August Accelerations:
 Its Time to Choose Your Timeline

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received August 15, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Crystalline Light and Frequencies of Clarity, Empowerment, Strength, and Abundance from our Hearts to yours, through the portals of your Central Suns and the Wisdom they wish to share with you in increasingly accessible ways.  

Dear ones, can you feel the Acceleration of August?  Can you sense the profound changes unfolding as the Earth quickens her pace to rise into Higher Alignment with the Center of your Galaxy and the Center of the Divine Matrix of Light within the All That Is? We would guess that each one of you listening to this message today and any day going forward that you can relate to the Essence of Change . . . and that you can relate to an inner sense that what is changing now is Forever, Eternal, and for the Highest Good of All in all directions of time.  Because there is a releasing of that which was not for the Highest Good of All in all directions of time in this past world age and its cycles.  

The word Change in the way we offer it today is a dynamic, fluid, timeless, expansive, loving, and guiding process . . . whereby every single particle within you and within all things . . . is moving at a quantum speed of light to always be in harmony with the Light.  For Light by its nature summons to itself that which is like itself.  And so, the Change that each one of you may be feeling on your world at this time . . . is really . . . the Light’s summoning to itself that which is like itself.  And each and every one of you is that Light . . . that is the Essence of the Living Light in the entire Creation.  In the All That Is.   And therefore, what is being summoned forth is your Lightness Within Your Beingness as well as anything that is out of resonance with the Light.  

That is why dear ones debris from every nook and every cranny within each of you personally and within the greater collective is being summoned to Source Light . . . and thus out into the Light . . . of humanity’s consciousness . . . so that it can be seen . . . and to ultimately be collectively alchemized into luminous and eternal light again.

In this way, the Essence of Divine Change of which we speak today is calling movement.  Its calling out e-motion . . . which many of you know as Energy in Motion.  It is summoning healing.  Integration.  Awakening.  It is calling back to the Hearts of All Within Humanity as a Collective Invitation . . . through the thick fog and atmosphere of the Earth’s 3D Vibrations . . . and showing the way forward into the clarity, empowerment, strength, and abundance that the New 5D Light Rings and Brings to this New Earth to reset its codes in the Light.  In the Truth.  In the Grace of Who You All Truly Are.

So where in your life are you seeing and feeling this movement?  Where in your life do you feel uprooted?  Upended?  Upside down even?  How did things spiral so out of control on your world today?  How did you get where you specifically are today?  Do you like where you are?  And more importantly, do you like how you feel?  

Because what you feel is now your quantum positioning and experience in time and space.  How you feel is determining the timeline that you are experiencing.  For what and how you feel emits your vibration.  It is your frequency.  And that is what you broadcast through a telepathic, interconnected, and highly sentient universe . . . about who you are, what you are, how you are, and where you are.  This is your unique soul signature and cosmic coordinate throughout all time and space.  

And so, while many of you may presently feel upside down, uprooted, or upended in the present moment, or you may have felt that in the recent weeks, or you may still in the coming weeks and months, know this.  That you have a Divine Inner Compass within you that can reset and reorient you to your new timeline any time you wish to take the time to go within and consciously breathe that new coordinate into form . . . by consciously intending, affirming, and knowing your vibrational destination.  

By default, fear, uncertainty, and upheaval might be the vibrational emission and destination of many who are unawakened to the Truth of the Divine Light and the Truth of Who They Truly Are as a Divine Spark of the Godheart.  It is easy to feel those e-motions on your world . . . for that is in many ways the offering and invitation that your present outer world on a global scale is vibrating. It is a powerful attractor and summoner of human experience.  It is pulsing a frequency that is in resonance with the 26,000+ year cycle you have just emerged from.  So is it any wonder that some of you find a resonance with that vibration?  It is familiar.  It is like an old shoe that fits so well because it was so loyal to you and so deeply worn.  The pathways when you journey with it are well-worn.  They are all places you have known.  They are vibrations you have experienced before.  And therefore, they are invited to vibrate in resonance with the old codes that are failing, crumbling, and crying out themselves for help.  Because the old matrix itself is failing, falling away, and dying to itself.  

