April 2023 Energy Update: Winds of Change Are Seeding This Return of God’s Grand Garden

April 2023 Energy Update

Winds of Change Are Seeding
The Return of God’s Grand Garden:

April Showers, Ascension Switches,
Multidimensional Togglings and Flickerings,
Divine Truth Telling, & May Flowers Rising

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 4.1.2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Luminous Light of the God Codes and the Ascension Codes that are shining from within your present personal and collective storms. This Light of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness will not and cannot be dimmed.  Only perceptions can dim, dull, and distort.  So we invite you to look within your heart and your soul sight, and notice when your perception’s dimmer switch or distortion switch is turned to the “on” position.  And all you have to do to switch timelines from the 3D illusion to the Living Light and Truth of the God Timeline, is to flip the illusion switch “off.”  You are a Perfect Divine Blueprint of the Godheart and God’s Greatest Visions of You.  It is now a time of the Great Remembering occurring within the Great Turning, through a series of Great Humblings and Deep Rumblings occurring now and for the remainder of 2023.  You are here to Remember Who You Are.  Do not allow the calls and summonings to distraction, pain, suffering, challenges, and distortion to get in the way of This Grand Remembering.  Because in the Remembering is your Allowance of your Divine Truth and thus your Divine and Sovereign Ascension.

So Welcome!  Welcome to the Journey of Whole Soul Mastery where you learn the Art of Resetting your Christ Consciousness Codes and Living Light Codes to the Vibrational Experience of Being the Godspark and the Godstar you are.  The distortions of the 3D realm’s serpentine illusions will call you look back, to answer the bait of the serpent’s apple-filled temptations, and to engage with the entangled vines of the 3D matrix’s hell on earth that exists when people inhabit their own separation consciousness and egoic distortions that comes from spiritual myopia, astigmatism, and vertigo.  Clear Soul Sight awaits you inside your Heart Sight, inside your Heart Centers, and inside your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine finding each other within this Divine Heart Space that is designed to lead you Home.

April 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Winds of ChangeLet us take a Deep Divine Breath In.  And let’s invite that Deep Conscious Breath that is flowing inside you to guide your conscious awareness to any place in your body that feels like it is holding on to tension, which is gripping your at-tention (at-tension), through the eyes and lenses of the Ego and its false sense of grasping reality here in an illusory 3D matrix.  The Ego is blind to its spiritual beginnings.  So how can it see what it is completely blind to perceiving, and assist your ascension process in any way?  It can’t.  So let us first focus or direct this Conscious Breath of Living Divine Prana and God’s Living Divine Godbreath into this area where the ego lives inside you.  Let us fill it with purified 5th dimensional frequencies of light that shower your entire ego’s awareness with humility, with healing light, and with the innerstanding that the Ego is missing the required levels of awareness to accurately perceive who you are.  In this breath, there is a magical elixir of pure divine white light that can clear the Ego of all of its distortions and it can take the thorns out of its eyes and lenses, clearing away more and more of your own personal cognitive distortions, spiritual astigmatism, and spiritual amnesia.  And as these thorns clear, and as the veils lift, you will begin to experience from the inside out . . . just how magnificent you are!  So breathe another conscious breath in with us and discover for yourself how your Unique Starlight and your Unique Godspark wishes to shine fully, completely, freely, and boldly in these times of the Great Shifts and the Great Ascension well underway.  Breathe this.  Feel this.  Know this.  And let’s explore the energies of April 2023 with you inhabiting more of the 5D Sight and Light, and more of the Blessings of Reunion With Source while the Ascension Storms and Luminous Light of the Central Suns continue to do their work, bringing the Godlight, the Godtruth, and the Godheart to everyone and everything.

Dear Ones, can feel The Winds of Change?  Can you feel your own inner Wings of Change?  Embrace your Wings as you sail the Winds as an Air Surfer or Ascension Surfer in these times. April 2023 will bring more events and twists and turns in the Ascension Story unfolding ever more expansively in all of your lives.  There will be showers of Truth and surfacings of distortions, more than ever before.  Your work?  Is to clear the thorns of 3D distortions from your own eyes, and your own perceptions, so as to more clearly see the Divine Truth flowing through everything all at once in your timeline right now.  As we have said, Truth can be painful.  But in your Ascension Experiences right now, we invite you to see the increasing Frequencies of Divine Truth Telling and Truth Sharing as a Grand New Birth for you and for all sentient kind on your world.  In the birthing of a child, labor can be painful and still beautiful at the same time.  And through the pain surfacing in the labor pains and contractions in the New Earth’s Birth, you are also being gifted the ability to see where you carry your painful memories and patterns from this 26,000+ year old World Age and Cycle.  Where do you hold it in your body?  Where do you see through distortions in your vision?  Through your perceptions?  Where are those 3D egoic filters filtering out the Gift and Blessings of Truth, True Truth, and colluding and conjoining with the serpent’s lies, manipulations, and distortions?

