December 2018-January 2019: The “In-Between” Times and Time Capsule Activations

December 2018-January 2019:
The In-Between Times & Time Capsule Activations

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received December 16, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today, joining our Light, Wisdom, and Love together, as the Arcturian Collective.  Much has happened on your world since we last connected.  The Great Quickening continues its work and its pace.  And humanity will continue to feel, see, witness, and alchemize through these new powerful frequencies and light codes flooding your world;  flooding your inner and outer world.  For the Earth Mother is awakening her Higher Light Skills and Living Divine Essence, and so too, must all of you.

bridge times ~
We wish to speak to you today about the disparity, the gap, the chasm, or gulf of energy between who you have been in the world of 3D linear time, and separation consciousness frequencies and beliefs, . . . and the world of 5D, Quantum, and Wholeness Consciousness Frequencies . . . that is the essence of who you truly are. So to begin . . . we are going to speak to the energies that you have been . . . that is
not who you truly are.  And we will speak to the 5D and Higher Frequencies that the Earth Mother is inviting in ~ in gallons and gallons and gallons of energy by the day now.  Soon, you will see a mass tipping point, whereby the New Light filling your Fields and Frequencies of the World are self-evident.  Separation behavior will not even be able to manifest in a world where no creative spark can generate from such low level vibrations and intentions for creation.

But still, for now, you are in the In-Between Times.  That means ~ you are in the Time in between lower 3D Separation Consciousness, and survival frequencies of creation, and . . . Higher 5D Quantum Physics and Love Vibrations as the Source of All Creation.  Its quite a contrast, isn’t it?

In the previous channeling, we gave you 3 steps to begin, . . . to just begin . . . to comfortably bridge the gap.  Conscious Breathing was Step 1, Cultivating a Willingness to Allow Source Love and Support to give Your Receiving of All That You Need was Step 2, and Remaining Open to the Power of Conscious Co-Creation and Collaboration in Small Groups, Clusters, and Communities was Step 3. These are energy builders, that can support you, those ready in their Conscious Awareness, to actively partner with the Higher Light Frequencies in each of those 3 energetic building blocks for the New Earth to better seed, grow, and take root inside you.    

Today, we wish to speak to several important frequencies you may experience or encounter in the bridge times, between what in many ways is no longer (essentially ~ 3D) and what in many ways is not fully yet operational in every consciousness around the planet (essentially ~ 5D). 

December 2018-January 2019: The In-Between Times ~ www.frequencywriter.comThe Human Being Itself is an Immense Energetic Structure. It operates and functions through Frequency.  Your cars need and require oil and gasoline (most of them still today anyway) in order to “run.”  To function.  Would you agree?  Yes.  Okay.  And your techno gadgets that many of you have and carry with you every day . . . they require electricity to power up their internal batteries.  Would you say this is so?  Yes.  Well human beings require certain frequencies to function at certain Levels of Consciousness.  Good nutrition powers up the physical body temple.  Without nutritional input, the physical body temple atrophies and dies.  But that is only one layer of the human being’s essence. The other 3 layers include the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.  A long time ago, when a Collective Decision was made in the Hearts of One, to experience a Time of Conscious Separation from Source Energy, and thus the Collective’s Experience of Separation Consciousness, it was then manifested that the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies at these prior Higher Frequencies of Light Consciousness would atrophy in a way, and essentially tuck away in a kind of time warp, or frequency warp, until a time would come again for reconnection and True Remembrance.  They were essentially perfectly preserved ~ if you will ~ for the time in which all human beings would venture and incarnate on earth through many cycles of time . . . not knowing themselves as Vastly Infinite Beings of Immense Light. 

Over time, this led to denser and denser choices, because the inner needs of the human being’s growing energetic density called heavier experiences and creations into the collective and individual experience.  So this is where you all have been . . . as a collective . . . for many cycles of time . . . since that original collective co-creative decision to have this experience. 

