~ The Spins of Illusion + The Transparency of Truth
 ~ 2020 Summons All To Clear Soul Sight

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.19.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through messages, essences, and energies of Higher Light, Higher Inspiration, and Higher Ground as the Frequencies of December 2019 draw near and as the Portal of 2020 expands within your own Heart Consciousness.  We understand that living on planet earth, being on the front lines of extraordinary change and ascensionary shifts, and weaving your collective soul energy through time into this timeline . . . that is Now . . . within you and upon your planet is a profoundly amazing, challenging, and sometimes intense experience.  And we are here to support you, guide you, inspire you, ground you, and empower you in that celestial and transformational process.  

November 2019, and the 11:11 Gateway of Ascension, has left many of you forever changed and shifted on a new timeline inside yourselves.  Whether you feel or know this consciously, the changes that unfolded in every sentient being on your world were profound.  And in fact, the essence and vibration of the word “profound” may be word of the new decade unfolding before your very eyes, as you engage and step through the portal of January 1, 2020.  For it symbolizes and embodies in its own sacred consciousness . . . the energies of great depth . . . depth of soul knowledge, depth of soul light, depth and expanse of Source Perfection, and depth of transformation and alchemization.  You are literally being rewired, re-coded, reset, and re-ignited for a new tapestry of human experiences to come in the next decade.  

November 2019 has truly been an Archway of Change like no other on your world to date.  Subtle or loud, or somewhere in between, the changes it has summoned forth and activated inside you are not only life changing, . . . but soul changing.  The trajectory of your soul path, as individuals and as a collective, is now recalibrated to align with the Great Central Sun Portals and their Divinity Codes of Pure Celestial Light once more.  And to souls who have journeyed the depths of Source Separation and Spiritual Amnesia, as you all have, . . . this Profound Return to Reconnection and Recalibration to Higher and Higher Reunion with your Infinity Codes of Eternal Light . . . cannot be emphasized or celebrated enough!  November 2019 is ushering each and every one of you within the greater whole of you to the edge of the old paradigm’s stories and influences . . . and it is supporting your stepping up and through the New Light Codes that are in a sense . . . bathing your Energy Fields and preparing them with Divine Precision, Copious Amounts of Love, and Immense Light . . . to assist your Interstellar Activations as you walk through the 1:1 portal of January 1st, 2020.

November 2019, and the 11:11 portal, are serving as a Cosmic Car Wash if you will.  The jet streams of etheric energies are pouring over you like light lasers and direct showers of light . . . rooting out the old stories, the old vibrations, the emotions or words unsaid or unexpressed from this lifetime and others.  And helping them to release and flow down the drain and back to the Earth Mother and Divine Source Light for complete alchemization.  The etheric scrubbers are massaging the more deeply embedded seeds and weeds of 3D separation, division, and pain from the challenges in this realm . . . that have taken hold in your vibratory fields . . . for eons.  The scrubbers are clearing away those barnacles and releasing the old stories with them, to make room for the templating of the NEW!

As many of you walked through the 11:11 portals, and received the gifts of this Liberating Grace, you may have felt or caught a glimpse of the clear blue sky energies that are inviting you into a greater clarity, a greater truth, and a more integrated light inside you.  That clarity is informing your path and purpose now.  That clarity is supporting your sacred journey now.  It is that clarity that invites you to dream the new dream, when you are not caked and barnacled in your old cloaks and guises.  You successfully had deceived yourselves for countless timelines.  More and more, you will see self-evident confirmations of the curtains falling and failing from the old paradigm’s creations and 3D structures of energy.  You won’t need us to affirm it.  You will see it.  All will see it.  The curtains, sets, stages, and costumes are all coming down and clearing away.  

Left standing in the wake of that clearing ~ will be the Emperor ~ in its original divine essence.  Left standing, in that wake, will be the Golden Buddhas in each and all of you.  Transparency and clarity at this level may feel somewhat frightening.  For the costumes accustomed you and your vision in this world ~ to very dim lighting.  Very dulled senses.  Very muted reactions and very stagnant thought processes that deeply impacted your abilities TO SEE.  It is no wonder then that you couldn’t see clearly in the haze and daze of 3D life.  Because all conditions supported, anchored, and facilitated the vibrations of cover ups, corruption, costumes, theatre, drama, trauma, and separation.   

But the 11:11 Gateway this year, in 2019 . . . altered that dimness of sight.  Dullness of senses.  Muting in the haze and daze of 3D life.  It spotlighted a new energy, a new dream, and a new clarity . . . that is ever more shining bright, shining clear, and shining to lead you to the 5D transparency of souls living without cloaks and guises any longer.

