April 2021+ Messages from The Arcturian Collective: Noah’s Ascension Ark/Arc In Today’s Biblical Times

April 2021+
Noah’s Ascension Ark/Arc, Epic Biblical Times,
Reciprocal Blessings, The Christ Consciousness
Is Risen, & Conscious Breathing

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.3.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here.  It is here.  April 2021 is here.  We great you today with immense joy in our hearts, light and love in our breath, and within the Unified Field of Consciousness that we truly are.  For those that can hear it, April 2021 is a Call to Breathe Oneness.  April 2021 is a Call to Breathe through and from the One Heart.  And April 2021 is a Call to Sound the Light of Awakeness, Awareness, Union with Source, and Union with All That Is in whatever ways you are called.  For April 2021 Sounds a Trumpet of God and many incredible celestial beings . . . to give Life Force and Resplendent Light Source to this planet and to ALL planets in this universe.  Can you feel our Joy in this reunion and in this Joy Trumpet Sounding today and each day forward in the month of April 2021, as you rise to greet your own Inner Celestial Sun?  And as you rise to greet your own inner Heart of One?  We invite you to feel this.  To attune to this.  And to increasingly allow yourselves to be this.  And to breathe this Higher Vibrational Oxygen and Divine Nourishment with us.  

So let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In together and breathe peace, love, joy, freedom, and whatever it is that your heart most desires to feel and to fill within your experiences now in this moment.  Feel this breath touching all of the parts of you receiving this Divine Light and this Refreshing Oxygen directly from Source, Your Source of Life, of Light, and of these Newly Resurrecting Energies in your hearts, on your world, and in your entire Sentient Collective.  Breathe this Light of God, this Light of Source, this Light of Compassion, Harmony, Peace, Balance, and Joy deep into your Soul Essence, your Divine Presence, and your Conscious Awareness with us a moment more.  For this is the Divine Nourishment you have been seeking for many millenia and it is returning to you ever more so in the Heart of April 2021 to support your Heart this month and in the months ahead, as change sweeps the whole planet through and clears out a great deal of density and debris, that is not a match to the Higher 5th Dimensional Frequencies that you are re-activating within you.

For you see, the smog and fog of your world, while not desirable . . . has been at some level of human consciousness, acceptable to you in this past world age and cycle.  And thus it has become your “norm” if you will.  And that norm has impacted many things.  How you breathe, how you live, how you feel, and how you manifest your life experiences on a regular basis.  That smog and fog, which is an outer reflection of your own inner spiritual amnesia and spiritual astigmatism as a Collective, has been a companion in the Separation Journey.  It has been an aspect of what has kept you in the lower vibrational densities of lived experience, seemingly beyond the ability to access your Higher Dimensional Light Codes.

April 2021 Sunrise Christ Consciousness Rising

But April 2021 is vibrationally clearing a great deal of that smog in your atmosphere.  Light is rising.  Things are changing.  And your Organic 5th Dimensional Energy Fields and Consciousness are rising to Greet This Incredible Day and Truly This Incredible Renaissance on your world with Great Joy.  

Now we know as we have said many times before that the Serpent’s Vision for this earth has seeded very effective propaganda and thus very effective conditioning in this realm for a long, long time.  And we know that while we speak of Great Joy and Light and Energy Clearing, there is still a great deal of smog, fog, pollution, slumbering, and more still evident on your world as well.  

The Spiritual Avatar, the Whole Soul Avatar, who is on the spiritual path . . . who is engaging The Hero’s Journey Within, and who is Seeking Truth . . . which to us means . . . Seeking God ~ Seeking Source . . . begins to open his or her heart to the Truth that she always and truly is and was. Opening your heart centers to the very possibility that another reality and another dimension (or two, or four, or eight, or more) is often the first step on that Bridge of Inner Resurrection of your Christ Light and your Divinity Codes.  And with that willingness to open to the possibilities of something more, something better, and something more True than you have seen or felt or experienced in a long time, comes the ability to breathe Divine Nourishment that your Dehydrated Soul Self and Soul Presence has craved and yearned for ~ for millenia.  And it is this Divine Nourishment then that we first wish to draw your inner attention to.  Will you see it out there first?  No.  You must breathe it within first, TO be able to see it externally.