Experiences of Light, Divine Nourishment, Inspiration, Expansive Love, and the Purity of Unity and Oneness became anomalies on your world, and no longer the rule.  They became foreign essentially ~ to each and every one of you. 

Light Language was no longer your Universal Connection Source.  And a call to survive by any means necessary became the mental mind’s focus, which later developed more prominently into the ego mind that you know still today. 

Your emotional and spiritual needs and awareness shrunk way down in your Collective Consciousness such that the absence of pain, suffering, struggle, etc. was the predominant way you could experience yourselves as successful, emotional, and spiritual beings . . . versus what you had been previously . . . Active, Engaged, Aligned, Joyful Co-Creators of Copious Amounts of Divine Love and Light in everything you did, breathed, or were born to be.

So we share this to say ~ Is there a great gap or chasm between where humanity collectively manifested themselves to be in this Timeline of 3D Density and Separation Consciousness . . . and where 5D Light, Truth, Wholeness, and Love is calling you once more to activate and engage your Higher Frequencies of Light ~ preserved in perfection and simply awaiting conscious connection, refueling, and conscious engagement from you?   Yes.   

We knew a time of the Great Reunion and Re-set would fill every heart on the planet, when the Vibrational Experience and Journey of the 3D world and Separation Consciousness had run its course.

And This is the Time now upon your world.

The Time of the Great Re-Union.

The Time of the Great Weaving.    

torus energy ~ www.frequencywriter.comYou may experience this as a summoning to something more.  Or you may experience a struggle, or challenge, or squeezing. All things now that are out of alignment with your True Light and your Higher Vibratory Divine Matrix of 5D+ Light are rising, rising, rising up to the surface ~ as if by magnetism ~ because it is by Cosmic Magnetism that they are surfacing. All lower frequencies and densities are being flushed up and out to create the vessel and the space inside you . . . to once again house your Higher Light Molecules and Aspects of Divinity ~ that for a very long time . . . had to float in an impermeable Time Capsule all around you . . . and that were unable to communicate with you ~ given the parameters and frequencies of this previous 3D Timeline and Matrix of Energy. 

This Time Capsule, your Time Capsule, of 5D Frequencies and Higher Light is now knock, knock, knocking at the Door of your Heart’s Consciousness, asking to be let in. And it is overjoyed at the 3D Matrix’s Thawing and Thinning, as a cosmic cue to all of you . . . that the “All of You” is heading toward this cycle and new timeline of Higher Integration and Wholeness.

So in these In-Between Times, we invite you to notice . . . where do you feel your Higher Aspects in the Time Capsule of you and your Infinite Divinity . . . where are they knocking in your life?

Where are you being summoned to something more?  And something new?

Where are you being squeezed?  Personally?  With your health?  Your beliefs?  Your job?  Your passions?  Your politics?  Your relationships?  Your experience of prosperity or the lack thereof?

Where do you see yourself repeatedly struggle and stumble over the same pattern that continues to repeat and replay itself over and over in your life experience?

These are Soul Cues from your Higher Light’s Time Capsule . . . tap, tap, tapping at the door of your Higher Awareness. 

December 2018-January 2019: The In-Between Times ~ www.frequencywriter.comThere is no one outside of you “doing” these things to you.  What is emerging in your Conscious Life Experiences is the awareness of 3D Struggle and Separation . . . that is no longer acceptable as a Way of Life.  It is no longer an acceptable belief ~ as a template and matrix for being in the world. 

The Struggle is the 3D Manifestation of your own physical and mental limitations by your physical body and ego . . . and the Newly Activating Awareness . . . that there is another way to live, breathe, and be in your lives today. 

That awareness of “something more” whilst still living in a greater density is what is creating the gap in your own timeline right now, and hence, it is what creates the squeeze and the struggle.

