April 2019 Energy Update: The Dark Matrix & The Earth’s Emancipation

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.23.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council of Light, here today to greet you all with the Infinite Light of your Divinity and the Power of Divine Sovereignty that lives, reigns, and resides within it.  So we firstly invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us, and in that Sacred Breath flowing to every cell and every vibration within your body temple, . . . feel the pure, perfect, and timeless energy of your Infinite Nature, your Divine Sovereignty, and your Perfect Wholeness that you are, that you have always been, and that you are now ~ in this moment ~ remembering yourself to be.  Take one more breath in, consciously in this way, and just allow your tensions, your worries, your uncertainties, and anything less than your sweet and sovereign Divine Perfection to be released back into the ethers for cleansing, clearing, and truly, alchemization, back into Light.

So now that we are in a more coherent and congruent frequency and alignment together, let us begin today’s transmission by calling in all of the best Light that April 2019 can shower your world with . . . and this includes both your inner and outer worlds. Just feel that beautiful energy a moment . . . the abundance of blessings and the goodness of joy, health, and wealth . . . streaming through the ethers ~ to find and bless you. For we know, it is True.  This is True for all of you. And as challenging as it may be for some of you to truly allow blessings of this magnitude into your field of awareness and into your physical manifestations, the expanse of universal blessings, joy, and abundance are meant for all of you.  And they come through the Energies of the Sun, the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun, and the Grand Central Sun, which are all mirrored to you ~ in and through your Sacred Heart Center.

That is why . . . to believe in the Light . . . with an Open Heart . . . you must feel and believe with the eyes of a child again. You must close your eyes (metaphorically ~ certainly, but perhaps physically as well for a time) . . . close your eyes to the outer world all around you . . . and focus your heart’s most precious and perfect attention on the Sun and it’s Galactic Family of Sun Portals . . . that lead all the way back to Source, Creator, the All That Is, and the Infinite Living Energy of Light and Love that You Are.

For some, this kind of connection, imagining, or allowing feels impossible. Or challenging. But we assure you ~ you all can do this. You are designed to connect with this Incredible Grace, Joy, and Light whenever you feel nudged or called to do so.

And every Conscious Breath you take strengthens those Spiritual Synapses between you and the Light of the Infinite.  Between you and the Heart of Source.  And between you and your Perfect Divinity.  That Energy, that Connection, that Union is an Essence.  It is a State of Being inside you. That simply awaits your conscious attention and that only desires your loving intentions to be able to access it. And to breathe its Light into the Core Heart of your Conscious Being.  

This April 2019 is another Divine Portal Activation Point.  The Rays from the Sun, Central Sun, and Great and Grand Central Suns continue to beam their energies and invitations to the Heart of Humanity, to stir from your slumber and to re-engage more of this Sovereign Truth, Light, Vitality, and Bliss that you are divinely designed to be.

As these Light Rays pour in to the atmosphere of your world, guess what gets broken up? Yes dear ones. Illusions of Density and Systems Masquerading as Societal Order and Structure get exposed for the lack of any True Light within them.

If we recall in many previous transmissions shared through this channel, the Earth was enveloped in a web or matrix of false energies, many thousands of years ago. The Earth herself who was sovereign and free was overtaken by a force of energy so strong, that her spirit was trapped in time by these new, lower, vibrational codes for living, breathing, and being in the cosmos. This has impacted all Earth Traveler’s Journeys to this realm ever since.  No longer was your stay here filled with Light, Joy, Unity, and Total Well-Being.  Instead, you each became mired in the karmic web and matrix of this lower density and separation consciousness as well.  In a way, Earth became a living glue trap or sticky web of incarnational experiences, that once you got in, it was increasingly hard to get out.

And in this Realm of Duality, all the polarities in existence in the cosmos have played out here.  Great Light and Deep Shadow.  Joy and Bliss and Profound Pain and Terror.  Immense Wealth and Unbelievable Poverty.  This has been the ages-old experience of duality in the sticky web of Earth experience this last world age and cycle.

But do you want to know the good news?

The Good and Irrefutable News . . . is that the Timer on the Earth’s Entrapment is up!  Its happy freedom and emancipation bells rang out loud and clear to the center of the cosmos . . . on December 21, 2012, saying . . . the Earth Is Free!  The Earth IS Free!  The spell is broken.  The dark matrix is over.  And God’s Kingdom of Light is returning to reign here once more!

So did everyone wake up on December 22, 2012 and see this new world lit up in Faerie Lights and Unified Consciousness, the very next day?

No, we don’t believe that many of you listening to this transmission today quite had that kind of experience.

But we do believe that the spell everyone here was subjected to . . . was broken. And the technology used to cast that illusion in to your every day lives was weakened.  And the Light of the Sun Portals was activated enough to beam some core gamma rays to the Earth . . . as if to say . . . we are here.  We never, ever left you.  We have been here . . . beyond the veil and the dark matrixes and curtains . . . the whole time.  We believe in you and we are here to beam the Light Codes of Sovereignty and Perfection now ~ every day ~ and ever more so ~ until the last among you sleeping is awakened by the Truth of their Divine Light.

