Dream Seeds: A New Earth Soul Song

Over the past 8 years, approximately 60 soul songs have channeled through me.  Everything from the melodies, to the lyrics, to the energies contained within them, I have simply been the vessel that has brought them through.

Dream Seeds is perhaps a theme song for all of the lightworkers and lightweavers on the planet today, doing their part to awaken and expand this new light on our beloved earth mother, and to bring peace and balance again to our world.

We are the seeds we have been waiting for, here now to fertilize this new earth with luminous light, conscious stewardship, heart-centered awareness, and inspired action and creativity.

Every soul song that you will see here at www.frequencywriter.com and my colorthemagic YouTube channel tells a story.  They are our stories.  Our collective stories.  About how we journeyed into this separation experience over many thousands of years, and how we are returning Home in this unique time, to the greater Light that is who we truly are.

These songs are meant to be sung.  They are here to help entrain us to the higher frequencies of unity, love, and light consciousness.

If one listens to simply be entertained, that is okay.  But that is not their design.

They are here to inspire your spirit, to warm your heart, to activate the organic light in your soul, and to help to integrate the soul aspects and parts of you now coming home to a greater wholeness and well-being.

While there is much work to be done on the planet, and in every human heart that is incarnated here at this time, these soul songs offer a gentle pathway back to love.

So here for you now is the soul song, Dream Seeds.  May it gently affirm and light that pathway for you, and your higher self, to come back to love and all the blessings that our full circle journeys now have in store for us.

It also is a song reflection of the Mother Mary Winter Solstice 2016 message that I posted today as well.  If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Blessings and Luminous Light,

2 Responses to “Dream Seeds: A New Earth Soul Song

  • That’s a really sweet, hopeful song you wrote and sang for us all. It reminds me of when I was involved in Waldorf education in Oregon years ago.
    Thank you for this gift of song from your heart!

    • Hi Leigh! It is a true delight for me to receive your heartfelt sentiments about “Dream Seeds”. The Universe gives me these inspired thoughts to write down, and sometimes, they have come in song. 😉 I just enjoyed reading your “Help Wanted: Writer” blog post. It was rich, engaging, and wonderful. We are done with boxes with limits, aren’t we? I liked your word “multipotentialities.” Which took me back to read your previous blog post . . . “Summa Cum Laude” . . . which explains it. And I wholeheartedly resonate with that definition! We must be soul sisters! 🙂 I signed up to receive your blog posts (with an email that is not frequencywriter ?). So please do keep writing. You have a wonderful, witty, and heart engaging gift. You write with feeling, with sentience I would say. Which to me, is what most engages the SOUL in us all. The world needs its sentients . . . it hungers for its sentient essence to return. And I am super glad tonight that you are among those with the gifts to bring about the renaissance needed for the restoration of the heart of humanity. So keep doing what it is that you so beautifully do! Thank you for your appreciation of “Dream Seeds”. And I am happy one of them found you and seeded our connections here in this wonderful and magical way. Please ~ let’s stay connected. And congratulations on your graduation. It is a beautiful culmination and new beginning all in one! Blessings!