Accessing Our Higher Power: A Message from Mother Earth

Accessing Our Higher Power

A Message from Mother Earth

via channel Marie Mohler
Received June 4, 2018




Dear Ones,

earth in field of light imageIt is Mother Earth here today . . . coming through with a Message for Humanity, escorted by Light Beams that come from our Highly Evolved Star Sisters and Brothers all over the Greater Cosmos, who live, breathe, and co-create Pure Positive Energy from 5th Dimensional and Higher Frequencies all over the universe.

Now today, as we breathe this Higher Unified Field of Divine Light Frequencies and Energy, let us call in a message through the ethers that is most on the hearts, minds, and souls of the majority of earth’s inhabitants, at the Greater Collective Consciousness Level.

What is a question the Greater Collective Consciousness
would like me to speak to today?

Let’s call in the Starlight of that particular Inquiry.  We will do this collaboratively today.  But any one of you can join me any time you like and follow this protocol, in the protection of the Highest Light Frequencies in the Cosmos, and ask me your own personal questions or a question for the collective as well.  As you do your best to open your heart and light to ask . . . I will be able to reply through your open receptive heart energies.  So if you ask, stay open and trusting . . . and listen for my answers.  And guidance.  Keep what resonates and release what doesn’t.  Okay?

So let us take a deep collective breath together.  And tune in through this particular channel today, and see what question the Collective Heart-Mind Consciousness wants known to itself the most at this time?

colorful question marks photo
The question heard today . . . is . . .

What is the Best or the Easiest and Highest Good Way . . . to Access
my Higher Power?  My Higher Self’s Wisdom?  Especially in these times?

It is a wonderful question and one I will enjoy immensely to answer.  The Stars are shining Streams of Light to each one of us, as I share an answer.

The first and fore-mostly simplest way to connect with Your Higher Self . . . Your Higher Consciousness . . . Your Divine Wisdom that is your Divine Birthright and that is your Timeless Soul Traveling Essence throughout all incarnational experiences . . . is THROUGH YOUR BREATH.

Humanity in many ways has forgotten to breathe in . . . its Native, Organic, Cosmic, Infinite, and Divine Light. 

buddhist meditation imageFor the Breath, if done consciously, has the Power to Reset your Inner Coordinates, your Timeless Consciousness, and your Sacred Heart Center’s Access to Higher Light and Higher Light Codes

The Breath of Source (call it Creator, God, Universe, Infinite Energy, or Mother/Father ~ whatever you feel is right for you) . . . is coded with all of the Wisdom of All Time and All Space inside it.

And when we each take time to consciously allow a still point in our day, a still point in our heart’s awareness, and we call in a Breath of Source Energy into our Field of Energy, into our lungs, into our bodies, into our hearts, and into our Conscious Awareness, we allow these pure Codes of Light to literally do the work of re-setting our outdated weary human 3D earth coded cells and soulular coordinates to a Higher Vibratory Field of Light.  The Place of Eternal Love, Infinite Joy, and Universal Harmony .

The Conscious Breath knows how to breeze past the ego’s protests and resistance, and to activate the Higher Light Energy in our Infinite Nature, and thus, Our Higher Selves. 

woman running at sunrise imageThis is why runner’s run.
Or athlete’s push the limits of their physical bodies.
Or yogis breathe themselves into nirvana.
Or kids have temper tantrums and crying fits.

Its all part of the Physical Body’s Wisdom to reach for more Conscious Breath within us.

Its as natural as a seed in the deep dark soil following the impulse to rise in the dirt and reach for the sunlight, that it can feel in its coordinates inside.  But it cannot experience it . . . until it has already instinctively pursued the Light in the darkness.  And then it births and bursts into the atmosphere to see, feel, and know the physical experience of sunlight.  It tastes it.  Knows it.  Breathes it.  And grows from it ~ internally first.  By inviting the codes within to do what they do best.  To activate and grow to the Light ~ by knowing the codes exist within to do so.   

And so ~ does all of Humanity.  With or without knowing it. 