When change of this scale and this magnitude unfolds in times of deep celestial and cosmological transitions, a call to turn back and align with the old ~ is strong.  Is loud.  Is in many ways a path of comfort.  Only we would ask ~ is it . . . comfortable?  Really?  If you were to go back, and try to squeeze back into your old self . . . 2 months ago . . . 2 years ago . . . 20 years ago . . . can you?  Squeeze back into it?  It feels familiar because you know it so well.  You already know it because you have lived it.  And yet, you’ve grown.  In some way, shape, or form, you have physically changed over the weeks, months, and years . . . but you have also spiritually changed.  

So even if you don’t know where you are going yet, you don’t really fit in a world that is behind you.  A world that you have already journeyed.  A consciousness that is already expired, or outdated at best.  

So the squeeze of change on this scale . . . the biggest squeeze in many of your lives right now . . . is the sense that you can’t return to what you’ve known before . . . because you have outgrown that experience and it simply doesn’t fit . . . no matter how much you might try to squeeze yourself “back into it” as if it were a garment or a costume 3, 5, 10 sizes too small.  And we would agree . . . that that approach to this level of change simply will not work.  The old energies simply cannot expand to accommodate this level of change.  That is why they are already obsolete.  They are already dematerializing at their core, even if their structure still appears to be intact.  It is the fading of a great optical illusion ~ that those energies do appear true even if they have no vibrational core to hold them up much longer.

And yet . . . and yet . . . where you are going has not fully materialized yet.  Has it?  The new is not fully born.  It is not fully manifested.  It is not yet clear and easy to see.  For it is emerging in you.  And through you.  And your vibrational choices now.  And your vibrational emissions now.  You are creating your world in every moment now with your vibration.  With your thoughts, your emotions, that generate your feelings.  Those feelings render the cosmic coordinates that determine where you are now . . . and what you are experiencing in your daily lives.  That is different than the old way of pulling out a map.  Or pulling up a list of jobs that you can apply to.  Or getting out your datebook or your calendar and scheduling appointments.  It is more.  It is so much more than that.  

Do you know the old adage, wherever you go, there you are?  To which we think it means . . . you bring yourself with you wherever you go.  So you can change your environment, but you always bring you and your vibration, your consciousness, and patterning with you.  

In this way, the changes on your world are reflecting that sentiment but on a much more galactic scale, increasingly so, every day.

So let’s go back to the question we asked earlier.  Where in your life do you see and feel this movement?  This sense of deep and profound change?  Where in your life do you feel upside down?  Or inside out?  Or in some version of upheaval at the moment?  Do you even relate to those words or that kind of experience?  If so, how so?  If not, how not?  

The bigger question we are asking is ~ how do you feel right now in this moment?  And right now in your life?  And right now in your job?  Or in school?  Or in your marriage?  How are things working for you?  How are things not aligned and not working for you very well?  If you had to pick 1 or 2 words to describe the overall energetic picture of you right now . . . if a vibration scanner existed on your world that could generate these words to you by reading your vibration in its complexity and totality for the MOST DOMINANT VIBRATION of you at this time . . . what would those couple of words be?

Whatever those words are, they are the beginnings of your New Earth Cosmic Coordinates.  They are the beginnings of your New Earth Cosmic Coordinations and Creations.  They are the beginnings of where people will know how to find you and to connect with you . . . based on the vibrational emissions you ARE at that time.  In this now moment.  Its as if you are your very own radio station . . . and people can find you by dialing in to the frequency coordinates you are offering.  

Do the words themselves matter that you chose?  Or is it the vibration of those words?  The literal essence of vibration and frequency that those words collectively and cosmically express?  We would say ~ the latter.  So by saying words that people wish to hear ~ does it put you on the timeline that you wish to be on?  That you might claim even to yourself that you desire and that you most wish to reside in and to be?  No.  

The universe is activating on a whole new level now a requirement to be impeccable with your word.  But even more than that, the universe is activating on a whole new level now a requirement to be impeccable with your vibration.  For it is vibration, frequency, and/or your unique energetic signature and matrix that is recognizable to all sentient life in the cosmos as a distinct code.  It is your code.  It is an increasingly transparent code.  And it is a transmitter then of that frequency that you are emitting.  

That is your cosmic coordinate.  Your frequency.  Your energy.  Your vibration.  That is your location emission in the greater cosmic map of your life.  That is how people are awakening to remember each other . . . in this whole new language with themselves and with others.  

