Epic Quantum Change: Divine Choice-points, Multidimensionality, Merkabas, Dragonfly Wisdom, & New Earth Ascension

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.9.2021


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of the Godheart today.  There are powerful frequencies activating the Earth Mother now and all who reside here.  January 2021 marks the beginning of immense change in the world, as you have known it.  And we would say that a Great Restoration of God’s Original Divine Design is underway and a Great Reset to the Codes of Light and thus the Living Light that All Truly Is is unfolding perfectly at this time.  We invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us and allow this possibility of Profound Positive Change to fill your cells, your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your Whole Divine Awareness in this moment.  Feel this Possibility of Profound Positive Change seeding the New Light in your Sacred Heart Center, bringing it Home in your Higher Heart’s Awareness and thus the Higher Heart Vision that enables you increasingly so to see this world through the Creator’s Eyes.  You are a Divine Visioner, Templater, Builder, and Dreamer of this New Earth Experience and the Reign of Light that is resetting on your world as we speak to you in this transmission on the 9th of January 2021.  It is your Heart Center dear one that holds the Bridge Codes and thus the Bridge Frequencies to know the old 3D timeline disappearing before your very eyes and also to know the new 5D timeline that is Your True Light, Your True Vibration, and Your True Essence in this world as a unique soul signature in a much greater United Collective of Source Light in Form.  Breathe with us a moment this One Breath, this Breath of the New Earth, and this Sacred Conscious Breath of Divine Reunion with All That Is Good, All That Is God, and All That Is Grace . . . that is rising again in your Conscious Awareness and in your Mind-Body-Spirit Merkabal Vessel that is aligning with the Heart of Gaia in these times.  There is a Great Weaving unfolding in these Sacred Connections, every time you breathe a Consciously Chosen Heart-Centered Breath of Oneness, Breath of Unity and Breath of the Godheart.  All Is Returning to the One.  And we will be talking about this much more in the transmission and in this New Year of 2021.

frequencywriter.com ~ January 2021 Channeling ~ Epic Change

A good question you might be asking right now, or that we would ask you, is . . . Where are we?  Where exactly IS humanity in Time and Space right now?  Can you relate to the energetics in this question?  For so much on your world right now seems upside down and inside out, yes?  And we would say there is the experience of Spiritual Vertigo unfolding in some ways right now for many of you.  And we would also say that the upside down and inside out energy is a big part of what is turning you all Right Side Up.  

2021 as many of you know through numerology is a 5 Year.  For 2 plus 0 plus 2 plus 1 equals 5.  And 5 years embody frequencies of Great Change.  Righting an upside down world into its right side up positioning in the cosmos might have that level of “Great Change” effect.  Yes?  And you see, in the old world age and cycle characterized largely by Separation Consciousness and Spiritual Amnesia, there was a 3D matrix requirement that conditions would be set for each and all of you to disconnect from your heart centers.  And thus, in the illusions of this 3D experiment and experience, you would also experience yourselves as disconnecting with or from God.  Now while this cannot actually ever really happen, enough events, incidents, traumas, memories, and experiences etc can occur that can facilitate that level of Estrangement from Source and from Who You Really Are.  So if the 3D matrix and upside down world is characterized by vibrations and organizational structures (on every level of mind body spirit in you and on the earth mother herself) of Source Separation and Estrangement and Heart Center Disconnection, then it would make sense when you are returning to a “Right-side Up” World that is aligned with the Heart of God and the Heart of Oneness and the Heart of ONE . . . that you would be re-activating your Heart Center itself.  And this is what is causing a great deal of the Vibrational Earthquakes and Earth Shakes and Consciousness Shakes and Quakes too, inside each and all of you.  

Those Quakes and Shakes to the Old 3D Separation-Spawned Experiences and Foundational Pillars and Structures that characterize the world as you have known it are exactly what are also revealing and unveiling a Brave, Beautiful, and Glorious New World that is beyond your Collective’s Comprehension at this particular point in history and at this particular junction of the Human Evolutionary Experience.  But are Brave, Beautiful, Glorious, and Resplendent new experiences coming to this planetary vibration, to this planetary structure, and to this Grace-Filled New Year, we would say, very much so.  

