The Arcturian High Council and Mother Earth: July 2018 ~ Let The Light Lead

July 2018 ~ Let The Light Lead

A Message from the Arcturian High Council and Mother Earth

via channel Marie Mohler
Received July 14, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Hope and Light for All Sentient Beings in the World today.

Through the Crystalline Frequencies of the New Earth’s Light, there is a clarity beyond the clouds of the old earth’s energies of confusion, discord, chaos, corruption, and disinformation. 

So, today, we firstly call in the Light Frequencies of the New Earth’s Fields of Oneness, Universal Well-Being, Clarity, and Synergized Unity with all Realms in the Galaxy . . . who are synchronized with and receiving Light Impulses, Universal Intelligence, and Love straight from the Source Spark . . . the Center of the Godheart of All That Is.

light codes in sky photoDear Ones ~ in the Higher Realms of Thought, Unification, and Creation, all is led, organized by, and manifested through LIGHT.  Light is the Great Mother and the Infinite Father Energies, that created your world.  This world.  This Earth and this Galaxy, and this Universal Realm.

It is This Light that we wish to call into your Sacred Heart’s Awareness at this time.  For it is this Light that will sustain your Hearts and your Light Bodies through the coming radical shifts of energy upgrades coming to your world.

Between 2018 and 2022, the Earth is going to go through a massive system upgrade.  Your energy bodies and your DNA at the cellular level have already begun receiving activations and system upgrades for some time now. 

But through the remainder of 2018 and through specifically the year 2022, . . . all Sentient Life on Planet Earth . . . as well as Mother Earth herself . . . will synergize with a new level of Light Code Activation never before seen on this world.  This includes timelines and lifetimes in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Ancient Egypt. 

All of us here on earth will be receiving these Higher Electromagnetic Infusions of Crystalline Coded Light Frequencies to clear away all 3D Densities and Polarities still active in your fields of energy and awareness.  And they are designed to literally bring you up to speed with the Interstellar 5D Frequencies of Harmony, Highest Good, and the Blessings of Intergalactic Hope, Healing, Reconciliation, and Synergy in the Unified Field of Oneness, once more.

These upgrades are not something that the Mental Body, and thus the Human Mind, will understand . . . in order to make happen.  In these upgrades, the benevolent Light of the Greater Cosmos is re-aligning the Mental Body and re-balancing it within the 4 Chambered System of Higher Heart Frequencies within the Greater Field of Oneness and Light Consciousness.

Thus, it is the Light that is orchestrating the required upgrades and re-balancings

There is nothing for you or the mind to do.  We share this to activate your Greater Awareness of the Importance Now of practicing your Willingness to Simply Receive . . . . To practice your willingness and openness to receive the Highest Light Code Activations that your Unique Body Temple and Higher Consciousness can safely and comfortably handle.  The more you consciously connect with, and invite, the soothing and Infinite Intelligence nature of this Divine Source Light, the easier this Timeline of Transition will be for you individually . . . and for the Greater Collective. 

Your receptivity to the New Light Code Activations goes a long way in powering up the New Earth’s Light Codes and Grids, on the ground, in real time activations and ascension frequencies.

man connecting with cosmic lightBecause the Magnitude of the Earth’s Ascension has never before been seen or attempted, it is a marvel and model for all in the galaxy . . . to trust at the Highest Levels of Light . . . that that very same Light . . . will lead and orchestrate all that is needed for this Quantum Leap across Timelines and Dimensional Realms.   

Your work now, for those listening to our messages of Higher Light, is to first understand yourself as a Living Embodiment of Light Energy.  And then to understand your Light Body Temple as a Candle in a much greater, Divine, Supreme, and Sacred Central Sun.  That “Sun” Energy is activating and upgrading all of its “son” and “daughter” candles . . . who are here now . . . walking upon the earth . . . to receive those light-encoded instructions . . . to make the easiest, most seamless, and most beautiful transition into the New Earth’s Ascended Frequencies and Living Embodiment of this New Light.

While this report, and those of countess others, of this powerful return and activational upgrade into these Higher Light Frequencies during the Earth’s Ascension may seem at times too fantastical to be real, to be true, or to be comprehensible to the human mind and mental body, we will say through the all-seeing-eye of your once again unified heart chambers and heart centers . . . it is the only True Reality there is.

All that you have thought your world to be . . . all that your history books have taught you your world was about . . . all that your many world religions have conditioned many of you to believe . . . have been part of an inverted matrix of energy that has portrayed, and in some ways, perpetrated, a vast illusion.  A false world.  A false matrix.

The Real Energies and Codes of Light are returning . . . in Greater and Greater Amounts . . . and at Cosmic Levels and Decibels never before seen . . . in any timeline or realm . . . at such a time of Extraordinary Transition.  The Light Forces are fully encoded now with profound levels of Source Encoded Light Particles ~ that will literally raise up a new, truth-filled, pure, crystalline, and divine New Earth. 

