August 2019 Energy Update: Light Leadership, Profound Change, and the Strength and Power of the New Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received July 27, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing the Light of Conscious Breathing and the Power of Soul Sight through the ethers and into your hearts today as the Arcturian Collective.  As we prepare to shower you in a transmission about the Energies unfolding in August 2019, we first wish to check in with many of you still downloading the insights and activations that July 2019 stirred and awakened inside you.  The Human Collective was activated in a whole new way and on a whole new scale in its Divine Sovereignty, Grace, Freedom, and Light.  Nothing will stop that from manifesting in the outer planes now, for it is already anointed and activated on the Inner Planes.  What vibrates within, manifests without.  This is a Divine Truth that is literally activating your Quantum Independence and Sovereignty in your physical and daily life experiences!  As within, so without.  Quantum Independence at these decibels of frequency will most surely bring a level of Revolution, Evolution, Emancipation, and a New Renaissance Entirely of Golden Light infusing your world, all of your creations from this point forward, and the power of your Sacred Heart Centers now to work together for the Greater Good of All Sentient Life on Planet Earth today.  

On July 4, 2019, you may not have heard it with your physical ears, but an etheric bell gonged throughout all of creation to signal this shift in frequency from the old archaic 3D separation model and paradigm for living life here on Earth . . . to the Restoration and the Reset of Pure Divine and Crystalline Light Codes that are here to activate, rejuvenate, and revitalize an entire planet . . . seeking to remember its soul roots and its soul origins again.  In that Grace of that Quantum Activation and Reset of Divine Sovereignty and Independence, the New Light was sounded into form and recognized by all of creation as the Great Return of the Central Sun Portals to All Corners of this Galaxy and beyond, including our Beloved Mother Earth.  

Let’s pause a moment together and simply feel the Grace of that Crystal Clear Bell, ringing out the Sound and Light of Quantum Independence, Sovereignty, Joy, Freedom, Unity, Oneness, and Well-Being for All as an Awakened Human Collective . . . participating, feeling, breathing, leading, and listening today . . . to honor and witness this Collective Creation and Universal Intention to Restore Source Light and the Immense Gifts that your Sovereign Divinity and Birthright affords each and every being on the planet going forward.  

Hear that Celestial Bell, ringing for All, that you are indeed Free and that Divine Creation and Light has RESET its Course of Light Leadership, Love Leadership, and Unity Consciousness for the entire Infinite Collective.  That is powerful and pure positive energy and life force seeding this New Earth ~ with this extraordinary vision and dream for the New Light on Planet Earth ~ to grow a miraculous New Garden of Eden for all souls incarnated in this realm and in all directions of time now.  It is so!

As we all continue to bathe in the frequencies of that reverberating Celestial Light and Sound Energy, let us now focus our attention on the Energies of August 2019.  This whole year of 2019 has been a cosmic map.  Astrologers know this.  But many listening to this today may not have witnessed their daily life unfoldments over the past 7 months as a map or cosmic forecast of their journey ahead.  In Truth, this is an exquisitely precise universe and the map that has led you to where you are and that is leading you to where you will next be . . . is divinely designed in the larger energy matrix of the cosmos.  

The celestial map for August 2019 brings a number of core themes.  

The first is Leadership.  The global atmosphere of Higher and Intensified Light now on your world is summoning the rising of New Light Leaders to the surface of Humanity’s Consciousness, and to the surface of those Light Leaders’ Consciousness themselves.  Some of these Light Leaders may not even yet know that they are being called to lead the New Earth’s Reset, Restructuring, and Restoration . . . but soon . . . very soon . . . they will.  For the invitations have been activated.  This too occurred on your world on or around July 4, 2019 in many ways.  Parallel to that Higher Summoning of Light Process . . . is also . . . the further exposure of those leading the old 3D matrix . . . who are not of the vibrational integrity and frequency required to lead anything in the New Earth’s recalibration, re-seeding, and reset process.  

