The Arcturian Collective: The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening:
Pulses of Light from the Great Central Sun
Ignite a New Earth Story of Harmony with the Law of One

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received October 21, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today.  When we gather in this way, it will be easier to simply call ourselves the Arcturian Collective, for we all part of the Greater Grand Design . . . and this particular channel has a strong Arcturian Star Nation Connection.  So from this day forth, we will simply refer to our grouping as The Arcturian Collective

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comWe bring a message and prayer for the Greater Collective today. From now through the end of 2018, you will feel Pulses of Light from the Great Central Sun. Many of you, especially those who are Highly Sensitive Among You, may feel it pulsing and activating your third eye region or the pineal area. Some may feel it also simultaneously opening and activating your Sacred Heart Centers as well.

In our most recent message, we spoke about The Essence of Freedom.  We spoke to its illusions as well as it’s Truths. We invited you to ponder these essences as they relate to your own daily lives.

The Pulses of Light infusing this planet’s Fields of Light, coming through the Stargate Portals of the Great Central Sun, are truly pulsing frequencies of the Great Awakening.  The Great Liberation.  To ultimately . . . activate, awaken, and liberate your Divine Sense of Freedom.  Sovereignty.  Passion.  And Purpose. 

They are here to sustainably pulse the Activation of Light You All Truly Are.  Even the dark ones, or those playing very dark roles in highly believable ways, will succumb at some level to the positive and clearing effects of the sound codes embedded in these strong Pulsings of Light.

For All of this Energy, and All of these Infusions of Immense Light . . .
are designed to do 1 thing: 

Awaken and Activate Your Higher Light Within.   

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comSo while the world around you may seem to be chaotic, crumbling, or spinning in one drama vortex of energy or another, the Light is steadily and calmly increasing its radiance . . . inside you.

This is how through timeless time . . . the Light always returns to restore itself in Perfect Balance.  In Perfect Harmony.  In Perfect Pitch and Sound.  And in Perfect Hues that cascade resplendent rays of its All-Knowing Presence and Divine Love for All Sentient Life, in this world and others. 

It will be those that know how to breathe in a Moment of Stillness in their day . . . in their busy lives, that will begin to hear, absorb, align with, and savor this Resplendent Light and Cosmic Reset. This time has been forecasted for millennia . . . to be a time of Great Change.  Of Turmoil.  And New Light Emerging. 

We will say that the remainder of 2018 make continue to be quite energetically loud to those listening only to the cries and crumbles of an old paradigm in rapid decline.

But it will also at the same time be a warm and welcoming invitation for those with the ability to get still . . . even for just minutes a day . . . to hear the still small “voice” or sound . . . of the New Expansive Light Beams . . . resetting the Earth to her rightful position in 5th Dimension and Alignment with the Greater Cosmos. 

For those who doubt this “re-set” . . . try it. Try tuning in to the Conscious Universe living in your Breath, soaring in your Heart Center, and pulsing in your Higher Self and Soul Awareness now.

Do the loud cries of failing governmental parties losing power . . . losing their grip on the collective mind and matrix of this world . . . offer the same Pulse of Peace?

Do these individuals or clusters of individuals losing power . . . do they speak in the ways of Goodness, Unity, Collaboration, and Reunion . . . to create an easy, common, and central path to Stillness, Harmony, Ease, and Prosperity for All?

Notice where their cries are inviting the Collective Consciousness to gather.  Are these “gatherings” of energy consciousness . . . ones of Healing, Positive Possibilities, and Co-Creation for the Highest Good of All?

Listen for where exactly these invitations to Healing, Peace, Positive Possibilities, and Steady Co-Creations of Light are rising within the people?  For The People?  And for the Planet?  As A Whole.

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comWhat we see from our vantage point and higher perspective of Light . . . is a time for each of you to pay attention . . . to where you are listening from . . . within your mind-body-spirit matrix?