What facilitates and allows that Alchemizing Light to do its work so brilliantly on the ground, through each and every one of you, is the awareness that each of you has the potential to activate within . . . that you are already this very same, new, truth-filled, pure, crystalline, divine Light.  You are literally a match ~ to this Organic Source Light.

And it is in that realization and that openness to re-calibration . . . that each of you will return once more to the Light Energy, Light Body, and Light Consciousness that you were always and eternally designed to be.

We are simply a voice today from the “All Time” Realms, whose records show and document that Earth and her inhabitants DO make it up and through this critical Ascensionary Light Expansion and Activation at this point in Universal History. 

And we are a Collective Voice here to encourage your belief in the Collective Power of your Unified Light Activations and Amplifications . . . to literally Birth a Brand New Earth in a Brand New, Upgraded, Cosmologically and Dimensionally Higher Frequency . . . which serves to birth itself into a new Higher Form of itself . . . from the Power of the One, Harmonized Frequency of the Godheart Itself. 

The New Earth will rise from the Collective Consciousness of these New Light Codes singing their Light Frequencies together in the Unified Oneness, and remembering the Truth, of Who You All Truly Are and From Where You All Truly Originated and Came.

Musical Candlelight activating our Soul Light CodesThe New Earth’s Frequencies and history will be known to have originated through the Collective Candles Synergized Light Frequencies . . . (aka LIGHT) . . . coming together . . . and etherically singing the New Light Codes into form (aka SOUND).  Those activated already in their heart’s greater awareness of this ascensional song . . . are doing their part to make of themselves the vehicles of Light and the Sound that will create and manifest this New Earth.

Your New Crystalline Light and New Earth DNA Structures and Frequencies will breathe and sound this New Light to create the Divinely Blueprinted Template for All Life in the New Earth and in this New Age. 

Literally, you will become the Crystal Singing Bowls of the New Earth ~ sounding the Codes of Creation ~ into Form ~ through each and every vital one of you ~ within the Greater Collective Whole.

Our mission and goal today . . . is to put out the call to any and all of you with inner ears to hear and inner eyes to see . . . that the New Earth will form through the Power of your Collective Soul Connections and the Power of your Individual Commitments and Willingness to allow the Pure Light of the Source Codes’ Love and Infinite Well-Being to activate these Creationary Light and Sound Codes through your Sacred Heart Centers.

So that you can be and breathe this New Sacred Light into Divine Form.  For the Earth.  For its People.  For its Sentient Family of Life and Light.  And for All Sentient Life in this Universe and All Universes in All Realms.

This is the Ascension of Ascensions. 

This is a time to bear witness to the Power of Light to create, manifest,
and lead all worlds to their Destiny of Light.  To their Destiny of Love.  To their Destiny of Expressing Pure Source Life Force IN FORM, in Perfect Balance, in Perfect Harmony, and in Perfect Unity with the All That Is. 

We are here as Guides of Light in that Sacred “Coming Home to Universal Light” Ascension Process.  We are here as Mentors and Reminders of that Source Light, that the All That Is Sacred Light in All Realms, Timelines, and Universes, is always orchestrating, guiding, and manifesting the Highest and Greatest Light Union for the Good of All. 

The Light allowed this experience and experiment into the realms and density that 3D earth chose to explore in the last world age and cycle.

The Light is cuing all ~ that the timeline for that experience, exposure, and experiment is now past.  And that Omnipotent, Eternal, and Infinite Light is calling to all of its Light Seeds, its Sacred Candles, to activate your Inner Coordinates to return to and embrace your Core Light Essence Within. 

No matter who you are, where you are, what your choices have been, and what karmic timelines and contracts you have journeyed, . . . the Light is calling for the Re-Unification of All Aspects of Life in this realm now.  It is calling for the Cleansing of All Polarities.  It is calling for the Rising of All Sacred Heart Centers now.  ALL are being summoned Home to the Greater Light now. 

votive candles integrating light and dark It is not the darkness that is creating the chaos on your world that you see ~ although it may appear to be.

It is the Light working from within all imbalances, all darkness, all dualities, that is shaking up and shaking off the false narratives of this last world age and cycle, and that is re-aligning all inner coordinate once more to the Light.

So rest assured, even the so called “dark ones” of your world are being summoned from within back to their Organic Light forms.

Do not overthink or spend time mentally trying to understand how this will occur.  This level of spiritual cleansing of the original Divine Spark within your current 3D atmosphere of energies is only understood by the Infinite Intelligence in your Sacred Heart Centers at a very deep and Divine level of Understanding.

The essential point we wish to make today . . .
is that you are each and all invited to activate in your Conscious Awareness .  . .

a Belief and a Knowing that the Light does in fact always . . .
in All Ways . . . Lead All Things. 
It always has and it always will. 

Your belief in that Expansive All Time, All Goodness, All Benevolence, and Highest Good Infinite Source Light is what can help it to come through your Sacred Heart Center and breathe it into form on your world. 