Thus the old guard will continue to fail and fall away, as the New Team of Light Leaders rises into their roles to help support humanity and the entire sentient collective on this planet . . . to become whole, well, healed, alive, thriving, and abundant again.  Can you see the vibrations in those words we just shared . . . the old guard . . . and the New Team of Light?  Therein lies much of the transformational energies of which we speak.  The old militaristic energies at a core foundation level of society are falling away and the new collaborative, team oriented, unity consciousness energies are rising and re-seeding this earth experience in their place.  This is not something of fiction or fantasy, but truly, cosmic, astrological, and divine precision . . . whose time has come in the collective dream . . . whereby humanity returns to the Golden Standard on all levels of living and being on Earth.  The Golden Rule, the Golden Standard, and the Golden Light of Creation and Collaboration for the Highest Good of All is gently re-seeding itself in the hearts and minds of all beings everywhere at this time.

The second theme of August 2019 is Profound Change.  The further release of the old guard and the activation of the New Team of Light will usher in powerful vortexual shifts . . . that will begin to seed in the global consciousness . . . the experience that things are changing in an irrefutable, unstoppable, and irreversible way.  Once the proverbial snowball gets rolling, and gathers momentum, there is no going back to the way things were.  For many, this will at first be unsettling . . . because the “not knowing” or “ignorance is bliss consciousness” has been like an old shoe in many ways . . . providing a sense of comfort in life’s uncertainties.  And at least the matrix that entrapped life on earth was a fairly “known” matrix at least at some level of consciousness. 

But in these new higher frequencies of light, conscious creation, and clearing, there will be a sensation that literally the landscape under your feet is changing.  The world as you knew it is changing.  The comfort, and the ignorance is bliss mentality, is changing.  

And for many, this will be a steadily unsettling time of becoming aware of more that is known, that has been known, that is just now becoming known to those waking up at this time.  For those already awake, there will even be layers of your own sensation of the landscape shifts.  There will still be aspects of Truth that will seek to find you and to reset in you, in ways you might not have anticipated.  And those Truth updates for you, and for everyone, will be a part of the overall liberation process . . . as well as the overall experience of feeling unsettled and even a little ungrounded or uncertain in these times.

So August 2019 will usher in a Greater Light and Liberation.  And a very transparent side effect of this transparency and transformative power will be the sense of shifting the axis that your life was set upon.  You are shifting coordinates on the inner planes and the outer planes ~ all at one time.  You are setting your inner course to a Higher Truth and Light than has been lived by the majority of you for eons of time.  Even those of you who consider yourselves activated and awake . . . will still have some resets unfold within . . . as old, outdated codes and belief systems release and new updated codes rise and re-orient your cells to the Light of a Higher Divinity inside you.

A third theme for the month of August 2019 will be the Strength and Power surging in the New Light.  There is immense power in your thoughts, your words, your feelings, your emotions, your actions, your visions, and your dreams.  Everything is getting activated and potentiated on a whole new scale.  So the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, in The Four Agreements, where he says Be Impeccable With Your Word, become more important than ever . . . as a lived experience.  What you say, feel, think, and do is ever more exponentially creating your life experience and your lived reality.  You could add to that phrase and “agreement” . . . Be Impeccable With Your Word . . . Be Impeccable with your Thoughts.  Be Impeccable with your Feelings.  Be Impeccable with your Emotions.  And Actions.  And Visions and Dreams.  We are being called into a level of Vibrational Integrity that we have not really expected of ourselves in a very, very long time.  And yet, this Vibrational Integrity and Responsibility will be a theme that activates further this month in your daily lives and in this realm . . . and that continues for the next few hundreds and thousands of years.  

You are setting and seeding that in your Collective Consciousness at this time, in this timeline, for many lifetimes to come.  It is the New Way.  It is the Path of Light in the New Earth.  Vibrational Integrity,
Accountability, Responsibility, and Sustainability.  

And by Vibrational Integrity . . . we mean . . . that your Light, your Heart, your Thoughts, your Actions, your Gifts, your Intentions, your Expressions . . . are all completely transparent and in alignment with the Highest Good of the One.  The Highest Good of the Collective.  And that means, the Highest Good of the Universal and Cosmic Collective.  That is a High Level of Integrity isn’t it?  That is an Extraordinary Vibration to live, breathe, be, and sustain, isn’t it?  And yet, this is what is transforming on your world, as we speak.  

