Clearing Trauma Wounds through Heart Integration Awareness and Dragonfly Medicine

Clearing Trauma Wounds
through Heart Integration Awareness and Dragonfly Medicine

A Message from El Morya and a Special Team of Interdimensional Galactic Beings

via channel Marie Mohler
Received June 30, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is El Morya and a Special Team of Interdimensional Galactic Beings.  You know some of us from our universal connections with the Heart of Humanity.  And many of us ~ you have not yet had the pleasure of consciously meeting at this point in time on your world.  And yet all of us are Living Ambassadors and Galactic Guardians if you will to the Earth Mother’s Starship, and all who are riding the Waves of Ascension into 5th Dimensional Frequencies of Light, and Higher. 

Together, you and me, and all Beings that gather in the Higher Realms today, as well as on the Earth Planes to hear this transmission in the coming weeks and months ahead . . . will come to know interdimensional cooperation, communication, cohesiveness, and a sense of universal oneness and community on a whole new level

For the veils are lifting. 

The dark web and matrix of spiritual amnesia for all of Humanity is clearing. 

More and more of you are rising in your Heart Centers . . . to Remember. 

What you have believed, and have been conditioned to believe,
is but a fraction of what your Source Light Codes are able to achieve. 

dragonfly medicine photoIn the simplest terms, you are like dragonflies, each of you, functioning with only one wing.  The Mental Body.  And yet, you are so much more!

You have 3 other dimensional and energetic bodies . . . the Emotional, the Spiritual, and the Physical, that are ready to rise and to activate your Inner Collective and Cohesive Sentient Fields of Interdimensional Gifts and Abilities

We are overjoyed this day, . . . this last day of June 2018, as we witness you, All of You, on the cosmic cusp of reclaiming the Greater Aspects and Abilities of All That You Truly Are.

When your wings begin to open and awaken to the Truth of what you have been all along, throughout eons of timeless time, you will begin to whirl and spin energetically at higher vibratory rates.  Literally ~ life flighting yourselves like human helicopters . . . into the next dimensional realm or fields of light that your unique vibration will now have the ability once more to feel and see again. 

atlantis underwater imageThe long lost energies of Lemuria and Atlantis are excavating themselves from Deep and Divine Repressed Memories in the Akashic Records and 4th and 5th Dimensional Realms of Living Awareness. 

And they are seeding themselves in the Heart of your Individual and Collective Consciousness. 

This is the defibrillator if you will that is designed to jumpstart the Collective Heart of Humanity at this time.

Was there trauma?  That induced the Collective Wound and subsequent Collective Consciousness Shutdown, so many moons and lifetimes ago? 


As with most human trauma, there generally is a catalyzing event.  A trauma of great impact.  A shock to the system.  That creates a kind of Collective System Override . . . and that shuts down the natural organic blood flow to most noncritical areas of the body.  So that in a State of Sustained Trauma, Scarcity, and Soul Challenges, maximum blood flow could be restricted to go to only the most essential organs.  To sustain life in nearly unlivable conditions. 

In this same vein, humanity was living the High Life at one time in Lemuria and Atlantis. 

Abundance and Oneness thrived. 

Science and Spiritual Technology functioned as One Heart.  One Light.  One Community.  One Joyful Essence on the planet, blessing every one and every thing.

Codes of Light on Planet Earth changed But then the Codes of Light on Planet Earth got hijacked if you will.  And Humanity as a Collective crashed together in a kind of Spiritual Free Fall, succumbing to the new darker and denser vibrational encoding that some lower dimensional forms deemed necessary for their own pivotal and critical survival.

And thus, Humanity’s Light Codes and Global Systems of Coherence, Cohesiveness, and Cooperation were corrupted.  This took a few thousand years to accomplish, but in soul time, it was actually rather fast.

And in the shock of that Collective Experience, Humanity itself went into a deep trauma.  To protect its “vital organs,” its consciousness of being a Collective Soul, it allowed a nearly total system shutdown . . . of the Spiritual Body . . . for it was just too painful to stay connected.  And then . . . it allowed a shutdown of the main functions and components of the Emotional Body.  The Physical Body and all of its higher abilities, and codes was reduced to the bare minimum needed to sustain breathing and human incarnational cycles here on earth, resulting in lifetime after lifetime of repeated physical and karmically encapsulated life cycles.  And the Mental Body . . . the fourth body . . . was allowed to continue to function, at nearly full throttle, to allow the human beings trapped in this dark web on earth . . . to make choices in this realm . . . to govern and guide this denser and darker realm from only the mind’s mental capacities alone.

