December 2021 Energy Update: Fear Not ~ The How & The Who Of The Ascension Process Is Being Revealed

December 2021+ Energy Update 

The How and The Who of the Ascension Process
Is Being Revealed, This Is God’s Creation,
There Is No Hiding in God’s Pure Light,
The Serpent’s Coups to Dethrone God Is Ceasing,
& The Living Light Is Returning

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.12.2021

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, the Arcturian High Council, Mother/Father God, and Archangels of Luminous Celestial Light and Love, streaming through the Heart of the All That Is today, and every day, in your Now Timeline, that is rapidly becoming God’s Sacred Timeline and the Garden of Eden Timeline once more. Here in the month of December 2021, great seeds are rising . . . long planted deep within the earth for this time that is Now.  And you, dear ones, are some of those great seeds, rising into your more expansive potential and taking your place among the stars that shine brightly again on this earth to light up a New Age of Peace, Unity, Harmony, Conscious Creation and Co-Creation, Abundance, and Joy.  While all appears to be crumbling around you, we say, fear not.  For what is crumbling is all that you weren’t and all that wasn’t True, in the Heart of Source, and in All Of Creation.  Distorted mirrors are what is crumbling.  Distorted foundations created from those distorted mirrors are crumbling.  If you were to build your house like the third little pig referenced in the Three Little Pigs story in the last transmission, would you build it on a foundation of sand?  A house of bricks built on sand, or quicksand even, still lacks the strength of God and Gaia’s Pure Foundations. So anything built on sand in this metaphor, even if built of strong materials, lacks the proper divine fortification to stand tall in the storms of revelations and lacks the proper divine life breath of Truth, Vitality, and Source Creationary Energies to ascend in the New Light of a New Living, Loving, Giving Earth realm and atmosphere.  

December 2021 Energy Update - Fear Not - Frequencywriter.comSo let us take a Deep Divine Breath In together, and feel the blessings of full release of that which does not serve you, or the Greater Collective, in the Divine Reset and Reorientation to God’s Will, God’s Time, God’s Grace, and God’s Ever Expanding Love for All Of Creation.  Let us breathe and release any fear that may be dwelling in your cells, your own life particles inside you, and that may still resonate with the old structures rapidly failing and falling away now.  Conscious Breathing allows the sand to sift through God’s Divine Sieve, and to rule in or out that which is not aligned with the New Frequencies of the New Time, and the Truth of Who You Really Are.  Breathe another deep conscious breath in, and know, that what remains is more of the Truth of You, More of the Truth of Who You Are, and More of the Truth of What Life On Earth was always meant to be.  And then . . . Breathe One More Conscious Breath In, and allow yourself to be filled with Lion, Eagle, Boar, and Bull Frequencies of Faith and Fortitude, as you align with The Living Light that summons your best self and your highest soul presence forward to live and breathe freely, sovereignly, and with great anticipatory joy . . . that the Living Light Has Returned.  These are the collective energies to focus on now, when your world feels like it is being torn apart, stormed apart, or pummeled with the Living Light of 1000 Suns.  Those storms are the very energy clearers that the Whole Earth needs in these times, to rise and BE its 5D Frequency and Living Embodiment of Christ Consciousness.  Ground, let go, and rise in this more expanded version of Faith and Freedom, that is now to become Humanity’s Foundations that seed a Brand New Earth Experience for All.