Thus the Energies of August 2019 bring Heat, Light, Sunshine, Transparency, Exposure, and Ignition to anything and everything in your world.  If the vibrations that an individual or group in the collective are emitting are well-intentioned, clear, positive, pure, and manifesting the Highest Good and the Highest Benefit of the Whole, THEY WILL THRIVE in these new timelines and in these new unfoldments.  On the contrary, if the vibrations that an individual or a group in the collective are emitting are self-serving, murky, ill-intentioned, corrupt or twisted, and manifesting lower density-based frequencies that in whatever ways do not honor the Greater Collective and the Light upon which the New Earth is based, then they will NOT THRIVE in these new timelines and these new unfoldments.  And their experience will be that of shrinking, failing, and falling away.

So there is great power and positive energy infusing any True, Heart-Centered, Visions and Dreams to raise the gifts, life experiences, soul development and expansion, joy, love, and well-being in all sentient life here. The Light will delight in supporting and amplifying the creative life force energy in those visions and dreams.  The Light will also delight in orchestrating more easy seamless connections to facilitate more perfect manifestations that bring joy to all involved in that project or co-creation.  For this is how the Light truly lives, seeds, and leads such goodness in all things.

And there is great power and potent energy in this same Light to expose any vibrations out of alignment with that Pure and Powerful Divine and Celestial Light . . . to . . . in a sense . . . dematerialize or defuse the energies from ever gaining any momentum now.  Exposure might be one means of dematerialization and defusing of the energies, so they never gain any true fire power to manifest into form.  

So we invite you dear ones to tune into your Heart Centers.  We invite you to do a preliminary check in with your own vibration and your own experience of your alignment with this New and Higher Light.  This is not about shaming, judging, criticizing, or any other punitive type of behavior that would make you feel bad or uncomfortable with who you are or have been.  This is purely an Invitation to Awareness.  It is an invitation to do a vibrational assessment of where your heart feels aligned with the Living Vibrational Energy of Truth . . . and how it is expressing itself in your consciousness and in your daily life . . . in your experience of you . . . and your experience of the people you love and connect with in the course of your day.  Does that level of Truth feel good to you?  Does that level of Truth feel intimidating to you?  Perhaps it is a mixture of both?  Maybe there are some wonderful light aspects of it and there are some frightening or uncomfortable feelings about it too.  

Whatever it is that comes up for you, we recommend this check in process . . . to commune with this idea and this level of Vibrational Awareness that invites Truth into your Inner Life and into your Higher Consciousness . . . in a way that allows for an authentic response to it.  For this is part of the Great Return we have been sharing about for some time now.  Part of the Great Return is a Re-Turning to that Inner Place of Vibrational Grace and Integrity inside yourselves.  And really feeling the Truth of what your VIBRATION says, not what your mind says.  The mind can say many things that it wants to hear and know about itself.  But your Vibration is just like the Essence of Light . . . it IS what it IS.  If your vibration is uncomfortable with some aspect or all aspects of the Truth of Divine Truth coming to visit in your Inner Life and in your Daily Life, then simply allow your awareness of that for a time.  Just notice it.  Notice how you feel when the thought of knowing yourself that transparently comes into your heart’s consciousness.  The exposure unfolding on the global stage is a reflection of the exposure unfolding on the inner planes of your individual experiences too.  Everyone and everything is being touched, activated, and ignited by this level of immense Light.

The mind can’t talk your vibration into being something that you don’t want, desire, or vibrate to be.  That is why more and more of this work now, in these New Light Frequencies, must engage the wise and all-knowing heart, to help in that reset and that reactivation process.  It is the Wise All Knowing Heart Center that knows how to feel and find compassion for things that the mind generally mercilessly criticizes or is unwilling to accept.  But the Heart . . . the Heart lives from Source Perspective . . . and the Heart lives from its Eternal Connections with the Light.  This is the Divine Heart, dear ones.  This is your Higher Heart.  This is your 5th Dimensional Heart that has been within you all this time.  And this Higher Heart and this Wise All Knowing Heart Center is where the Divine Feminine lives inside you.  This is where Divine Love, Compassion, Unity Consciousness, Peace In the Knowing, and Faith in the Process of this Incredible Earth Ascension lives.  The mind at this point is largely trapped in the 3D matrix that conditioned it, enslaved it, corrupted it, and trapped it into being what it often is today.  In many of you.