The preservation codes that have kept your Higher Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies’ Consciousness and Abilities intact yet out of reach from your conscious awareness, are themselves thinning and releasing.

And what you have . . . is an In-Between Time between your 3D lower vibrational struggling self and the higher re-unification of all other aspects of your Higher Soul Self with your lower 3D human self.

It is quite a ride!  It is quite a journey on the earth right now.

There is no going back to your lower 3D consciousness.  That part of the Earth experience is now cosmically and planetarily releasing.  As it releases ~ all of these lower 3D aspects are energetically seeking nourishment, integration, and direction from the 5D+ Light Aspects of you that know how to orchestrate this Higher Integration and Reunion now.

The squeeze in your life and lives is really this time of Great Magnetism, your 3D Self, and 5D Self are magnetically, cosmologically, and divinely coming together.  They are summoning each other back into one house, one body, one vessel of unified energy once more. 

It is confusing, exhausting, exhilarating, and uplifting all at the same time.  We hear you.  We see you.  And we also are here to say, we know that you are divinely wired to perfectly assimilate the In-Between Time’s releases and integrations now.

Your Higher Light Codes know how to re-engage and re-activate this perfect merger.

Its your Lower Aspects of 3D Living and Consciousness that carry frequencies of worry, anger, resistance, etc.

So our guidance for you . . . is . . . to again . . . remember steps 1-3 from the previous channeling.  They provide great energetic grounding for the reunification of light inside you, and that is unfolding in every being on the earth now.

Additionally ~ we invite you to see whatever may be presently triggering you in a pattern or in a situation in your life right now . . . as a symptom and signal from your Higher Self and your Higher 5D Aspects of Light, trying to “come in” to your Conscious Heart’s Awareness . . . that they are helpers, healers, and guidance you now seek.  To be able to more gracefully assimilate this massive Reintegration Process unfolding seemingly invisibly . . . but certainly not quietly . . . all around the globe.


December 2018-January 2019: The In-Between Times ~

The “noise” of unrest, political corruption, egoic separation, and more are at an all-time high. From a Cosmic Perspective of these timeline mergers and consciousness re-integration efforts, it is to be expected. From solely a human 3D lens of life on earth, things would seem very chaotic and at times scary right now.

We encourage you to continue to foster in your own Conscious Heart and Conscious Mind’s Awareness . . . your willingness to partner with the Higher 5D Aspects of you and your Living Timeless Light.

Invite their guidance.  Invite their skills.  Invite their Higher Soul Light and Abilities to help you more smoothly navigate the turbulence on the planet and in your own mind-body-spirit energy matrix . . . straddling 2 very real and very large Timelines of Consciousness.

Remember to Consciously Breathe Source Light into your Body Temple as much as you can. That will help you consciously anchor and more easily assimilate the Higher Light Codes into your Cells and thus into your Etheric Bodies as well. 

You are Beings of Immense and Extraordinary Light. Your 3D bodies can no longer feed and sustain themselves in the old ways. 5D Light is the new requirement for Greater Soul Nourishment and for your Higher Self’s Sustainability and Ability to Thrive on a 5D Earth Planet. 

We all must become frequency specific to the New Earth.  It is not optional.  To live and breathe on Planet Earth going forward, all must bridge the gap and begin to fully embody the Light Energy that fuels a brand new 5D Earth Planet. 

Engaging spiritual practices like we’ve shared, and that others offer as soul support and tools of Higher Integration, are where your daily consciousness needs to invest time, energy, commitment, and financial resources now. 

You are literally Merging Timelines and Quantum Light Codes inside you now.

It is quite a Magnificent and Stellar Quantum Leaping Process.

And yet ~ you are one and all perfectly designed and wired to make the leap.

December 2018-January 2019: The In-Between Times ~ www.frequencywriter.comWe are here to simply seed our belief, our knowing, and our conscious support of you . . . in you . . . as you continue to ride out these shifts . . . and as you take in the New Light Codes.  We are here cheer you on, to inspire and ground you, and to tell you ~ you can do this.  For you ARE this.