Do you recall our invitations to choose your timelines?  To choose your vibration, in order to choose your timeline?  This is truer now than ever before.  As the cloaks and costumes fail and fall, and the inner Golden Buddhas within rise to shine once more, immense personal and creative power is returning to you.  And with great power and great creativity comes great responsibility.  For now, as you create, every one will see those creations.  Everyone will see the vibrations of thought, word, feeling, deed, and action.  More and more, will be self evidently True.  Truth will be Truth and undeniably the Truth.  In the Light of this Celestial Transparency unfolding on your world.

The Spin of Corrupt Wordsmithing that has also corralled much of humanity through these dark ages of time . . . will no longer spin . . . and be able to masquerade as truth.  

The present escapades and theatre of the scene in the US World Government is but one example.  There will be many.  Many unwindings and clearings of the old spin cycles will unfold.  The release of the naked truth will continue to anchor in the gift and light of transparency.  And no spin doctors will be able to twirl and swirl humanity’s attention and beliefs and emotions in the way they once did so easily and effortlessly for so long.  

You have a Humanity Awakening.  You have a Planetary Awakening.  You have a Spiritual Awakening returning to a world that has not breathed this clearly, seen this clearly, lived this clearly, and created this clearly for millenia.  And it feels GOOD.   

Will there be some confusion as the old tactics and spin doctors keep spinning their tales of deceit and games of illusion?  Yes.  For not all are waking at the same pace and thus at the same level of sight.  But are all awakening and being roused from slumber at some level?  Yes.  Just witness the unrest you see in many people around your world today.  The collective humanity is restless.  They know that something is UP, but what?  What could it be?  For all those people sensing something changing, and something intensifying but not knowing how to place exactly what that is . . . that is a sign and symptom that big, big, big change is on the horizon.  Never before have this many people on your world felt a collective awareness that something is up.  Something isn’t right.  Something is out of balance.  Something is coming.  And that inner sensing on a collective level is also drawing big change on the horizon.  It is summoning it in fact.  And inviting the Light to light up the darkness.  What is UP?  Our best answer to give you is THE LIGHT.  THE LIGHT IS WHAT’S UP.  THE LIGHT IS LIGHTING UP THE DARKNESS LIKE NEVER BEFORE.  And the darkness can only spin, and spin, and spin, in an effort to turn away from the Light and draw attention to its spells and its illusions.  But like any crafty magician or dark wizard, all tricks have their day.  And then they are decoded.  Exposed.  And shared for the master illusion they are. 

So what is on the other side of the illusion for all of you?  What is awaiting you in the Profound Gifts of Transparency?  Once the shock of Humanity’s Nakedness runs its course?  And you each and all return to the Garden of Eden on this planet?  Where you remember yourselves as Pure Divinity?  Where you remember yourselves not as Sinners . . . of any one religion or another . . . but as Divine Empowered Creators? What is aligning for you in the new frequencies of that new template of the new transparency of the Higher Light of the New Earth?  

Profound Joy.  Profound Freedom.  Profound Peace. 
Profound Health and Wealth.  AND PROFOUND REUNION.

This is a time of dreaming a New Dream.  It is a time of templating the New Earth.  What will the new structures be?  What will the new music be like?  What will the new ways of human connecting and conversating and co-creating be?  Much of that is up to you as a Sentient Collective.  And yes, that includes the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mystical realms, the ocean creatures, and the human collective.  Decisions made for 1 must be made in a way that mutually and transparently benefits the whole.

So we will add . . . that PROFOUND CO-CREATION will be the name vibration of the next decade.  

PROFOUND CO-CREATION will be required to continue to release the old structures still falling into ruins.  People will have to gather and work together to clean up the drudge, sludge, toxins, drama, trauma, and corruption.  All of that will be cleared with Light as well as through the work of on-the-ground skilled spiritual warriors who will clear those dense energies away with Light.  

PROFOUND CO-CREATION will be required to continue to raise the new structures.  So the New Earth will need, invite, and honor its innovators, artists, builders, idea-generators, technology specialists, healers, light holders and conduits, teachers, and more . . . in order to brighten and sparkle up a new world and a new earth again.  

November is inviting you still to walk through the doorways of awareness . . . inside yourself . . . inside your soul . . . to awaken to the Truth of these two worlds . . . these two wolves that have wrestled for humanity’s attention for all these centuries and eons of time.  Two Earths are coming into clearer view.  Inside you.  The one that spins the illusion.  And the one that always and eternally shined the divine. As the two earths come closer into view, as transparency continues to rise in December 2019, as the spin of stories increases its intensity, look for where the Light of Truth is guiding you to see beyond the spin, beyond the chaos of misinformation and disinformation, and find a willingness to see the Truth . . . the True Self-Evident Divine Truth . . . beneath the spinning of “truth” and the spinning of illusion that has been so captivating for so long, for you and for many, many others.

Soul Eyes love to see Divinity.  Soul Eyes love and know True Truth when they see it.  Soul Eyes detect the spin and the illusion with greater and greater accuracy the more they are empowered to do so.  Its a secret super hero power that all sentient life has.  Awaken Yours.  

