August 2021+ Energy Update: 
The 8:8 Lion’s Gate, 
Lion Is A Harbinger of Peace Faith & Fearlessness,
 & Storms, Disclosures, & Alchemy Are Here

August 2021+ Energy Update
The 8:8 Lion’s Gate:
Shakes, Quakes, and Roars

The Lionheart Is Rising,
Lion Is A Core Harbinger of Peace, Faith, Courage,
& Fearlessness In the Face of Fear,
Disclosure, & Alchemy Are Here

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 7.24.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, joining you today through the Powerful Leo Frequencies that represent the Regal, Kingly, Resplendent, Golden, and Courageous Colors of the Godheart.  In this way, the Lionheart that is shining in your life, your consciousness, and your sacred awareness this next month and beyond . . . is a representation and expression of the Godheart.  And we invite you to drink this Sacred Living Light in with us today . . . as we take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In and allow this Majestic Grace to fill the core of our very being-ness.  Much is happening on your world that is requiring an other-worldly courage, confidence, faith, fortitude, and strength in the center of your being.  The 8:8 Lion’s Gate is a profound portal of multidimensional frequencies surging in your awareness, your lives, and your experiences to guide the way and shine a light on the New Earth birthing right in front of you, and also birthing within you.  You are All Of This and more, and we are here to be messengers of these Powerful Waves of Change . . . as well as these Powerful Soul Gifts and Abilities that you carry within . . . to be The Great Transcenders of these times. ~ Fire and Water Rising ~ August 2021We have spoken at length about the Flood Waters rising on your world, yes?  We have spoken at length about the story of Noah and his Ark, and the Faith and Fortitude required for him to transcend the fear, the pain, the suffering, and the challenges of that timeline.  Yes?  Noah came through and spoke directly with you about the tasks he faced and the parallels between his journey and your own today. And we continue to bring through these insights of faith and fortitude . . . that you have all that you need within to transcend and alchemize these times.  Water is expression and emotion.  Fire is alchemical and alchemy.  August 2021 brings the Heat of 1000 Suns to your world to illuminate all cycles of discord, disease, division, and illusion that have run rampant on this planet in the perceived absence of a Living and Loving God Presence for some time. The Waters are already rising and unleashing their power on the planet, expressing what has for so long been repressed and therefore unexpressed.  And the Fire of 1000 Suns is rising as well . . . to burn away, incinerate, and liberate all that is truly out of alignment with the Godheart and the Portals of the Central Suns, that fuel, fortify, and empower worlds and universes to grow, evolve, and create through the energies of the Godheart . . . that support and elevate everything.

Lion Energy was aboard Noah’s Ark in Noah’s Timeline.  Of course it was.  For in that Majestic Energy, Noah was unified with Source and with the Blessings of God’s Omnipotent Eternal Light.  While Noah embodied this through his willingness to allow and embrace Union with Source at all times, the Living Lionheart Energy aboard that vessel offered and assured a Divine Compass that navigated those uncertain times.  Lion, like Source Energy itself, knows all, sees all, feels all, and thus knows where to journey, where to hunt, where to rest, where to rise, and where to relax and sunbathe as well.  When lions aren’t working (hunting, cub-rearing, defending pride lands, etc.), they are often soaking in the Powers of the Sun, and why do you think that is?  Because in the purifying Sun’s Light, the Codes for Self Mastery (and particularly Emotional Mastery) reside.  

And August will be a time of Global Sun Bathing, Exposure, Disclosure, and Alchemy as well.  Hence why it is Leo’s month and the Home of the 8:8 Lion’s Gate.  Another Great Roar will emerge up and through the 8:8 Lion’s Gate Frequencies and Messages for humanity.  And in that roaring and fiery energy, more will quake, and shake, and potentially spill out more Truth that has been hidden, submerged in the human collective frequencies of emotion, buried deep in the subconscious mind.  Lion knows that the waters are pouring out their Flood Frequencies as an indication that nothing can remain hidden any longer.  And so the Floods are rising to assist the Revelations, Exposures, and Disclosures.  And as they recede, more of Humanity’s Truth of this last world age and cycle will rise like its own Ark, to reveal painful Truths about this illusion and this separation game . . . and also to offer a pathway out of this chaos and into clarity and perfection once more.

