Dec 2020 – Jan 2021+ The Age of Aquarius, The Star of Illuminated Sight, Light Surfers of the Interdimensional Realms, Quantum Locomotion, & The Christed New Earth Birth

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.12.2020

A Message from The Arcturian Collective



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Celestial Light of the Central Suns and the Portal of your Own Sacred Heart Centers on this 12:12 Gateway in December 2020.  There is Great Joy in the Heart and Pulse of Humanity as a Global Collective, for it is infused and flowfully receiving the Love of your Beloved Gaia and Mother/Father Creator Source Energy in exponential ways now. December 2020 is your Quantum Accelerator dear ones, bringing the entire Sentient Collective up to speed with the Greater Galactic Light and the Field of Divine Oneness that is your Sovereignty, your Grace, and your Birthright at the deepest levels.  So breathe with us as we seed this Divine Light, this Christ Light, and this Universal Love and Light into the Heart of Humanity and into the Hearts of All on this planet and in the much greater and vaster Universal Field of Oneness That All Infinitely and Truly Are.  We invite you to breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath in with us . . . to Breathe this Union and to Breathe this Living Light that is reuniting the Heart of your World with the Heart of God’s Infinite Creation.  Add any color or colors that you feel would enhance the Joy of this Holiday Season and this Sacred Conscious Breath right here and right now in the core of your being.  Feel those colors filling your breath, filling your lungs, and filling your entire physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your spiritual body.  And as you Breathe this Sacred Living Light, Know that the Light of the Central Suns right now . . . today on the 12:12 Divine Ascension Gateway, and in all of the days ahead as you embrace the Light of the Solstice on December 21st and the New Year of 2021 . . . is upgrading and activating your 12 DNA strands to live more, love more, unite more, create more, and in-joy more in all of the ways that your Soul Presence delights in doing and being so!  We Are One in this Breath.  We Are One in this Living Light Energy of the Unified Field.  And We Are One in the Heart of Sacred Creation which is everlasting and ever-expanding! Let Joy be the Light of the Season that you Breathe, Shine, Share, and Experience in December 2020!  And so it is.

Here you are dear ones riding the Waves of Light in December 2020!  How does it feel?  How are you feeling and expressing this Living Light?  What also has come up for you as more and more Light continues to increase in your own personal energy fields and as more of the old density comes into your conscious awareness, either through an expression of that energy in some way in your day or through a conscious witnessing of some of the old frequencies . . . that still resonate with some of the challenges and pain of the old 3D matrix?  When you can step into the Higher Light and Higher Dimensional Soul Sight of witnessing your creations (past, present, and future), and merely observing them as a vibrational creation that only has life force if you give it the fuel to have life force, can you see more of that old energy and the power of that old energy dissipate and dematerialize before your very eyes?  When you step into the Lower Light, or the Denser Vibrations of the 3D matrix, and you see your life, your creations, your experiences (past, present, and future) through your 3D vision and lenses, it is a whole lot harder to gain perspective on how any of that even remotely makes any sense to you.  Does this resonate? ~ December 2020 ~ January 2021 ~ via channel Marie Mohler

This is part of becoming the Frequency of a Light Surfer.  For that is what is called for in these times of Two Worlds Colliding from a 3D lens of perception and Two Worlds Uniting from a 5D lens of perception. Both require some Light Surfing, and thus both require some neutrality, simplicity, synergy, synchronicity, mobility, and a little festivity mixed in for good measure.  Each time you feel movement up or down the emotional scales, you can Open your Heart to Gratitude.  For movement is one of the great themes of this Holiday Season.  And movement is one of the great themes of this entire Culmination of the Ages now . . . in December 2020 . . . as you rise into a New and Quantum Cosmic Age . . . The Age of AquariusTo be a Light Surfer of the Interdimensional Realms, you must have Movement.  And Conscious Movement, and Consciously Breathed Movement, is your Quantum Locomotion to ascend and raise you onto the New Earth Timeline that December 2020+ is ushering in with increasing speed, pitch, and frequency.  