We spoke in the last transmission of the literal energy and the metaphor of your being at the edge of a precipice, needing to listen within for a Divine Choice-point right now, of which vibrational timeline you now wish to choose to inhabit.  Because that Choice-point is here.  You are each and all standing at the precipice of remembering yourselves as Quantum Beings, as Unified Living Light, as Heroes and Vessels of a Holy Purpose.  Where do those Quantum Codes come from?  The Godheart.  The Heart of God.  Those codes literally emanate and stream from the Heart of God.  And the 3D realm and experience in many ways was a journey into feeling a starvation cycle, a dehydration cycle, or a lack-filled vibrational cycle.  And now, fresh water, fresh oxygen, fresh nutrients, fresh light, and fresh codes of Divine Abundance on every level imaginable are returning to you and to the Whole Earth Now.

frequencywriter.com ~ January 2021 Channeled Transmission ~ Marie Mohler

And this is where you will begin to feel your Dragonfly Wings, if you will simply make that Divine Choice-point that you consciously choose to step into the Realms of Quantum Frequencies once more.  Quantum Frequencies ARE God Frequencies.  Quantum Frequencies are Abundance Frequencies.  Quantum Frequencies are Interconnectedness Frequencies, Sovereign Frequencies, and Expansionary Frequencies.

Do you see the bigger vibrational mechanisms of the Expansion Contraction frequencies of a Quantum Universe in all that we are describing here today?  Every inhale in the realms of life is an expansion and every exhale is a contraction in the realms of life.  Life is Breath.  And Breath is Life.  Expansion and Contraction work synergistically and harmoniously together in the Creation and Sustainment of all life in all realms.  In the 3D world, that very life giving practice of Conscious Breathing has been demoted and devalued so significantly as to simply be the line in the sand between life and death.  Conscious Breathing and Divine Breath is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.  

Conscious Breathing is Creation.   

Conscious Breathing is Conception.

Conscious Breathing is Divine Nourishment.

Conscious Breathing is Divine Gnosis.

Conscious Breathing is Life Force, Soul Force, and Divine Source Energy.

You are in the process dear ones of Becoming Quantum again.  You are on the Precipice of Quantum Access to All That You Have Ever Been before and throughout all time.  The Knowing of this is exponential and infinitely expansive.  It is also very soul enriching and soul nourishing.

Coming Home doesn’t always mean returning to Spirit in your etheric body.  Coming Home Truly in Higher Dimensional Realms means Inhabiting your God Consciousness in the Seat of your Soul Presence, in the Heart Center Within, and in the Vibrational Thoughts, Feelings, Energies, and Beliefs you embody in any given moment.  

And as this occurs, in your Light Bodies, in your Physical Body Temples, and in your Physical World around you and its organizational structures, all that is NOT of the Light and that is NOT of the Godheart’s Living Light Codes for Creation will be dismantled.  It will be dematerialized.  It will be Cleansed Away in one way or another.

For the Time of Illusion is over.  And the Time of Re-Union is at hand.

This year, 2021, is bringing ALL LIFE back into the Center of the Godheart.  

2021 is Returning All Consciousness Back to the Heart of One.  

 And the things you will be able to do, the things you will know how to do, the things you will create through this Portal of Divine Grace, Beauty, Unity, and Light will be astonishing to you.  The Quantum Field is everything that is Good and Holy in a Divine Sovereign Universe.  And you are rising to remember that All Things CAN Be Good and Holy Again.  All Things can be Godly Again.  

And if that seems impossible, to you in your life right now, or in the lives of others that you know, listen.  Watch.  Observe.  You will see the illusions of past Great Cycles and World Ages crumble before your eyes.  Social, societal, and governmental structures that involve deep and dense taxation of the human population will crumble and shift to support a new way of prospering that honors the sovereignty of all beings on this planet.  This is but one example of a Great Shift at this time of Quantum Change.  

Simply said, 2021 is a Year of Extraordinary and Epic Quantum Change!

Remember when we said that the vibrational landscape between your feet was changing?  Well, that vibrational landscape shift and those changes are now manifesting the impacts and effects in your physical lives of this level of Quantum Change.  All falsehoods, all illusion, all enslavement programs, all games and gimmicks of the 3D matrix and realm are clearing away to make room for the Newness of Quantum Harmony, Quantum Unity, and Quantum Co-Creation with All That Is Good and All That Is Godly.  