This Summer’s Floods will pave the way for Autumn’s Resets, Re-orientations, and Re-Alignments with the Godheart in Epic Ways.  Fire and Water are two key earth elements activated in God’s Plan to Reveal Himself to the World in very tangible ways in this Ascension Process already long underway. As the serpent attempts to usurp the elemental realms for its plans, God will rise and alchemize them into lessons and liberations for the Greater Good at every turn.  So while water and fire can be highly destructive in the serpent’s hands, . . . in Divine Hands, they can be constructive and even resurrective, in powerful and poignant times like these.

Lion is already here, showing its presence through this transmission today, as if looking out over the entire Earth Kingdom and knowing that The Living Light is touching every one and every thing in very biblical ways.  The Shakes, Quakes, and Roars are all part of resetting the Earth Mother herself on her perfect Divine Axis once more. And each time Mother Earth is cosmically and synaptically reconnected with her True Soul Path and Orientation in the Milky Way and in this Multidimensional Reality, the Divine Feminine resets in the Whole Universe & throughout the Greater Galaxy.  Are there seismic booms happening as this process unfolds?  Yes.  Is a Lion’s Roar felt for miles through the jungles it inhabits?  Yes.  These are precision strikes dear one . . . strikes that at their core . . . are re-aligning all inhabited here at this time with their Sacred Heart Centers and their Orientation as Galactic Citizens of Unity Consciousness.  

So will you need Faith the size of a Mustard Seed this month and beyond?  As you personally rise up and through the Lion’s Gate and these Quantum Shakings and Biblical Floods at this time?  Yes.  Absolutely.  And will you need Faith like the Lionheart you know to exist within the Godheart, within Noah’s Heart, and within your “New Earth Noah Heart” at this time? Yes. For the changes already happening on your world will not be understandable even to the most brilliant minds and to the most open hearted souls.  For the level of darkness and demonic events and behaviors over many swaths of time are beyond comprehension for most.  And yet, the emotions and the effects of these deeds will rise up. They will rise to the surface of humanity’s consciousness and the Floods of Tears to come will be a match to the floods unfolding in the most severely impacted parts of the world that were previously manipulated and controlled arsenals of lower dimensional frequency attacks on the human population and this sentient civilization as a whole. ~ 8:8 Lion's Gate ~ August 2021What is so exceptional about this Lion’s Portal and this Lion Frequency now at this time?  Lion is one of the 4 Core Harbingers of Peace being restored on your world at this time.  Lion is heralding the End of an Era.  You might even say that Lion is one of God’s Core Trumpets.  Sounding into this realm the Energy of Strength, Courage, Fortitude, and Fearlessness in the Face of Tremendous Fear.  Lion sees danger, sees floods, sees turmoil, and unrest on an epic scale.  But Lion does not turn and run. Lion stands and faces the Great Storm flooding in, literally, physically, and etherically, and faces it all.  

How does Lion face the Great Expanse of this Epic Nature of a Worldwide Ascension Flood?  Unity With Source.  The Lionheart and the Godheart are One.  And let this Powerful Lion Medicine touch your heart and inspire your path as wave upon wave of cleansing and clearing energy arrives on your shores.  When you live in Union with Source, no gale force winds can blow you down.  Lion is grounded in the Life Force OF Source and thus in this way is not subject to the 3D impacts and effects of  3D storms like most mortals are.  Lion Alions (or Aligns) with God Energy in Courageous Divine Breaths and Epic Divine Roars . . . and faces the storms without faltering.  For the Godbreath In Lion in this way neutralizes and alchemizes storms with lower dimensional technologies and the lower forms of intelligence that created them.  And before long a raging storm . . . can be a wee little breeze that floats ever so gently out to sea, never to be seen or heard from again.  For the tidal waters, the emotional energies in those waters, have been once again cleansed for All Time.  

Why is Aslan a key main character in C.S. Lewis’ book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?  He represents Union with the Godheart, or the living essence OF GOD HIMSELF in that story.  Aslan plays out the Crucifixion story in that tale, and resurrects Divine Eternal Life Force in ways that defy the laws of science and known possibility in that time, and in even your timeline now today. And yet, Resurrections Happen.  Miracles Happen.  Good triumphing over evil happens again and again and again, in your tales of old, because they are Tales of your Now.  They resonate because they are the Truth of All Time, even if particular segments of human history were particularly brutal in one way or another.  The Greater Story of All Time is The Light’s Victoriousness.  The Divine Won-ness and Oneness that All Truly Is.  