Your Ascension Wings are here to move your perceptions from the inside out to assist you in vibrationally transcending the Ego’s Tethers to its contracts with the Serpent.  Deals the ego has made through time again and again to survive here.  Lifetime after lifetime.  Which only bred and perpetuated more deals.  There are no more deals with the serpent.  And no more contracts either.  The Earth Mother has risen and ascended into her 5th Dimensional Frequencies, and there is no place for serpent contracts and deals here any longer.  She will not host such an experience.  So it is time to allow the distortions and astigmatism in your own 3D vision to come to consciousness, and to see them being cleared away with these powerful Winds of Change and these epic Floods of Light that are flowing through every city, every town, every person, and every heart all over the world.  Everything is being swept clean.  Everything is being summoned to rise.  And the way to know your Vibrational Status or your Cosmic Coordinate in these times?  Is to tune into your own Inner Frequency. Tune in to how you feel.  Tune in to your own Inner Ascension Switch Within.  Is it turned to the All In and Infinitely On Position . . . aligned with the Godheart and the God Timeline?

April 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ Winds of ChangeIf so, feel how fabulous it feels in this now moment to be YOU breathing in a delicious divine breath of prana and sacred light, remembering the full breadth of your BREATH and your Sacred Wings, that can only flow from full Union in your heart with Source.

If your Ascension Switch continues to flicker and toggle back and forth between 3D, and 5D, and sometimes 4D, and back around again, do not worry.  Most are having this experience at some level, as the Ascension Storms bring All Four Elements into the Consciousness of Humanity and thus the Awareness of your Sacred Divine Mother Earth back into your Consciousness again.  The Flickering is normal.  The Toggling is too.

With Conscious Intention, you can draw your Spiritual Life Force together to round up any rogue separated aspects floating around within you in your vision, your perceptions, and your physical and emotional experiences and bring that back into the Healing Light of God/Source’s Knowing Of Who You Are.  And in the God Essence inside you, in your Heart Space inside you, you can know your Divine Union and Blueprinted Perfection again.  God Is Within.  God Is Your Breath.  God Is Your Heart.  God Is Your Life Force.  And God Is Your Inner Candle, shining the Light of your Timeless Essence, and shining into the Vast Illusion of this 3D serpentine matrix, revealing just how false, distorted, and not real and true it truly is.

April’s Showers of Illuminating Events and Unfoldments will seed Great Flowers in May 2023.  Labor delivers New Life.  Storms bring Peace and Clarity on the other side of their Mighty Winds, Floods, and the Weathering of this world.  April’s Showers are bringing Floods of Energies and Illuminations that will continue to reveal a Much Bigger Picture to more and more in humanity, than they ever thought possible.  A Picture of this nature, this scope, and this scale is being vibrationally palpated now.  Even those with little to no spiritual sight, they are seeing disruptions in their lives.  They are detecting the Flickerings of Truth, even if their Ascension Switch is still turned off.  The electricity of Truth, and the Energy of Turning an Upside Down World RightSide Up is gaining momentum and attention.  Soon, those Flashes of Light and those Showers and Floods of Truth can no longer be ignored.  You can see this happening already.

Those who were deemed conspiracy theorists in many ways for perceiving more Truth than others in a sleeping world could see and who previously were written off as lunatics, as untrustworthy, and as way off base in a false narrative.  Now the write-offs aren’t working.  Because more Light from Source and the Central Suns is pouring in.  Think April Showers.  Presently, what those Ascending Souls were perceiving about Truth in the 3D illusion is now having to be mentioned in public forms, forums, and main stream media sources, so as to acknowledge the Floods of Increasing Revelatory Information that was previously written off as “nothing to see here” . . . under the guise that they are helping you to more consciously acknowledge with these Serpent Minion sources that “yes, we all agree, they are crazy conspiracy theories.”  Now can you see that they have to gain some of the attention of the masses?  They are being actively talked about, rather than being ommitted and censored from conversations altogether, to attempt to draw people into the projected group think and group story . . . that they are deemed unofficially officially conspiracy theories.  The Truth is then in perfect serpent fashion being packaged in a new way, by the serpent minions’ admission of the accusations or revelations, and the immediate debunking of them, to attempt to acknowledge and shut down any momentum from the Human Collective that might have considered flickering into the Truth Timeline, the God Timeline, and the Light of Living beyond the haze and craze of 3D illusions.  This may seem to be effective in putting the cabash on God, once again.  But it won’t hold.  The Light and the April Showers of Expanding Revelations and Truth cannot be contained.  Cannot be hindered.  Cannot be manipulated or stopped.

April 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ April ShowersAnd as more and more April Showers emerge and pour over the Earth, more May Flowers will begin to bloom.  What do you think might flower in May?  What do you feel inside that might shine in the Full Light of Truth and Transparency in May 2023?  What does your Prescience Perceive beyond the Ego’s Filters of Increasingly Obvious Truth?  Without Ego Filtration, and Serpent Contraction, and Threats of Censorship and Suppression increasingly ceasing to exist, what can you see opening for humanity when the thick smog of Serpentine Incarcerating and Entangling Webs of Distortions are no longer?  How will you feel free?  How will you live free?  How will you be free? 