But what happens in a time on the planet when the landscape is shifting, when the Light is expanding, when Truth is rising, when Vibrational Integrity is exposing, . . . and you need a different perspective on the profound change unfolding before your eyes?  

Is it your mental mind that is going to help deliver a new perspective based in Truth and Vibrational Integrity, where you can feel yourself connected to the oneness, and not feel trapped on the outside of it?  From our perspective, no.  Your mental mind was never designed or even ever trained to know how to seek a Higher Perspective from a Source beyond what the 3D mind has seen, lived, been conditioned to, or been corrupted to believe at some level.  The 3D mind only knows limits and lack.  It lives from a more masculine perspective of linear time, hard work, struggle, and survival.

That in our view is not the level of perspective and perception that will best assist you in these times . . . that are right now . . . right here . . . spotlighting your lives and your planetary experiences as we speak.  

It is truly the All Knowing Sacred Timeless and Wise Heart Center that can engage the Infinite Realms of Spirit, the nonphysical realms where Master Beings and Guides of Light, the Earth Mother’s Essence, and the Godspark lives and thrives, and truly the Halls of Records in All Time . . . that knows the Powerful Presence of Extraordinary Universal Love and Celestial Light . . . to transcend anything less than the bliss, joy, and well-being all are divinely designed to live.  

Thus, it is truly only when we activate and engage our Timeless, Loving, Fluid, more Feminine, Compassionate, and Cooperative Wise Heart Centers within . . . that we can begin to guide our mental minds into making more right action and more right feeling steps and choices from the inside out.  And it is from this conscious activation of our Sacred Heart Centers that we unlock ourselves from the grip and grid of 3D belief systems and 3D conditionings that keep us so small and that keep us trapped in vibrations of lower density, lack, and limitation that aren’t who we really are.

So our message to all of you in August 2019 . . . is that there are 3 Core Themes of Light Leadership, Profound Change, and the Strength and Power surging in the New Light.  And while the Light is capable of extraordinary things, each one of you on your world will be tasked with the INTEGRATION of those Higher Frequencies, Invitations, Experiences, and Upgrades.  The Light does what it does best . . . which is to align all living beings to the Core Heart and the Core Light of this Infinite Loving and Divine Universe.  The Light Leads.  And yet, there is responsibility on the part of every single individual to awaken to the process of personal transformation and soul integration that is truly upon you . . . and unfolding right now within you.  Whether you are conscious of it or not.  

Thus any debris inside you that is out of alignment with the Greater Independence, Sovereignty, Love, Light, Health, and Well-Being that you are at your Soul’s Core . . . will continue to be rattled or summoned to the surface in some way of your life . . . for you to have the opportunity to see it, to witness it, to acknowledge it, and then to send it love and to release it.  For that is all the debris truly wants.  It wants love and it wants to be restored or alchemized back into Light.  For that is what all energy truly is at its deepest, molecular, and quantum core.  

You are Living Light. Density and Debris are in fact seeking the Light even when they don’t consciously know it.  It is a cosmic impulse to seek the Light.  To BE that which already eternally IS.  The “costumes” of debris and darkness are simply that . . . costumes.  But ONLY THE LIGHT IS REAL.  

And so . . . those wearing costumes . . . especially in a more public arena and public stage . . . will continue to be exposed for what they are.  There may be some incredibly good people thought to presently be the darkness.  And there may be some incredibly dark or dense people thought to presently be the light.  And all will come out in the wash so to speak as more of August’s Fire Energies and Leo Energies rise up in the Consciousness of the Entire Collective.  And the Heat and Heart of True Transparency continues to set any false frequencies free for all time . . . to be transmuted in the collective’s acknowledgment and witnessing of it and their release back to Light.  And the Heat and Heart of True Transparency continues to set the Light more fully free and back into the Hearts of Humanity and All Sentient Life ~ ready to remember, to return, and to restore a greater, global, and galactic oneness and unity consciousness once more.  