The Serpent of the old 3D paradigm and world made sure it would be both front and center in your history books and story, so that you would subconsciously know about its tenacious and slithery nature. For it was your impediment to movement.  It actually was your bridge and invitation to stagnation. It was your invitation to the Karmic Wheel, where many or all of the Universal Laws were slowed way down in ways that would trap your Divinity Codes outside of you for the most part . . . and that would isolate more and more of your physical and mental bodies . . . such that it could manage you more and more manually in this old, denser, and darker world age and cycle.  So The Serpent that we saw tempting Adam and Eve in the last transmission and video message did serve as the Great Divider and the Great Stagnater, keeping you on the loop of perpetual karma and on the loop of perpetual division and separation.  Look at your world.  Can you see what this Serpent Energy has created? It has been very effective in a lower dimensional world in keeping people on the track and in the trap of only believing what they see, and thus only vibrationally reacting to what manifests in every day life.  The whole notion of Conscious Creation has been kept a secret in the Serpent’s Vault, so as to keep humanity in the dark as to your True Divine Powers and as to your True Divinity Codes that live way beyond stagnation, karmic imprisonment, and 3D entanglement. Serpents slither and vine around trees, light, life, and human consciousness.  You see this with narcissists, with corruption, with density, and with darkness.  And often, many do not know they have been manipulated by a snake until they are wrapped in their coils, tails, spells, and subtle grip entirely, and subsequently are immobilized and unable to create change or get away.  

And yet . . . the Light . . . the Light is the Great Emancipator! The Light is the Great Liberator. The Light is the Great and All Powerful Energy of Cosmic and Quantum Movement in All of Creation. The Living Light is the Great Activator of your Soul Memories.  The Living Light is what is on the move in December 2020, streaming through today on the 12:12, and again on the 21st, and within the holiday celebrations this month of the Festival of Lights (or Hanukkah) in the Jewish Faith and the Celebration of the Birth of Christ (or Christmas) in the Christian Faith.  

The Light Streams and Infuses All Beings with its Joyful Presence and its Expansionary Energies.  Every breath you breathe in is a Breath of Divine Creation with your Mother/Father God.  And every breath you breathe out is a Breath of Divine Revelation with your Mother/Father God. So you see, in your very breath dear ones, you are weaving the Light of Creation with the Heart and Presence of God.  And in every breath, you are weaving the Light of Divine Revelation with the Heart and Presence of God.  When you open to seeing, knowing, believing in, moving, surfing, and embracing this Level of the Light, IN YOU, you move it throughout your Whole and Entire Infinite Beingness that lives in your Energy Field. And you channel this movement of the Light Energy in all you think, feel, say, hear, sense, and do. 5D, or the 5D New Earth, is the Energy of Divine Movement.  It is the Energy of the Divine Creation.  It is the Energy of Divine Sovereignty and Co-Creation again.  

The Serpent and the Light are quite a contrast, aren’t they?  The Serpent and the Light offer two very different timelines, don’t they?  The Serpent and the Light can be found in the metaphor and legend of The Two Wolves, can’t they?  And this is what you are seeing in your lives and on your world right now.  The Serpent, or the Dark Wolf, is tugging at your old 3D programs to feel trapped, to feel fear, to see through Duality Vision, and to engage the Duality Game and thus the Shame, Judgement, or Blame Game that has been a hallmark of this last world age and cycle.  The Light on the other hand is the Light Wolf that is gently summoning your attention back to the Divine Breath, back to the Presence and Vibration of Peace, Balance, and Neutrality, back to the embodied soul memory of Wholeness, Unity, and Oneness once more. The Light Wolf knows that God and Unity Consciousness are the Ultimate Locomotion in the Higher Realms.  They are the Ultimate Movement and Essence of Creation in the Higher Realms. And they value Expansion and Self Expression at the highest levels, and therefore they beam with Joy at the sight of Unbridled Joy.  You see it in a puppy’s wag, a kitten’s purr, a small child’s giggles, the joy of creating and making something, the light of reunions of loved ones, food, festivity, and merriment in small or large groups of people feeling celebration, a union of purpose, passion, talents, and skills, or the oneness within the life force of a collaborative project.       

Two worlds are inviting your attention right now.  As the original legend reads: 

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. A fight is going on inside me, he said to the boy. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. 