Are you Listening for the Light in the Essence of the Messages you hear?

Are you Listening with your Heart’s Attuned Inner Ears and Truth Barometer?

For the Light in the stories being told?

And the crumblings unfolding?

Or are you still listening only with your Outer Ears, which are wired solely to your mental mind’s impressions and conditioned beliefs . . . And reacting in ways you have perhaps been taught TO react and TO believe?

Remember ~ in the Stillness of the Soul ~ in the Chambers of your Heart . . .

What is Light?

What is Freedom?

What is Truth?

What is Clarity?

What is Love?

We as Sentient Beings are wired by the Great Artist, the Source, the Divine Creator of All That Is, to BE and to KNOW the Light that is like itself. 

We are, at our Core,
in the Divine Design . . . Made of Light. 

When we listen with stillness as our ally and map,
and soul strength as our compass,
we know how to see and to feel the Light amidst the loudness,
the Truth within the rubble of decaying systems,
and the Guidance we need . . . to remember what True Truth,
not garbled, conditioned, or dysfunctional “truth,”
Truly Is.

The stillness within invites your Higher Discernment now.

Not mental discernment. But Soul Discernment.

And that means ~ when you pause all of the outer rhetoric, and all of the loud bantering about this issue or that issue ~ where can you feel the Light of Peace, the Light of Source, and the Light of Higher Vibrational Energy is?

Where can you feel the Heart of the Earth Mother and the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine showing up to Pulse Wholeness and Unifying Co-Creation?

And where can you feel the gifts of the Divine Masculine Energies emerging to Lead and Inspire a Greater Calling to Higher Leadership and Heart Centered Principles and Wisdom?

We will need a good solid dose of both the Divine Feminine Light and Divine Masculine Light now . . . stepping up inside us . . . to hear . . . to attune . . . to the subtle yet omni powerful energies of the New Light Codes and Infusions of Unity Consciousness.

Both halves of our Inner Whole will need to work together now to form this Cosmically Conscious Inner Compass once more.

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler,
The Pulses from the Great Central Sun this month, in November, and in December, will be summoning this Path to Higher Union Within.

Our inner ears activate only when our Soul’s Higher Gears begin to come together . . . as the Divine Feminine Light and Divine Masculine Light . . . to harmonize A New Story of Humanity. 

That new story is The Story of a Light-Filled Conscious Collective that remembered the Pulse of God, the Pulse of Light, and the Pulse of the Infinite inside each and every one of us. 

That new story began . . . with the willingness to listen . . . beyond the DIN OF DIVISION, beyond the TALE OF SEPARATION, and beyond the CALLS TO FIGHT THIS SIDE OR THAT SIDE . . . and all perceived threats in between.

And to simply unite . . . in one common collective purpose . . . above all others . . .

To work together for the Benefit of the Highest Good of All on the Planet.

That means every one and every thing.

The Call now from the Earth Mother and the Cosmic Collective . . . is to listen for new ways in your hearts . . . for ways to co-create . . . that honor . . . the birds, the sea, the fish, every blade of grass, the trees, the air, the rivers, the ley lines of the earth, the animals, the insects, all of it

When the world realizes it no longer needs to fight some one or some thing to survive, you can begin to hear the Guidance that you each have inside . . . about ways to collaborate and cooperate . . . that honor the Law of One.

And in the Law of One, lives inherently, divinely, and perfectly, . . . your Collective Prosperity, Health, Wholeness, Perfection, and Unity.

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comBut ~ it requires that Sacred Listening.  That Pause.  That Special Stillness. To quiet your busy mind; To quiet the loud media and cries of this injustice or that injustice; To quiet the claims of this offense or that offense.

The only way out of this 3D Linear World of Illusion and its Separation Matrix is through the stillness of a quiet, neutral mind and an open, loving heart connected directly to the Higher Streams of Light in the Cosmos and in the Godheart . . .