And that is exactly what has been unfolding in the cosmology, astrology, and awakening of your planet, ever since.

So April 2019 . . . is another Solar Portal of Divine Light Codes for each of you.  To receive them, all you have to do is to take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In ~ filling yourself with your Pure, Organic, Divine Source Light and any Divine Color Codes of Light you feel you want to call into that Sacred Breath.  On a second or third breath, call in any or all of your Highest Council of Light Members (your Unique Soul Team) . . . to join you in your Sacred and Conscious Breath and to help you remember.  To help you restore and remember the Extraordinary Divine Matrix of Light, Consciousness, Love, Talents, and Joy you are.

April 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.com

And it is through the Conscious Breath and your Special Team of Divine Guides filled with Light that you can begin to become willing to allow your True Light and your True Soul Knowledge to begin to emerge in your Conscious Awareness.  At a pace that is perfect and right for you.  Not too slow.  Not too fast.  But just Perfectly Right for who you are and for your level of readiness to activate and be the Soul Light You Were Always Divinely Meant To Be.

April 2019 brings those Showers of Light and activates a more conscious connection between the 3D Version of You that may still live at some level a trapped consciousness in this field or holographic illusion of life on earth . . . and the True 5D+ Version of you . . . that at the very and most basic level . . . knows itself as the Godspark.  The Living Light of the All That Is.  The Child of God, Source, or the Infinite Intelligence and Goodness in this Universe.

April 2019 will continue to shine its Light on any corrupted codes from the false web or density of this world and its illusions.

Old puppets of the old 3D theatre and matrix will continue to speak “Puppet Speak” . . . which is the narrative of the illusion . . . to keep some on a slower track of awakening in the fold for a little while longer.

But the Re-Emerging Shining Light of Earth’s 5D Star Planet Energies do not hide or tolerate those puppet masters and their agendas. Does this New Light seek to punish those puppet masters?  We would say ~ the Light does what it perfectly IS ~ it shines, it clears, it exposes, and it releases that which is not a match to its Immense Vibrations of Love and Organic Light.

So will more illusions continue to be exposed?  Yes.  

Will more old 3D puppets speak their puppet speeches?  Yes.

Will things get a little louder in the mass or mainstream narratives?  Yes.

But what will ground you in this Earth Ascension Process as the Earth’s old shackles continue to release . . . and the glue trap and density frequencies continue to melt in the heat of the Central Sun’s Energies . . . is that the Light Always and Simply ISThe Light Unifies All Things.  The Light is the Grounding Force through All Dimensions and Universes.  And so, it is the Light to which you must turn . . . to see more clearly . . . where the True Truth is.  To see the Truth of the Light in you and in the Collective.

And that is the last thing the puppets and the 3D theatre wants its formerly captive and captivated audience to see.

The Light and the Truth will set you free.

Not a person.  Or an administration.  It is the Activation of your Light and the Divine Truth in YOU that will release the corrupted codes in you and your patterning.  And it is the Light of Divine Truth that will free you from the Illusion of Separation and Shadow . . . steadily . . . if you summon it.  If you invite it.  If you open your inner eyes and your heart to see that Light with the eyes and heart of a Child of God/Source/Creator . . . in every step, or as many steps, as you can right now.

If all roads led to Rome back in the 3D History Books, all steps nowcan lead to your True and Complete Liberation on Earth!

The Earth Is Free!  And so too, Are You.

How much that Frequency of Light fills your Conscious Awareness is up to your Soul and Higher Self’s pacing at this time.

Illusions, Webs, Traps, and Density are what they are.  In the end, we see them as experiences. For the Ultimate Soul Growth, Lessons, and Wisdom gleaned.  They appear real until Truth exposes the shadows that created them.

Truth exposes both Shadow and Light.  In Equal Measure.

What is True . . . will always be True.

What is False . . . will be exposed for the shadow it was, in the Light Rays of Truth and in the Higher Frequencies now of the Earth’s Ascension.

In all of the narratives now competing for Humanity’s Attention and Emotions, watch for where the Light shows up and merely exposes what is and what isn’t, for what it truly always was.  

No narrative based on false energies of illusion and shadow now can outrun, cover-up, spin, or really compete in any True and Divine Way with the Luminous Nature of Truth and Light.

So keep a keen eye on the Light Rays and the Light Codes that April brings to planet Earth . . . shining on and spotlighting more of Humanity’s Goodness and inherent collaboration and unity . . . and spotlighting as well those who would continue to speak and spin narratives and spells of separation and division.

Look, listen, and be a conscious witness to the Light summoning you in your own life.

What shadows are showing up for you to put a brighter spotlight on, and to melt with consciousness and love now, for True Release?

April 2019 Energy Update ~ Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.com

Look, listen, and be a conscious witness to the Light Summoning Humanity as a Collective.

What shadows are showing up to be exposed and seen for what they are . . . so a brighter spotlight and Higher Light can melt them away and clear them from the Earth and this planetary experience?

It is Time for The Great Rising, and thus, The Great Cleansing.

Happy Spring Cleaning and May Your Continued Light Activations and Soul Remembrances fill you with Greater Joy, Freedom, Awareness, Abundance, and Light!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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