December 2020 Energy Update: The Living Light of A New Golden Age, The Great Awakening 2.0, Darkness Revealed, and Great Celebrations of Light, Joy, Wholeness, and Oneness in this Faith-Filled Season

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 11.28.2020

A Message from The Arcturian Collective



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the energies of Quantum Crystalline Light Codes and the Joyous Energy of The Great Awakening touching the Hearts of All on your world as we speak.  We are on the precipice of December 2020 as this transmission streams through today.  And we wish to share with you are our Great Joy that is lighting up your world and enlightening your world in these powerful and celestial times dear ones.  Let us take a Deep Divine Breath In together and Breathe That Joy Energy together.  See or Feel Within . . . this Sacred Breath activating all of the Timeless Joy that lives inside you, that has always BEEN you, and that is rising to BE You again.  God’s Living Essence is Joy.  You are Divinely Designed to Breathe, Live, Embody, and Experience Joy.  When you Breathe Joy in this way, when you allow it to fill your lungs, your heart, your chakra centers, and your cellular structures, you align with your Divinity Codes.  You align with Source Joy and Grace.  You align with Your Center.  And you align with the Energy of this Living Conscious Universe and with All of Creation.  So as we breathe these Conscious Breaths together today, let us feel it deep within as a Knowing of the Way the World is meant to be.  Let us know it deep within as the Way the World is Rising to Be again.  And let us see it deep within as the Way the World is quantumly alchemizing to shine again.  Through your Conscious Breathing, you are Breathing Unity and Joy again.  Welcome back and welcome Home to your Power as Conscious Creators in a Divine Sacred Realm of Creation and Co-Creation once more.  For December 2020 will forever seed in your Heart’s Consciousness the Power of the Light, the Power of the Christ Light and Consciousness, and thus the Power of Unity and Infinite Interconnectedness Shining in Eternal Joy and Grace again.  

Many of our transmissions have centered around the awakening process, the release process, the alchemization process, and the inner rising process.  Yes?  Each message and each parcel of energy that we have streamed through this channel have been essential for many of you thought leaders, light leaders, and truly Vibrational Leaders to take the next step, to embody the next soul awareness, to remember the next Truth that was yours to rediscover, and to activate the next Higher Vibrational and Clarity of Sight that was yours to embody.  This journey continues today.  And it will continue, for you are all Spiritual Beings having Human Experiences, and Spiritual Beings seek Expansion.  It is the ultimate nourishment and sustenance for the Soul! ~ December 2020 ~ The Living Light

This month, in the month of December 2020, we wish to spotlight two powerful energies rising in the Collective’s Consciousness, to further seed the bread crumbs that will assist you in this month’s journeyings and in the new vibrational experiences to come in 2021. 

There is first the Energy of Revelations.  This has been a theme for some time now, and never has it been more True than in December 2020. December will stream through powerful revelations and therefore raise Untruths into the Living Light of Truth.   The Energy of Revelations will make more of the Unknown Known.  And the Energy of Revelations will align more people on the planet today with the Truth of What God Energy Is and What God Energy Is Not.  

The serpent energy has been weaving and winding its way through Humanity’s Experiences, Consciousness, Conditionings, and Sight for eons and eons of time.  Through back doors, manipulations, illusions, coercions, and more . . . it has insidiously afforded many and all in some lifetimes or others . . . the opportunity to experience the shadow elements of lower dimensional creations.  Some might call this serpent energy Satan.  Others might call it the darkness.  Others still might call it the 3D matrix, the underbelly of creation, corruption, and density.  It has journeyed with you, it has journeyed among you, it has controlled you, and it has wrestled with you. 

And now, amidst all of that is unfolding on your world, it is being raised to the surface of humanity’s consciousness . . . as Darkness Revealed.  For many of you listening and reading this today, this is something that is somewhat known in your journeys of Awakening, your reclaiming of Truth, and your Setting Yourselves Free.  For yet others, it is more of a fringe detail.  It is something that exists in the collective experience, but its existence has not been front and center in your awareness of this world and the temptations, opportunities, and experiences offered here. ~ December 2020 ~ Darkness Revealed ~ Adam & Eve & Serpent

Regardless, since humanity’s historical and biblical understandings of a Time of Adam and Eve, the serpent has come between the Union of Adam and Eve, and thus, it has come between the Living Divine Aspects of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine Essence and Energies of God.  The serpent has been The Great Divider.  The serpent has been The Great Tempter.  The serpent has been The Great Creator of Separation Consciousness and The Duality Game in this realm.  