As a living, breathing being on Planet Earth today, you are a powerful instrument of this Divine and Quantum Change.  You can either be the 3D human being who is resisting at the precipice of this Quantum Leap now into the 5D Celestial Mists of New Creation and New Sentient Living with Unity and Joy in your Heart Center.  OR . . . you can be a Divine Human Being who is open and willing to upgrade now to a much Higher Timeline and Vibrational Heart Consciousness that allows magic and miracles and goodness and godliness to be your every moment’s Now of experience.

Portals to other dimensional realms, collaboration, and communication are opening inside many of you.  Portals of Higher Consciousness, Faith, and True Heart Belief are opening inside you as well.   

Quantum Soul Sight is what is required to begin to catch glimpses of the Bliss in store for all of you.  2020 was your escort into this 5D Experience of 20/20 Vision, that is not simply 3D earth bound physical vision . . . from a trapped 3D lens of perception, perspective, and perceiving and believing things about the world around you.  2020 was an aspect of the Quantum Leap that is now unfolding within each and all of you.

There are those who will leap out of fear because there is no 3D earth and structure to cling to, and feel the fall into the ravines of lower vibrational energies and experiences that can still provide a springboard for quantum leaping in their own ways and in their own right.

There are those who will leap in Deep Faith, knowing there is no 3D earth and structure to cling to, for they know it to be a deep illusion, and they also know the Truth of the Godheart and the 5D Gloriousness that is summoning them forward onto the Stones in the Celestial 5D Mist, that is truly a Zero Point Portal available to all of you.

The Choice-Point now is Fear Or Faith.     

The Choice-Point now is Separation and Lack-Filled Living OR Union, Re-Union, and Abundance Filled Living.

The Choice-Point now is Falling or Flying in these New Dimensional Energies.

And this is where the Story and Song of the Dragonfly comes in, that this channel brought through many years ago now.  

To share the gist of that story, here in this transmission, with the recommendation for you all to go and have a listen to it yourselves, . . . there is a Dragonfly in his own hero’s journey, walking, walking, and quite arduously walking in his journey, because he has forgotten that he has wings on his back.  He is sweating, struggling, and perspiring a great deal, because his feet were not made in the Creator’s Divine Design for such long, everlasting treks on foot, in such a long, hard journey of struggle, thirst, fatigue, and lack.  But as the Cosmos and Divine Creation would have it, Dudley the Dragonfly meets an Old Wise Turtle along the way.  Who Reminds Dudley that he does in Fact have wings on his back.  They might be a little rusty.  They might be a little neglected from lack of consciousness and lack of use.  But with time and practice, those wings are made for flying.  They are made for freedom.  They are designed for Transcendence.  And we will now add, they are made for Quantum Leaping from old, crumbling precipices to New Celestial Light, Life, and Quantum Living in Unity Consciousness with the Greater Collective of All Of Creation.  

Those Dragonfly Wings?  Are your Cosmic Keys to your Multidimensionality.  

Where are you Leaping?  Really?  Into your Divine Merkabas once more.

Your Divine Merkabas are your Spiritual Locomotion in the New Earth.

Can you see or feel your Divine Merkabas with your 3D limited, lack-filled, trapped, fearful, physical vision and separation consciousness still intact?  No.

Can you see, feel, and know your Divine Merkabas with your 5D Higher Soul Sight, Abundance Filled Heart Centers, and Quantum Faith and Belief in the Goodliness and Godliness of Everyone and Everything in the Higher Dimensional Realms of Consciousness, from a Place of Quantum Unity and Feeling the Unity Star-shine Within?  Absolutely.

So what happens to Dudley after he hears he does truly have these wings?  And that they are reflections of his 4 chambers of his Sacred Heart Center?  And thus, his 4 Energy Bodies that are Divinely Designed to work together to be our Spiritual Locomotion or Quantum and Multidimensional Communication Systems and Starships to move through Time and Space in Higher Dimensional Ways?  

He has to become willing to feel them, see them, perceive them, believe in them, and begin to exercise and activate them.

