El Morya and Mother Earth: Report No. 9 ~ The Golden Flame and The Power of Dream Seeds



Report No. 9 ~ El Morya and Mother Earth:
A Call to Golden Light and Planting Dream Seeds

The Mother Earth Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

With Special Support from Mother Mary
and the Arcturian High Council

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received November 7, 2017



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Dear Ones,

It is El Morya and Mother Earth today, bringing through a Message of Higher Light and the Truth of Hope for Humanity in these times.

Some of you may or may not know the energies of who El Morya is.  I would like to briefly introduce myself to give some context as to my role in helping to heal and activate humanity in these times.  And to invite you, all of you, to open your heart now to a Greater Universe and Expansive Consciousness, than you previously may have believed.

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I am El Morya, and I am the Cosmic Keeper of the Golden Flame.  The Golden Flame is the Living Divine Frequency of Christ Consciousness in all of you, in all lands, and in all worlds.  It is a Vast Frequency of Love Consciousness, and it is perhaps one of the stronger frequencies you are each perceiving to be emerging more and more within you, as the Light Codes continue to Exponentially Flood this Planet and Awaken it from Slumber.    

I protect and maintain this Portal Flame of Divine Consciousness.  And I work with the Golden Flame to Activate the Christ Consciousness of Divine Love, Unity, and Wholeness on this planet, and in any Sentient Being Awakening and Asking to Know its True Source Roots and True Divine Light in these times.

Through this channel, I stream the Heart of the Golden Flame’s Light into the messages she receives.  I ground the Higher Frequencies that the Golden Light glows and streams into an Understandable Form of Conscious Divine Intelligence and I imbue this Sacred Light with the Power of Love’s Protection and Blessings for All who Choose to Work with it from the Love Vibrations in their Sacred Heart Centers.

Together, I, Mother Earth, Mother Mary, the Arcturian High Council, and a Countless Many Guides of Light continue to Pulse a Light Frequency . . . the Divine Threads of your Core Heart’s Divinity . . . and we Offer Light as Hope and a Pathway Forward now, for all to emerge from this Cycle of Darkness, expanded in Light, and Home in Who You Really Are.

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This is the Golden Flame’s Purpose . . . to Shine and Expand the Light of the Godheart and Source Essence for All to See and to Re-Discover their very same Source Light Within.

Mother Earth and I come together today, to Breathe this Light of Peace, this Light of Promise, this Light of Hope into your Heart’s Consciousness.

For you are all made of the very same Light.   Your cellular structures were designed in the Light.  And you are literally blueprinted to be and to know your Origins in the Stars, and in the Heart of the All That Is.

Mother Earth would like to share a brief message now, from the All That Is for the “All Of Us”, . . . that is returning now . . . in vast numbers . . . to the Gnosis, the Soul Awareness and Knowing, that we ALL come from and originated from the One True Light.  And to it, we are now re-turning.


Dear Ones, It is I, Mother Earth, and I am here to add to the Light of Love and to the Heart of Love’s Consciousness that El Morya so brilliantly described.

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We are all making this powerful journey now . . . to Return to the Power and Brilliance of our Heart’s Consciousness.  For it is through our Heart Centers, that we can access the Knowledge of our Star Natures.  Our Brilliant Divine Origins as Seeds of Source Light, living in physical form through time.

This is such a vast concept that it is too big for the mind’s logic.  It can only be absorbed and understood through the expansive energetic fabric of our Divine Heart Frequencies.  The Heart Holds Knowledge of All Time, because it is not limited to physicality.  The Heart Knows the Frequencies of Ether, . . . and Ether can store vast amounts of Data and Knowledge, that our limited mind structures simply cannot comprehend.

So today, dear ones, I invite us all to open to the Light of the Golden Flame’s Consciousness of Divine Love.  I invite us all to Breathe in through Sacred Breath . . . the Blessings of the All Knowing Source Light Inside Us.  As we Breathe these Frequencies of Deep Divine Love and Source Light Together, We Collectively Form a New Network of Expanded Neural Pathways if you will, that live in Vibrational Realms of Ether Beyond ~ yet connected to ~ our Physical Forms . . . that will create the New Frequency Structures for the New Earth to rise into and through . . . to become its Higher and Best Version of Itself in the New Earth Dream that has for so long been visioned

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We are the Etheric Pathways and Generators of that Vision. 

We are the Golden Flame’s Light of Consciousness here to Breathe, Love, and Vision this Higher Light directly from Source, that Emerges through the Stars, and that manifests these New Light Consciousness Gifts into this World.  This Sacred New Earth.

As this channel knows, . . . and has sung over the past few years in a New Earth Soul Song . . . titled “Dream Seeds,” . . . We Are The Dream Seeds of this New Earth.  We are the Seeds of Light that Come from the Stars, to manifest Greater and Greater Versions of Light into Physical Form on Earth.

This is the Living Essence of what it means
to manifest Heaven Here ON Earth.

So today, I invite you to begin to practice daily, bringing the Light of Source Energy, bringing the Light of the Golden Flame, to invite us all in Unity and Christ Consciousness, into your Heart’s Awareness.  I invite us all to open to being the Light of our Heart’s Consciousness in our Every Day’s Experiences.

We are together sewing a New Cosmic Thread of Oneness through us all, . . . and remembering . . . that it is ALL OF US . . . that make up the Core Heart of Source.

Every animal, every tree, every flower, each person,
each soul purpose, each molecule of oxygen . . .
all comes from the Same True Source Heart
and the Same Divine Vast Seed of Light. 

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We are the Dreamers of the Dream Seeds that are now here to plant and fertilize a New Light Consciousness to grow here in the Heart of my Body Temple, the Earth.

Let us Sing this Song Together.  Let us activate this Light together.  Let us weave the Golden Flame’s Consciousness together into the Etheric Heart Consciousness and Collective of this Brilliant Planet. 

Through Togetherness, and Committed Focus, this New Earth Light will physically manifest a world your/our minds cannot conceive at this point. 

But our hearts are already doing it.  We have already been sowing the seeds into the earth plane for a few thousand years.  Its time now to call it up and out in the open together, so we can consciously water this New Earth Light Garden together.  And manifest the vision in Greater Form. 

earth in space photo

Together ~ we are birthing this Brand New Earth.

I am grateful.

All My Love. 



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