For as you believe, so shall you receive.

As you conceive it to be possible, so it will be receivable in form.   

As you open your heart even a small crack, or a small portal, through a
willingness to engage your faith and fortitude, New Life Begins.

New Light Begins.

New Oxygen Begins to Flow.

And New Heart Sight awakens within too.  

This is the task for Spiritual Seekers and those seeking to Re-Unite their Inner Light with Divine Source Light.  It is the only way forward now. Truth be told.  

There is no nourishment in the smog and haze of your 3D world, to lead you and empower you and fortify you to endure the changes unfolding now and unfolding for some time into the future experience of life on the New Earth.

It must come through the Intentions of Divine Breath.  The Intentions of Unified Breath.  And the Willingness to Receive Divine Love, Unified Love, and Unity Consciousness inside your heart, inside your breath, and inside your soul that any of these new energies and fortifications will even be accessible to you.  

For again, you must believe it, and open to it, TO receive it.  

You must choose to be willing to open and to receive, which is the act and art of taking conscious soul steps to believe.  And in those choices, and in that openness, and in that believing, receiving naturally occurs.  

frequencywriter.com April 2021 ~ Noahs Ascension Ark Epic Avatar

And do you see dear ones, that you are the portal openers.  You are the creators of this new experience.  One by one by one, more and more of you are recognizing the “false oxygen” of the 3D matrix that comes in the form of perhaps literal smog and the haze of pollution as well as other illusory energies on the news, in your media, in your conditionings, in your limitations, etc.  And one by one by one, more and more of you are rising to reach for Living Energies beyond that din.  Beyond that haze and maze of the 3D matrix, that is . . . in the end . . . its very own closed, concealed, looping illusion that leads souls nowhere but back into its systems of limits, scarcity, lack, fear, hunger, pollution, and more.   

As you Breathe, you open the portal.  As you See, you open the portal.  As you open to New Life, New Light, and New Awareness, you open the portal between this false reality and the opportunity for Divine Light to shine in your life again.  

Ascension is a breath by breath by breath process.  With every CONSCIOUS breath, more Light is received.  More Life Force is received.  More Grace is Felt and Known again.  And this is Alchemy dear ones.  This is Ascensional or Ascensionary Alchemy.  You are breathing in harmony with the Godheart again, each time you consciously connect with your Breath, which is your Divine Lifeline directly to Source.  

Now does it matter that you are still in a 3rd dimensional matrix that is itself sputtering for air?  Sputtering for people’s attention?  Sputtering for the life force of the people here, to give it the air IT needs to be and to breathe?  Not at all.  For in each Conscious Breath given and willingly accepted from Source, you are alchemizing the smog in 3D into Purified Light through the God Essence Within You.  You alchemize worlds dear one, simply by your willingness to BE A CONSCIOUS CONDUIT of the Living Breath and Living Light of God.  

As you consciously BREATHE through the changes unfolding on this world, as you consciously BREATHE through the frustration, fear, ignorance, judgement, propaganda, hatred, division, and separation, you literally give 2 parts Divine Life Force (at least) for every 1 part of smog available.  

How is the old Earth and 3D matrix losing oxygen and life force the most?  

Conscious Breathers.  Conscious Breathers are literally the alchemizers and re-oxygenators of this New Earth Experience, birthing life in all Highest Good Directions, for the Whole World to See, Feel, and Breathe too.

Conscious Breathers are the Cosmic Pollinators of God’s Vision for Humanity in this Epic Ascension Unfolding. Conscious Breathers are in a way then Celestial Honey Bees sharing their nectar of New Life Force, God Life Force, with all able to open and to receive it too.  

Do Conscious Breathers have to have people receive this Divine Alchemy, this Divine Source Breath, this Purified Light and Higher Dimensional Oxygen for it to have an effect and impact on all of the people worldwide? Not at all.  

The Key here is that the One who is Consciously Breathing believes.  The Key is that the One who is Consciously Breathing feels and opens to being a channel of this Higher Dimensional Light and Life Force.  

It is in the Believing and the Receiving of this Divine Grace that new seeds grow through this Divine and Celestial Pollination Process of Goodness, Wholeness, and Holyness.  Others not-believing and not-consciously-receiving are still receiving.  Because Divine Oxygen in the New Earth IS Life.  And thus, Breath Is Life and Breath as the Foundation of all Life is returning to the Hearts of All, whether they are conscious of this or not.  