Dear Ones, much is seeded to grow and much is falling away.  Yes?  An old 3D garden of past creations in separation consciousness is falling away and a new 5D Garden of God’s Blessings, Light, and Abundance of All Good Things is rising.  Many of you have been feeling, knowing, sensing, and growing in your higher perceptions and soul vision the awareness of the Two Earths, and wondering . . . how is this all going to play out?  And HOW is an interesting word, unto itself.  Isn’t it?  Because it requires the ego’s help to peer into something that cannot be seen with 3D lenses.  The Energy of How activates the 3D thinking and ego-led linear mind, and that is not where God’s Answers come from.  Do you know where God’s Grace, Energy, Answers, and Light stems from and streams through?  Of course.  The All Knowing Heart.  Your Heart is designed to be a vibrational match to the Living God Heart.  Your Heart is what and WHO you are listening for in these times.  Your Heart is where you see through God’s Eyes, Source/Creator’s Heart, and thus the Timeless Vision of Creation and the Bountiful Grace that Pure Alignment with All That Is manifests for All Beings who rise and remember this to be so.  God’s Vision IS Divine.  The Serpent’s Vision is demonic.  Its quite a contrast in these times, isn’t it?  And yet, your Sacred Heart Center holds and has the Capacity to hold not just these Two Truths in its awareness and vibrational flow, but the Truth of Many Dimensions, Realities, and Realms as well.  Your Sacred Heart Center is Your Gateway to Higher Dimensional Perception and the Opportunities that lie within a Greater Departure from Ego-Led Small, Fearful, and Separated Consciousness-led Living.  It is Your Sacred Heart Center that can breathe in Unison with Divine Source Breath and thus that creates in Unison and Sacred Partnership with Divine Source Vision.  

So we invite you to let go of the HOW questions . . . and to step into the greater embodiment of knowing yourself as a WHO YOU TRULY ARE Divine Template of God’s Living Light Codes.  Isn’t it interesting that we also referenced HOW The Grinch Stole Christmas in the last transmission that is a story about a community of beings called The Whos who lived in Whoville?  The Whos knew the magic and joy of Christmas, even when the Grinch tried to steal the happiness, magic, and joy from Christmas, to weaken and traumatize the beautiful Who Village in their special holiday (holy-day) celebrations.  Do you ever wonder who writes these stories?  Meaning, do you ever wonder how so many authors, writers, creatives, artists, etc. create metaphorically messages that through time emerge to be more powerful than perhaps even these authors and creators knew at the time?  Well that energetic essence of pondering questions like these is an energetic reflection of you.  You Are A Who ~ Who Is Here Now ~ to let go of the Hows of your Ego’s Questionings ~ and to embrace more of the Beingness of Knowing Your Inner Sacred Light and your Divine Talents and your Expansive Heart Center in times of Great Transitions and Ascension such as this Now Time and this God Time on your world at this time.  

December 2021 shines the energy of the 12th month.  And synchronistically today . . . as this transmission streams through . . . it is December 12th, 2021, or 12.12.21.  That is essentially a triple 12 date in Divine Numerology, for even the 21 reverses in miraculous mirroring ways to a twelve.  And we would say that by the time you receive this transmission you will be in the powerful portal and wake even of the 12.12.12 frequencies . . . inviting you to New Light.  Inviting you to Higher Sight.  Inviting you to be The Who who sang The Living Light, despite the Grinches having attempted to steal your happiness this season, and many other countless seasons in this old 3D cycle of separation now crumbling and turning to sand and dust once more.  

December 2021 Energy Update - Fear Not - The Grinch - Frequencywriter.comThe Grinches and Wolves may have tried to steal your happiness in this 3D world age and cycle, creating much of the karmic theatre you all have lived for millennia.  But what happens when a World Collectively Awakens to The Who-Ness of Who They Truly Are?  Can the Grinches still win?  Can the Grinches and Wolves still play these games?  Can the Grinches and Wolves still hide behind curtains, covering up their dark machinations of a lower 3D matrix that thrives on the pain and suffering of a world disconnected from their heart centers and from Source Itself?  No.  There is no hiding in God’s Pure Light.  And that . . . that is the Greatest Fear of the Shadow Creators themselves.  Being called out and into the Light of Truth, the Light of the Central Suns, and the Light of God’s Revelations.  It’s never a wise experiment to try to pull off a Coups of God.  It’s a big endeavor.  Its a Grandiose Illusion of Ego-ic Grandeur that enters into the Realm of Multi-Timelined and Multi-Dimensional Sociopathic and Truly A Unique Brand of Evil and Pathological Narcissism.  And yet, as you likely well know, to live that level of darkness and evil on such a beautiful celestial and divine Earth Planet . . . and try to pass yourself off as the Wizard or Wizards of Oz . . . transparently illuminates the level of separation and soullessness one must have journeyed . . . time and time again . . . to dream such dark dreams and to endeavor to pull them off . . . in the face, in the light, and in the omnipresent vision and gnosis of God/Source/Creator Almighty. 