The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” December 2020 ~ January 2021 ~ two wolves

We are all remembering in December 2020 and as you journey forth into the New Age of Aquarius beyond the Solstice on December 21st and into January 2021 . . . that the heaviness of the Dark Wolf has no place in the New 5D Earth.  It is not Light like a feather.  It is not transparent like the crystalline frequencies you truly are.  It is not the Grace of Divine Freedom, Sovereignty, True Self Expression, Talents and Purpose shared and lived with Light on Purpose and withPeace & Ease. The old tether wounds to timelines past have served their serpentine roles and have served to keep you stagnant on a hamster wheel in 3D, of time nearly standing still. Different costumes, different lifetimes, but the same themes and the same wounds. The Light Wolf is shining brightly now on the Ancient You, the Original and Organic Timeless You, the You that was born in the Heart of God and made manifest in God’s Glorious Divine Design, as perfect, free, and joyous as the Christ Child, arriving naked with All of its Perfection inside him.  Perfect in every cell.  Perfect in every Divinity Code of Light Within.  Perfect in all of the soul skills for the Expansive Journey of Light and Life.  

The Star of Bethlehem guided many travelers dear ones at the time of Christ’s birth, on the inner and outer planes. The Star of Bethlehem was a cosmic and celestial event of epic proportions that has seeded this whole galaxy (not just planet earth) with its Light infusions for thousands of years.  And that same Star of Bethlehem is still here in you in your journey today.  You are the Mary-s and Joseph-s now.  You are the parents of this Sacred “Christ Child” within.  You are also the “Christ Child” yourself.  For you carry the same stellar Light Codes inside you as Christ did 2,000+ years ago.  That Living Light is here to guide you now through the Zero Point Energies streaming through this portal on the 12:12:2020 Gateway and into the Divine Solstice Energies on December 21st, 2020.  

When the grandson asks the Cherokee grandfather, which one wins?  And the grandfather replies, the one you feedWe would now expand that guidance and that message to say, the One that wins is the one you SEED.  Your Light Bodies have exponential powers, some of which you will reclaim in this lifetime. As you read this or hear this today, YOU dear ones are seeding that Light to grow in the New Earth GardenYou yourself are a Divine Seed in that Living Garden.  And that Garden?  Well, its the Whole of Mother Earth.  Its her magnificent, radiant, physical, and energy body awakened, ascended, and actualized once more in her Living Light Vibrations and Field of Oneness, aligned with the Galactic Center once more and aligned with the Central Suns once more as well. And you are a Rising Conscious Creator, birthing expansively and perfectly now, to Seed that Sacred Garden with her.

The Serpent Energy in its distorted forms are being absorbed again by this Living Light, from which it originally once came. The Living Light is all that will be left remaining after all of the darkness dematerializes in the coming Two Earths/Two Timelines Integration.  The Earth Began With Light and Sound.  And the Earth will Reset through Light and Sound.  And when all unfolds in the coming timeline emerging through December 2020 and into the New Year of 2021, we invite you to feel the Joy of that Light and Sound resetting and restoring You.  

We have said many times, You Are This Living Light!

You are this Union of Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sight!

The old 3D ways will call to you . . . they will beckon those that still hear the calls to fear, complacency, stagnation, subordination, compliance, enslavement, and entrapment.  

More and more, as more awaken and feel the Truth of the Living Light, . . . all they will see in those invitations ~ is a big snake that lost its way.  And less and less, will they join the snake party and the snake realm.  The Realm of Duality and Division.  It has lost its appeal.  It has lost its spell.  For the cover of the darkness is gone now.  The Light Reigns again.  And in that refreshing, exuberant, robust, and resplendent Light . . . you will see rise . . . A World Without Shadows.  And a world without corrupt back door and manipulative deals and contracts.

In this robust, radiant New Earth, All Live Free.  All Shine Free.  All See Clearly. All have Clear Soul Sight. The 3D Serpent just can’t exist in a world like that. It requires too much darkness, and it has just run out of places to hide in a world with so much Light.

So we invite you to give some reflection to the many stories you have heard told on your world through the centuries of battles between good and evil.  Of the biblical battle between good and evil.  We invite you to reconnect with the realms of Spirit and God Consciousness in whatever ways align best for you.  

Open your Heart to the Power and Presence of the Breath.  

Open your Heart, Mind, and Soul to the Power of the Living Light to move inside you again.  

