgement.  It is simply time for appreciation.  You can acknowledge through your witnessing of your daily moments, moods, attractions, and even dis-attractions . . . that you are moving differently.  Hearing differently.  Seeing differently.  Feeling differently.  And sensing differently.  Of course you are!  These are the Ascension Times!

The ego will judge what it doesn’t understand.  The sentient operating system knows how to partner with you to support you to simply observe what you don’t understand.  And to know . . . that new insight, input, guidance, and awareness is emerging out of your current shifts and upgrades.  You are being rewired from the inside out.  That includes HOW you perceive.  What you perceive.  And how you are emerging to perceive life differently.  Your life and the lives of others.

So dear one, in March 2020, and again throughout the remainder of this year, remember . . . that 2020 IS The Ultimate Year of Clear Sight.  And you are hearing steadily from us that in order to experience that Ultimate Year of Clear Sight, your physical sight and your sentient sight is changing.  It is upgrading.  Some things from the old ways and old world are releasing.  Habits.  Conditionings.  Patterns.  All of those are coming up for review, aren’t they?  Could some of the ways you have “seen” and lived and perceived previously been a product of a conditioned system?  That is largely an illusion?  And if some of that is crumbling, in your personal life, or in the world around you to any degree, how can you appreciate and allow the crumbling while you also trust an emerging new operating system inside you . . . that is helping you to see deeper, differently, broader, and truer . . . through your senses . . . that are heightening . . . and tuning . . . and activating?  

These new “sensings” that your sensitive Sentient Operating Systems are feeling, knowing, detecting, and practicing right now are part of that feeling of disorientation, confusion, lostness, discoordination, and discomfort for many of you.  Because they are very different guidance and frequencies of awareness that you haven’t engaged for millenia.  It might even feel a bit like sea sickness or vertigo.  Because timelines are merging dear ones.  And that rocks the boat of the status quo.  Your feet are seeking instructions for where to go, how to move, your vessel, your vehicle, that was thought to be only a physical structure, a physical body.  But it actually is a Living Merkaba.  A living time-space vehicle.  A multidimensional force, energy, wisdom, intelligence, and intuition. And so from your head to your heart and down to your toes, you are having to listen to cues from your mind-body-spirit living matrix that is activating on a whole new level and that is giving cues that are very different from the 3D, black and white, right or wrong, dualistic matrix of limited, conditioned, and separation consciousness sight.  And your feet haven’t quite acclimated with your 5D Sentient Operating System that is emerging through your 3D human mind-body matrix steadily and increasingly, now more than ever before.

So self compassion is important right now.  Appreciation for what is, what was, and what is becoming to be is important.  Trust and Faith are allies in this process, as you remember more and more to ground and connect with the Heart of the Earth Mother, your living conscious breathing loving host for your incarnational experiences here. A willingness to open, allow, and embrace change and transformation in however it is desiring to emerge within and through you is also another key insight and ally in this process too.

2020 is New Terrain.  2020 is a Remembrance of your 5D Operating Systems and the Technologies your Human Bodies and DNA Structures are wired within to shine and to be.  2020 is an activation and cultivation of Higher Soul Sight and Sensory Perception and Perceptiveness.  2020 is an In-Between Time between the No Longer and the Not Yet.  You are on this bridge between who you were in the old matrix and conditioning and illusion of 3D, and who you timelessly and divinely are designed and created to be in the realms of 5D Light and Unity Consciousness and higher.  You ARE this bridge.  Your Human Body is this Bridge of Divine Technology and Conscious Creation . . . that knows how to hybridize these two worlds.  

Give yourself some time, space, compassion, and appreciation to come online with this incredible cosmic and creationary merger and integration unfolding inside you.

If you are lost, ground on the inner planes with the perfection of your breath.

If you are confused, ground on the inner planes and with the Heart of the Earth Mother that knows Who You Really Are in All Space and All Time.   

If you are distracted, ground in the Light and the Love and the Presence of your Heart Center and Chakra and your Root Chakra, that both know how to tap into the root of your Divine Connections with the Earth Mother and the Heart of Source Energy.

If you are sad, lonely, disconnected, discouraged, or uninspired, ground in an appreciation for something that is beautiful or simple grace.  Nature provides a buffet of treasures for the eyes of the soul to appreciate.  Creation shines at its finest in a sunflower, a ladybug, a bird song, or a new sapling or vegetable sprout.  Appreciation is one of the easiest ways to connect your Heart with the Energy and Light of Source.  Try it.  Practice it.  If it feels foreign, we invite you to use words like “I am willing to appreciate this flower.  I am willing to appreciate the rain.  I am willing to appreciate the sun’s light.”  Being “willing” forms the bridge between the worlds.  And being “willing” makes you that bridge between the worlds.  

You are resetting.  Your mind-body-spirit temple and living energies are refreshing, resetting, restoring, re-aligning, and remembering all that You Truly Are.

Witness the shadows and exposures forthcoming.  They are the illusion rising to the surface to be seen, witnessed by the collective, and released.  

Allow your Sentience, your Divine Knowing, Feeling, Seeing, and Hearing, to emerge and align inside you.  And value the stillness that is being created in many of you right now to make room for this new and greater wholeness inside you.  

You are not in an empty void right now in 2020.  You are in the Womb of Creation.  

YOU are creating this new world.

And you are being CREATED as a vibrational match to this new timeline and this New Earth . . . that is vibrating in harmony with Unity Consciousness and 5D Frequencies of Light.

Gently and compassionately allow this “Womb Time”.  Witness the stillness.  Be in the stillness.  Appreciate the stillness and the re-alignment of your inner coordinates to your highest potential. 

March 2020 and the remainder of this year . . . will continue to unfold, unfurl, twirl, and swirl the old illusions to the surface and the new structures to emerge in the core of the Earth . . . as new manifestations and new visions and new innovations that incorporate the MIND BODY AND SPIRIT in all beings and all sentient life on this world.

You are Master Creators.  You are Living Avatars.  

You are in the Time of the Avatar Awakening.

That is what this reset is all about!

Finances, Banking Systems, Governments, Families, Jobs, Economic Systems, Belief Systems, Religions, Educational Systems and Values, Medical Industries and Systems all will go through a metamorphosis this year.  

But it is YOU who must trust the Avatar and the Divinity Codes awakening within . . . to sail into the calming and knowing frequencies within . . . and release the stormy seas unfolding around you.  

We invite you to join us in a Calm Sea of Blue Sapphire Arcturian Light Frequencies whenever you wish to take a conscious breath with your Higher Self, your Source Creator, the Earth Mother, and our Arcturian Collective.

We believe in you!

We know Who You Truly Are!

Your Soul Skills invite and delight in your conscious engagement with them.  They are all aspects of your 5D Sentient Operating Systems ~ remeeting you and reuniting with you again!

You have it all inside.

You always have. 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.   

2 Responses to “2020 Is New Terrain: Avatars Awaken, Resets Abound, & Higher Sensory Perception Activates

  • Kristen
    4 years ago

    Marie, i especially liked the last transmission. I have been trying to get in touch with you for months. I’ve had 3 different phone# since last we spoke and all my contacts were lost as well please call me at my new number. Hope all is well. Blessings my dear friend.

    • Hi Kristen! Thank you 🙏💕I’m glad the latest transmission resonated with you. The Arcturian Collective is truly providing these amazing cosmic and higher-sighted bread crumbs for all of us as we rise and reclaim the Truth of Who We Really Are and as we release the old illusions from an old matrix whose time it is to release and alchemize back into Light. I’m glad we reconnected! Blessings and Light to you! ✨😊🙏🌎