You are Souls re-integrating back into the Truth of Who You Really Are.

We will continue this conversation in our next few channelings here, and through this particular channel, to offer support for you in this journey of Soul Integration. 

Additionally ~ we recommend for those who feel called ~ for you to check out this channel’s Soul Reading Services, that offer a Higher Vibrational Perspective on your earth journeys through time.  They highlight patterns, challenges, wounds, gifts, abilities, and lessons that are unique themes and energies in your unique soul signature  and journey through time.  This can help provide direction in your Conscious Awareness of what is working in your life (from a Higher Soul Perspective) and what isn’t.  It can also provide insights into aspects of your journey ahead ~ that you are being summoned toward ~ in all Highest Good Ways.  Soul Readings are an offering and service to help bridge this gap, between 3D and 5D Timelines, in this Great Merger and Re-Union now occurring.    

And we encourage all of you to Connect with Nature . . . for it reflects your own Timeless Inner Nature.  So take a walk in the forest, or put your feet in the ocean, or even hold a crystal or a rock wherever you are.  Mother Earth is offering her support for your Higher Integration and Successful Quantum Inner Leaping through the Frequencies of Nature that carry serenity, perfection, and the Divine Design in their Light Codes.  Always.  Through Infinite Time.

It was Humanity that originally disconnected and disengaged from Source Energy as a Collective.  Not Nature.  Nature has always maintained its connection.  Spend time with its wisdom, its knowing, its remembrance.  If you do, and if you consciously allow it, nature will reveal a beautiful message to you.  Whether its a feeling, a physical sensation, an insight, or a perfectly audible message, Nature wants to reconnect with you.  Mother Earth Is Nature.  Nature IS Mother Earth.  And so it is Mother Earth who more accurately and deeply wants to reconnect with you.  She is inviting all of her children to come Home and spend some time visiting with her.  Physically ~ if you can.  But even if you visit with her in your heart-mind’s eye ~ that will offer a Beautiful Reconnection Source and Exchange as well.


December 2018-January 2019: The In-Between Times ~
You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.   

2 Responses to “December 2018-January 2019: The “In-Between” Times and Time Capsule Activations

  • I did not sign up for this.

    I don’t understand. WHY ME?
    Crazy things are happening.

    • Hi ANT, I’m sorry to hear that you are presently experiencing some wobbles or challenges. The Earth Mother is shifting her frequencies to much Higher Light now, and thus all who reside here must rise into these Higher Frequencies as well. That squeeze, or those gaps in frequency between our older 3D selves and our higher 5D selves, are getting more and more of our attention now. They are requiring us to remember our soul’s skills and higher light . . . to activate our inner toolbox once more to transmute the challenges and tangles we might be finding ourselves experiencing in these times. I would say to you ANT that at some level, at the deepest of soul levels, we all desired the greater expansion and understandings that these required upgrades would induce at this time. And then, our 3D human selves forgot those deeper desires and feel quite challenged to navigate them at times. Remember ~ your Soul Light, your Higher Self, your Infinite Self, has the skills you most need and desire at this time. The key is to invite them in. To allow them. And even to connect with a spiritual or intuitive guide here on the planet that you feel resonance with and that you feel comfortable working with . . . to help empower your healing and your deeper soul integration now. There are many videos here on Frequency Writer that may help to affirm you in the journey. There are many great resources and tools on Higher Self on YouTube as well. Use your own sense of discernment and listen for what resonates and release what doesn’t. We are powerful amazing talented creator beings. And from your comment here, it sounds like you are being led to that greater awareness at this time. There is tremendous support for the soul’s journey to wholeness now . . . coming from Spirit and from many wonderful healers in the world today. Tune in and listen for where you can receive the Highest Good support and resources you need. Blessings and Angel Light to you ANT! ✨