Awakening Collective ~ Center in Love and Align with the Law of One

Awakening Collective:
Center in Love and Align with the Law of One

A Message from the Arcturian High Council,
Mother Earth, Mother Mary, and El Morya

via channel Marie Mohler
Received August 14, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is the Arcturian High Council here, along with Mother Mary, Mother Earth, and El Morya.  We come as a Divine Team to bring Higher Dimensional Living Light Energies to your Hearts and to your World.

We will say that much is changing on your world at this time.  Is there any doubt of that?  Those operating from a place of density and control in their hearts are being exposed with increasing frequency and intensity now.  Structures and systems that have served oppression and enslavement programming are failing and crumbling in one way or another.  All things that seemed to organize the world of matter seem to be crumbling and failing before the world’s eyes. 

And we would say . . .
Everything that is not centered in Love, in the Higher Good of the One,
is what is releasing and clearing now. 

For the New Energies, the New Earth’s Energies, require Alignment with the Law of One, or the Laws of Universal Oneness, now, going forward.

So each of you has a task.  It is an inward task.  And that is . . . to call in the Energies and Frequencies of Pure Divine Love . . . and Universal Love and Unity Consciousness . . . into your Heart Centers.  They are the elixir, the salve, the teacher, and the guide . . . to help you all re-align your Inner Starlight and Inner Divine Coordinates to the Pulse of Oneness and to the Pulse of the Law of One once more. 

Unity Consciousness and Light Frequencywriter.comMany of you hearing and receiving our message today already know, or have some inner remembrance, that the world was not always the way it is now.  You have deep perhaps still somewhat repressed memories of lifetimes living in Unity Consciousness here on Earth.  These were timelines in the Golden Ages, where your Divinity and Codes of Light aligned with the Godheart and the Heart of the Earth Mother.  All lived, breathed, created, and thrived in that Sacred Alignment of Universal Oneness and Unity Consciousness Energies. 

Until a time in the Earth’s Cycles was reached and a desire to know the Source Light Within at Deeper Levels was born . . . from the possibility of not knowing the Source Light Within.  And that potential intrigued some of you from the depths of your being.  “To Know Thyself by Not Knowing Thyself” became an enthralling concept that rippled through the Heart of One.  Many souls could agree that in the lack of contrast they experienced . . . and in the fullness of Living the Expansiveness of Source Energy Day In and Day Out . . . they had reached a point of saturation and monotony if you will, to the point that the possibility of having a new variety of experience in their lives seemed very appealing. 

And so, a proposal was made;  A proposed experiment . . . to live in a World of Light  . . . that in the coming Cosmic Cycle would NOT know its Light . . . came into form.  And the majority agreed that this would create a new and rich level of Soul Expansion, that the Collective felt it needed or wanted at that time.

Now . . . Knowing the Light and All of Its Gifts, Protections, and Blessings . . . did not mean that all was understood in terms of the ramifications of choosing “not knowing the Light,” that would be the Collective’s Experience for thousands of years to come.   

light showering the earth ~ frequencywriter.comBut remember . . . at the core . . . All Is Light.

And so, a Great Deal of Trust and Faith was put in that Eternal Light . . . to ensure all of the tests of darkness to come . . . and to still be able to return to the Greater Eternal Light once more.  The Collective of Souls here on Earth believed in their Light so implicitly, so completely, and so enduringly, . . . that it was decided that they would learn and deepen their Soul Knowledge OF Light ~ by Forgetting their Light entirely . . . for a time. 

Eclipses dear ones are the cosmos’s cue and reminder to all of you ~ that the Eternal Light of Source Always Shines For You, and Within You.  Even in those moments when the Light is Eclipsed or Shadowed in some way by another object or experience.

You all have just experienced 3 eclipses, the 3rd occurring today, August 11, 2018, on your world.

The Eclipse Energies aim to Empower your Divine Circuitry and Perfect Soul Templates of Light.  They aim to shake and rattle all of the energies that exist in density and from your soul journeys into a lack of Divine Light.  And they aim to restore your Higher Sense of Purpose, Power, Soul Gifts, and Eternal Nature of your Light and the Law of One Within. 

So wherever you are today, and every day, now at this point in time
on your world, the Invitation offered to all of you now . . . is to Return to
the Eternal Truth and World of Knowing, Embodying, and Sharing
your Unique and Perfect Light in the World, to benefit the Whole,
the Collective, and the Unified Field of Oneness Once More.

Yes, cosmic energies are now streaming through your hearts and your planet to wake up and
shake up all that was thought in this last world age and cycle to matter in the world of matter.