Those able to Consciously Breathe and to Know this Gift from Source in times like these on your world today GIVE the Gift of God’s Life Force in times like these on your world.

And herein lies the concept, the alchemy, and the magic that we want you to feel, for in all of this energy around Conscious Breathing shining in this transmission today is the Living Essence of Reciprocal Blessings.  This is the Energy within the sentiment and vibrational sound and understanding of . . . NAMASTE.  

In the Blessing of you, I am Blessed.

In the Divinity of you, I am Divine.

In the Divinity of Me, You are Divine.

In the Blessing of Me, you are Blessed.    

In the Gift of our Exchange, Communication, and Connection, I am Gifted.  And you are Gifted too.  

We Are One.

And so too does this Heart, Mind, and Soul Reciprocal Blessing shine in the Resurrection of Christ celebrated this Easter in April 2021.  By the time you receive this, Easter and the Rising of Christ Once More into Eternal Light, Life Everlasting, and Eternal Love will have risen in your own consciousness again.  

And in this Sacred Heart Energy of Reciprocal Blessings, as Jesus Christ rose again from the Dead, and as His Christ Light Rose for all of you to see and to feel for generations and profound centuries of time to come, so too are you blessed to be The Christ Consciousness Rising.

As Christ Is Risen, You Are Risen.

As Christ Breathes New Earth Light, You Breathe New Earth Light.

What Blesses One, Blesses All.

And in the Unity Light of Divine Breath, all that is not aligned with Highest Good of the One, all that is not aligned with the Law of One, and all that is not aligned with the Divinity Codes that shine through the Central Suns, straight from the Godheart and thus the Pulse of Creation itself, will not stand.  It will not wield power over others any longer.  

This sentient world has journeyed into an incredible and lengthy cycle of separation consciousness and the perception and propaganda of being separated from Source and thus . . . far away from God.  And yet, what has been within the Whole Time, is the Cosmic Key for Re-Union.  That Cosmic Key?  Is Unifying Breath.  

Each Breath you take and receive each moment each day is a Sacred Opportunity to Unite with Source, with Unity, with Clarity, and with Hope for Humanity, and to serve as a Divine Pollinator and Alchemizer of this Living Light in these times.

There is no question you are emerging out of a very dark and dense timeline on your world.  While great Light has always manifested here, and those are moments the majority of you Treasure and celebrate in your customs and cyclical or seasonal rituals and holidays, Darkness has greatly and perhaps more than equally thrived in the void created when separation cast its spell on the hearts of all who reside and incarnate here.

Those willing to Breathe Divine Union with Source this month and beyond are rising to be the New Light Leaders of this Risen New 5D Earth.  And each one of you has been given an invitation to BE a New Light Leader, standing next to your brothers and sisters who like you, are Leading the Way into this New Age of Aquarius.  

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2021 ~ Golden Unity Star

The Unity Star seen and referenced this last Christmas 2020 shined its Light for those that can remember the Truth of Who You Really Are.

This Easter, we celebrate once more this Unity Star that the Christ Light Resurrection symbolizes to many on this world today.  And we also celebrate with you with Immense Joy . . . The Christ Light Resurrection that is literally happening on your world right now as well. 

This is not mere metaphor dear ones.  Christ Consciousness is raining and reigning again on your world, in deeper, and deeper, and deeper ways now.  

And you are its conduits.  You are its Conscious Breathers and Believers.

Through the Powerful Portals of this Great Conscious Breathing on a Collective Scale, and through the Powerful Infinite Divine Presence of Source Energy Itself, the Hands of God will reach into the Hearts of Many this month, and manifest an Epic Shift of Consciousness for the world to feel, see, know, remember, and be again.  All is in God’s Timing.  All is in Divine Order.  All Is in the Cycles of God’s Seasons, God’s Heart, and God’s All-Knowing Grace.  

Partnering with your Conscious Breathing and Unifying with the Godlight Within You goes a long way in supporting these shifts to now manifest in the world in truly extraordinary, miraculous, and epic ways.

Spirituality is not a religion.  It is a practice.  It is a belief.  It is a Knowing. 