Open your awareness to the understanding that your 3D mind may not fully understand the inner workings of Divine and Quantum Light-Led Living.  

And open your awareness to begin to allow a faith that passes 3D understanding . . . so that you can begin to truly feel the Christ Light, the Unity Light, the Oneness Light, and the Living Light inside you again.  

This is your locomotion now in the New Earth.  It is vibrational movement that is rising to be your experience in increasingly and experientially relevant ways. December 2020 ~ January 2021 ~ Star of Bethlehem & Wise Men

The Star of Bethlehem is guiding you.  

The Star of Bethlehem is reflecting Who You Are.  The Star of Bethlehem is your lantern, compass, and map . . . in the deepest recesses of your memory.  And it is shining all around you and from within you as if to say . . . Remember.  Remember Who You Are.  Remember the Christ Light in you.  Feel that Joy.  Feel that Unity.  Feel that Unbridled Grace and Oneness in the Heart and Soul of your Being.

This is the Present Moment Integration that empowers your Living Presence to be a Divine Expression and Gift of the Living Light.

The Solstice Energies are shining through your Quantum Essence in your cells, in your DNA, and in your Heart Light this holiday season.  

Surf these Beams of Quantum Rays of Living Light. Embrace and Open to the Vibrational Energies of Flow, Faith, and Light.  

The world may not be as you presently understand it . . . from your mental mind and conditioning.  Yet God’s World Is Known Deep in your Heart Center, and it is Felt and Embraced in ways that ALLOW that Deeper Divine Understanding.  

In God’s Bigger Picture Vision, Two Worlds Are
Once Again Uniting, not colliding.

Duality is becoming Singularity again. 
Separation Is Becoming Wholeness Again. 

Ask yourself, from which lens am I seeing this Profound,
Celestial, and Quantum Change on the world at this time?  

How do I want to remember this Sacred Time
in my Soul History, in future time?  

As one of A Great Birth, a New Celestial Birth, of the Eternal Christ Child
and/or the Eternal Christ Uniting Once More Throughout All Space and Time?

Or as one of a Great Death Cycle, and a Painful Time of Loss,
Division, Confusion, and Struggle?

The Light invites your Inner Knowing of Great Joy.  The Light invites and ignites your Knowing of Great Joy and Celebration . . . of this Time envisioned long ago . . . way back when the Collective Dream of Separation and Serpenthood began . . . as to how and when it would end.  

And this time on your world, to us ~ The Arcturian Collective, is a Great Celebration of Faith, Festivity, Light, Peace, and Oneness.  The Star of Bethlehem Is Rising In You. And with it, so too, is the Star of Illuminated Sight.  To guide you in all highest good ways in every step, in every breath, and in every aspect of the Journey of Unification inside you and the greater collective at this time.

Breathe Deep the Light of the Central Suns. 

Breathe Deep the Light of The Star of Bethlehem.  

Breathe Deep the Grace and Union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother.

And Breathe Deep the Grace and Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  

You are this Holy Child.  You are this Sacred Union.  Each one of you is this Holy Child, waking up from a long, long winter’s nap ~ back into the Light. ~ December 2020 ~ January 2021 ~ Unity Star & Snowflakes

Some have forecasted a Dark Winter.  For in the Serpent’s World, the Winter is Dark.

What we see . . . is a Light Winter, integrating Wholeness Vision in the Hearts of All to see Light, live Light, know Light, and shine Light as much as possible, in a world resetting itself to God’s Divinity Codes and letting the Light Shine and Reign again on Mother Gaia. 

All is Weaving Back into the Oneness Light Again. 

And you are this Living Unified Light here on Earth at this time, to experience this in physical form as a Participant, Witness, and Creator within the New Earth Birth.

Mother Earth Is Experiencing Her Christed New Birth on the Solstice. 

We hope you will join her! 

Thank you for listening to the Star of Bethlehem, . . . your inner guidance, your inner star, and your inner Light . . . for where you can best add your Light and your Quantum Soul Sight into the bigger co-creative picture that God expressly seeded in you to grow.  

Merry Christmas!  Mazel Tov!  Happy Holidays!  Happy Solstice!  And Happy New Year to All!

The Time to Rise and Shine . . . Is Now! 

You are loved, dear ones. 
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

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