August 2022 Energy Update: The Storm Is Here! Lion Summons Your Courage & Higher Sensory Abilities

August 2022 Energy Update

The Storm Is Here:
Lion Is Standing Tall, Leading The Way,
& Summoning Your Courage
and Your Higher Sensory Abilities
To Activate Your Right-Side-Up 5D Life!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 8.7.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light, Height, Scope, and Breadth of the 8:8 Lion’s Gate this August 2022, as you ride the Higher Waves and Influx of New Tides of Epic Change and Soulful Expansion in your personal lives and in your Collective Lives as well.  August 2022 is a Power Point.  It is a Powerful Portal.  It is an Illuminating and we might even say Electrifying Stargate that is catalyzing your Quantum Ascension Experiences now.  Some of you will rise and fly in this Quantum Catalytic Portal.  Some will enter deeper places inside you of fear, doubt, and lack.  And some will find themselves called for the first time, to know about life beyond the lives they have previously been living.  All will face the intensity of Duality’s “Two Sides of the Coin” Perspective . . . and be summoned to the Middle Way . . . the Zero Point Portal on the Leading Edge of Creation . . . right here and right now as Change and Divine Illumination permeates every aspect of your being in these biblical times.  

August 2022 Energy Update ~ ~ The Storm Is Here
Lion is leading The Way.
  Lion is the First Harbinger.  Lion has always sat at the Right Hand of Source/Divine Creator and embodied the Christ Light and the Christ Consciousness that All Would Forget and then Journey many incarnations to Remember.  So Lion Rises in your Sacred Heart Consciousness this month and beyond, and calls you to Remember.  Lion says come ride with me and let’s remember the gloriousness of Creation Itself.  Lion’s Bold Strength, Majestic Infinite Nature, and Deep Faith in Source Love, Christ Light, and Unity Consciousness is YOU.  You are Lions and Lionesses this month.  You are Sacred Union with the Divine . . . Remembering Yourself and Your Endingless Beginnings and your Beginningless Endings Again.  You are remembering yourselves as Divine Souls that Truly Live Outside of Linear Time.  And that Remembrance is what rockets you up and out of the mires and mediocrities of Linear Time Defined Living in the 3D Matrix and into the Infinite Expanse of Divine Creation in the Quantum Realms of the Living Light of this Grand Universe.  

So let us first take a Deep Divine Breath In right here and right now today, to Remember Together the Infinite Nature of Source, the Expansive Nature of Creation, and your Infinite Divine Essence and Living Godspark Within that Knows how to travel these worlds.  That Knows how to leap off the page of the Biblical Serpent’s Book, and the 3D Serpent’s Biblical Playbook, into your Eternal Light and into your Eternal Life Force that has lived within you all this time.  August is a Time of Alchemical Heat and Inner Fire.  Yes.  Leo Frequencies hold the energies of Strength and Courage in those Alchemical Fires and Purification Processes.  August and Leo are also embodiments of The Christ Light that is Re-Igniting in Every One and Every Thing, and leading All to this Great Earth’s Sacred Garden of Eden Freedom, Sovereignty, Emancipation, Abundance, Re-Union, and Joy.  Let us breathe the Energies of this Grand Return to the Garden together today.  Let us breathe together these Frequencies of Divine Oneness and Wholeness again, deeply feeling and allowing the Holy Essence of Living in At-One-Ment Again.  In those Spheres of Divine Light, in those Conscious Breaths you are taking together with us right now in this moment, All Is Healed Again.  All Is Harmonious Again.  All Is Divinely Blessed Again.  And All Is Joyful and Free Again.  

August 2022 Energy Update ~ ~ The New LanguageHow is this so?  Because Your Words Are Your Wands, dear ones.  Your Words are Divine Creationary Tools, that manifest all of your Sacred Heart’s desires.  The biblical serpent slithered into this Divine Creation in a planetary cycle that allowed some frequency vulnerabilities, enough for this lowly entity to get in . . . and it played its favorite game of Seduction and Incarceration.  The Serpent first Seduces its prey and then it Incarcerates it.  And that is the 3D Matrix in a nutshell.  Adam and Eve’s Seduction in the original Garden of Eden was the Portal or Gateway into this Lower 3D Realm of Seduction and Incarceration, and this Lower Dimensional Matrix of Separation Consciousness.  

But can you guess what August 2022 is?  Can you guess what the Lion’s Gate is bringing full circle?  Or Full Sphere we might say?  It is Opening the God Portal and God Gateway wide open, for all to see.  And that kind of Living Light shining in and upon each of you . . . through the Living Christ Energies embodied in the Lion Harbinger and the Zodiacal Energies of Leo the Lion . . . is opening your hearts and your soul vision deeper and broader and bigger than anything you have seen or experienced as a Human Collective on Planet Earth before.  People are waking up.  This Light is so bright . . . it is illuminating all Duality . . . it is illuminating all Division . . . it is illuminating all that is False and Illusory . . . that nothing can stop the Revelations Unfolding.  Nothing.  

