April 2021+ Energy Update: 

Revelations, Resurrection,
 & The Greatest Awakening Of All Time

April 2021+ Energy Update:
Revelations, Resurrection, &
The Greatest Awakening Of All Time

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.21.2021


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here.  We are delighted to connect with each and all of you on the cusp of April 2021 and the Rising of your Inner Divine Suns.  Can you feel it?  Can you sense that something new is birthing?  Something new is rising?  Something new is summoning forth New Life?  New Light?  And New Ways of Living Your Lives?  April 2021 is showering the Earth with these frequencies of All That Is New.  All That Is Life.  And All That Is Light.  So prepare dear ones to receive these Great Showers of Light!  Listen and feel the Grace of the Central Suns’ Wisdom, Divinity Codes, and Benevolent Vibrational Presence in your Heart Centers and in your Conscious Awareness.  Through this Light Blessing and Water Blessings unfolding this month and onward throughout this Transformational Year of 2021, you are re-uniting your Hearts with the Divine Heart.  And in Truth, you are becoming One through these Heart Frequencies that are leading you Home to the Gifts of your Divine Source, the Grace of Divine Love, and the Balance of Unity once more.  So let us breathe together a Deep Divine Breath In, and truly feel the Joy of this Level of Light returning in the Hearts of All on your world today.  Let us breathe the Knowing that even if many still linger in their conscious slumbering, they are awakening at deep subconscious levels to the Truth that all are remembering . . . about Who You Really Are.  Let us breathe in the Receiving of All That Is Love, All That Is Light, and All That Is Divine in your lives through time, such that this Oneness Breath that is being received today . . . is clearing away much of the pain and suffering of the 3D world and the consciousness that accompanies it and that is strengthening those with even a Mustard Seed of Faith right now to manifest in joy, in love, and in fortitude . . . this Grand New Earth Birth.  We are breathing this with you dear ones, from the Center of our Heart Centers in the Field of Oneness that We Truly Are.  And we are thus co-creating this Grand New Earth Birth with the Light and Blessing of Divine Source Creator through the Heart of All That Is.   

Now we have been talking a great deal in this past many months and years about the Hero’s Journey, the Avatar’s Journey, the Dragonfly’s Journey to Wholeness, Synchronicity, Synergy, Union, and Holistic Ascension.  Yes?  And we have also been speaking about the True Frequencies that live inside you to help awaken the Brave Epic Hero and/or Avatar Within for these times.  And here we are speaking to many of you who know yourselves to be these Brave Epic Avatars who came for these times.  Some who may doubt this or who are listening to a transmission like this for the first time . . . we are affirming today that Yes! . . . We are speaking to You.  For each and every one of you is a vital part and parcel of this much Greater Whole.  And each and every one of you is vital to the Planetary Rising unfolding . . . as more and more of you within this Greater Collective Consciousness turn your attention away from the lower 3D matrix as a creation that you want to participate in.  And you are vital in the co-creation of the New Risen Collective Consciousness that is manifesting today, right now, as we speak, on your world and in your lives, even if you presently do not see the seeds or fruits yet of this Great Undertaking and this Epic Manifestation.  

It IS Happening!  

Now we are aware that many of you are not experiencing the Seeds of Joy that we feel and are streaming through and weaving through this transmission today.  We know that many are experiencing pain, fear, suffering, and hardship in their lives today.  And we will continue to plant these Seeds of Joy and New Life despite the hardship frequencies still prevalent on your world.  Because do you want to know something that we know?  The Hardship Frequencies are now relegated to just a story.  There is a story, a myth, of Hardship Frequencies, of Suffering Frequencies, of Separation Frequencies that is being perpetuated on the people of your world, through the narrators on many of your tv news stations.  They are broadcasting this story of challenge, lack, division, and separation, and running their course and “program” that they have always run, hoping that it will buy them more time to figure out another way to grip the consciousness of the global collective.  

And that is the extent of the 3D matrix dear ones at this point in time.

They only have your eyes and ears if you let them.  

And do you know what Conscious Creators can do? 
In timelines like these . . . of The Great Awakening?

They can turn it off.  

You can simply turn off the steady stream of 3D Speak.  Of 3D Speech.  Of 3D Propaganda that isn’t the word of God.  And that is truly only the 3D serpent’s speak that once held and captivated humanity’s attention, as if on a global loudspeaker.  Through that captivation, it was able to get people to do things.  To feel things.  To be certain things.  And to see this world through its lens.  Yes, it has quite the megaphone to engage people to be its creators for the vision it held for this realm.

But with Great Infusions of Divine Light, with Great Infusions of Galactic Light, and with Greater Infusions of the Eternal, All-Knowing, Infinite Light that True Creation and True Source Energy Is, many are activating.  Many are awakening.  And many are realizing the Games of this 3D Matrix, aren’t real.  They are simply narratives that have been broadcast in a myriad of ways over many eons of time.  