Will there be bumps in the road ahead?  Yes.  A fair amount of them.  But does the Light know how to move through the bumps and continue its work to shine what it is . . . a Leader of Light through all time for all time?  Yes.  Indeed, perfectly so.

So remember to take deep conscious breaths every day, and invite the Light to fill your cells with the organic divinity you truly are.  

Remember to call in your sacred guides of light to support you in every step of the journey now, to living, being, and liberating your Highest Soul Light and Presence and Purpose on the earth at this time.

Remember to send love and light to your core pillar chakras, for they are your lifeline and grounding tap root to all the blessings of Source, the Earth Mother, and the Light in the Infinite Cosmos.  

Remember to engage your Soul Talents and Gifts as a lifeline to joy, to goodness, to wholeness, and to Higher Awareness, when other lower density frequencies or challenges present themselves.  Time spent in your talents and gifts, or being your talents and gifts, will go a long way to resetting and restoring your light codes as a vibration you EMBODY on a daily basis.  If you are unsure what that is, you can certainly reach out to this channel for a soul reading to uncover more of the light and truth of them for you.  You can also take a deep conscious breath, and choose to be and embody kindness, compassion, and awareness in your day . . . of the Light that is leading all things, no matter how dark sometimes things may appear.  Activating a Faith and Trust in Divine Light activates that level of Faith and Trust of Divine Light in your experience. Thus, a universal talent and gift you all have is the ability to believe, feel, and vibrate in that frequency of Love, Light, Kindness, Compassion, and Awareness each day . . . that the Light is re-orienting all life perfectly.  And it is thriving in you perfectly.  And it can thrive in others perfectly.  That belief and that summoning of that level of appreciation and faith . . . changes worlds.  

And in fact, that is exactly what is happening.  Your world is changing

Liberation, Independence, Sovereignty, and Freedom on all levels is rising.  

Light Is Leading. 

You are integrating, shifting, ascending, and acclimating to a new normal on all levels inside you.  And you are witnessing the quantum shifts that that level of inner change is creating in the outer landscape as well.

August 2019 is bringing immense volumes of Light to this planet.  To your world.  To your inner and outer worlds. 

Continue to cultivate your soul skills.  Continue to believe in the wisdom of your Heart Centers to guide your mental minds back into serving the Light, being the Light, and making choices to honor the Light.  

The energies of Leo to step into higher, divine, and more sovereign leadership roles will continue to summon each of you forward.  

And the call to release that which no longer serves you will continue to sound through the Energies of Light flooding your world in every way now.  

The Light is the Great Emancipator.  Feel it.  See it.  Know it.  Have Faith in it.  Allow the exposures to unfold.  They are all part of the reset, restoration, and re-seeding process . . . to ultimately manifest a New Garden of Eden here on Planet Earth.  

Mother Earth IS an abundant garden.  She is our Divine Mother.  And she is welcoming her children home into her Heart Center . . . through your own.  

When you have some time, go sit with her a minute.  Take a breath.  Send her love.  Send your heart love.  Feel your hearts connect in this beautiful reunion that doesn’t even require words.  For it is felt to be known.

That is how you will know the Earth Mother again.  That is how you will know each other again.

You are this Living Light and this Living Love dear ones.  Always.  In All Ways.

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

4 Responses to “August 2019 Energy Update: Light Leadership, Profound Change, and the Strength and Power of the New Light

  • Hello Marie and Arcturian Collective,

    How validating it is to draw our attention to the beauty of the this year’s Leonine energies. Many things conveyed in this presentation I have stated out loud before I listened to this message. Thoughts are entangled and the subtle Light energies are becoming more obvious then they ever were in the past. I feel the power of Light more so than I have ever sensed.