But remember . . . what your Awakening Collective is releasing now . . .
is the illusion of what was thought to matter in the world of matter . . .
in order to reclaim what is forever, eternal, and true always in the
world of Divine Light and the Law of One.

That Core Light . . . that Core Unifying Thread and Energy Stream . . . is LOVE.

Love is what matters.

Love is what unifies, organizes, and benefits the All, the Collective, on your world.

Love restores peace, kindness, and cooperation.

Love brings compassion and empathy back to your souls. 

Love brings and shines a Divine Blueprint for Health, Wealth,
Joy, Community, and Right Relationship with the Earth
and all Sentient Life here.   

There will be a steady and continuous invitation now . . .
to Return to Love in your Hearts. 

Over the coming months, as more and more revelations come, as more and more crumblings in the old structures continue to fall and fail, the invitation is there to go into the Pure Energies of Love . . . that inside each of you knows yourself to be . . . and to reach for a better feeling, a more unifying thought, and a willingness to release the illusion that the Great Collective created so long ago . . . to now return . . . to its Greatly Expanded Light.    

The Journey to know the Light by NOT knowing the Light is complete.  The evidence of this is all around you.  The old structures of the false matrix and the illusion of 3D density can no longer sustain and support the false story and the 3D frequency here. 

The Eternal Structures of Light are expanding their Light . . . and breaking the Earth free from the remaining Illusion of Density . . . and exposing what it is and was . . . an Experiment and Experience whose time is up and whose purpose was fulfilled.  It is time for something new.  Something Ancient, Eternal, and Timeless, and yet enriched by the Collective in a vast and extraordinary way.  Never before has something like this ever been attempted or achieved.

And yet ~ here you are ~ living it.  Proving it.  And Embodying it. 

You Did It!

The last world age and cycle of density that you are presently rising out of was like one long Solar Eclipse. 

Your Eternal Sun, your Source Power and Light, have been eclipsed for thousands and thousands of years now.  That is a long time to live without the conscious and full embodiment of your True Light.

This is the reason for the cancers, the toxins, the cruelty, the lack, and the strife on your world.

light burst the great awakeningBut it is all clearing away, one activation and Soul Light Awakening at a time.  The Light simply cannot help itself . . . it must now return to what it has always and eternally been . . . the Immense Light of Love

Will there continue to be attempts to manipulate?  Or control?  Or suppress or oppress people or the Truth of much needed Revelations now?  Yes. 

Will these attempts be fruitful for those still living in the shadows of their Light?  No.

The Law of One is returning to the Fabric and Frequencies of the Earth Herself.  All residing on her must listen to and awaken now to the Truth of the Oneness, Goodness, Talents, and Light they truly are.

Have compassion for those still fighting the Call to Return to the Light.  The Illusion of Density is still very strong in some.  But the Light Codes are actively truly in each and all.  And the invitation to atonement is calling them back to at-one-moment . . . and this will be the path for some . . . deep in the web of darkness . . . still feeling eclipsed from their Light. They will ultimately at some level of consciousness ~ and in some timeline ~ return to the True Heart, Breadth, and Powerful Presence of their All Knowing Light. 

For you, right now, in your life, . . . notice what is rattling and shaking up discord or misalignments in your life. 

Notice where you see tension – in your body, in your relationships, or the flow of your day.  Just notice it.  Tension is a cue of density.  Flow is a Sign of Light. 

see where you can allow the light to flow in areas of density you are still experiencing ~ frequencywriter.comSee where you can allow the Light to Flow in areas of density you are still experiencing. 

Invite the Light to smooth out the friction.

Breathe that Sacred Light into your Heart Center and ask its Divine Light to clear and cleanse the areas of Timeline Shifts creating tension in your experience.

You are a Collective of Light.  Earth is a Frequency and Living Body Temple of Light. 

All are Returning to the Light.

Breathe through the turbulence and tension unfolding. It is truly . . . eternally . . . only working to raise up and release . . . the Organic Light Within.

Be compassionate with yourselves ~ as discomfort, shock, or disorientation energies rise in the collective.  This is the Dusk before the Dawn . . . of Reclaiming your Extraordinary Collective Light.

The Light Knows, Seeds, and Heals All Things.

Let the Light Lead.

And see inside yourselves ~ the True Magic and Miracles the Light holds for All of You . . . once this critical Evolution and Renaissance occurs.

You’re almost there.
Deep Breaths.
Fill with Light.
And then, Trust It, to lead and Guide the Whole.
For it already is . . .

woman at bright yellow sunset image
You are Loved, Dear Ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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