In a bigger picture way, the serpent in the 3D matrix, in its biblical role, served as the catalyst for splitting wholeness, singularity, and divinity into duality, fragmentation, and polarization.  The serpent then has moved about throughout the centuries and world age and cycles to nurture its creation, through divisive wars, polarities, pain, and suffering.  It takes time to cultivate these frequencies as a way of being on a worldwide planet, and thus to descend and transform a 5D planet into the lower densities of a 3D world, based in these separation consciousness tactics, principles, and vibrations.  

And yet, with enough time, it found a way.  It nourished a way.  Generally in the deep recesses of humanity’s consciousness, and not out in the open.  For as we have stated previously, the darkness must often wear the costume of Light in order to persuade or gain the consent and compliance of the masses.  

And yet, here you are on the cusp of December 2020, seeing the serpentine energies emerging and being flushed to the surface all over the world.  In governments, in systems, in education, and even in your local communities and extended families and circles of connection.  Because it is The Time of Revelations, and Revelations in the Deeper Divine Sense of Transparency and Truth . . . means . . . Liberations.  

Revelations ARE God’s Liberations, of this planet, of this world, of this consciousness in this 3D realm . . . in order that all sentient life here can quantumly rise . . . back to the Higher Planes and Dimensional Realms of Light and Unity Consciousness.   

Its Time for A Set, Stage, and Costume Change!  Acts 1-9 have been staged, set, casted, and crewed with the aid of shadows and dimmer lighting.  The villains have changed costumes through time, but remained the same core template and insidious energy through time all the same.  The audience may not know this, but the villain certainly has.  And thus the matrix itself certainly has as well.

And now . . . its time for the Tricks to be Revealed.  The Theatrical Twists and Turns and Game of Illusions to be shared with the Greater Humanity whose time has come to awaken to the Truth of the Story.  And the Truth of that Story?  Is that you are all IN that story!  The audience was a character too!  Only it didn’t know it at the time.  

So now, in December 2020, there is The Great Awakening 2.0 unfolding, such that The Audience awakens to the Truth of itself as a Global Participant and the Main Actor and Actress in a theatre that has long served its purpose, in the theatre of soul evolution.  But now, this same Audience is ready to move, rise, alchemize, and embody the Role of Conscious Creator, Christ Creator, Christ and Unity Consciousness Templater, and Light Seeder in this realm, for many hundreds of years to come.  

And this?  This is exactly what is happening on your world at this time.  

The Great Costume Change is happening.  The Great Unmasking of all Actors and Actresses on the Grand Global Stage of Public Perception, Public Opinion, and Public Experience is unfolding.  And this happens at the same time that many people of the Jewish Faith and the Christian Faiths celebrate the Miraculous Power and the Miraculous Presence of Light.  Each faith celebrates this differently, with different celebrations and customs.  With different songs and prayers.  And, yet together, they have anchored The Great Celebration of Light for hundreds and thousands of years.  They have served as Light Bearers . . . Knowing and Seeding the Path of Truth, Light, and Life through Time.  And here we are today, on the cusp, of The Greatest Celebration and Joy ever to behold humanity and all life on planet earth in any realm.  

The Light Is Being Set Free!

Truth Is Being Set Free!

Earth Is Being Set Free!

And Humanity Is Being Set Free!

And this brings us to the second vital vibrational awareness and bread crumb we wish to convey rising and emerging more expansively this month.  

December 2020 is a Time of Unbridled Joy.  The Time of Serpenthood is Ending.  Adam and Eve have been summoned to the Garden, the Heart of God, and are being reset and re-woven into Divine Oneness, into Divine Wholeness, and into Divine Unity again.  The Duality is being woven into Oneness and Wholeness again.  The world’s divisions and separations, fears and blames, pain and suffering . . . are being woven back into the Healing Presence of the Source Light Within.  The Christ Light Within and the Eternal Flame Within are melting the divisions, separations, and sufferings away.  And they are making way for the Light’s Great Emancipation on this world, at this time, for many, many years to come.     

