El Morya and St. Germain: The Phoenix Flame

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El Morya and St. Germain Channeling ~ The Phoenix Flame

Greetings friends,

I aim to share here in my conversations with you, little by little, what it is like to be a channel, and really, a scribe for the Light of Spirit.  For in Truth, we are all channels of amazing energy, talents, light, and wisdom through the ages.

Today, I want to share a little bit about the Timelessness one experiences in a channeling connection.  You will see what I mean here shortly.

Before I channel, and connect with Higher Beings of Light, I always say my Prayers for Protection and my Intentions of Light for the forthcoming connection and communication.

I acknowledge all of the Loving Light Beings who guide and support me in so many ways every day, in the seen and the unseen worlds.  Their help, love, wisdom, light, and support are vast.

When I am ready to actually receive the messages coming through, my frequency shifts and rises a bit, in order for me to properly “match” their frequencies, so we can connect on the same “cosmic radio station” if you will.   I then listen for their frequencies to tell me a story, about the energies, colors, sounds, light, planetary unfoldments, challenges, blessings, lessons, growth, or expansions currently unfolding, as they see them from the Higher Realms.

In the following channeling that I received from El Morya last week, he references a channeled message to me that he apparently gave me a number of years ago, that is relevant now today. It took me a little while to find it, but there it was plain as day, a message entitled The Collective Phoenix, which I published in 2009 in my book, Cosmic Keys.

El Morya had indeed planted the seed for this week’s channeling, nearly 8 years ago.

Time is truly Timeless, and only functions within the Greater Design of Divine Time.

The guides show me that again, and again, and again.

My only job is to witness this phenomenon, and to allow the appropriate awe to fill the Allness of my Being.  And I do this, routinely now.

The following channeling is a message many Light Years in the Making, and 8 years in my particular Circles of Receiving, for this very perfect Now.

Mother Mary’s message from earlier last week relates and references in some ways . . . this work with El Morya that we are here to do now, with the Phoenix Flame, if we feel so called by the frequencies offered in this current visualization.

El Morya’s Golden Flame and St. Germain’s Violet Flame have been guiding experiences, individuals, collectives, and manifestations of Light for eons.

Today, they give us a new tool to rise above the ashes of our past planetary creations, and even some present day ones, and into the New Light Codes and Blessings showering the Earth at this critical time in the cosmos.

Today, they give us what they call, The Phoenix Flame, to empower us to clean out and clean up whatever it is that no longer serves our Higher Path, the Highest Good of the Planet, and/or the Highest Good of All.

I will share the 2009 “Collective Phoenix” Channeling in an additional post later this week, for those interested in seeing the Timelessness of Spirit, and the Oneness of Consciousness that we Truly Are.

For now, feel your own Rising Inner Phoenix, who is ready to fly free of these Ashes of Old, and into the New Light of More Expansive Harmony and Possibility!

Enjoy this message from two beautiful Master Beings of Light, El Morya and St. Germain.

They come with Deep Love in their Hearts for Humanity and the Grace we are just beginning to Remember . . . and Return to.

Remember to Listen here with your Inner Discernment . . . for Resonance.
As always, keep the best and release the rest.

Luminous Light and Blessings to All,

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El Morya and St. Germain ~ The Phoenix Flame
April 6, 2017
via channel Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame, here with a joint message from me and the Golden Flame’s Light, and St. Germain and the Violet Flame’s Light, . . . as well as the Orion Council of Light.

I come to you today with the aid and support of the Golden and Violet Flames to activate a special flame that I mentioned to you years ago now.  It may be printed in one of your books.

It is essentially a Phoenix Flame.  And so it is a Gray Flame.  Or more accurately, an Ash Flame.

Burning coals photo

This Flame is the By-Product Flame of the Golden Flame’s and Violet Flame’s Partnership.  It is the exhaust if you will of our Flames’ Union . . . the Emission Flame that is the Sweeper of the Cosmos.

It is an Absorbing Flame.  What is sent visually to this Flame, or what is intended to go to this Flame, will enter it’s vacuum/portal for Divine Laundering, Sweeping, and Dematerialization.

So if you, for instance, have psychic debris in your energy field, that you know is due for deep spring cleaning, clearing, and release, you may send it through to the Ash Flame.  To be cleansed in the furnace fires co-created specially and specifically by the Golden Flame’s and Violet Flame’s Partnership.

To do this, you can simply call up the aspect of you, or the wound that you are focused on and have done the work to learn from and now prep for all-time clearing now, . . . or a wound that you see in humanity or in the earth, whose time for teaching and lesson gleaning is complete, . . . you can visualize this Gray Flame as serving the role of “Trash Day” on your world. 

This is debris that no longer serves any purpose to you, or for the enlightenment, enrichment, and elevation of higher consciousness, on a planet now ready to return to much Greater Light, Sustenance, and Soul Growth Opportunities. 

trash can with spilling debris imageJust as you would deem old food wrappers, household scraps, and leftover daily odds and ends to be trash, that have clearly outlived their usefulness or served their purpose, and there is no better or more useful way or desire TO recycle them . . . this is what we call . . . True Etheric Debris (aka Atmospheric Garbage) . . . whose time has come to go home through the Gray Flame’s Portal . . . to experience the alchemy of incineration back into the Light of Divine Source . . . and Renewed Energy for the Divine Light’s Manifestation once again for this world and other worlds that may desire this cleansed energy for positive creations.

