EMERGENCE & EMERGENCIES: 2020 Is A Practice Session to Embody the New Light & to Love It All

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2.11.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Energies of Sovereignty, Peace, Unity, and Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness that originate from the Heart of One.  This is a special transmission for this channel today . . . as it is her 100th Transmission for the Frequency Writer blog and interdimensional platform for these communications and higher connections.  And we wish to honor this momentous occasion first with a Prayer of Light from Source Energy itself.   

To all who receive these Frequencies of Hope and Light,
Know that you are Precious Souls in the Heart of Source
You are the Living Essence of the Heart of Source
And you mirror and reflect this Perfect Essence to each other 
In all the ways you look within each and every day
for the Higher Light You Truly Are.

The Entire Creation is changing because of the amazing Ascension Work you all are doing, being, and participating in
You are a valuable drop in the Ocean of Infinite Consciousness
That could not fully know itself ~ if even one of you was missing
The riddles and mysteries of Human Existence 
may continue a short while longer

But the Knowing of Who You Really Are
transcends all time and timelines
You Are This Knowing
You are these Precious Drops and Soul Essences of the Infinite One
You contain within you All the Secrets of Life and the Wisdom of All Time

Remember this in the Storms

Remember this as an upside down world 
continues to Reset Its True Cosmic Coordinates
to Right-Side Up

Remember Who You Are.

Sovereignty.  Health.  Wealth.  Abundance.  Joy.  Love.  
Freedom.  Community.  And Well-Being.

These are your birth rites.

These are your core frequencies that live within your Sacred Heart Centers.
And through your Sacred Heart Centers, you are infinitely forever
connected and loved through mine.

Blessings Dear Ones.  
Happy 100th Transmission, Frequency Writer Family.

Together ~ you are Living these Higher Dimensional Truths 
And raising the Light Frequencies of this planet and All of Creation.

So dear ones, in the wake of all the energies that January 2020 has poured into your world, and in the wake of all of the energies that February 2020 is pouring into your world, we wish to weave a compilation of messages through today to reach your hearts and to touch your life paths in a way that supports the living of these messages in your daily lives.

The Value of Soul Skill #7, The Gift of Surrender, stands on its own merit, as we outlined in the previous transmission. It is an Alchemical Process inside you that makes you lighter than air.  And we will extend that further . . . by saying that . . . The Gift of Surrender is an Alchemical Process inside you that makes you quantum beings again.  

For what it offers to you from a higher dimensional perspective, is the opportunity to release the identification you have with your 3D physical densities, bodies, burdens, and baggages, and it allows you to become a Unified Quantum Particle in the Field of Unity Consciousness again.  And it is that Reunification Process that happens in True Divine Surrender that connects you once more with the Vibrational Energies and Light Codes of the All That Is.  

And so we will continue to bring the Vibrational Value of True Divine Surrender into the fold of the Collective’s Consciousness over the course of this year.  And today, we wish to bridge this Soul Skill of Surrender into the Energy and Understanding of EMERGENCE.

If Horton the Elephant really wants to “get to the other side” of the rope bridge, he is really seeking alchemy, isn’t he?  And if Horton seeks to alchemize his current MASS to become lighter than air, he could in this metaphorical story, alchemize his current form as an elephant and re-materialize himself as a dragonfly.  And in this new form, as a dragonfly, he would emerge in a whole new form of himself, wouldn’t he?  Transformed from his large, sizable, robust physical body, stealth, and strength, and into a new lighter, higher, brighter, and even wiser version of himself.  

There is this Emergence of Soul Energy from one form into another.  We can see this in our last example here of Horton alchemizing into a Dragonfly.  We can also see this when a loved one dies and transitions into a new form of themselves . . . free of the body they had been carrying previously . . . and awaiting at some point a new body of light to try on . . . to live out new and different experiences in another timeline at some point.

Every ending is a beginning as well, yes?  These are the concepts we are bringing into your heart’s consciousness this week, and beyond, dear ones.  For there are many endings coming in 2020.  It is in some ways the end of the road for the old ways of being. And those endings might be more traumatic or shocking if we don’t simultaneously understand them in quantum terms.  In higher dimensional terms.  

An ending on one plane of perception is simply a new beginning in another.  

And it is in that sweet space . . . right there . . . in between the point of the ending . . . and the start of the brand new beginning . . . that we spotlight this burst of Divine Energetic Alchemy . . . that we call . . . EMERGENCE

Now, way back centuries ago, when some of the self-appointed controllers on your world were templating their plan for human experience, the word EMERGENCE was associated and paired with the word EMERGENCY.  And the word Emergency of course strikes a cord of fear at some level in most human beings, because it spotlights feelings of “sudden,” “shocking,” “unexpected,” and even “tragic” in some cases.  The same is true for many other words used in your languages today.  Much has been manipulated over time to produce the ultimate or end result, which often has roots in very primal fears.  