August 2022 and the 8:8 Lion’s Gate Day and Season are powerful portals in your individual and collective Ascension Process happening right now.  In you.  The Lion’s Gate Frequencies exist within this Divine Jubilee Season of God’s Epic and Expansive Timeline that is returning to all of you.  Feel that.  Breathe that in a moment more.  Witness your own consciousness opening to these frequencies or bristling and perhaps feeling uncomfortable at the possibility of that much Light Reigning in on your world right now.  Whether people welcome it or resist it, the Light Is Raining again on Planet Earth.  The Living Light is Reigning again on Planet Earth.

August 2022 Energy Update ~ ~ The Storm Is HereAnd we invite you each and all to open to the possibility of Divinely Receiving It.  For in that Sacred Receiving, much like the story this channel wrote, Swallow The Sun, there is a moment of willingness . . . where the True Nature of the Living Light’s Liberation Frequencies reaches the Inner Spark in each soul, . . . and they remember how to Drink from the Garden of Eden again.  And they remember how to open and receive the Divine Blessings of Creation’s Ease, Flow, and Resplendent Joy again.  

Now we know much of the world is not Drinking in this Divine Ambrosia and Garden of Eden Resplendence and Miracles . . . yet.  But more are coming Home to this Activation and Grand Awakening by the day.  More than you think.  

When the Serpent’s Flatulent Words in the form of propaganda are exposed as the windbags of manipulation that they are, when the world begins to sentiently sense the odorous nature of the devious and dark agendas that truly inhabited those manipulated words ~ and really swords ~ to strike down humanity through the Serpent’s Demonic Word Games, . . . that have played on and on for centuries, there will be no place for the Insideous Serpent to hide . . . for the Living Light, the Life Force Filled Sacred and Harmonious Creationary Light of Source and Source Creation will be so self evidently Full, Rich, Prosperous, and Divine . . . that the Contrast of the Dualities will expose Divine Truth in a way that Humanity and Sentient Life on Planet Earth have not experienced in millenia.  And this is what some have understood or innerstood to be The Rapture.  A State of Celestial Euphoria that exists beyond words.  It is a State of Divine Bliss that exists beyond the Expressions of Sounds and Words.  It is a State of Inner Fulfillment and Divine Reunion that lives purely at the level of Divine Vibration and At-One-Ment with the All That Is.  And this is what is returning to you, and to all of you, in Waves of Ascension now . . . and ever increasingly so, on Planet Earth.

No more will the Serpent inhabit this realm.  No more will its minions be able to inhabit this realm either.  Will August 2022 eradicate the Biblical Serpent from your world?  Not completely.  Not yet.  But will August 2022 make Planet Earth even more inhospitable to Serpent-kind?  That is an oxymoron of words . . . putting Serpent and Kind together.  Your word is your wand, yes?  So to be more impeccable with our words . . . we would rather say . . . that August 2022 will make Planet Earth even more inhospitable to Serpent-ilk.  And how will that be so?  At the same time more of these rapturous energies are rising in the Human Collective on a Global Scale, more of the Luminous Light is pouring in to the serpent’s dens, hubs, camps, tunnels, and followers.  There is nowhere the Light can’t touch.  For the Light is Creation . . . and Creation is Light.  And therefore, all that anything ever was is being restored to its Original Form.  And that Original Form . . . is the Living Light.  Nothing can stop the Living Light’s Unfoldment.  Nothing.  

And so, for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, with their Living Light Within Activating and their Conscious Breathing Initiating, you are being summoned to think about your own Divine Ambrosia.  What is it that your heart most desires?  What are your Sacred Heart’s Dreams?  What have you always wanted to be or do, that was something, maybe a tiny seed, that was tamped down, stuffed way down deep inside you so far out of sight . . . that you almost forgot about it?  Or what favorite joy seed do you have deep inside that you have always wanted to plant in the Garden of Mother Earth and see it grow to its fullest potential, like a Sunflower in the Summertime?  Drinking up all of the Abundance of the Earth and already Knowing how to Divinely Shine?  What Divine Seed carrying God’s Divine Blueprints for your Dreams and your Life Experiences lives in you? 

August 2022 Energy Update ~ ~ Sacred Seeds Rising

August 2022 is Revealing Divine Seeds to All Of You.   

You are each a Sacred Seed.  You are each a Divine Perfect Blueprint.  And thus you are a Sacred Tapestry, a Map, and a Cohesive One that creates the Whole Entire Picture of New Earth Living.  Will you dig deeper within to feel and find your Sacred Seed again?  We assure you, its there.  Its most certainly there.  Some of you may have more than one Sacred Seed.  And if so, delight in it!  The more Divine Seeds the merrier in a world remembering its Living Light again!