This restructuring saved a great deal of Spiritual Energy.  Allowing maximum life force flow to prop up the human experience in the absence of a Fully Integrated 4 Chambered Heart and Energy System. 

This is the energy, in a spiritual sense, that supported – fully – “survival of the fittest” mentalities and competition, division, and separation energies to metastasize, mutate, and grow more and more separation experiences.

Without Full Spiritual Oxygen and Soul Force fueling our experiences here, we were reduced to simply human beings having human experiences. 

spiritual crisis and trauma to the collectiveThis was the Spiritual Crisis that created Life Threatening Pain to All inhabiting the earth.

One by one, little by little, most forgot even an energetic trace of their once brilliant, unified Light.  Some that did, that could remember, were tortured or killed for remembering.  So they too forgot.  A few went underground, deep in the earth, and from time to time, offered doses of remembrances to gifted scribes, poets, philosophers, and innovators. 

But for the most part, this Higher Knowledge was kept literally underground.  In Sacred Communities of Lightbearers who had agreed to remember For Humanity . . . what was prophesized To Be Forgotten. 

Our Joy today, for many of us in Spirit, is that 2018 is a Turning Tide Year. 

A Tsunami of Remembrance is surging all over the planet.   

People are waking up. 

Things being denied and illusions being run . . . can no longer thrive behind the dark curtain, webs of dense energies, and trickeries of the old paradigm now past.

The Light that has ALWAYS blessed this Earth Is Returning

Earth’s Life Force at her Core IS Living Golden Liquid Life Force Energy that comes directly from her Connection with Source, the Godheart, the Infinite Light of this Vast and Magnificent Universe. 

The oxygen feeding the human patients of this earth is changing. 

Literally, the atmosphere is breathing differently.

It is awakening to the original God Codes. 

It is activating to breathe Renewed Life and Higher Light . . . into every Human Being’s Higher Spiritual Wings. 

spirituality and soul lightMany may begin to remember, even if only hazily so at first ~ that they ARE Light.  That they come from Light.  That they are fueled and sourced by Light!  And therefore ~ they are beginning more and more to ingest foods grown from Light.  They are signing up for classes created from the Light of Pure Inspiration, Hope, and Intuition. They are dreaming New Lives and Life Paths for their families.  And many find out how ready for the Light they Truly Are ~ when they see how easy it is or was to release some form of density weighing them down.

Those densities were created in the illusion that this past 26,000+ year cycle ran.

They are not Who You Truly Are.

So dear ones ~ we invite you to just think about your wings a moment. 

Ponder . . . and just see what you can feel or remember . . . about your Emotional Body.  What is it?  What wisdom do you think resides there for you . . . in that Inner Realm Inside You?  What Aspect of Soul Living does the Emotional Body guide and govern?  In its Highest Light? 

Ask the same of your Soul Memory . . . of the Other Wings . . . or Realms . . . inside you.

Who or What is your Spiritual Body?  What is its Gifts for your Unique Soul?  Where do you feel the Spiritual Body in your body?  And what would it need now from you to be . . . Truly Free?

What is your Physical Body?  What is it really?  If it is more than your 3D cells and parts, what is it meant to be in the Higher Realms of Consciousness?  How can your Physical Body and its Energetic Consciousness assist the re-creation of your 5D Energetic Matrix . . . and all of the Gifts that are one by one returning to you?

And then ~ do the same to reconnect with your Mental Body

This one aspect of you has worked overtime, and then some, for you – for many lifetimes, afraid of much of this world, it’s toils and troubles.  It needs your love.  Not your judgement.  It needs your gratitude.  Not your criticism or fear at this time.  It has done the best it could without the other 3 operating systems and wings.  And it needs deep nurturing and understanding now.  So it can feel heard, as the record keeper of your journey, when every other aspect of you went to sleep in the trauma.

amazing dragonfly with 4 heart centered wings

Love ALL of them. 