Just by being a Conscious Believer in it and Active Receiver of it . . . you are doing your part to create the Celestial Song of Oneness, and to call together the Power of your Collective “Singing Bowl” nature, that has the power, with the encoded Light Codes of Source Power, to create a brand New Earth for All.

You are the Ones you have been waiting for. 

You are the Vessels of the Light Codes of which we speak.

You are the Conduits of this Celestial Co-Creative Source Sound and Light that manifests freedom, love, prosperity, well-being, and abundance for all in all realms. 

You, Brothers and Sisters, and Daughters and Sons, of this New Earth Creationary Experience, are the visionaries, dreamers, parents, and thus co-creators of this New Ascended 5th Dimensional Earth Experience.

You are the Cosmic Candles and
Celestial Sounders of its New Birth.

The Light Codes are activating IN YOU.

The only question that remains for All Sentient Beings and Sentient Life on this planet is . . .

Do you wish to experience the Light Expansion in you . . . as Joy?  As Hope?  As a Direct Infusion of Love from Source?

Or do you wish to play out the experience and role of resistance to that Expansive Light?

Either way, the Light has returned.  The Light is Expanding at Exponential Decibels and Wattages in all ways now.

The only choice your consciousness is making is whether to say YES to the Joy of it . . . or NO to the Joy and Expansive Nature of it.

But the Truth of it is . . .

The Light simply, eternally, and exponentially . . . just IS.
Light simply, eternally, and expansively . . . just IS.

Light IS.

Light IS Life.

Light IS Earth.

Light IS Source.

Light IS You

We are that Light, collectively, together.

We relish in being messengers of this Light with you today.

The Arcturians specialize, as a Collective, in Living Light Technologies.  They are a Highly Advanced Spiritual and Technological Race of Intelligent Sentient Loving Beings.

You are welcome to call in the Light of the Arcturian Light Technologies, Awareness, and Advanced Love Technologies into your lives.  Into your upgrades.  Into your Ascension.  Whenever you desire or need to. 

This Level of Healing requires the intangible skills of Faith, Belief, Willingness, Consciousness, Love, Light, and Trust in the Benevolence and All Knowingness of the Godheart, the Source, the Creator of All That Is. 

These are Soul Skills.

And Soul Skills thrive when paired with the magical and miraculous properties of Divine Light.

If this message speaks to your heart today, and you find resonance with a desire to be and act as a Celestial Singing Bowl and Creationary Master of Light in the Earth’s Ascension Process, then call on us and all out your Soul Skills form the Highest Versions and Aspects of Source Light that you are . . . to move through you and activate the Collective Light in the Collective Soul of the Collective Consciousness within the Higher 5D Light of the New Earth . . . and within the Higher Light of the Source Infinite LIGHT and LOVE in All Things.

The Light of Love and the Godspark will reward you with abundant blessings and joy for your return to the Heart of Light once more.

May we all be showered in Greater and Greater Experiences and Blessings of Light as we Trust and Believe more and more in our Organic Source Light to Lead All Healing now, all Ascension now, all Integration now, and all Joy, Blessings, and Miracles for the Highest Good of All now.


We are One with Joy. We are Infinite and Powerful Creations of Light.
We are ONE in that Joy. 

We are ONE with that Joy.

We are ONE with the Blessings, Health, Well-Being, Wisdom, and Benevolence now.

We are Infinite and Powerful Creations of Light.

We are Source Expressions of Infinite Miraculous Light.

We ARE Light.

And the Light Is All Things.

Let The Light Lead.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE love.
All Our Love.   

2 Responses to “The Arcturian High Council and Mother Earth: July 2018 ~ Let The Light Lead

  • Rachel
    6 years ago

    Marie, thank you so much for sharing this powerful message!! The part about becoming crystal healing bowls resonated very deeply with me, as I just bought 3 to start experimenting with healing myself and others with this type of sound. I am already a professional orchestral musician, so stepping into this world of sound is very different than what I am used to, but it feels so natural and beautiful already! Much love and blessings!! Rachel

    • Hi Rachel! Thank you for your beautiful message in response to the Arcturian High Council and Earth Mother’s messages. I think the sound of light, goodness, healing, and hope is pinging in so many of us now. For we REMEMBER the gifts and the light we are truly designed to be! Your connection and collaboration with the new singing bowls that have come into your life is another extraordinary confirmation of who and what we are. We are instruments of the divine, here to activate the tones and frequencies of oneness now. It brings me great joy to hear about your new path and journey with the singing bowls and healing with sound. The music you are meant to bring through is already blueprinted in your light codes and thus cellular memory. It will be so exciting for you to see it unfold and emerge through you! Please do return and share with me and others (if/when you can) what your website is, or where we might find your sound healing and healing sounds. I welcome you too to write me at if it ever feels in alignment to share some of your work. Blessings and gratitude to you today, for this beautiful sharing and connection! Namaste.