One might say they have had the gall to attempt such a coups.  And now . . . no more.  No more will darkness of this nature be tolerated or consented to by this or any other collective here on Planet Earth.  For It IS God’s Time.  It IS God’s Creation.  And God Is Taking The Earth’s Living Light Codes Back from their captors.  And God/Source/Creator is Setting ALL Divinely Free once more.  You are the Living Expressions of God’s Living Light Codes.  And thus, so shall you be set Divinely Free, in bigger ways than you can presently imagine.  But Trust, dear ones.  Faith, dear ones.  Fortitude, dear ones.  And allow yourself from the inside out to focus more on The Divine and Sovereign Who You Truly Are, and less on the How that God Will Orchestrate to make this all so.

We have spoken at length over many transmissions about the serpent’s servants, perpetrators, provocateurs, narrators, puppeteers, projectors, and participants in a Cosmic Coups that has played out over centuries of time.  We have spoken about this 3D theatre, and the many costumes that the serpent’s servants have worn, as well as the costumes of the masses adorned in this 3D Timeline of Separation and Karmic Entanglements, leaving all to experience a Lifetime Prison Sentence across the ages here on Earth.  Even those believing themselves to be free cannot ever be Truly Free in a Serpent Led, 3D Matrix Controlled, and Karmically Soul Tethered Realm of Never Ending Challenge, Struggle, Pain, and Lack.  And this, THIS Dear Ones, is the Frequency of Experience that All on Planet Earth are bringing an end to, with God/Source/Creator at the helm of the entire operation and the entire planetary clearing of epic proportions.

So this December 2021, we invite you to feel the Energy of 12.  For the Energy of 12 imbues each soul here with their own Sacred Heart Center’s Knowledge of the Living Light Within.  The Energy of 12 offers a Divine Wheelhouse of Emancipation, Freedom, Sovereignty, Wealth, Health, Joy, Well Being, Love, and Living Light Frequencies.  The Energy of 12 is the Energy of a Wheel, or Circle, or Sphere, coming Full Circle.  And if you began in Higher Dimensional Unity Consciousness, so shall you return to Higher Dimensional Unity Consciousness.  And here you are at that Divine Precipice.

So once again we will ask you, are you ready to engage a bigger departure? Are you ready to go to the next level in your Soul’s Journeys?  To Truly Know Yourself as The Who of Your Divine Presence, Essence, and Sacred Embodiment of the Christ Light Within You?  Are you ready for Your Own Resurrection Experience?  After this very long, protracted, serpentine game to implement its best laid and made plans for the Grand Coups of the Cosmos . . . to dethrone God?  Are you ready to sing like The Whos did, beyond what the Grinch did and carried out in that story, to steal their happiness?  To steal their Christ Light?  Are you ready to sing beyond the pandemic’s pain in all of your lives?  Are you ready to sing songs of Faith, Light, Wholeness, Joy, Love, and Unified Heart Connections beyond the games of the serpent, and all of the ways it ultimately sought to divide humanity and steal the life force, the love and joy of every planetary citizen who has ever lived here, human or animal?  

It is Time for Joyful Singing. Soul Songs sung in Joy, Faith, and with Heart-Centered Intentions have a way of being God’s Orchestra and God’s Symphony for Enlightenment. Isn’t it interesting that that the Holiday (Holy-Day) Season that December Rings each year is a time of Light Centered Celebrations, Song, Dance, Feasting, Fun, Festivity, and Joy?  These are Soul Cues dear ones.  These are Soul Clues dear ones.  This energy has been with you ALL for All Time.  Your Merriment at this time of year has been a Soul Code to remember Through Time God’s Grace and God’s Promise of Emancipation from this Prison Planet and this Separation Consciousness and this Illusion of Division, Discord, Pain, Suffering, and Struggle.  When you celebrate Christmas, when you celebrate Hanukkah, when you celebrate Festivals of Lights, and your celebrate the Christ Light each year, and this Holiday Season, you are celebrating a much deeper Divine Remembrance, that God Is Here among you and that God Is Bringing The Time of the Great Revelations and the Great Re-Unifications all knew they would need . . . when 26,000+ years had passed since The Last Age and Cycle of Integration, since the Last Age and Cycle of Golden Frequencies of Christ Consciousness connecting this realm with all other Celestial Realms in the Cosmos, and since the Last Reigning Era and Ages of Planetary Higher Frequencied Peace and Enduring Love and Light.  