You see?

So this Gray Flame is hugely and highly purposeful, although it is not as initially fancy as the Golden Flame and the Violet Flame, with their joyous powers of transmutation and support for life force in the universe.

The Gray Flame is a needed element and tool on the earth plane now to be visioned with the greatest consciousness, to be summoned for only the Highest Good of All Purposes, and to support the Highest Cleansing Light and Divine Alchemy of transmuting dark karmas, energies, and frequencies of denser experiences . . . ultimately into re-usable/accessible Higher Light.  Via the Ash Flame’s embodiment of the Great Central Sun’s Phoenix Energy.

All can be transmuted here . . . that is a vibrational match . . . to the Divine Purpose of this Flame. 

So, this Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and simultaneously, this Fall in the Southern Hemisphere, you are collectively invited to participate in this Spring Cleaning, to clean up the debris of this planet, via this cosmic trash collection project, and this powerful portal of deep alchemy – incinerating energies – from darkness and density – into Pure Source Divine White Light once more. 

Do a body temple inventory. 

If there are energies or cells carrying debris in your body temple, do your prayers of protection and intention.  Visualize the Golden Flame’s and Violet Flame’s co-created Gray Flame/Phoenix Flame . . . in your own mind’s eye . . . seeing it supported by the brilliance of Divine Light – to be this cleansing cosmic vacuum cleaner at this time.  And having the ability to incinerate the deepest, darkest, and densest debris whose time is simply up . . .

Vision yourself and your cellular debris – only true debris now – going to the Ash Flame – to be energetically assessed for alchemical matching and transmutation.  And see this portal then consciously receiving your trash for permanent (meaning ALL TIME) transmutation into ultimately new, clean, free, Divinely Blessed, Accessible Energy that will bless the universe, and all universes, in perpetuity.

You can play with this as you’d like.  Starting with Spring Cleaning in your Body Temple. 

Picking one thing at a time meeting the criteria discussed, or possibly having a whole trash bag, whereby you collect several items at a time for permanent alchemy/trash collection.

sealed orange trash bag photo

See it in your heart/mind’s eye, leaving your body temple, or leaving your life experience or planetary experience, sealed in the trash bag, and arriving at the Ash Flame’s Waste Disposal Portal Center, moving via a conveyor belt . . . See it going through the Ash Flame’s Alchemical Ring of Fire, and see it go through that process, and flash into Pure Divine White Cleansed Light, as it goes through the Phoenix Flame’s Ring/Hoop Like Structure.

Know in your Heart and in your Cells that this debris is now cleansed for All Time.

If you do this practice, with:

Your Body Temple

Or Any Relationship Baggage that needs to clear

Or Planetary Pollution

Or Mind Control/Enslavement Programs whose time has come to clear

Fears or Limitations that you may have held for eons

Or Whatever Psychic or Planetary Debris that includes True Waste Products and Energies weighing down the planet, and without the Light of the Purpose, Frequency, and Alignment of the New Earth . . .

Polluted Earth Image

See this Vision Through. 

Work consciously with the Ash Flame, and witness the Phoenix Light rise at the end, as your consciously collected trash is processed, alchemized, and made new once more, as New Life and New Light to benefit ALL WORLDS.

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And that is all each of you must do.

St. Germaine and I will be the Master Mentors of this Phoenix Flame. 

So we will keep our energies tuned to the power of this conscious cleansing as well, and assure that all is working for the Highest Good of All in All Realms, to expand the True Light of All That Is.

This guidance comes on the heels of the recent channeling received from Mother Mary and a council of Light Being Guides, speaking to the “Old Structure Ash” now still adorning the planet, but with only the power of air to manifest its once prolific dark ways. 

So the ashy-air will become vapor, and the vapor will be vacuumed and alchemized into New Earth Light.   

golden ring of fire imageYou can ask in your prayers that you be guided, protected, loved, and supported via the Pure Source Light, in order to send to the Ash Flame what truly is ready for trash collection, personally and/or collectively.

You can ask in your prayers and intentions that you have the Knowledge and Divine Discernment to recognize True Debris versus a Work-of-Learning-in-Progress. 

And you can ask in your prayers and intentions in this Pure Source Light Supported Vision that you too get to be blessed in the alchemy for trusting, consciously participating, transmuting, and serving the Greater Light through your Heart’s Highest Light Intentions.

When you see the process (that you visioned) complete, and when you feel complete, thank Source Energy, send Love to this Planet, feel and send love from Source Energy to Your Heart, and feel Our Love and Appreciation for the Cosmic Cleaners you are now being, in order to rehabilitate and reinvent a whole new world of Light, Health, and Prosperity for All.

You Are Loved, Dear Ones.

Each and Every One of You.

We are doing this clean-up together.

It is INDEED a very exciting and empowering time. 


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