We continue to grow and course correct through time and space, trusting those same codes to activate and guides us Home to our Higher Light . . . wherever and whoever we are . . . to lead us to our Higher Self’s Innate Wisdom at all times.

newborn baby imageWhen babies are born ~ and they leave the safety and protection of heaven in the womb ~ their first task is to do what?  To Breathe.

That first task is a model to all of us.
It is a template to follow.
And it is modeled to each and all of us, in this first task on Earth.

If we don’t breathe, we don’t live.

Unfortunately, in the last world age and cycle, unconscious breathing has been the modus operandi of homo sapiens. 

Babies come in breathing deep divine breaths.  But in time, cultural conditioning and denser earth vibrations create more shallow breathing.  Shallow breathing emulates and mirrors the shallow and denser 3D earth vibrations.  And before long, the breath is forgotten as a tool of reconnection to our Higher Selves.  Our Higher Purpose(s).  And the True Light Codes that know our Soul’s Mission on the earth at this time.

To know your Higher Selves, each one of you must become conscious again of the Truth of Deep Divine Breathing. 

And to do that, we must simply invite you to close your eyes, and take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Good.  Now take another Deep Divine Breath in Again.  We are doing this with you.  Me, your Special Council of Guides, and your Higher Selves.  All are communing together in this Sacred Experience of Reconnecting with the Divine Light and Reactivation of Source Breathing.  Source Connecting.  And Source Reunion through the Breath.

Feel the Breath go deep into every cell in your body.

Bringing to every part and particle of you ~ all that each component needs to BE vibrant, happy, well, and whole again.

See the Breath flowing especially to the deeper parts of you . . . the ones that feel the weariest and the weakest from all of your journeying and experiences here.  And see the breath filling these places inside you with a special kind of omnipotent cleansing, restorative, and reactivating kind of Light.  One that resets your old burned out codes to new vibrant ones ~ activated and resonating Higher 5D Consciousness and Ever-Renewable Joyous Divine Light. 

woman at lavender sunset photoLastly, fill your Sacred Breath now with any colors you High Self feels like it needs.  Intend and see those colors filling the Allness of You with those Sacred Colors.

Healing you.
Breathing you.
Revitalizing you.
Uplifting you.
And transforming you into the Soul Vitality you have so deeply sought now . . .  for millenia.

You are the Sacred Breath’s Gatekeeper.

It is up to you to choose each day whether you desire to make time to
Breathe this Higher Oxygen. This Source Potentiated and Divinely Refreshing Light. 

Whether you have a good day or a bad day, whether your life feels joyful or challenged,
whether you feel blessed or in a state of pain or despair . . . the Light of the Cosmos
is coded to stream in any Conscious Invitation to deeply breathe
the Gifts of Sacred Light.  Through the Conscious Breath.   

When you begin to breathe in this way, and the Higher Codes of Light
begin to reset your physical body and your soul’s energy body to the Light,
you cannot help but to awaken to the Greater Truths about your
Higher Self flowing through the Breath . . . as insights about
your Higher Light . . . and Who You Truly Are. 

Ask this Higher 5D Light to reveal Who You Really Are.  What your Soul Purpose Really Is.  And what your gifts are meant to serve in this New Earth of Light that is unfolding.

inspirational saying about listening and breathing imageAnd then, as you breathe, during the asking . . . during this resetting . . . during this Whole Body Breath Activation . . . LISTEN.  Listen with your Whole Being.  Ask the Light of Source Love in the Breath and in the Colors coming into your Awareness to fill your senses with the impressions and messages that you uniquely need to know and to feel this direct guidance from your Source Self.  From your Higher Self. 

And lastly, breathe a deep breath of Gratitude for the Blessing of the Simplicity of this Process.

Ascending into Higher Light isn’t hard.

In fact, its design is to be easy.

It is the ego and human conditioning that make it hard.

Higher Knowledge and Self Awareness are always simply a breath away.

We can change the world . . . simply by breathing a new one.
Consciously.  And Collectively. 

Will you join me?

Thank you for this beautiful collective inquiry today. 

Let’s do this again soon.  And I will joyously await our next conversation.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

earth with white dove image

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