Awaken Your Super Power in November.  Walk through the Archways of Change and Ascension and into December with Higher Awareness and Soul Sight.  Embrace the Cosmic Car Wash that December will continue to flow into your experience, all in a cosmological and greater divine plan to clean, clear, and cleanse your energy field from the old 3D cling-on vibrations of separation, pain, and suffering that no longer fit the new nakedness and transparency and clarity that you are embodying ~ literally ~ within you within your cells, and within your soul self.    

December invites the Dreamers of the New Earth to step up in your Imaginations and Invite the Light to Infuse you with new ideas.  New possibilities.  New prosperity.  

Imagination is Manifestation.  

December invites the magic of the holidays.  It invites and inspires the magic of Humanity’s True Wiring to get along, to unite, to collaborate, to give, to be compassionate, and to come together as a cohesive whole.  December is the Light at the end of a tunnel of a long decade . . . and a long, long world age and cycle . . . of Separation.  Now closing out with greater acceleration and precision.  

December is the Time To Dream.

It is the Time to Imagine. 

December is the Time to Believe in the Magic . . . the Light Magic . . . of Miracles, Integration, Truth, Abundance, Health, Wealth, Wholeness, Joy, Peace, and Love in all sacred life on this planet, in the universe, and in all universes.   

December is the Time to Wash Away more of the layers and remnant barnacles of old illusions and stories that no longer fit the New Light . . . which is . . . the Light of Truth.  The Light of Transparency.  

Use your soul skills of Conscious Breathing and Connecting with your Perfect Team of Guides of Light, that are here within and around you to navigate these ascensionary waters.  

Do not fear the Cosmic Wash Cycles and the Cosmic Car Washes now facilitating this rapid growth and clearing on a global scale.  They are here to do their job at the time on the planet that all knew ~ deep in the depths of soul sight ~ that a cosmic clean up crew would be deeply and profoundly needed.  

That Cosmic Clean Up Crew is here . . . and your work is to remain aware of the two earths . . . and the two stories . . . and the release of the 3D illusions . . . and the rising of the 5D New Templates for a New Earth being born and being built.  By dreamers and artisans like you.

Embrace the Gifts of Profound Co-Creation.  Listen for where the Light is inviting you to co-create itself into form through your hands, your heart, and your ability to come together with others who desire to bring more Light into the world as well.

Will there be calls and invitations to stay in the illusion?  Yes.  Will there be calls to keep your barnacles intact, as a defensive armor as well as the comfort of a familiar story of you and your humanity and your planetary history?  Yes.  

Will more Truth though become self-evident . . . where justifying the illusion becomes harder, and harder, and harder to do?  Yes.  So pay attention when that shift begins to unfold inside you.  Pay attention to when the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of surrendering to change.  That’s your moment.  That’s your opportunity for alchemy.  That’s when you can engage the Cosmic Car Wash to come and help you surrender the old stories that are the baggage and barnacles no longer needed for where you are going.

2020 Summons You All To the Lived Experience of Clear Soul Sight.  

So embrace the time and the opportunities available to you in November’s 11 Portal Energies and in December’s New Earth Dreamer and Artisan Energies.  And embrace the opportunities to see old stories of spin, wordsmithing, and corruption that have been keeping humanity in a spell of separation and illusion for eons.  

It is simply time in the Cosmic Cycles to Rise and Rebirth a New Earth. 

You Are That New Earth. 

You Are that Templated and Co-Creator of the New Earth.

Portals of that Higher and Higher Light are Opening Wide for you to step through and into the New Earth, for good.  For the better of the whole.  For the Grace and Bliss and Harmony returning to this planet.

Witness the Vines of the 3D earth inviting your attention to stay entrenched and entrapped in what was never true in the first place.  Its a portal of illusion that is closing out and that will not re-open on Planet Earth ever again.

Let it go.

Be the Dreamer of Divine Truth and Light and Innovation and Inspiration in December.  

Embrace your Talents as an Inner Portal of Consciousness to a New Timeline of Prosperity, Peace, and Co-Creation of Greater Light for all.

Welcome to December 2019!  Carry November’s Portal Energies within you as a consciousness now.  You can portal into any timeline you most desire ~ simply by focusing, feeling, and really directing your conscious attention and energy to be that timeline!  To BE that experience!  Feel it, love it, focus it, and empower it . . . to BE your timeline.  And it will BE!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE love.
All Our Love. 

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 ~ The Spins of Illusion + The Transparency of Truth
 ~ 2020 Summons All To Clear Soul Sight

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    • Hi Lynn! Thank you 🙏✨for your amazing appreciation and awesome blessings! Together ~ we truly are templating a brand New 5D+ Earth 🌎✨🙏💙 Warm blessings and heart smiles of light to you! 💕✨