It is this Practice of the Spirit, it is this Engagement with the Divine, it is this Heart-Centered Willingness, Openness, Hopefulness, and Appreciation for All That Is God . . . that is re-centering, re-setting, and re-orienting the world to the Godheart and to Unity Consciousness again. 

Will there be moments where many Conscious Breathers experience themselves like Noah in the Bible?  One who built the ark for the Great Rain and Great Reign to come?  


Will there be the nay-sayers who judge the Ark and Art of Conscious Breathing, or living in Deep Faith in Union with Source in these times?  


Will there be those who live outside the receiving of Reciprocal Blessings, for at this time, they simply cannot conceive that to be possible, let alone True?


And yet, within you, what can you Know that is deeper than that pain and separation frequency that others may exhibit?

You Can Know Union.

You Can Breathe Resurrection and Life Force-Giving Energies to yourself and to this world.

You Can Breathe Alchemy and Transmute the Rain of Smog and Fog in this realm and you can Rise into the Reign of Divine Light.

You Can Be Who You Came To Be at this time.    

You Can Be A Living Portal of Divine Faith, breathing and unifying with Source and Unity Consciousness, while many in the collective continue to embrace separation consciousness or the illusion, because they simply don’t yet know how to receive this level of Goodness yet.  

You Can Be That Believer.  You Can Be That Receiver.  

You Can BE That Alchemizer who joins in the ethers with others . . . Breathing This New World into being through The Heart of The Living God.

These are Epic Times, Dear Ones.

These are Biblical Times.

Noah found Faith in very much the same way as we are sharing it with you today.

There have been many Noahs through the great cycles of time.  And thus there have been many more Noahs than you Know-Of.  

But they exist.  And they have held this Living Light and this Godbreath through time.  

And now here you are listening to this transmission, receiving its insights. 

And as this Godbreath reaches your eyes, your ears, your heart today, you are invited to be a New Earth Noah too.  You are invited to listen within to the Faith in your Heart that is bigger than any fear around you.  

frequencywriter.com ~ April 2021 ~ Noah's Ascension Ark Rainbow

In the Fortitude of Faith inside you, you have the Power to Arc your way through Divine Breath and Bridge these times of the New Light, and rise in this Ascension Timeline, while simultaneously releasing all illusion from the old.

So we invite you to Breathe this Purifying Light and Divine Source Oxygen with us once more today.  Feel the Strength of the Godheart within you activating and knowing ever more holistically and completely and resolutely that God Is Your Source.  Source is your source of all that you may and will need, now and in the future.  Feel the Living Life Force of Source IN YOU, and know that you are a conduit of this Faith, this Noah-Strength, and this Purifying Oxygen as you breathe each day.  

Breathe with us this new Light, Hope, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Union, and Grace.

The floods did come, and launch that boat that Noah had built with Faith such as this, in his own timeline.

And Noah sailed with Source.  Noah unified with Source.  While all else seemed to be falling away.  

It was in Noah’s ability to listen, while others trembled and judged in fear, that he rose in his convictions to listen to the Voice and Guidance of Source Within, above all else.

It was in Noah’s ability to unite with Source, while others betrayed or turned away, that gave Noah strength in his biblical time.

And it was in Noah’s ability to consciously breathe through any impediment to his alignment with God’s Will and God’s Guidance . . . that ultimately aligned him with the True Path of the New Earth forming in those times.

Now is Your Biblical Time.

The Time Is Now.

Conscious Breathing is the Call.

Seeking Truth and Seeking Source is the Call.

The Christ Light Rising and Resurrecting is the Gift.

Remember the Living Energy of Reciprocal Blessings.

As you believe and receive, others are immeasurably blessed as well.

Find strength in Clear Soul Sight.  Find strength in your Heart Sight.  Find comfort in your Christ Light and Divinity Codes within.  Find comfort in the Divine and Angelic Support all around you.  All aid your hearing, soul sight, and KNOWING of your next right soul steps in these times.  

We are breathing this Resplendent Faith with you and within you.

Call on us if and when you need support to breathe through the immense shifts and changes in these biblical times.

We celebrate the Reciprocal Blessings of this Easter Season with you today and all month long!

Happy Easter!  Christ Is Risen!

And the Christ Consciousness In You Is Rising Again. 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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