While one world continues to crumble before your eyes, and the demonic wizards are pulled out, exposed, and removed from behind vast inter-dimensional curtains and cleared away, focus less on HOW Source is going to do and has done this epic cosmic clean up work and focus more on The Who You Want To Be Now in this Higher Dimensional Version of you that Naturally Thrives and Soars in an environment where so much love and light shines easily, effortlessly, and extraordinarily in very transparent ways.  Some of you feel these frequencies and can tap into that joy, very easily.  For the magic is already active and alive in your Sacred Heart Center.  And you have felt these Divine and Sacred Codes already!  If you resonate with this, sing and fully allow yourself time each day to be in the merriment of God’s Epic Emancipation of this Earth in this Now Time, that IS GOD’S SEASON and GOD’S SACRED NOW.  And if you haven’t yet allowed yourself and Your WHO Within to rise and experience this joy, this ease, this light-filled merriment in many weeks, months, years, or lifetimes, as they say . . . there is no time like the Present.  And we know too that The Present IS The Gift.  In the Present Time, in your Present Moment Awareness, YOUR GIFTS, and you AS A GIFT of Creation, can ring clear, loud, and True, . . . all while these illusions of past serpentine controlled and perpetrated machinations fall away.  


You are here to be The Whos who sing God back into form and back into the
Collective Consciousness this Christmas, this Hanukkah, this God Season of
the Living Christ Light.  And that means you are here to Live Your Heart’s Joy
at BEING HERE to Welcome God’s Grand Return and Christ’s Epic Return to
the Hearts of All, Weaving Unity Consciousness and Planetary Healing, as these
Soul Songs Sing Unity, Peace, Well Being, and Joy across the globe.

Isn’t it time to Return to Oneness?  To Wholeness?  To True and Light-Filled Living?  

Can you feel that Humanity is Making this Leap in 2021 and that in 2022 . . . this begins a new era of re-learning and re-membering how to work together ~ for the Greater Good of All?  

December 2021 Energy Update - Unity Consciousness - Frequencywriter.comThat might sound to be a fantasy at the moment.  But give it a little time.  Witness the Ultimate Baker, the Divine Creator, knead and weave back together billions of separated strands of energy in the people of this world and in all sentient life on this world . . . and watch Divine Unity and Hearts Harmonizing Worldwide unfold.  

Yes, when old structures fail and fall, especially for those with attachments to those structures, and their incarceration in those structures, unaware of the much grander theatre they were the whole time, it can be stressful.  Overwhelming.  Triggering.  Painful.  And confusing.  This is true.  But then, as more rise into the Remembrance Codes, like The Whos in that story, even those emotions and experiences and expressions fall away too. Because the substance manifesting those painful emotions and experiences crumble nearly simultaneously too.  What happens when the Light pours in and touches all things in this Grand Emancipation Process?  The Illusion Crumbles.  And soon, so too, does the pain that was wedded to it, mired in it, trapped by it, and perpetuated and perpetrated by it.

Will there be times when bridges are needed for individuals within the collective to make these quantum leaps of consciousness?  Yes.  Will there be times when bridges are needed for individuals to find their Soul Songs of Joy while simultaneously old structures are failing and falling away?  Yes.  Can those who hear the Songs of Joy and the Songs of God’s Season sing to assist this transmutation and transformation process?  Yes.  Can those who hear God’s Timeless Truth in different messages and messengers continue to Know, Welcome, and Celebrate God’s Truth being revealed?  Even though many turn a deaf ear to God’s Invitations even right now today?  Yes.  