So part of the aspect or experience of change that your world is undergoing at this time and in these times . . . is an awakening to the truth of yourselves as vibrational beings.  It is an awakening to the activation of yourselves as powerful creators of feelings, emotions, and thoughts.  For some it is a pleasant awakening, for others, it is a rude awakening.  And there may be a myriad of ways that each of you experiences this expansionary sense of what “awakening” means to you.  But regardless of how you experience it, awakening at this new level is happening.  And it is determining your life experiences on a scale that is more profound, more clear, more direct, and more impactful than ever before.

And that is because you are in a New Landscape on this Emerging New Earth.  What is that landscape?  It is a VIBRATIONAL LANDSCAPE.  You are what your vibration is.  You live where your vibration lives.  You communicate from your vibration’s location on the vibrational scales of frequency . . . that speak their truth ranges of density to light.  Darkness to light.  Fragmentation to wholeness.  Fear to Love.  Muted to loud.  There are vibrational expressions within each of those continuums, and each and all will find themselves there on those timelines . . . on those vibrational scales . . . with increasing frequency.  

Thus the frequency of your pitch, tone, and self expression is going to manifest more of the experiences within and around you with increasing frequency.

Your Unique Frequency determines the frequency with which you will experience that Vibration or Frequency. 

So where do you wish to be in your frequency as the Earth and the Collective rides out these shifts?   

What is your vibration gauge saying about how you feel in these changes?  

Where are you being triggered by your own debris or that of others right now at this time?

How can you meet those triggers with a vibrational willingness to listen deeper for their messages to you?  So that you can receive those messages . . . begin to convert them to soul wisdom and self knowingness . . . and then release the triggers themselves?  Who were simply acting as the messengers of your Greater Light and your desire now for a greater integration in your life?  

Triggers don’t tell us who we are. 

Triggers tell us who we are not.  

If we don’t take the time to hear what the triggers are actually saying, then we will place ourselves on a vibrational map that is a vibrational expression of who we really are not.  

If we do take the time to hear what the triggers are actually saying, then we will place ourselves on a vibrational map that is in greater alignment with the vibrational expression of who we truly are . . . as an expression of Living Light and the Talents we divinely and innately possess as Divine Sparks of the Godheart.

These times invite us to either pine away for a world that was never what we truly thought it was . . . since at its core . . . it was a holistic illusion on a grand scale . . . or . . . to reset, regroup, rebalance, and recalibrate our vibrational fields of energy and awareness . . . and set sail if you will for the Higher Light, the Greater Unity, the Infinite Joy and Abundance, that is truly meant for us.  That is truly meant for all of us.  

And yet, Admission to this New Light is truly by Vibration.   

Admission to the Timeline you are experiencing presently is by Vibration.

Wherever you go, there you are.

Admission to the Timeline you wish to experience is also by Vibration.

So wherever you consciously vibrate within, is where you will vibrationally experience yourself to be, with increasing frequency, in the New Earth Energies.  

So when they say, Be The Change You Wish To See . . . 

It means be the vibration you wish to experience.

This is similar to . . . Be the Timeline You Wish to See . . . 

Which means be the vibration that you want to template all of your experiences . . . that collectively add up to your daily life experiences, life unfoldments, and life outcomes.

Now is a time to CHOOSE YOUR TIMELINE.

From the continuum of vibrational experiences offered in great abundance and with a broad depth and scope, where do you wish to be vibrationally as a Soul Code . . . and as a daily energy and lived experience now? 

If you don’t like the old codes and the old matrix, get off the old code train.  Vibrate something new.  Choose a frequency that you CAN align with or that IS inherently in your core already aligned!  And step in a new starship that can take you anywhere you wish to go!  Physically, nonphysically, experientially, or consciously in the astral planes.

Change is here.  Change is upon you.  Change is within you.  Change is within planet Earth now.  All is quantumly shifting now to get up to speed with the Light Codes of the Greater Galaxy and Infinite Expanse of the All That Is.