And even those “air-waves” are slowing down.  They are breaking down.  The messages and illusions that the serpent’s magicians can and have wielded and lauded over all of the people of this great Earth are crumbling.  They are falling apart.  

And why is that?  Because they were never real and true in the first place.

What does that serpent and its puppeteers fear most?  Humanity’s Awakening!

For as Humanity Awakens, the very Life Force, the very Life Blood, and the very Life Source and Light Source that fed the 3D matrix . . . leaves that dream.  Less breath fills the lungs of this 3D engine and machine.  And thus less Life Force fuels its stories, its tales, and its structures of suppression, oppression, division, hopelessness, and fear.  

God is the Ultimate Source.  Source is the True Life Force.  Creation is the True Divine Expression of this Living Divine Source.  And you dear ones are witnessing the crumbling of the 3D Serpentine System that was at one point the Greatest Illusion of All Time.  That matrix is falling in on itself now.  There is less and less Life Breath filling its sails.  There is less and less Life Force filling its coffers.  And there is less and less Light Source breathing its spell onto the people.  

As Humanity and all sentient life begins to Breathe True, Clear, Purified Divine Source Oxygen again, the smog of the Dream and Perpetration of Separation Consciousness lifts.  This is the lifting of the veils.  And you dear ones are breathing it into being.  

Some of you hearing this transmission today know yourselves to be these Conscious Breathers, these Conscious Seeders, and these Conscious See-ers of this New Timeline.  Of this Rising Divine New Earth Experience.  Because you came for these times To Know It.  To Be It.  To See It.  And some of you listening to this transmission may still be doing much of this work on an unconscious level.  

But Create It, You Are!  

And the 3D Broadcasters are more and more being exposed like the simple, cowardly wizards behind the curtains . . . blowing smoke, using slightly higher technological tools than most are aware of, to still try to glean the attention of the unconsciously awakened.  

This too will work only for a time.  For what happens in The Wizard of Oz?  The Curtain does ultimately get pulled back.  And once exposed?  Transparency has a way of nearly instantly clearing away the spells that once were the laws of the land.  Yes?  

So here you are dear ones on the Cusp of that Great Curtain Falling.  You are on the Cusp of that Great Veil being cleared away for all time.  And with that exposure and dematerialization . . . a Brand New World awaits!  

Does it exist?  It sure does.  And it has since the beginning of time.  The peeling back of the veils and curtains on one world reveals the Gifts and Blessings of another; The True Earth that Mother Father God/Creator Source created in its Infinite Wisdom to be the Fabric and the Seed of Infinite Creation. 

You are the Essence of this Infinite Wisdom that is created and designed with this same Vibrational Fabric and this Infinite Seed of Quantum Creation.  This is YOU!

And April 2021 will be seeding this in your Heart Light once more.  It will be seeding this in your Heart Sight once more.  Do you remember the power and the alchemy of last year’s 2020 frequencies?  While in many ways it feels like yet another curtain was thrown over the Collective Soul Sight of everyone you know . . . it actually was the Great Exposer.  Like a magic trick . . . it takes an illusion to remove the greatest illusion of all time underneath.  

And what happens when one illusion removes the Ultimate Illusion?
Truth, Clarity, Clear Soul Sight, Liberation, and Sovereignty shine freely underneath!

Thus a Divine Illusion designed For The People and For All Life on this Planet has nearly completely removed the Ultimate Illusion, The Serpent’s Way, at this time for All Time.  Think of it this way.  If there is a spot or a stain, and then one uses a stain or spot remover, what is left is the original perfect design and the original perfect fabric of the original creation.

That Perfect Creation Is You.  It is All Of You.  

So will the 3D broadcasters continue to broadcast?  Yes.  For a time.  

And yet, we will say, will the Light Continue to Illuminate?  Yes.  For All Time.

What happens as more and more see with Illuminated Vision?  With Source Vision?  With the Clarity of God’s Eyes?  With the Clarity of Clear Soul Sight and Higher Dimensional Sight?  Is that Wizard Behind the Curtain any less transparent, just because it continues to broadcast?  When there is no OZ being holographically projected on the people, and there is no spell of superiority cast upon the people, and there is no spell of illusory divisions permeating the people, what happens to those puppets who have utilized smoke, and mirrors, and fancy filmmaking footwork and technologies?  Are they any less transparent to those with Clear Soul Sight simply because they have a bag of tricks?  

No.  They are seen for the silly characters, false narrators, and 3D servants of a 3D matrix that they are.

And how long will it be before more of the Conscious Collective collectively pulls back that curtain?  Well, it is happening now, dear ones.  