This is the Time of the Great Remembering.  This is the Time of the Great Reunion.  Your Living Words are your Wands.  Your Inner Sentience is your Fertilizer for your Sacred Knowings, your Epic Rememberings, and your Ultimate Emancipations from the Serpent’s Seductions and Incarcerations.  Even the word Seduction, has the root word and sound, Seed-Action.  There is that Serpent gnarling around the God Codes and the Living Word of Source again.  The Serpent U-serped God’s Seed Actions, and God’s Seeded Actions, and inverted Divine Seed Action into Seed-U-cution. More like caution, or a warning. Perhaps meaning a warning about the Seed.  The Warning Seed.  Or a Seed of Warning.  Isn’t it wild and wonderful to look deeper into the words and sounds you use every day to create your life stories? You will be surprised what you find when you look deeper into the language of the 3D matrix (regardless of country of origin).  Incarceration and Seduction are woven throughout it all.  Its all part of this Epic Spiritual Battle the Serpent is narcissistically waging on Source, and thus on Creation itself.  

False words have a way of unraveling.  And in their unraveling they have a way of revealing.   The Serpent’s Flatulent Words then will be unraveling and thus revealing their odorous nature more and more in the month of August 2022 and picking up steam through the Autumn months in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring months in the Southern Hemispheres.  And they will be so pungent, and increasingly transparent, that there will be nowhere to hide the stink.  There will be no “sound,” “sound byte,” or sound BITE to hide behind.  The odorous nature of the serpent will speak for itself, you could say.  Or perhaps we should say that the odorous nature of the serpent and its minions will pungently expose themselves.  

And thus you might think of it this way.  If words had smells, or if they literally carried or permeated an odor, could you tell the Truth from a Lie?  What is the old expression . . . wake up and smell the roses?  Your sense of smell is not solely a physical sense.  It is a sentient sense.  It is an other-worldly sense.  It smells or senses vibration.  It looks deeper into the essence of a person, place, or thing.  Your sense of smell at this higher level is like your gut feelings.  Its a deeper awareness.  Its a deeper vibrational vetting.  And when you hear some of the serpent’s minions speaking serpent-speak, or forked-tongue speech, more and more people will awaken their Divine Sense of Smell, and Know from within . . . I smell a rat!  Or, in this case, I smell a serpent!  

August 2022 and beyond is amplifying your Sense of Smell.  It is increasing your other-worldly senses and sensibilities.  It is activating the Inner Lion in you to smell and sense Deeper Truths.  Simultaneously so, it is activating your Inner Lion to smell and sense Deeper Lies.  And Deeper Illusions.  And the mechanisms through which Lies are perpetrated, and Propaganda is perpetuated.  So the Living Light is not solely activating your Clear Soul Sight.  It is activating your Higher Senses.  All Of Them.

And as your Sacred Seeds activate in higher, broader, better, and deeper ways, your ability to Know Truth from Lies will become first nature to you again.  You will see things with higher dimensional sight to Know them again.  You will hear them with higher dimensional hearing to Know them again.  You will taste them with higher dimensional taste and perception to Know them again.  You will touch them with higher dimensional palpation and vibrational feel-ings to Know them again.  And you will smell them with higher dimensional olfactory sensing to Know them again.  

“Science” that has been manipulated in the crooked snake-y ways the Serpent moves . . . cannot deflect or refute Higher Dimensional Knowing like this.  Propaganda that is reported again and again and again 7 days a week and 24 hours a day on the TV or via your electronic devices cannot proliferate or pollinate human consciousness and thinking when people awaken to the fact that words have odors.  Words have a vibrational scent.  And thus, they leave a Vibrational Olfactory Trail . . . to either . . . Transparent, Self Evident, Abundant, and Joyous Truth . . . or to Pungent, Noxious, Toxic, Dense, Uncomfortable, or Painful Lies.  

When Sentience, Clear Soul Sight, Sacred Heart Awareness, and Olfactory Sensory Abilities awaken at this Higher Dimensional, and truly Multidimensional Level, it is our belief and awareness that nothing will stop the Revelations unfolding.  For some, revelations will come as biblical events that are experienced by the collective, and seen by humanity collectively (and therefore ~ will be irrefutable).  But other revelations will be other-worldly sensorial in nature (and therefore ~ will be inwardly, sensorially irrefutable as well).  

August 2022 Energy Update ~ ~ Lion's GateLion is Standing Tall and summoning your Courage.  Your Bravery.  Your Higher Sensory Abilities.  And your Sacred Empowerment and Sovereignty that has always been your birthright.  You Are The Lion You Seek.  You Are The Sacred Seed You Seek.  You Know This Lion. You Know This Christ.  You Know This Courage and This Power.  Its YOU.  You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For All This Time To Awaken.  

