El Morya: A Message of Light for Humanity


Today I share a channeled Message of Light from El Morya and the Galactic High Council.

It feels very appropriate for these times and the energies many of us are feeling.

El Morya and the team of guides that I work most closely with
always offer their listeners a frequency.

A Frequency of Light from the Higher Realms of Consciousness.

Always, as you listen . . . listen for resonance.
And always, as you listen, use your discernment.

About how or what this message could mean in your life, right now, in this moment.
And about whether or not this message resonates with you at all.

These are the times we are in my friends.

Times of opening to our sentience.  Our sovereignty.  Our gifts.
Our blessings.  Our guides.  Our purpose.  Our hopes.  And our dreams.

So take a breath . . . and listen carefully with your inner ears and your inner eyes,
through your sacred heart center.

I have included a video of the complete channeling from my YouTube channel,
Color The Magic.

And I have also posted the complete text below as well.

Feel free to listen and read along, or to tune in as you feel called.

El Morya offers much love, compassion, and insight to us all.
I am grateful for his presence and guidance in these times,
and I am happy to share this light energy with you here.

Blessings and Luminous Light,

“A Message of Light”

December 1, 2016
El Morya channeled by Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

It is I, El Morya, here with the Galactic High Council.  We have a Message of Light for Humanity today.  It is good to share together in this divine space of love and light . . . the truth of the path ahead.

Many of you listening to this conversation today already know that this is a time of unprecedented change on your world.  What is also essential to know . . . is that in direct proportion to the levels of change  . . . is an influx of unprecedented levels of light and support

The entire cosmos, all in physical form AND in nonphysical form, are going through these shifts as well. 


So truly we are all One in the realms of experience and evolution.

Those of you incarnated on the earth at this time wanted a front row seat so to speak, to document, witness, and participate in these energies of change.

Each has a role to play in this massive theatre project, which is known as the Ascension you are all involved in now.  From the depths of the greatest density . . . earth, humanity, and all sentient beings and life forms upon her are rising to a new light and a new sound, never before experienced on your world. 

So past cycles of golden ages, and separation ages, and all steps in between, have never seen the amount of light infusing your planet before.

And this explains the heightened sense of quickening that many of you who are sensitives and intuitives are feeling. 


The Light is literally helping to elevate and lift up the Earth from her positioning in the density planes of cosmic existence, and literally, into an entirely new plane and playing Field of Light.

You all have been in the Working Fields of Density.  And you are rising collectively and holistically now into the Playing Fields of Light. 


It is unconscionable and unimaginable . . . the layers of light and density that must be transcended. 

And yet . . . YOU ARE. 

You are leaving the energies, codes, and structures of the old world (including the Golden Ages so many revere as Home, or the Home they remember).  And you are rising into a New Earth Experience. 

There is no timetable for these shifts, for they exist now outside the realms of time.  Time is a construct of the old codes.  So you needn’t think in terms of time.

What you can think of instead . . . is Frequency

What is the frequency I am experiencing?  What frequency is the earth experiencing? What is the energy of that event/unfoldment?  What is the vibration of that communication?  What energy is my heart emitting?  What is the vibe that my mind is thinking?  What feeling is in my physical body right now?

Where do my energetic resources want to spend their time, to be of service in the New Light unfolding and building this new world?

Some individuals will be tasked with the dismantling of old code structures, leaders, beliefs, and energies. 

But many more on the planet, a vast majority, are here to usher in, invite, anchor, and create the new templates that will rise in all of you, and anchor a new evolutionary experience for the next thousands of years to come.

So today, I, as the Keeper of the Golden Flame, along with the Galactic High Council, wish for you to tune into this new light, resting in your Heart’s Consciousness, that already knows your path and purpose here. 


We invite you to open to this greater light, and to allow it into the light of each moment’s experiences.   

There is a witnessing from a place of light that is occurring, as each of you observes the roles played by the darkest among you . . . to ultimately serve the Light . . . by creating the insight you know now . . . that Separation is an experience.  But not a reality.

What is Real, anywhere in the cosmos, in any timeline, is that the Light Leads All Things.  Light breathes Life in every moment.  And that Light and Love line the very fiber of any moment’s experiences that you have had, that you may be having, or that you are still yet to have. 

Separation is only a costume.  An alternate universe maybe.  A superficial experience and distraction of intention, from what is real, true, and always being and unfolding . . . which is . . . the Infinite Presence of Divine Source Streaming of Love and Light

When you know this, and can feel this in your Heart, you understand that the Experience of Separation is over.  And the Birthing of a New Expanded “Always and Infinite” Light is rising now.  Only because of the Separation Experience . . . and its ability to feel so real . . . for the lessons ultimately gleaned. 

The time is now to stay awake.  To remain alert.
And to consciously witness the release of the old ways and illusions of reality,
as you consciously invite the new templates of Divine Light
to anchor in your Heart’s Consciousness, and soon,
throughout your entire living, breathing, and ascended world. 

The quickening is the transmutation of the old world and experience, into a new one. 

Trust the Light to Lead every detail of the transition, even when violence seems to speak louder, or exposures seem to affirm the power of darkness. 

If Light, through Heart Sight, is All There Is, then trusting the Light to clean out the old as well as to set up the new is an essential path forward.

Simultaneous cleansing and rising efforts then are part of the experience now. 


Lightness and Darkness will be ever voluminous in these shifting times, stepping forth in relatively equal measure.  For Duality is clearing away.  But first, it must be seen, to glean the gifts of the experience. 

Witness and release as much as you can now.

Step into your Heart Center and see with Soul Eyes the events and actions taking place.

Trust all souls to be where they themselves chose to be, planned in spirit, way before this present moment.

Every detail is planned in the Light.  And to the Light, all are returning.

That which is NOT the Light . . . is seeking a space in the Light . . . if nothing else, but to experience what the Light feels like, in the Truth of its own Exposure. 

Darkness seeks to know itself too, and can only do that in relation to it’s position opposite the Light. 

Soon, it will know it’s position, absorbed and dematerialized in the Light.

All darkness is . . . an aspect of the Light.  And to it then, it shall return.

Breathe.  Go into your Heart Space as much or as often as you can or need to.

Unprecedented support cosmos-wide is here to support and anchor this ascension process well underway and en route to its divine destiny and destination.

All are in this process together.  Every being, on all worlds, is witnessing and participating in this collective experience.

Remember to inquire about frequency, energy, feelings, and vibration in regards to what you see, feel, or feel called to be or do going forward.

In the Light of Higher Frequencies, pain and suffering dissolve into the ethers and new light awaits appreciation and focused intention to be born. 


You are Loved.  You are Light.  You come from the Stars.  All of you.  The New Light is here, rising in YOU, to shine Source Love and Oneness again. 

Blessings, Always.

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