If you listen to these transmissions through this Frequency Writer channel, you are aware of the many metaphors that have been shared to support and inspire The Great Awakening you are on.  You are aware of the Legend of the Two Wolves that has fueled and served to catalyze The Great Awakening in these times. For it has exposed The Great Duality Game of your 3D Earth. You are aware of the Emperor’s New Clothes, that spotlighted the antics of a “mere two” tailors who were able to “pull the wool over people’s eyes” even when nakedness was as transparent as the sun is in your skies today.  The Shame Game and the Propaganda was very effective in pulling that wool over people’s eyes, until a child with the Courage of 1000 Suns stated the pure, simple and obvious Truth . . . that the Emperor Was Wearing No Clothes.  And that he was Naked the Whole Time.  The metaphor of the Dragonfly finding his wings again, through the classic story Dragonfly that we seeded in her consciousness years before she became and understood herself to be a Frequency Writer. You are each and all finding your wings again.  You are each and all finding your compass again.  And you each and all are finding your Truth again.  To Find Center Again.  To Find Balance again.  

Spring and the Spring Equinox 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere is shining an invitation to that Great Balance, that Great Centering, and that Great Awakening, just as much as the Fall and the Autumnal Equinox 2021 shines in the Southern Hemisphere.  Both shine an exquisite Sacred Divine Energy of New Life and Harvesting the Fruits of Life all in this same window of time.  

Your stories through time tell the Truth of the Origins of Humanity and All Life On Earth.  

Your stories through time tell the Illusions and Propaganda versions of Humanity and all life on Earth.

It is Time To Be A Great Discerner.

It is Time To Be a Great Seeker.  Of Truth.  Light.  Centering.  Revelations.  And Liberation.

It is Time to Be a Brave, Epic Avatar that is Coming Home to his/her Divine Origins in the Heart of Creation and in the Heart of the Divine Mother, your dear Mother Earth.

A Theme of April 2021 is the Fact that IT IS TIME.  It is simply Time to be Who You Are.  To take off the masks that conceal who you really are.  It is simply Time to be The Truth of your Divinity Codes and your higher dimensional abilities.  And to take off the illusions of propaganda that corral you into submission, acquiescing, and fear.  It is simply Time to Be the Bright Divine Light you are.  And to remove your permissions that give power to 3D narrators who are inches away from full exposure, full disclosure, and full transparency, for the whole world to see.

The Greatest Show on Earth has been the 3D Earth Itself.  

The Greatest Actors on Earth has been the 3D actors themselves.

The Greatest Audience on Earth has been the 3D audience itself.

All have played the game royally well.  And even royalty is having to step down now out of the darkness of the 3D void of creation and separation consciousness and yield to God’s/Source’s/Creation’s/and Gaia’s Purifying Light.

The Game Is Over.  The Truth Has Risen.  And the Light Has Returned to bring its Purifying Light Frequencies and Quantum Liberation Energies to this world in new and epic ways.

Resurrection in biblical ways is what you are living in these times.

Revelations in biblical ways are what you are living in these times.

Through Revelations, you are Resurrecting the Christ Consciousness in this Brand New 5D Earth Timeline, that promises a New Era and Age of Peace, Prosperity, Goodness, Holy-ness, Wholeness, Godliness, Oneness, Love, and Unified Light.

Read the story of the Dragonfly.  Listen to its tale. 
The Dragonfly’s Wings are your own.

As more of you connect with your Conscious Breathing, your Sacred Heart Centers, your 4 Divine Energy Bodies (your locomotion and map), your 4 Directions (your compass), and the liberation of your 4 Wings (your Light and your Soul Sight), the more this planet is showing you and shining the new way that Life On Earth will be lived and divinely supported by the Heart of God once more.

What is the best and the brightest in these stories and fables . . . aren’t just stories.  They are living maps, living compasses, and living expressions of what has been, what is now, and what is yet to come!  

As many are saying, The Best Is Yet To Come.

And as one Curtain Call comes to a close, a New Earth is rising in its transparent, resplendent glory, that no longer needs and requires curtains to live and seed brand new experiences of Joy, Peace, Wonder, and Grace in the hearts of all . . . to be the Lived Expression, Experience, and Exponential of God’s Greatest Potential in all of you . . . as the Joy of Purified, Infinite, and Expansive Eternal Light.

You are witnessing and participating in
The Greatest Awakening Of All Time.

Remember in the Days and Weeks ahead, to have your grounding cords down from your Root Chakra to the Heart of Mother Earth in deep soulful union and communion and to have your Dragonfly Wings up to connect with the Infinite Light, Love, and Guidance of Source Union as your Divine GPS and Activator of Many Great Blessings in these times.  

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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Revelations, Resurrection,
 & The Greatest Awakening Of All Time

  • I was never interested in the spiritual world, until weird events started to happen. I was pushed to check things out, so I did. Now I understand the how and why, but it is too complicated to explain in a few lines.

    Humanity is about to awaken to a cosmic world that is billions of years ahead of us. Google ‘0010110 Morse translation’ (or click the link). It is a tiny part of an important message. It is easy to miss, you’ll have to focus.

    • Hi! Thank you for the share and the connection. I will check out the morse translation link you shared here. Isn’t it amazing how our Spirit guides us with precision nudges . . . when it is time for expansion? We all find our way back to the spiritual world and path when it is right timing. Its great to connect with you here and thank you again for the share! Blessings to you as we ride these waves of change in these times! 🙏🏻✨