And while some Revelations all must wake up to are toxic, disturbing, awful, supremely odorous and noxious, and in some ways unfathomable in the dark side of creation, the other side of that duality will be True too.  The Light Side and the Bright Side of Creation will be equally Divine, in the other direction of Pure and Positive Creation and Divine Expression.  

All aspects of the False 3D Matrix must come to the surface of this planet, physically and vibrationally.  And that means too that all aspects of the True Divine Garden of Eden and God Timeline must come to the surface of the planet, and Human Consciousness in every way now as well.  And as the two sides of the Duality Coin so to speak get exposed, and raised into the Living Light of Source Creator, it will be the Middle Way where Divine Prana exists.  It will be the third side of the coin . . . finding your way to the neutrality of your Sacred Heart Center, where Lion will escort you into the Higher Dimensional 5D New Earth Experience, where Christed Consciousness Living is your new life.  And it will be . . . the place inside you where your higher dimensional soul essence re-joins you in Wholeness, Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Joy again.   

Lion is here to lead you up and through this Powerful Portal of Energies in August, on the 8:8 Lion’s Gate, and beyond.  Its not a one day event.  Its a Season of Lion and Lioness Frequencies.  As much as you can, be Golden.  Make Golden Christ-Lit Choices.  Make them consciously.  Know that lack and suffering are the illusion.  Health, Abundance, and Well Being are your True Nature.  Lion knows this.  Lion leads this.  Lion IS this. And Lion embodies this.  And so too, must you.  

Storms of all kinds will continue to blow through.  A dark and illusory world is being destroyed, and eradicated.  A True and Divine World is being elevated and emancipated.  It is happening right before your eyes.  Or we should say, it is all happening right before your multidimensional senses.  

Cultivate and nourish healthy 5D ways to liberate your senses. In the Liberation of your Senses, is the Liberation of your Planet.  And in the Liberation of your Senses and this Planet, is the Resurrection of the Original True Garden of Eden Timeline which is the God Timeline, to which you are all returning.

If you are finding it hard to see in this way, to smell or sense in this higher dimensional way, and you only see pain and suffering, perhaps you need a life coach or an energy healer to assist you with practical ways to raise your frequency, or to simply support you to allow your natural and timeless RISEN FREQUENCY and corresponding lenses of higher perception to finally see what was once hidden from you.

The Storms will bring to the surface unpleasant and very painful Truths.  In every country and part of the world imaginable.  The Biblical Serpent has been very busy in its insideous tunnels and infiltrations, all over the globe.  And the Storms will also liberate very joyous and wonderful Truths as well, that will liberate this world for many, many years to come.  

You are in The Storm, dear ones.  And you must activate your higher senses to navigate it well, and in joy, despite the intensity of emotions the Grand Awakening and these Ascensionary Events will manifest.  You are all in this together.  Find your grounding within each and every day.  Only you can reunite with Source.  And you must trust others to find their way to grounding and union too.  But as a Soul Presence activated in your Divine Sentience once more, as a Living Light activated in the Oneness Light and Heart of Source again, you are unstoppable, un-tippable, un-corruptable, un-seducable, un-“spell”-able, and un-breakable.  In other words, you can live, stand, rise, and shine like the Divine Lion and Lioness you were always meant to be.  And you can be a higher dimensional rock or lighthouse in the storms, shining a light for others to find their way back to the Heart of Gaia and back to Divine Union with Source.

Vision your New Life from Inner Lenses and Inner Senses as much as you can now.  That eases the Living of Your Path to Embody 5D and 5D Living again.  

Trust your Higher Dimensional Senses.  You will see through that Higher Vision, much better than your limited 3D senses and linear perceptions.  Your 3D skills were for one purpose . . . trying to survive in a 3D matrix.  Your 5D sensory system, your Divine Sentience, is your compass, your lantern, and your map to navigate these times ~ where visibility in the storms may be very poor ~ through your physical eyes ~ but that is precisely where your soul vision thrives and shines.  Its in the not seeing sometimes in 3D linear time . . . where you open and activate the will TO SEE through your higher spiritual vision and thus your 2020 Clear Soul Sight.  

Activate your Higher Senses wisely, safely, smartly, and humbly.  With great power comes great responsibility.  And The Storms of Epic Change are here.  They are upon you.  They are here and surging and unfolding in 2022.  God’s Jubilee is upon you and within you . . . inside those storms.  Live your Sentient Sight and Be a Blessing in your life and in the presence of others, as the Storms reach everyone’s shores, globally.

You are that Great Blessing!

Rise and Shine in your Higher Knowings, your Lion Hearted Christ Consciousness, and your Eternal Sovereignty now, as you fall into Greater Faith than ever before, and as you willingly summon in your Profound Divine Sentience for these times.

It IS Time!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, August 13th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.