    I specifically would like to thank you for calling out and reminding us how:

    “the Heart lives from Source Perspective . . . and the Heart lives from its Eternal Connections with the Light. This is the Divine Heart, dear ones. This is your Higher Heart. This is your 5th Dimensional Heart that has been within you all this time. And this Higher Heart and this Wise All Knowing Heart Center is where the Divine Feminine lives inside you.”

    I have experienced this Light as the Divine feminine (Sophia), and in fact, for a brief moment I became unified with it. At that moment an incredible amount of Light and Power was released. Yet, I cannot, nor can anyone else living within this lower density, sustain this union. I know its presence because it is the source of Love which manifests through us; but still, we are configured in a way that maintains a degree of separation from it.

    Although we cannot always see this Light within ourselves, we can sense it more clearly, radiating through in others. This is the energy that binds us together. As our transformation progresses, this energy will no longer be obfuscated, misunderstood, or ignored. How important it is for us to have divinely inspired souls to remind us of the Light, Love, and Wisdom within us.

    The Light, and therefore Love and Wisdom, is rising in all of us. The task is to subject the masculine ego-mind to the sustenance of our Higher spiritual heart center and let the soul be bathed, nurtured, and enriched within its presence. This intimate interaction between the mind soul and the fullness of the spiritual Light is an essential relationship for an enlightened being. The ego serves as the function to explore truth, yet is not the source of truth. Yet, we can have all the spiritual knowledge in the universe (a potential which we apparently all possess), but without understanding, it is meaningless. Our ego still remains vital in the process of becoming enlightened, but it plays a receptive role.

    When we attain the proper attitude between our masculine ego-mind and feminine heart center, we will ascend into Unity Christ consciousness.

    Blessings and Peace

    • Hi Paul! You offer a beautiful and powerful reflection to us all. I’m so grateful for your Light and your insights on this very exquisite journey we all make to integrate and re-unite the Soul with our Timeless Divinity and our Eternal Source. I especially love how you articulate that “The ego serves as the function to explore truth, yet is not the source of truth. Yet, we can have all the spiritual knowledge in the universe (a potential which we apparently all possess), but without understanding, it is meaningless. Our ego still remains vital in the process of becoming enlightened, but it plays a receptive role. When we attain the proper attitude between our masculine ego-mind and feminine heart center, we will ascend into Unity Christ consciousness.”. Yes, in the time of the Golden Ages, our minds took their instructions from the All Knowing Heart Center. In this time of the cycle of Separation, it appears that relationship reversed and our hearts have been instructed or dictated to even by our ego minds. It is an immense gift to feel the Return of the Light to this Realm . . . and truly . . . to feel the Return of this Light to our Sacred Heart Centers. We are being infused daily now . . . to help that soul remembrance process ~ that it is our Heart Centers that know how to lead the way back to the True Light we ultimately all truly are. It is a gift and a joy to receive your reflective insights here Paul! I send much appreciation and many blessings to you. 🙏❤️

  • Tazian
    5 years ago

    I have to admit I cringed in disgust when I saw the reference to July 4, 2019 – as if US Independence date is somehow the barometer by which everything else in the Cosmos is measured. The reference to the bell didn’t help either – it was too allegorical to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

    After I calmed down and took a few deep breaths, I decided to accept the channeling in a more neutral way and simply accept that frequencies are changing at both the quantum and manifest level.

    Maybe I just have to go back into my heart. It doesn’t have an agenda – other than to empower me.

    • Hi Tazian ✨I think there is a much bigger picture unfolding on the planet and thus that is coming through the energies of the transmissions that can sometimes be tough or challenging to receive or to even hear ~ through our mental constructs and beliefs, human and social conditionings, etc. Change at an expansively vast level is happening at quantum speeds now. We are each and all invited to take those deep breaths you mentioned 😀, connect with our Higher Selves, surrender the things to Source that we don’t yet understand, and move ourselves into experiences of greater resonance and/or personal growth and expansion. How that looks and manifests will be different for all of us. But you said it well when you felt guided to go back to your heart center, and find the peace there that passes understanding. In that space, love, oneness, and unity live! Many blessings and light to you Tazian!