August 2021 is calling in that Aslan Energy in your life now.  The Light Everlasting is Resurrecting on your world once more.  Your Divine Design’s Blueprint of Divine Perfection, Renewable Energy, and Life Force is rising and resurrecting once more.  Nothing can stop the Return of Such a King!  Nothing can stop the Unity unfolding.  Nothing can stop God’s Victory unfolding.  Nothing.  Not even the serpent who has appeared to be a very successful villain for a very long time.  But appearing to be so and being so are two different things.  And God’s Victory is Absolute.  God’s Triumphant Energy Is Eternal.  And the Whole World will be a Witness to this in the month of August and beyond. 

So call in this Lionheart Inside You.  Call in the support of the Light of the Central Suns in your conscious awareness.  Those Ready for the Resurrection and the Rising of an Entire Collective Human Consciousness ~ Call in the Light.  Feel the Roar of God’s Thunder as the Blessing of Victory.  When Trumpets of Harbingers heralding the News of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness sound once more into this world, allow, believe, and consciously receive this.  Waves, Rains, Floods, Fires, and Epic Storms will continue to be seen and experienced in many ways on your world right now.  But the Lion’s Gate Portal Frequencies know that what is burning, flooding, and alchemizing away is the False Fear of your True Divine Sovereignty.  What is alchemizing away is the False Fear of Living Sovereign and Free in a world previously dominated by lack, scarcity, pain, suffering, and uncertainty.  You are not those things.  You never were.  In the stories given to you through time, the serpent wrote, reinforced, and perpetrated a very convincing story.  And now God is returning to set the record straight about Who You Are and Who You Are Not.  

The Serpent as we have shared does not like Truth.  It in fact despises Truth.  For in The Truth of this Epic Nature, it cannot live.  And it literally ceases to exist at all.  And that is how Truth illuminates the most Epic Alchemy and the New Earth Reality.  

Storms on every level now are happening all around you and perhaps within you as well.

As the storms roll on, the Lion Energy will roar on this month and beyond.

A Battle of Epic Proportions is being fought in these crescendo frequencies in this way at this time, for the Heart and Soul of Humanity, the Heart and Soul of Sentient Life here, and the Heart and Soul of Mother Earth.

And inside the World Soul is the Energy of Sol, meaning the Energy and Essence of Light.

Lion shines its Radiant and Majestic Golden Divine Living Light for you this month as if to say, when it rains, when it storms, when it pours, and when you maybe can’t find the sun in all of that darkness and all of that crazy cosmic and spiritual weather, you can find me.  Look for me.  Look for Lion Medicine and Energy in these times.  Look for the Lionheart and thus the Godheart in these times.  There you will find peace.  There you will know that Golden Light, the Christ Light and Consciousness that was once sacrificed for you and this world . . . is having its Exponential Resurrection now on your world. ~ 8:8 Lion's Gate ~ August 2021And in a world of Deep Polarity, and in a world of Deep Uncertainty, and in a world of Epic Division and Discord, it is through those cracks that the Godlight is ultimately getting in.  And The Lionheart Rising is in its own way a Trumpet, a Harbinger, a Messenger of Good News in these times.

August 2021 will further make more of this Biblical Time Period self evident to greater and greater numbers of people.  The existence of a True Divine Creator Source and the Source of all Majestic Kingdoms in this realm and in all other realms will be palpable.  But first, people will face the storms of the discord and where they are partaking in the duality game and placing their faith in something other than God, Source, Creator of All That Is.

In times past, in many sacred texts, there are records of people raising false idols.  People were so afraid that they were willing to give away their Divine Sovereignty, Freedom, Abundance, and More for the mere chance at living another day.  Existing another day and way.  And then, vibrationally and generationally, this became a habit.  A Way of Life.  

False Idols and False Gods have led to many of these cognitive and vibrational distortions plaguing your world even today.  Politicians, religious leaders, celebrities, entertainers, holders of wealth, and more have risen to ranks of power often unknown to the sleeping public.  And this is by design.  Because for some, the surrender and allegiance to a False God or a False Energy is generational.  It is literally encoded in the DNA.  And this is its own storm for many of you, that swirls these vibrational seas of confusion, doubt, and even self hatred at times.  These are strong words but there are some very real, strong, vibrational storms that exist in many living upon your world at this time.  And yet, they often don’t even know why. 