Those who stand with Source, with the Living Light, with the Unity and Christ Consciousness of Creation . . . will find even greater blessings this Holiday Season, as the Light Pours In and God’s How Implements itself.  Those who can stand in their Divine Sovereignty and Emancipated Heart Centers to Sing the Spirit of the Season, with Lion, Eagle, Boar, and Bull Energy in their Awareness, and with the Living Light and Love Frequencies of the Season in their Hearts . . . will find it ever better and easier to be on the side of Faith, Freedom, Clear Soul Sight, and God’s Enduring Grace.

The bifurcation period is stretched far and wide.  This we know, and you do too, if you are listening to a transmission such as this.

We will say that God’s Unification Period is here as well.  It will be Through The Bifurcation Frequencies that the Ultimate Baker, Creator, and Unifier of All Time and Space will bring The Ultimate Unification.  These are Times of Great Weaving.  These are Times of Deep Inner Journeying.  These are Times of Epic Faith and Extraordinary Letting Go Processes and Bigger Departures.

All Are Leaving The Station, The Serpent’s Station, of this 3D Earth and World Age and Cycle.  The train has been leaving that station for some time.  Soon, will be the Time of the Ultimate Departure.  That Time Is Nigh!

So Prepare Dear Ones.  Prepare like the New Earth Noahs you know yourself to be.  Be The Whos of Divine Enlightenment and Divine Celestial Music inside yourselves.  Sing yourselves awake.  And sing soul songs of joy and well-being to transmute the lower frequencied shock of illusions crumbling and chaos and confusion seemingly unfolding too. Revelations require Inner Resolutions.  Revelations require Inner Integrations.  Revelations require Inner Stamina, Faith, and Fortitude.

Those that can, RISE UP.  Those that can, STAND UP.  Those that can, SING OUTLOUD.  Those that can, BE YOUR RISEN LIGHT CODES singing through the haze and daze of illusion and providing beams of light for others lost in the fog of these epic clearings.

You are all in this together.  You are ONE RACE.  You are ONE HUMANITY.  You are ONE SOUL COLLECTIVE rising and awakening from a deep 3D slumber now.  While the awakening process can and will be emotional and exhausting for some, those that can be, sing, and know the Truth of WHO YOU ARE will transmute much more of those lower frequencies and more quickly than any awakened collective has before.  Because Source is in your every breath, your every note, your every song, . . . dissipating the confusion as each of you sings your note, your song, your faith, your fortitude, and your knowing of God’s True Light and the Quantum Liberation this Now Time Truly Is. 

We send you 12.12.21 Activational Blessings today.

We send you Streams of Light to guide the way in this Epic Holy Season that celebrates God’s Great Return and the Return of The Living Light on Planet Earth.

December 2021 Energy Update - Woman In Sunflower Field - Frequencywriter.comAllow your Soul Sight to expand.  To rise.  To see and soar free from the tethers of the false 3D matrix.  And sing yourselves awake and free as much as you can in the unfoldments these next days and weeks in December 2021, as you embrace and face and seed the New Living Light and the Transparency of a brand new year in 2022.  

Many more amazing revelations, liberations, and co-creations await!  

Dream This Grand New Earth Birth into your Lived Experiences in your new Now.

God/Source/Creator is the God of Now and the God of How.  

You are here to be The Awakened and Liberated Who of these times.    

Rise and soar with your Divine Harbingers and the Archangels and all of your special Guides in these times.  And keep your inner candles and your inner flames lit all season long, with the aid of your soul skills, your Heart’s Higher Sight, and your Timeless Connections with God’s Inner Light ~ in you.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post this Saturday on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

One Response to “December 2021 Energy Update: Fear Not ~ The How & The Who Of The Ascension Process Is Being Revealed

  • Bonny Flower
    2 years ago

    I’ve got to say this… when I first began reading/listening to your channelings I found them refreshing and clear. Now, over these many months, they have become soooo full of words! So many words! So full of unexpected capitalized nouns and adjectives and excessively poetic language that upon reading these long paragraphs, the thread becomes lost and I give up!

    In these times when energies are so intense, maybe you could have a chat with your guys and see if they might begin to simplify? Perhaps less could be more? Phew, I sure hope so! Happy Holidays!