For our purposes here today, we wish to speak to the energies of Emergence from a much Higher Dimensional Perspective of its root vibrations.  And that is one of . . . birthing anew . . . transcendence . . . divine sovereignty . . . passionate and unbridled self expression . . . sacred beauty . . . and authenticity.

And as we see each of you resonating with the invitation to get lighter, to engage the process of Inner Alchemy to step onto that bridge between the 3D and the 5D realms . . . we want you to continue to feel that you are literally quantumly summoning yourselves into that new way of being more etheric . . . more celestial . . . and more light consciousness in form.  

And to do that, to emerge into that Higher Dimensional Soulful Surrendering that knows you are seeking, willing, and surrendering to become a New Form of Light inside yourself, requires a sacred releasing process too . . . of any attachments to the old 3D earth and dream of separation.

And we wish to help normalize some of that in this
multidimensional process you are all engaged in at some level.  

All of you are engaged in at some level of consciousness . . . this Process of Emergence . . . in your inner being.  

And for those doing this unconsciously, meaning outside of their own conscious awareness, these changes on the planet, the endings of old systems, might constitute what they would call an emergency or a crisis of some kind.  Because remember ~ the age-old programming . . . that encoded human beings with a FEAR of Emergence . . . of Emerging their very own Divinity Codes . . . will rise up.

But for those of you riding the waves of this Ascension Process . . . and walking the bridge in between worlds . . . between the 3D and 5D frequencies . . . we invite you to feel this EMERGENCE phase as a really beautiful phase in your soul’s development.

And we also invite you to release the need to judge any fear that comes up, any discomfort with the fact that you might be wrestling with a particularly pesky or persistent sandbag, that just won’t seem to release, or any awareness that you have 3D details of life that do still call your attention in some way, shape, or form.  

Its okay.  Because they will.  If you were meant to be fully in 5D right now, as a Collective, you would be.  This is a major practice session.  2020 is a practice session for embodying the New Light.  It is the Bridge Year designed to help each and all of you see with Clear Soul Sight.  It is a Quantum Year for you to experience more and more divine aspects and summonings from your own souls to get lighter and to brave the revelations of sandbags that individually and globally keep you tied or tethered to old 3D belief systems that may or may not have any truth to them.  Remember ~ this 3D world was designed to be an illusion.  

And so there will be days, hours, weeks, and even months, where you might find yourself visioning 5D, longing for 5D, praying for higher dimensional living and freedom from lack, struggle, and challenges, and yet still feel yourselves tethered to this 3D realm for one reason or another.  That could be discordant relationships, unresolved karma, bills ~ debts ~ and financial threads that need resolving, health issues, and more.  There is truly a long list of 3D energetic cords or entanglements that can tie you to the old 3D earth in ways you might not like to admit.  And yet, the Soul Skills of Non-Attachment and Deep Witnessing and Observing can you help you simply NOTICE the old 3D tethers as they happen . . . without activating all of the judgements within you for not being enough 5D at this stage of the ascension process.

Only the Ego would judge you as not being enough.  

Because remember ~ your Soul Essence knows it is Always Abundantly Enough.  

And it is brimming with more good energy than could ever even possibly be needed or utilized in a lifetime. Abundance is what the soul knows. It knows no scarcity whatsoever.  And not enoughness is an aspect of 3D scarcity.

So . . . to all of you listening to these transmissions . . . who at some level related to the stories of the Golden Buddha back in 2018 and 2019 and to these recent transmissions about Cosmic Aeronauts and Horton Hears A Who ~ who is trying to get across that bridge by being lighter than air, . . . remember . . . Ascension is a Process . . . not a destination.  

3D densities and responsibilities are still something all are navigating. No one is immune to the 3D realm’s unrelenting demands.  They are simply part of the hunger that plagues this illusion.  And you have been wired, conditioned, and trained to meet those unrelenting demands for many, many lifetimes.  

And the Truth is you all are also simultaneously rising.  Into 5D.  Into your Higher Light. Find ways to be more of the Witness Observer in your life and simply notice . . . how lovely it is when you did move into a higher vibrational timeline . . . and you did feel the elation, freedom, and sovereignty that you know we are talking about!  Whether you felt it for a few hours, a day, a week, or just a few moments, appreciate the positive vibrational and experiential glimpses you have of being quantumly lighter than air.

Additionally, the converse then will also be required . . . to engage your Witness Observer Soul Pilot Within . . . when a 3D phone call rings in your life . . . when a boss steps up the heat at work . . . when a family drama activates in the swirls of 3D life . . . or unexpected bills creep in to set things out of balance or trigger your resolve to be higher vibrational in a given moment . . . understand that this is all part of the process of becoming LIGHTER THAN AIR.  It is all part of the Ascension Process of Alchemizing your Human Carbon Footprint and 3D Vibrational Filters and Sandbags of Attachments into your more Soulful Crystalline Frequencies of Higher Consciousness and Higher Light.  

