Appreciation Exercise

Appreciation Circle


The Appreciation Circle is a Cosmic Tool and Spiritual Practice
that helps us to rise upward,
through our own individual emotional scales each day,
and into greater peace, love, joy, and prosperity
 in our
daily life experiences and manifestations. 

Appreciation is a powerful gift that dissolves and cleanses any sense of separation
between ourselvesand others.  It showers us with the Light of Love that we truly are.

This exercise can be done individually or as a group. 

Tailor the instructions below to fit your needs and desired experience.  

It is a beautiful, heart-opening, “feel-good”, and vibration-tuning investment that we
can make in ourselves each day at any time of day.  But this practice is especially nice
first thing in the morning or just before sleep at night, to open or close the day
with gratitude and soothing light.

The appreciation energies ripple through your cellular structures . . .
up through your core 7 chakras . . .
cleansing, toning, and uplifting your energy fields.  

It is also a wonderful shared experience when done as a group.

The Appreciation Circle:  Design and Application

When doing this individually, I find it enhances the experience if you hold
a special crystal, rock, nature treasure, or sacred object.  But this is not necessary.
All you really need is an open willing heart. And you already have that. 🙂

For group gatherings, you can pass a crystal or sacred object around the circle,
as people share their appreciation of each sphere of the Appreciation Circle.

To begin, refer to the Appreciation Circle Diagram above.  

Start at the “Self/Talents” center.
After some practice, the Appreciation Circle will become part of you.

Simply move up the spheres from the inner center to the outer rim,
and honor what your heart desires to appreciate and integrate.

If done in a group setting, each person can express their appreciations, through the passing of the sacred object/”talking stick” item. 

  •  Begin by holding a crystal, sacred object, or loving intention in your heart.  
  • Express one love-filled appreciation that you have about yourself, starting at the Center of the Circle, at the Level of Self, where all of your vibrations begin and your world is created. 
  • The key is: saying the appreciation and really feeling it in your heart’s consciousness.  

Here are a few examples of a self-appreciation:

“I appreciate my intuitive abilities that guide my daily choices”.

“I appreciate my courage this week.  I stayed steady even when it was hard.”

“I appreciate my willingness to open my heart and try new things.”

“I appreciate my love for animals”. 

Feel the vibrational essence of what was just said.  And really honor it.

Allow the spirit of kindness, gentleness, and love to fill your whole being.

Continue to follow the map of the Appreciation Circle, moving outward from the center, as each “ring” within the circle is experienced and honored.

  • After an Appreciation of “Self/Talents”, go to the next ring in the circle, and share an appreciation of “Others”.

This is an appreciation of someone else or a group of people.

  • After affirming an “Others” appreciation, go to the next ring in the circle, and offer an appreciation for your “Local Area”.

For example: “I appreciate our new Community Park.  Our kids had a great time there this week.”

  • Then go to the next ring: “Global/Earth”.

This sphere includes anything internationally or globally that you appreciate,
including any aspect of Mother Earth.  Be creative.  Tune in.  Really feel it.

  • Then go to the next ring: “Spiritual”.

This is an appreciation of the World of Spirit . . .
your own spirit, Source, Mother Earth, Angel Guides, Spirit Guides, Animal Medicine Guides,
and/or many beings and forms of Light and Love in the universe.

  • Then go to the next ring:  “Expansion”.

This is a powerful sphere.  It requires a little explanation.

An Expansion Appreciation is one in which you appreciate the mirror of some one or some thing in your life . . . that generally reflects to you something in you that needs healing or cleansing.  It may be someone who really annoys, bothers, or hurts you. It can be someone in your past who hurt, abused, or in some way, devalued the brilliance that you are.

An example might look something like this:

“I appreciate my sister’s patterns of reactivity . . . for they show me . . .
my own reactivity and vibrations of frustration that
need healing.”


“I appreciate my friend’s display of anger and resistance
in an argument we had today.
Through it, I can see my efforts to control things sometimes in order to feel safe.”
Or . . . “It helps me to practice balance in situations where there is
a lot of emotion being expressed.”


“I appreciate the painful reflection of pollution on our planet . . . for it exposes areas of anger and frustration (pollution) in me . . . about how we treat the earth.”

“I appreciate my Mother-In-Law’s cooking skills and how she nurtures our extended family.”

The “Expansion” sphere is powerful . . . for it offers us the opportunity to notice how our vibrations activate/animate, in response to our reactions to others.  When we appreciate the gift of the reflection, and find a Truth or Goodness in the person that is reflecting our issues to us (through their behaviors or expressions), we are given the opportunity to dissolve the feeling of separation between us.  We can heal, fill with love, and feel a bigger picture and sense of Oneness again.

  • The last ring is a “Desire/Global Good” appreciation.

At the outer rim of this circle, extending into the expanse and “ripple effect” of our good intentions, we can appreciate a desire that we are manifesting. Or we can appreciate some kind of joy, outcome, or higher consciousness that we are visioning, for the benefit of the whole world.

Appreciating something with true loving thankfulness and oneness . . . creates that same vibrational harmony and peace in our world.

This is the New Earth unfolding.

This exercise is here to help us restore balance, peace, and joy,
first in ourselves, and also in our greater global community and family!

Conscious and Committed Appreciation is a daily tool that
can literally help to heal our planet. 

Thank you for your interest in creating more peace and balance in our world today.