Cosmic Keys: Essential Tools for the Awakening Soul


Do you ever wonder what the cosmic keys are . . . that could unlock your greater potential, awaken your inner adventurer, and align your soul path? 

Have you ever pondered the hero’s journey that we all take towards greater self-realization, a more bountiful experience of bliss, a wilder exploration of our untamed (and unhealed) aspects, and the holistic feeling of satiation and success at having found the meaning, the marrow, and the holy grail of our lives?

I often wonder about our favorite characters in classic tales and storybooks  . . . who happen to meander (in one way or another) into “old wardrobes” that lead them out of ordinary mundane lives, and into a new, vibrant, fantastical world,  like the land of Narnia. 

Or the character who thinks himself a pretty insignificant muggle-ish human, who one day stumbles onto Platform 9-3/4, whizzes into the wizarding world, and lands amongst a whole brew of interesting magical folk on the streets of Diagon Alley.  Only to later uncover more and more of who he really is, and his special role in bringing balance to a vast polarized world, of great goodness and deep darkness.    

There are numerous tales that have traveled across the centuries to inspire humankind in the journey towards self discovery, self acceptance, self awareness, self empowerment, and the reclaiming of our inner organic power. 

Inside us all is a cosmic quester and deep soul adventurer that wants to be set free from the confines of linear time, the shackles of conformity, limitation, and lack, and the density and dimness of a world living by the laws of separation rather than the energetics of union and oneness. 

This pioneer is seeking more out of his or her life. 

To go beyond the limits that society has outlined and defined for and about them. 

In order to experience more of the essence of the infinite, in a world beyond what our regular five senses can detect or perceive. 

Do YOU ever have that feeling?

To stretch outside the box that has been you?  Or that you know isn’t you?

As the cosmic light codes and gamma ray frequencies continue to surge and stream to our planet, they are surging and streaming through all of us as well. 


There is nowhere that the light can’t touch. 

So every living being is receiving this influx of light . . . and this invitation to rise into higher, richer frequencies, in order to release the denser, drearier, darker codes that have bound, trapped, and enslaved us in karmic cycles and painful patterning for eons. 

This is a time to remember, to activate, and to unfold the power of our majestic multidimensional wings. 


It is a time to embrace our sacred wings, that connect our four core energy bodies (the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental), so that we can consciously work together with them to discover new and higher realms inside us. 

These higher realms are often simply . . . one thought, one choice, one conscious action step, and one light frequency away, from where we are now in our old “coding” patterns . . . to where we are going and growing within these new light codes that carry infinite possibilities and amazing gifts. 

When I reference these “codes,” I am referring to the organizing energies, structures, and frequency templates that support, create, outline, underscore, and manifest the experiential nature of our lives, our consciousness, and our soul patterning through time.   

In this New Earth that is forming, steadily so, we are moving into the vibrational experience of a whole new realm, and a whole new world . . . where freedom,  choice, and experiencing our very beingness is playing out on a whole new level in a whole new way. 

We ARE that extraordinary cosmic quester and empowered soul seeker on a laser focused mission now (whether we know it or not) – to recover more of the wisdom, gifts, and abilities we have already been in other lives and that we have already practiced for the time at hand.  So that we can powerfully and positively assist the earth, and all living beings upon her now, in this critical transformation and ascension process. 

We are also here to discover new abilities that are still yet to emerge in us.  Abilities that will flow in and through the new light codes to engage, teach, aid, and guide us all, as we shift from one dimensional reality into the expansive experience of higher dimensional realities. 

A full term baby in the womb is not given the option to remain in the safe harbor  that it has known, past nature’s due date, . . . simply because all of its needs are perfectly met in this cozy, warm, and insulated environment. 

Life is always inviting us forward to embrace the *new* that is rising to meet us.  In the unborn child, that means an emergence into life.  And breathing air.  And meeting family.  And engaging in the process of discovering *everything new* for the next few years of life. 

This is how we birth into the world. 

We literally arrive as amazing adventurers engaging the power of daily “present moment” discovery.


And then, so often, as we grow up, we begin a journey into forgetfulness. 