For they have long been asleep to the Spiritual War that has been making waves for generations, but without enough of a global impact to get the world’s attention.  

The Year of 2021 is getting the world’s attention now.  

2020 began this Bigger Conversation and Awakening.  

And 2021 is following suit and bringing the Exposures, Disclosures, Storms, Fires, and Floods that Revelations forecasted many years ago. 

Lion, especially Aslan, and the Messages he brings . . . knows the depth of the illusion and distortion in this Garden of Eden on the Earth right now.  And he knows that the Power and Presence of God/Source/and Golden Light are clearing it out.  It MUST be cleared out now.  It can no longer continue to wreak havoc on the citizens of this world and other star races as well.

So remember to prepare your ark.  The floods are here dear ones.

Remember to activate your soul skills, and especially your willingness, faith, fortitude, and Divine Surrender to God’s Will being done, thereby relinquishing your smaller and more illusory ego will.

All things are coming together for Good.  For the Highest Good of All.

Even when painful or tragic things appear to unfold.

There are things about this world that many of you do not yet know.  

Seeking answers may leave you more tangled than where you began.

Seeking Truth is another matter, and that matter has the substance, foundation, power, and strength to liberate you for All Time.  

Those on the Spiritual Path learn the Power of Words.  The Power of Faith.  The Tests of Faith.  And the Strength that Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed can do and can be. ~ 8:8 Lion's Gate ~ August 2021 ~ Spiritual WarriorsYou are these Spiritual Warriors who came for these times.  You are these Brave Epic Heroes who came for these times.  You are the Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter characters now of your own Inner Narnias.  

The Noah Energy is still streaming in you and sailing with you.  

The 8.8 Lion’s Gate is OPENING WIDE for all the world to see even Greater Truths in an entire realm of Lies, Deception, and Illusion.  

But in those exposures and disclosures, God’s Kingdom is Rising in you and all around you.

With Faith even the Size of a Mustard Seed, you can Fall Into Faith when all of your foundational understandings of Who You Are and what this world is . . . is shaken to its core.  

And you can Find your Way through God’s Vision to see up and through the Dark Night of the Soul unfolding on this world . . . to see the most Epic Golden and True Light you have ever seen as a soul incarnated in any realm.

The contrasting polarities make the colors, perceptions, experiences, and emotions ever stronger.  But they also make the illuminations, revelations, and liberations ever stronger and clearer too.

Be the Lion Frequency in your life this month.  Know Your Heart.  Know Your Lion Heart.  Know your ability to Create Worlds through your Heart Lens and Living Light.

Fiery Storms, Flood Waters, and Vibrational Storms will continue to sweep through one and all this month and in the remainder of 2021.  And you must remember that you were made for these times.  

Often Heroes are made in times like these.  And we would say, often Heroes EMERGE in times like these.  That may not be your desire, but it will be your self and soul understanding as more of these things come to pass.

Breathe Oneness with the Heart of God.  Breathe Union with this Lion Energy this month and beyond.  Breathe Peace and Grace that transcends the Storms and only gives Life Force to what is Divine and True now.

These are Epic Times.  These are Biblical Times.  These are Lion Times.  

You have the Faith and the Soul Skills within to allow the Light to shine in every crack that needs it the most ~ to reset and re-align with Source ~ and turn the Tides to Divine Creation once more.

Epic Alchemy is here in you dear ones.  Breathe in the Golden Crystalline Frequencies of the Lion Heart and the Lion Heart Song this month and beyond.

Trust your Faith, your Freedom, and your Fortitude to be what it needs to be, when you need it most.  

That is Deep Divine Faith and Union with Source at the Heart of Creation.  

This is Who You Are.  

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

2 Responses to “August 2021+ Energy Update: 
The 8:8 Lion’s Gate, 
Lion Is A Harbinger of Peace Faith & Fearlessness,
 & Storms, Disclosures, & Alchemy Are Here

  • Such a beautiful and uplifting message. It is comfort and extremely reassuring in this times. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Monda ✨ Thank you for your light and appreciation! We came for these times and it is so affirming to know that in our awakening, in our coming together, and with the support and strength of the Lion’s Gate and the Light of 1000 Suns that flooding our world, We Are Rising! Blessings and Light to you 🌟😊🙏🏻🌠