El Morya Channeling from 2009 for 2017: The Collective Phoenix

El Morya ~ The Collective Phoenix

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Greetings friends,

I shared El Morya’s and St. Germain’s collaborative message with you earlier this week, about the Gray Flame . . . otherwise known as the Phoenix Flame.

In last week’s message, El Morya referenced a channeling with me that I received and published in one of my books 8 years ago . . . that I admittedly had forgotten.  It wasn’t until El Morya called it to my attention again that I made the effort to go back and find it.  [This message is, in and of itself, a Rising Phoenix.  For it rose from the dusty pages of my book, Cosmic Keys, whose time in the sun is still ultimately yet to come.].     

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This was not the first time Spirit has reminded me to re-visit an earlier conversation or creation. 

Spirit has guided me to return to a few earlier “works” or “works-in-progress” on a number of occasions, which speaks to me of the timeless nature of who we all really are, as well as the precision timing of the universe when something’s true right timing (or divine perfect timing) has come due. 

Clearly, these previous “works” or “works-in-progress” involved important energies or significant insights whose time was “not yet” when they were initiated, but whose divine right timing has newly emerged as Now

This phenomenon occurred with the Gray Flame or Phoenix Flame message last week.  It also occurred with the writing and publishing of my book, The Color of Magic . . . And the Magic of Color in the past year.  Both circled back around when their true timing was right!

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So sometimes when we think a project, creative work, message, song, product, or divinely inspired essence of some sort isn’t “working out”, or it loses our interest or energy for whatever reason, . . . sometimes it IS right energy but simply not right timing

Those sacred projects and energies that are divinely valued and that are our unique divine service work to bring through . . . will always circle back around for us . . . when the timing is truly right . . . if/when we know HOW to listen with our inner ears, our inner eyes, and our vastly powerful sentient systems. 

It always fills me with awe to see this process occur ~ so effortlessly through the vast Matrix of Light within the Universe . . . as if everything is perfectly and divinely choreographed in a beautiful, synergistic, seamless flow. 

And again and again, I give myself permission to simply allow the call to remembrance . . . and to circle back . . . for what was always mine . . . and what was always an aspect of me . . . to bring through . . . to this space/time reality. 

I wonder if you have had an experience like this?  I wonder if you have seen a “phoenix” project rise from the ashes in your work?  Or in your world?  Only to see it grow and thrive and flourish in the right timing of a perfect creative birth?

I witnessed this unfold in me over the last week.  With the message of the Gray Flame/Phoenix Flame.  Rising in my consciousness.  In my world.  And now . . . today . . . shared with the greater whole of the world.  It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Well without further ado, I share with you now the 2009 sacred seed planting that El Morya gave to me, and to us all, modeled and taught through great love and light . . . the incredible Truth that our lives are truly timeless.  And our spirits are always attuned to a much greater power and a much more perfect design than many of us can presently remember at this time.  But it works timelessly on our behalf nonetheless!

Please enjoy this message of “The Collective Phoenix” from El Morya, the Gatekeeper of the Golden Flame, and a brilliant cosmic mentor of the Resplendent Light we have always and eternally been.   

As always, listen with discernment for resonance. 

Keep the best and release the rest.

Luminous Light and Peace to All,


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El Morya ~ “The Collective Phoenix”
Originally received on 6/1/09 – – Re-Shared on frequencywriter.com on 4/11/17
Via channel Marie Mohler

Chapter Thirty-One: The Collective Phoenix 6/1/09

Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, and we are bearing gifts for one another.  I bring more and more of your past and future to your present. And you bring more of me into your present. In this way, I experience even greater immortality to live my light from a non-physical existence – and yet to be so incredibly alive.

This is the gift that awaits all who open to the true heart. The true spark. The true Source of creative passion, transcendence, and divine will. We all exist for one simple reason – the Creator’s own eternal and infinite heart. It is from this infinite heart Source that our very heart beats and our very breath fills us with life force in every moment we exist to be.

Nothing is more sacred. No bond is stronger. The bond to live. The bond to love. The bond to be a spark of all the Creator Source infinitely is. You are that in your today, and your tomorrow, and your yesterday! The trick is to allow it all to come back to you. To return within to the grace of that divine gift. The fusion in which you and Creator Source are one – co-creating and co-experiencing light and delight. It is your breath that calls you into this simplicity. Your breath calls you to feel your life force – God’s breath – filling every cell of your being with its light. Nothing is more perfect. It is simply and utterly divine.

I am here as a steward of the Creator . . . offering my service to all who seek to remember the hearth of the heart (the chamber of reconciliation within) . . . to purify all past creations that do not harmonize with light, by walking through the sacred flames of transcendance to ascension and oneness with the divine.

I am the Gatekeeper of the Golden Flames – the trio of divine energies, which fuel inner ascension and lasting grace. Dear One – we are on task – to begin to harmonize a unique circle of light – for the followers of inner Christing light – and their own pathway to join the eternal light.

A new flame is rising within the Golden Flames. A new flame of recovery, release, and fortitude. It is a gray flame. A gray flame of rescinding old ties to the old ways – a pathway of ascribing to new beginnings. A letting go of the old and an embracing of the new.

It is like a phoenix flame. Only it represents – the ash of all we no longer believe ourselves to be – and a great showering in love . . . that all the colors of the phoenix reborn . . . represent the hearts of all who seek such a flame.

It breathes a new flame eternal into the hearts of all who choose it. A cleansed reality. A birthing flame. From one cycle to the next. . . . As the Keeper of the Golden Flames, this sacred flame is enfolded in the heart of God itself. A chapter of infinite expansion closes in our grand Creator’s heart, as this new birth emerges full of color and possibility. We all ascend in this process together.

We are a collective phoenix – through many grand universal cosmic strings. Feel your oneness of the universe, and your Source connections. Trust that a building of community is a necessary next step – to make a bridge of enlightenment – to cleansed rebirth.

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