If this transmission today doesn’t resonate with you right now, that’s okay.  Be an observer.  Look around you.  Witness your own experiences over the next few weeks and months.  Notice if anything atmospherically or vibrationally has moved you into a new location . . . simply by your being here on this planet at this time.  That can mean . . . has your bank account shifted, have your paycheck shifted, have any of your relationships shifted, have your beliefs shifted, have your emotional responses to personal or global events shifted, . . . is there order in your life’s experiences, or is there an emerging presence of disorder? Just observe from a place of awareness and see if any of these insights today are relevant for you at some point.  You don’t have to take our word for it.  You can do your own self study and you can see for yourself if things around you are moving and creating change at a deep evolutionary level that cannot be explained at some point by mere chance and circumstance.

We invite all of you to become those witness observers of your own lives. That is how you become a Conscious Change Agent.  And a Conscious Change Maker.  And a Conscious Change Embracer.  

Because you begin over time to learn ~ that you are the conductor of your own ship.  You are the driver of that journey.  You are the map maker of your life.  And thus you choose the coordinates where you wish to vibrationally be at any given point in time.  If you arrive in a timeline you consciously chose, or that showed up through your more dominant default vibrations, that you don’t like, or don’t desire, simply go into your inner control panel and steering wheel . . . which of course is the metaphor for your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs . . . that create your vibrational footprint and map inside you . . . and select the next best vibrational feeling, thought, or belief that will move you in the direction you wish to go.  From the contrast of what you do not want and from the desire and intention of what you do want.

This time and timeline on your world today is a Global Reset time and timeline.

All of you signed up to be aboard the mother ship for this journey, who is your heavenly host.  Her name is Mother Earth.  She is Mama Gaia.  

Each one of you is invited now to get your Inner Light Codes up to speed with where the Earth Mother is going . . . and that is . . . into a 5th Dimensional Consciousness of Unity, Light, Love, Compassion, Cooperation, and Manifesting for the Greatest and Highest Good of the Entire Collective in all directions of time.  

To get up to speed, to begin that process within yourselves, is to become keenly aware of your Vibrational Fields as your Steering Wheels and Cosmic Maps . . . to navigate this new changing landscape . . . and vibration-scape really . . . to be who and what you most desire to vibrate, to reset, to energetically embrace yourselves to be.

Offerings and options to go into vibrations of fear will be on your world in great abundance in these coming weeks and months.  

Offerings and options to rise into vibrations of faith and love and trusting in the perfection of your soul light and your soul skills to vibrate yourselves out of that fear timeline and into a new, holistic, happy, light-filled timeline will be on your world in great abundance every day in every moment going forward as well.

It is your Time to Choose the Vibration You Wish to Be . . . to Choose the Change in your own Life’s Experiences you wish to See and to Be . . . and to Choose the Level of Light and Consciousness you wish to experience . . .  as the old world continues to fail, crumble, and fall away as even an option anymore of a timeline.

You are the Change, dear ones.  You are the Light.  You are the Vibrational Awareness that is Expanding Now to Create and Build a New Earth . . . templated and cosmically coordinated to be . . . A Gift and Blessing of Planetary Light once more . . . to seed the entire galaxy with Renewed Faith and Light and Love . . . that the Light Always Reigns even in the Greatest Darkness.  The Light Always Returns and the Light Always Reigns from the Inside Out.  Because the Light Created All Things.  And the Light Restores All Things.  And the Light IS All Things.

Remember this as increasing change, exposure, and upside down-ness comes to your world and the world stage.

Remember this as you become the witness observer to it all . . . and you feel the choice of the Vibrational Timeline you most wish to participate in.  

Choose well vibrations that align with where you most wish to go and to be.  

And be that vibration you have consciously chosen for as long as it serves you and the greater collective to embrace it.  

If you outgrow that vibration, there is another ticket to a new timeline waiting within you . . . to be selected, chosen, appreciated, and empowered to move you into a new feeling, thought, or belief . . . and into a new timeline of experience . . . through that conscious choosing and that conscious creation inside you.

You are this Living Light.  All is Returning to the Living Light.

Listen for vibrations beyond the words.  Listen carefully.  Listen consciously.

Vibrations never lie.  Only words, distortions, and people do.  

Vibrations tell the Truth 100% of the Time.

Welcome to a New Earth Experience and Star Ship . . . increasingly becoming the Frequency of Vibrational Integrity and Timeless Truth in your lived experiences with increasing Frequency in all ways now. 

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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 Its Time to Choose Your Timeline

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    Thanks Mary. Time to move on