That is where the oxygen is pure.

That is where all beings live free.

That is the portal to the healing, wholeness, and reunion so many crave and so many still seek.

Release the need to fight back, or to fight one cause or another.

Release the ego’s activation to blame this group or that group.

Notice the invitations internally and externally in the world . . . where Love is rising.  Where Light is shining.  Where Community is working. 

Listen for the Light of Truth that Pulses in between any words said. 

Listen for the Healing Light in those Pulses and Pauses. 

Notice those who pause and stay calm in rough waters. And planetary turbulence.

Are they tuned in? Are they listening to the New Earth Light and its Guidance?

Notice who pounds and beats the drum of the fight . . . who invite continued riots . . . resistance . . . and rebellions.

Just notice it.

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler,

Where is the Light emerging? On the world stage? In your communities? In your family and friends? In YOU?

If you don’t or can’t see it, spend some time practicing . . . listening . . . to you.

Take five minutes a day. Listen to your breathing. Notice how rhythmic it is. Feel how soothing it is. Each Breath massaging every cell with the Perfect Oxygen and Nutrients it needs. Notice and feel appreciation for the Perfect Design of Breathing. Its Gift of Life. Its Gift Now in YOU ~ seeding a Greater Awakening and Awareness. 

The Breath is Perfect.
You are Perfect.
It is Peace.
You are wired to Be Peace.
Notice its Power to Sustain and Nurture Life and Light.
Notice your Power to Sustain and Nurture Life and Light on this Planet.

That Living Divine Breath and that Act of Conscious Loving Breathing is a small step in learning to listen to the gentle vibes, messages, and subtle Guidance of the Soul. 

This is the first step in attuning to listen differently to a Living Conscious Universe that holds much Greater Truths than what most have been conditioned to believe.

We are not angry, separate, malicious beings, fighting over resources and lack.

We are Divinely Aligned, Loving, Interconnected, Compassionate Beings waking from a false story, . . . to now create and co-create with the Conscious Living Universe and all of our Special Extraordinary Planetary Helpers of Light . . . (those physical and non-physical) . . . a New Story and New Earth Era of Peace, Prosperity, Joy, and Well-Being for All.

This is our prayer for each and every one of you now, today and every day.

We pray you wake from the false matrix and illusion of separation and division . . . And rise into the Profound Light and Truth of the Unity, Divine Talents, and Abundance You Truly Are.

We are here as a Collective to support your Activation and Active Inner Listening now in All Highest Good Ways.

Call us in, when you desire a re-set, or to support your rising consciousness that is now, Light Code by Light Code Activation, releasing who you are not. To reveal ~ who you truly are.

You are Free, Sovereign, Empowered, Amazing, Divinely Loved, and Profoundly Guided Beings of Infinite Light.

We see you. We know this Truth.

Tune in and see if you can feel it too.

And then ~ listen . . . for where that Light and Goodness is birthing around you.

Notice where it isn’t.

Breathe more Light when you see where it isn’t.

Send Light to what isn’t.

And then again ~ return your focus to the Light that is growing.

You are that awakening, expanding, and growing Ambient, Resilient, Timeless, and Resplendent Light.

Breathe that in your Heart Light and Activating Awareness every day.

The Arcturian Collective ~ The Great Awakening - Marie Mohler,

If you feel you have an extra spark to spare and donate to the world’s Collective Energy and Reunification of Light, by all means send your spark into the Collective Humanity . . . intending its Love and Support to co-create with others . . . a peaceful, loving, and shining Humanity and Planet Earth once more.

Each Donation of Light expands and supports the Earth’s Ascension and Breathing of Higher Light Codes as well.

Together ~ we are building this Brand New Earth.
Together ~ we are writing this New Story OF Earth.
Together ~ we are rising to Breathe this Unified Field and Energy of Light into form.

You are loved, dear ones.
You Are Love.
All Our Love. 

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