Our fearlessness becomes riddled with doubts.  The memory of our purpose here becomes hazy.  Our feelings of invincibility fall away.  And we lose a bit of our inner compass that was so thrivingly primed and ready to succeed.  We enter the world of human nature, soul evolution, and the “life choices buffet,” that helps us to learn our soul lessons, while often at the same time, expediting the experience of spiritual amnesia and disempowerment. 

Cosmic adventurers know at some level of consciousness . . . the risk inherent in the evolvement of soul.  And yet, there are thousands of babies born each day, all over the world, embarking on and embracing this very mission. 

Can we rise to remember our role as soul questers – who are here to re-discover, re-member, and re-affirm the very journeys we signed up for?      

Can we re-ignite that fearless willingness that all infants have . . . to leave the womb (and later, our complacency, conformity, or attachments) . . . in order to engage a broader and brighter understanding of the world?   

CAN WE BE that courageous spiritual warrior – who is here to gather and re-collect our most precious and cumulative divine warrior skills to step off the platform or precipice of complacency or mediocrity . . . and into this brand new world, where we can learn to respond, engage, and adapt to the new cosmic frequencies flowing in to light-fully govern all life, community, planetary operations, and interspecies connections?

This is the journey that we find ourselves in right now, on planet earth.

Every single one of us.

And it will take ALL OF US sharing our talents, our wisdom, our skills, our hopes, our visions, and our dreams for a better world . . . to cooperate, join, collaborate, and evolve together . . . to journey through these new energy ascension portals and begin to thrive in this new higher light on earth as a Collective.


I want to share with you now a chapter from one of my books titled:

Cosmic Keys: Channeled Inspirations to Open the Heart of One 

It is a story about us.  Our soul heritage.  And the hero’s journey.

It is a story about questing towards grace.  Despite falling into traps.  Losing our light.  Living in shadows.  Forgetting our divine abilities to sentiently navigate new lands and uncertain waters.  And routinely trying to balance the ongoing waxing and waning of contrasts – between lifetimes of spiritual amnesia – and lifetimes of tuning in to the call of remembrance.    

It is QUITE a journey.

And we are the brave journey-men and journey-women who star in that story.

We are those characters on that cosmic quest, facing the darkness, to grow a more luminous light for all.

While you read this chapter, listen and tune in to the things that consciously or sentiently come into YOUR awareness, that have been lost to YOU.  Write them down if you can. 

And to that I would add:

They may be Lost, but they are not truly gone.

They are things that may right now be:

Unraveled.  Entangled.  Misplaced.  Or Mis-shapen.

But that most certainly are:

Re-discoverable.  Re-claimable.  Heal-able.  Love-able.  Integrate-able.  And Nurture-able.

That is the powerful perfection we are returning to, inside ourselves.

And that is the cosmic quest that your inner adventurer, your wise spiritual warrior and counselor, is being summoned toward as well. 


So my friend, great things await.

And I look forward to your rediscovery of your lost things . . .

that are rising again . . . to become your Found Things.

To be welcomed Home again inside you. 

This is a HUGE part of what these journeys of self-discovery and soul integration now are about.   

We are coming full circle.

Into the shape of a Sphere. 

That is Round.  Robust.  Strong.  Wise. 

And Whole.

We have a beginning-less beginning and an end-less end.


As we circle Home now,

we unfurl the magnificence of our masterful wings . . .

to fly into an entirely new world of timelessness.  Infiniteness. And FREEDOM.

It is the perfect nature of the divine design.

That is one and the same as our core design.  And our perfect nature.

And there, as we hover above all of our collective journeyings throughout time, we see much more clearly how . . .

Nothing is lost.  Nothing is broken.  And Nothing is imperfect.

In the Wholeness, all of it has its place.

We see every single aspect of us (the beauty, the shadow, and all things in between) as an integral part of the greater, vaster, wiser, holistic Sphere that we innately and profoundly are.


This I believe is the aerial view of your story, and my story,

in a collective soul story,

that is woven through time together.