And in that Sacred Union, in that Raising of the Light, all will see Revelations unfolding, and all will see Unity unfolding as well!  Both will be significant vibrations this month.  Through the Revelations, Unity will rise.  Through the Unity, Revelations will rise. ~ December 2020 ~ Solstice ~ Unity Star

The Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2020 is synergizing and synchronizing the Divine Dance and the Sacred Healing . . . of Earth’s Deep Dive into Separation Consciousness for 26,000+ years.  The Winter Solstice shines through your world in the month of December singing a powerful and timeless song of Oneness, Peace, Prosperity, Freedom, Liberation, and Union once more.  

So as Revelations Rise, and amplify exposures of that which is NOT known to some, and that which is NOT seen to some, and challenges of the “Two Wolves Syndrome” activate at a more amplified rate and lived experience, the antidote to this Level of Duality will be singing and shining in the Light’s Rising simultaneously.  

What has happened in the darkness all this time, and what has happened in the lightness all this time, is now unfolding in One Synchronized Timeline.  One Now Moment.  And all the world is watching.  All the world is experiencing.  All the world is summoning and journeying this Resurrection of the Light and this Releasing of the Darkness through Wholeness Vision, through Clear Soul Sight, and through the Gifts of Divine Celebration, Joy, Coming Together, and Singing A New Song.  

What Is This New Song?  It is a New Earth Song.  It is a Unified Field Song.  It is a Oneness and Harmonization Song.  It is the Song for All Seasons of this World.  It is a Song that Sings the Infinite Light of Grace, Joy, Love, and Unity and Weaves All Beings of this world Back into Wholeness in this Time that is NOW.  

We may channel through an option of this Song through this Channel this month to share.  Ours is but one song in a symphony of Oneness Songs and Celestial Songs that are birthing and that will birth in the coming timelines.  For everything is an aspect of the One.  Every tone and tune is an aspect of the One Great Whole.  The One True Creation.  The One Essence of Joy.  And thus, All Are Part of The Living Energy of God, The Universe, the Creation, the Christ Consciousness, that ALL TIMELESSLY ARE.

We feel Great Joy and Celebration WITH YOU as you seed this Renewal of Light in your hearts and on your world this month.  This energy has lived throughout all ancient timelines and in your recent ones too.  Light has woven throughout All Of Creation just as the Darkness has too.  And now, the Light Is Emancipating Itself at this time for Humanity has called out the Collective New Dream of Union and Re-Union in the days and weeks and months ahead.

Feel the Pure Light of this Faith-Filled Season.  Feel the Christ Light of this Christmas Season.  Feel the Menorah Light of this Hanukkah Season.  In the seeming duality of these faiths, the Light summons Wholeness, Union, and a Celebration of Oneness.  The Dedication to Light, Faith, Connection with God, and Living this Light anchors the foundations of these faiths and anchors the Oneness within them as well.  

All things separated by duality ultimately have threads of Oneness Energy within them.  Duality in this 3D realm preys on the antagonizing aspects of the polarities.  God’s Reality in 5D Realms and Higher synergizes and harmonizes the polarities as a Dance of Joy and Celebration of Creation . . . in the Oneness of All Things.  And in the Wholeness and Unity of All Things.

We invite you this December 2020 to continue to utilize your Soul Skills that we have spoken about in many transmissions, beginning with the Breath that Unifies All Things.  

We invite you this December 2020 to utilize your Soul Skills of connecting with Source, Gaia, your Guides of Light, your Angel Team and Cosmic and Celestial Supporters.  We welcome you to activate your Higher Dimensional and Clear Soul Sight more than ever before through the gifts and lens of Unity Consciousness and Wholeness Vision as best you can this month, while also simultaneously remaining a neutral observing witness of the Great Revelations exposing the Duality for those still needing to wake up to see the 3D stage, set, cast, crew, and conditioning of that entire experiment and experience for what it is and what it was.  

God/Source/Creator is a Big Picture Visioner.  Creation has a vast interconnectedness with the Truth of All Time.  December 2020 and specifically the Winter Solstice Frequencies are reconnecting us with the Vast Interconnectedness and Light that All Truly Are.  