We invite you throughout the month of April to choose your favorite methods and practices to ground in your Light and in your Prana, and in the knowing of your Divine Essence and Incredible Gifts on this world.  We invite you to practice them daily, before more waves of Epic Floods of Light, Rain, and Truth become a daily occurrence for this world.  Fortify your soul and your spirit before the heavy rains of all kinds (like Noah faced in his day) pour forth for many consecutive days and nights together. Strengthen your spiritual sight and spiritual muscles now, so that they are limbered up and able to support you and your cosmic nimbleness in the storms.  And we also invite you to vision yourself free, fully free, in a God World that is already emerging.  Yet few embody it. Few envision it.  Few embrace it!  And we will say . . . embracing your new life’s vision as it is powerfully manifesting will only make it a more joyful experience than if people are unconsciously toggling between the timelines, scared or fearful of what they are seeing, what they can’t see, what they can’t digest, what doesn’t fit with the beliefs they had for so long held, and what doesn’t fit with the ego contracts each soul has made to survive in a serpentine illusion.  Embracing and envisioning your life with all of your senses, with your whole heart, with your sacred soul presence . . . with immense joy, eager anticipation, and co-creative life force streaming between you and Source Creator is a lot more empowering than feeling like a sponge of all of the heavier revelations that won’t make sense to many who have been sleeping.

Collective fear may rise. Yet simultaneously, the Light pouring in and the Prana streaming in for the Collective is rising proportionately.  To perfectly support each and all of you to have the Divine Oxygen and Life Force you need to keep turning towards the Light.  To keep Turning towards the Heartbeat of Source in your own Heartbeat.  To keep Turning towards Humble Grace, when the Ego is tossed all around and feels lost at sea in many ways.  You are leaving the Seas of Vibrational Soup and the maritime laws that enforced the serpent’s systems of “justice” under its own law.  And you are rising into God’s Laws, and truly The Law of One.  The Law of Divine Order.  The Essence of Divine Right Timing.  The Vibrational Truths of Energetic Transparency.  Where can lies hide in a world of Vibrant Vibrational Truth?  No where.  In the God Timeline, lies cannot thrive.  Even the mere thinking of those lies will show up and be revealed some way somehow in the lives of a sentient world activated in clear soul sight.  So this is not to say that someone somewhere will not attempt to fib, to lie, to manipulate, and to corrupt, but they will expose themselves.  Nearly instantaneously.  It will be a new kind of Divine and Vibrational Regulation for a new way of Being Human on Planet Earth, where vibration is the great revealer and exposer.  It’s hard to pretend to be the Light when people are playing games with lower density thoughts and projections.  People won’t stand for it.  And they won’t participate in it.

Clarity of Vibration and Clarity of Sight will be new and expanding Sacred Soul Values in the New Earth that is emerging.  The 3D distortions of violence, separation, persecution, judgment, isolation, perpetration, collusion, and manipulation will all fall away in very near time in this new Age of Aquarius, because these energies are inconsistent and incompatible with Life on planet Earth, going forward.  And the Living Light of Source streaming through the Central Suns will ensure that the Light is here to stay and to shine for a long, long time, ever expansively so on the Earth throughout this New Age and Cycle of Creation’s Evolution.

Soon, there will be less and less toggling and flickering through the Timelines, as the Clear God Timeline will be so transparently the ONLY Truth There Is. 

And it is that Truth Timeline that we invite you to envision for yourself, as you move through these Winds and Showers of Change and Ascension Upgrades and Revelations in April 2023+.  Feel it with as much detail as you can muster.  Breathe in your heart center knowing your Great Light that is your Perfect Blueprint beyond your physical form at the core!  And allow the storms to reveal the distortions of what was never true about you or humanity or this planet in a 3D matrix in the first place.  All distortion must clear.  Must leave.  And as that swamp is drained, the only thing left will be the Truth, the Light, and the Way of Eternal Blessings and Miracles that have existed and simply awaited this Grand Return all this time.

Breathe.  Ground.  Clear your blinders.  Remove your own thorns of perception.  Find humility.  Go deeper into compassionate humility inside yourself.  And seek God/Creator/Source Union within.  If you breathe with the intention of Union, God will meet you there.  God always meets you there. 

April 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com ~ May FlowersApril Showers will be potent in their own right.  And they are here to seed May Flowers.  God’s Garden Is Returning.  Right here, in you.

And it is returning all around the world. Look for where God’s Garden is shining.  And trust the Light of God’s Truth to clear all illusions, even ones that those reading this might be believing.  No illusions will remain when all revelations are complete.  Only the Light of God and Divine Creation and Divine Perfection will be left to engage the Heart’s of the Rebuilders, the Visions of the Creative Artists, the Healers, the Teachers, the Inspirers, and so much more.

A Glorious New Earth is birthing behind the movie set of the Greatest Ascension and Greatest Revelation and Greatest Reunion with Source ever to behold.  Be a conscious part of it!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, April 8th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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