Let us walk side by side now into a tale of the cosmic adventurer,

opening ever deeper into awakening who we really are



In Love and Luminous Light,



Excerpted from Chapter 1 of my book:

Cosmic Keys:  Channeled Inspirations to Open the Heart of One

“We are all in a cosmic quest to experience the organic bliss, profound peace, heart-full connections, and expansive love of our heavenly home, that still seems to many today to exist in some distant, mystical, or elusive afterlife dimension. Many have come to believe that these kinds of happy and heavenly experiences exist outside themselves, in a book or in a land beyond something that they could actually know and experience today. To them, this realm of cosmic bliss is elusive, for it appears to thrive in a fantasy world of myth, fantastical folklore, or even spiritual delusion. What has essentially been forgotten is that this heartland . . . this true Garden of Eden . . . this heavenly home . . . is a multi-dimensional reality, that actually indwells each and every one of us – right now – within our own divine inner spark that lives in the energies of the heart. Our inner sparks are calling to each one of us now to begin an essential awakening process, to uncover the cosmic keys within, that can open our sacred heart centers, and activate our timeless connections to the infinite intelligence of the universe, the eternal Heart of One, and the Creator Source of all that is.

In a time long before our earliest recorded history, we fully experienced this divine bliss . . . this heaven here upon the earth. We did not have to wait to depart the earth plane to access the eternally infinite peace and prosperity of this heavenly “ever after.” We lived it, each and every day, in the physical world, that was seamlessly connected to the non-physical world, through these universal heart connections. These were the Golden Ages, which were profound ages of light, organic bliss, cosmic gardens of magical prosperity, immortality, and highest good living – that might seem to many of us today to be something out of a fantastical story book. Yet where do these memories, of the many authors that write these magical stories, come from? I believe they arise out of our deep seeded connection to this timeless, true, and multi-dimensional past-present-future experience. We all carry the wisdom of the ages within us. We are all divinely wired and supported to create the world we choose to live in. And we have innate knowledge of the individual and collective choices made in the ancient past, including the choice to live a grand experiment of separation, that have led to our present life experiences today.

It is my belief that at a particular point in our ancient past, we left the safety, abundance, oneness, and bliss of our infinite creative power and joyous divine nature – that was the channeled expression of God’s life force energy within our own sacred heart centers. And we entered the illusion that the ego mind acting alone (without heart consciousness, connection, and Source flow) could mastermind and re-create that sublime power, creativity, abundance, happiness, and well-being.

In a sense, we became a population of lost travelers, who ventured into a denser, darker wood – forgetting our compass, lantern, and map.


We had a deep and collective soul desire to experience this grand experiment of separation from our inner Source light and thus our divine Creator Source, in order to more deeply know the expansive depth of our own divine, light-filled, creative essence within. And thus this Source separation, throughout this experimental age, led to other experiential separations. In this darker wood, we also separated from our conscious connections to each other. Without a conscious awareness that we are all connected to all life and to all that is – and thus in infinite ways to each other, we each chose darker, denser, and separate paths from one another.


Through this limited life lens, seeing the world strictly through one-dimensional outer vision, we could no longer see or remember the Source light that shines brilliantly bright in every one and every thing. And over time, we forgot our spiritual roots that had previously anchored us and helped us to create magical lands, lives, and an abundance of all good things. Instead, in this dark wood, we forged competition, division, separation, and struggles of the fittest to survive. And in the absence of a fully flowing and integrated heart center, which previously had informed a receptive mind to implement its Source-full, highest good instructions, the mind then created its own power source . . . the ego mind. Hence the ego mind was born out of this struggle and this perception of separated powerlessness, as a kind of “false God” or “false Source” replacement – of our previous, original, abundant, core Source power. And the ego has been directing us ever since, from this very limited perspective and separation-spawned creative birth. It has taken us in a very skewed and mostly linear direction.

But it is the subtle voice of the wise open heart center within that will begin to gently call each one of us to come home, to begin a process of stirring from our spiritual slumber, whereby we awaken into steadily releasing the clouds of illusions that have kept us in separation-survival mode throughout this darker age and physical experience of a karmically denser wood. As we begin to listen with inner ears and to see with inner eyes once more, we will begin to see the emerging truth of this experimental experience – and thus the spiritual roots of who we divinely and truly are.  All of our current pains and deeper wounds can be traced back to this point of “soul conscious” separation, where we “lost” conscious heart contact with our eternally loving Creator Source – and thus our power Source and divine inner spark within. Our lifetimes of experiences, found in the records of our current history books and present life stories, demonstrate to all of us the kinds of karmic creations and effects that stem from physically living the experience of such Source separation.