Love each wing and consciousness it is bringing back to you.  To your awareness.  To your Soul.  To help make you Whole Again.  To help restore your Light Again. 

We see your Gossamer Wings.  On Each of You.

Your Willingness to connect with them now is what fills them once more with Higher Light. 

Even a Conscious Intention to feel them each day goes a long way in activating your 5D Soul Light and Presence again on the Earth. 

If any feel stuck, burdened, scared, or hindered in some way, call on us to help.  Call on your Higher Selves too.  They are more than ready to help!

This channel has a Heart Integration Exercise given to her by Spirit 9 years ago.  It can provide support to each of you activating your wings once more.  Look it up on her YouTube channel.  It can help you all to take your next Soul Steps in this Ascension Process, while you also feel immensely loved and supported.

All of you are rising from this Collective Wound.  You are being released from a very long road in a very deep and dark forest.

Lemurians and Atlanteans may remember the Highs of their Highs, but also the Lows of their Lows as well. 

Let your Guides, Source Energy, and Mother Earth assist you in breathing the New Oxygen and Light into any where or any place you feel pain, paralysis, or fear inside you. 

Its been a long, long journey.

And yet, Here You Are.

Perfect as the day Source Created You . . . as SOUL.

Your Physical Selves and Mental Bodies have journeyed deep into the pain of this dimensional realm.

How about you allow your Emotional and Spiritual Bodies to return to your Heart’s Consciousness ~ and allow the Divine Feminine Frequencies to guide you through your Mental, Physical, and more Masculine Pain . . . into Unity . . . again?

hands forming heart at sunset

Call the Original Light Codes of Source Perfection to Re-Activation Inside You.

Call the New Light of the New Earth to gently assist your Inner Unification Process now.

You are Beings of Light templated to be Divine Oneness.

July 2018 and the Remainder of the Year may continue to shake up the illusions of the false matrix.

The Light is Cracking the Code of False Energies.  That is true.

It is also Re-Storing the Original Divine Blueprint of Perfection in All Beings.  In All Things.  In All Realms. 

Embrace your Light.  Nurture it.

amazing dragonfly supported by the grace of spirit

Awaken Your Inner Dragonfly.  Synergize your Wings.  Allow your Whole Soul Presence to see Holistically, Lightfully, and Truthfully in the world again.

You can do this.  You ARE this.

And we are here to support you in every step.
And every Re-balancing.
And every Integration and Liberation. 

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE love.
All Our Love. 


To listen to my story, Dragonfly, click here.

2 Responses to “Clearing Trauma Wounds through Heart Integration Awareness and Dragonfly Medicine

  • Dragonflies – that caught my attention! They hold great meaning for me as a cloud of them were present at our handfasting. I’m a Reiki teacher, though my focus has been on the physical for the past few years…since 2012 in fact…and my body has brought me the experience of becoming disabled through discovery of a genetic glitch. I have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and feel that something significant is happening on an energy level, as many people of my age (forties) are finding out late in life. It often comes with a crowd of co-existing diagnoses such as POTS, Fibro, CFS, FND. I’m trying to discover what it means but certainly feel that a great deal of disharmonious energy is being exposed for healing – and by healing, I don’t necessarily mean its departure from my physical experience, but as a force for growth and momentum for harmony.

    • Hi SAL! Dragonflies are extraordinary cosmic messengers, and I do believe they bring with them an invitation to greater healing, integration, light, and joy on so many levels of our being. We have just begun the journey into Integrating our Higher Light and Higher Sight, and the amazing 5D+ realms that that opens for all of us. Dragonfly seems to surely be a messenger, visitor, and activator for you as well! Thank you for sharing your story SAL . . . of how a higher integration and healing is moving through you, and your reiki teaching. You radiate incredible courage and awareness, of the purpose in your path, and the wisdom teachings you uniquely came to embody and share with all of us. So thank you for your dragonfly wings, and the Light you are shining, to invite others to remember it too. No matter their circumstances, or challenges, or stones in their path. Those stones might just be guideposts, inviting them to activate their Light Wings too! Thanks for sharing your powerful message of light today! ❤️