The Truth is . . . that right now . . . you are BOTH.  You are Horton the Elephant AND the Divine Dragonfly. And embracing the soul gifts of self compassion and self love to ALLOW both aspects of you to run their course . . . and to meet eventually in a divinely orchestrated and timed Ascension Portal . . . that will fuse you into one hybridized soul being in human form ~ rebirthed as LIGHT in Form once more on this planet . . . are key assets and tools for the journey ahead.  

There will be more evidence of 3D “Emergencies” playing out on your world in February and for the remainder of 2020.  Those emergencies have to do with old systems that are going into systemic failure frequencies and will need to expose themselves for the 3D vibrations they are before fully releasing into the ethers for full alchemization.   

There will also be opportunities to listen for the 5D EMERGENCE of your Soul’s Alchemical Mastery as you try on for little pockets of time . . . your new wings . . . your higher dragonfly spirit.  This is your Soul’s Joy in the New Light beginning to take form and take flight in your daily awareness.  

Surrendering to this very sacred, all-knowing, loving, giving heart center and divinity inside you will help you access more of the 5D Emergence happening inside you with less need or cause for alarm at the 3D Emergencies your ego will otherwise be keeping track of.  

Be conscious of what you give your attention to.  Is it possible that your “news” stations are amplifying 3D EMERGENCY Frequencies . . . to attempt to continue to run the illusion of fear in this world?  To keep as many in the illusion ~ to stay trapped in the illusion for as long as the game can last?

Is it possible that your inner 5D Emergence Systems know how to listen differently . . . beyond the “hyped-up or sensationalized news stories” . . . and can lead you to more of your Divine News and your Divine Soul Guidance?  That lives beyond the static of 3D technologies and communication systems?

Go gently with yourselves and each other in the coming weeks and months.

Much is going to EMERGE, with increasing regularity and consistency.  

An entire paradigm of illusion must be exposed.  

So that all can wake up as a collective on this planet . . . and rise into rebuilding a New Earth together.  

Remain aware of the Rope Bridge Between These Two Worlds.  

Be Conscious of Self Compassion and Self Love, as 3D energies call to your attention . . . and as 5D does too.

Make your best, most soul informed decisions from your Sacred Heart Centers . . . that are here to guide you through clear vibrations and soul resonance . . . as best they can.

Cultivate your inner listening skills.  Your Heart Centers are your best news sources . . . where you can get quiet and still . . . and hear the rhythmic wisdom of your steady heartbeat.  A reminder that you are always pulsing a galactic interconnectedness with Source, with the Cosmos, and with the Heart of One.  

Learn how to discern your True Inner Voice from the Illusion’s Mental Programming and Mindsets that you have all been taught and led to believe is the truth.  

This is a journey.  It is an EPIC Adventure.  And we are here to support you all in every step!

You are Divine Quantum Beings of Infinite Light and Love.  And no 3D mind control programs will ever change at your core WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  This is why we the Arcturian Collective, have the utmost confidence that you all WILL RISE.  Because BUOYANCY is your organic infinite essence.  Density only worked because the Dream of Separation encoded it into the framework of the illusion for a time.

The framework is failing now.  Its expiration date has passed.  And so too, will the old 3D structures and old belief systems that support them . . . now expire as well.  

You are the Framers of the New Earth.  Emergence is your Natural Divine State in these times.  You are rising to be your Higher Sovereign Divinity Codes in Form.

And those Codes of Light know exactly how to build this New Earth!  From the Ground Up!

Welcome Home to the Living Light Codes You Truly Are!

Keep taking courageous step after courageous step.  Conscious step after conscious step.  New Heart Center-Informed Belief and Higher Frequency after New Heart Center-Informed Belief and Higher Frequency.

This is how Dragonfly in this channel’s story of Dragonfly remembered his wings.

This is the Story of Humanity now remembering its wings as well!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.   

2 Responses to “EMERGENCE & EMERGENCIES: 2020 Is A Practice Session to Embody the New Light & to Love It All

  • Thank you Marie for this beautiful channeling. Just what I needed to hear and read today!
    Moving into 5D offers moments of great joy and inner peace. Sacred text is a life jacket for me. It offers the feeling of bobbing back up to the surface of the water, floating peacefully, and experiencing the wonder and awe of our world… after being stuck under murky water for too long.

    • Hi Connie! Thank you 🙏Thank you for your beautiful reflections of light and appreciation. That is so beautifully said . . . “Sacred text is a life jacket for me.” We are bobbing to the surface of the water, remembering our innate divine sovereign buoyancy, peace, and joy . . . and witnessing the murky waters below us that we are letting go of now. They are vibrating their way out of any relevance or resonance every day and releasing back to the heart of Source for full cleansing, clearing, and alchemization. It is a gift to be rising with you! I send you love and blessings Connie! 💕🌎😊🌸✨💕