Can Light Be Intense?  Sometimes. 

Can Light Be Soothing and Calming?  Sometimes.

Does Light Emancipate?  All The Time.

Does Light Liberate?  Yes.  Timelessly So.

Will December 2020 and the weeks and months beyond it bring unimaginable change as the world enters this New Golden Age of Light beyond the Winter Solstice 2020?  


Is this Expansive Change perfectly on course to Re-Align the Divine Design of a 5D Planet supporting Unity Consciousness in all Beings, in all Realms, in all Highest Good Ways?  It most certainly is.

How can you feel the soothing, pristine perfection of Wholeness Vision and The Living Light of Oneness this month?  By first harmonizing your Conscious Breathing to Breathe WITH Source.  In Union.  In Love.  In your Hearts for the Grace, Courage, and Spiritual Fortitude of every being on this planet going through this Powerful Ascension Process at this time.  And by harmonizing your Conscious Breathing with the Breath of Source and Partnering WITH Source to as fully as you can Experience Source Aligning your Breath and your Light in you, at this time.  In every moment.

In every Conscious Breath, Unity Rings.  

In every Conscious Breath, the Living Light Shines.

In every Conscious Breath, the New Earth Embraces All That Is Divine.

In every Conscious Breath, the New Earth Sings.

When we disconnect from our Breath, our Hearts, our Light, and our Clear Soul Sight, the world can seem like a messy place right now.  Without these Conscious Celestial Connections, the default IS to see through 3D Vision.  And 3D Vision is Polarity Vision.  

Wholeness Vision is God’s Vision.  It is Source Vision.  It is Big Picture Vision.  That Wholeness Vision is Zero Point Vision, and that requires the Union of the Two Wolves Insights and the Union of the Shadow and Light inside us.  And that means, it requires the Union of Untruths and Truths into Divine Truth once more.  It requires the Union of Amnesia and Awakeness once more.  It requires the Union of the Sea of Vibrational Soup and the Cosmic Sea of Divine Truth.  

And this path to Conscious Breathing, to Wholeness Vision, to Light-Led Living . . . requires Joy, Willingness, Appreciation, Openness, and Allowing to let them in!

And we will close by saying, this holiday season, this holy-day season, Open to the Receiving of these Celestial Gifts foretold in ancient texts for these times.

Notice The Duality Game, in you or others.  Witness the Essential Truth Revealing Itself to Humanity at this time for the Unity of this time that is Returning.  

Ground in your Eternal Light.  Ground in your Faith in the Light.  Ground in the Deepest Ways You Know and Remember this Light.  The Light will be your escort, through any religion, through any belief systems, through any dualities, through any challenges . . . to the Timeless Truth of Who You Truly Are. ~ December 2020 ~ Candle Unity Star of Bethlehem

Through the Light Shining IN Duality . . .
is the Portal and Passageway being made . . . for all to Rise IN Unity! 

In Duality, Lives Unity.

In Unity, Lives Duality.

The Light is Weaving them both back into One.

Its Time Once More For Synergistic Wholeness on your world.

December 2020 is shining and brimming
with the Energies of Revelations and Joy.  

For In Revelations, Lives Joy.

And in Joy, Lives Revelations.

You Are All Of It, Dear Ones.

The Light Is All Of It.  

And you are the Living Light.

Welcome Home to the Allness Inside you.   

You have all of the soul skills you need within you for these times.  Everyone does.  

Nothing is outside of you that doesn’t exist within you.  

You have it all.  You ARE it all.  

So Breathe Deep Conscious Breaths and Remember ~ You Are Wholeness.  You Are Oneness.  You Are Duality.  And You Are Light.  

You Are All Of It.  And in the Allness, you return to your God Selves, dear ones.

In your God Selves, you return to your Golden Ages of Light, in physical form once more.

You are truly the set, the stage, the cast, and the crew of this New Earth experience now birthing.  

Only this time, the setting is a 5D New Earth, that is the Truth and the Transparency of your Inner Living Golden Light Codes.  

Light a candle this holiday season,
and know the Living Light You Truly Are!

We see you.  We celebrate you.  And we know the Glorious New Earth that is unfolding from within you!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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