It has been a very illuminating experiment to live in such darkness.

We can now see, and we can now know, deep within our hearts, the contrast between our true Source light and Source creative power – and the false ego mind that strictly manifests from the vibrational energies of separation and fear. It is a profound and soulful lesson to experientially know the depth of ego fear – which is simply the contrast of love revealed. And it is a profound choice to soulfully begin to committedly return – to physically living the experience of the infinite Source power, light, and bliss that is what we are designed and meant to live.

Our work now, for those ready and willing, is to begin a process of witnessing, observing, and releasing our fear-based patterns and energetic threads – that are tied to merely surviving in this third dimensional world of cosmic disconnection, separation, and shadows of denser, dimmer lighting. When we can find it within our heart centers to become willing to allow ourselves to see what is truly real, the truth is always revealed, re-veiled, or really unveiled to us. And it is through the practice of active inner listening, and the grace of heart-fully implementing our divine free will and innate wisdom, that we consciously begin to choose our way back to the multi-dimensional inner light-Source within. We can see it lighting a divine pathway – all the way home to our Source-filled, Source-powered, heart-connected, mind receptive, magical original essence and divine experience of eternal cosmic oneness and infinite bliss.


It is through our life experiences, and our shared experiences, that each of us gradually and heart-fully evolves to reflect true compassion, oneness of spirit, transparent truth, and expansive love to another, as we explore and experience the divine in one another.  It is through these interpersonal reflections that we begin to uncover the various masks, shadows, and illusions that we have repeatedly created and worn – to more deeply know the contrasting depth and truth of our inner Source-light within. These reflections have provided perfect cosmic mirrors, from which we can begin to see the greater truth of our sublime spiritual nature. With a willingness to open our hearts to spiritual vision, we can begin to collect the essential cosmic keys from these cosmic mirrors, that we each need to open inner doorways of transcendence. And then we can clearly commit with conscious open hearts to rise and light-fully ascend within – to return to the magical magnificence of our heavenly home right here, right now, in our present physical life experience.  This home has lived within us all this time. We simply forgot our inner light that already eternally was our lantern, compass, and map – when the experience of separation cast a veil of forgetfulness over the truth of who we really are. It is simply a committed waking and conscious inner rising process now, to release the veil, and to re-enter the realms of magical living once more. . . .

I [essentially] share channeled guidance and inspirational messages from the world of Spirit, that generously offer all of us some essential cosmic keys that can open divine doorways to inner heart gardens of bliss – that can lead us back into the physical life experience of our true heavenly home. If you have a true desire to know your limitless light within, you will find your eternal footprint on an inner guidance map that has existed within your all-knowing heart center all this time, ready to lead you back home to Source energy and divine reunion . . . whenever you are ready to make the conscious choice to do so. I hope this book [and this website] of inspirational offerings from Spirit helps to guide you out of this denser, darker, third dimensional wood and into the fifth dimensional light of the Creator’s Grand Central Sun . . . the Cosmic Heart of One. Each and every one of us is an essential light, and shining golden key, that forms the collective, infinite, and cosmic whole. May love and peace guide you through your inner ascension journey – to truly remember, to know, and to rise to love-fully live the physically divine experience of the infinite heart-light within.”


Our lantern is the light that streams through our authentic gifts, talents, joy, and inner Source Light within.


Our compass is our incredible gifts of sentience, that are here to upgrade our operating systems, our communication systems, and navigational systems through time and space.


And our map is what I call our “Gear,” which is an essential concept that I will expound on in future posts. 

For now, I can say that it is literally a map of our soul’s travels, greatest experiences, most profound lessons, and core traits/aspects, that can only be gathered through the soul’s sojourns en route to enlightenment through direct experience, which translates for all of us, into Soul Wisdom. 

We will reflect on, and reference, the Lantern, Compass, and Map symbology extensively as we journey forth. 

So keep it close in your conscious awareness as we trek forward. 

It’s an honor to be on this journey together.  Namaste. 



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