As he does, initially, he flops around a bit.  One wing activates, and then another.  They at first are a little disjointed and uncoordinated.  Its been a while since all of these energy bodies are working and synergized together.  But as he persists in his own inner rising, his own inner dedication to liberating himself and his wings, he starts to remember.  Cellular and Soulular Memory begin to activate.  And he begins to remember with Ease and Grace . . . the Joy of an Activated and Fully Flowing Heart Center . . . and the Grace of Unified Light . . . that supports him in his Ascensionary Journey to Rise and Take Flight!

That Dragonfly . . . is YOU, dear ones.

That Dragonfly . . . Is Your Quantum Essence and your Ascension Journey now.

And there is a chorus that is sung throughout that song story, that could even become your very own mantra of 2021.  And it goes like this:

Oh Dragonfly, with your Wings of Light,

You inspire us to Take Flight, 

Oh Dragonfly, Dragonfly,

Oh Dragonfly, with Integrated Sight,

You call our Hearts to Unite

Oh Dragonfly, Dragonfly,

Oh Dragonfly, in Coordinated Flight,

You remind us, of our Own Path of Light,

When we join our wings, our hearts sing

We elevate as One to a bliss that rings

Oh Dragonfly, Dragonfly,

Oh Dragonfly, Teach us The Way,

Oh Dragonfly, Namaste.

frequencywriter.com ~ Marie Mohler ~ January 2021 epic change

And here you are in January 2021, witnessing your own arduous journeys.  Of the past year of 2020, rising, or efforting, to see with clear soul sight the density and 3D nature of the journey.  You are witnessing the darkness that flourished in a timeline of Separation Consciousness.  And you are witnessing now the dematerialization of that Entire Old 3D Paradigm of Human and Sentient Experience.  And you are witnessing The Great Rising within, through, and all around you.

Your feet, one and all, are at that point of the Precipice.  In January 2021.  

The pebbles at the edge of that cliff are being pushed to the ravine below, in those resisting the Quantum Leap with Faith, and instead, engaging fear.

Faith activates your Wings.

Faith is the Main Tool now that works together with your Spiritual Vision to support you to Quantum Leap and Ascend into greater and greater New Earth Frequencies and Greater and Greater New Earth Experiences.

Once you have some experiences in the New Higher Vibrations, the New 5D Earth begins to become visible to you.

The 3D Earth taught you that you have to see things to believe them.

The 5D Earth knows and teaches you that you have to believe things TO see them.

An upside down world is turning right side up.  

We think Vibrational Tools and Soul Skills like Conscious Breathing, Connecting with the Heart of God and with the Heart of Gaia, tapping into the Joy of your Divine Gifts and Talents, and your Willingness to Summon in Clearer, Purer Soul Sight into your daily lives are helping you immensely to make this leap, through these different dimensional vibrations and consciousnesses right now.

Faith is the Oil and the Activator of your old but still perfectly intact Higher Dimensional “Dragonfly” Wings.  

It is through Faith, even the size of a Mustard Seed, that has the Power to Create Worlds. 

It has the Power to help you to see this New Quantum Higher Dimensional New Earth that is opening and joyfully summoning you to its Heart Center.  To its Heart Chamber.  To its Higher Dimensional Sight of Infinite Positive Possibility in a Divine Creation of Goodliness and Godliness.  And we would even say, Gold-liness.  Because this Faith in this New 5D Earth and this Higher State of Consciousness inside you will feel to you like being showered in an Abundance of God and Gaia’s Golden White Light!

You are in the Time of the Great Return.  You are in the Time of the Great Awakening.

You are in the Time of the Illusions Crumbling.  And you are in the Time of the Quantum Expansion, Expression, and Activation of the God Energy and the God Light In You.

Remember the story of Dragonfly.  Remember the Precipice all are standing on in their own vibrational ways right now.

Tune in.  Ask your Guides and God and Gaia to activate your Clear Soul Sight with ease, grace, and blessings.  Ask for assistance in activating your Divine Wings, your Dragonfly Wings.

In your own summoning, with a Heart Willing to Feel Faith, and Willing to See with Faith, and through the Lens of Divine Faith, Faith will lead you and guide you to the perfect celestial stones in the fog right now of this ascension process.

And you will find your steps and tests of Faith . . . are actually leading you into your own Enlightenment.  Which is the Remembrance of your Divine Essence, Your Merkaba, and this entire 3D world age and illusion that is falling away, before your very eyes.

If you need to fall, FALL INTO FAITH.

If you feel fear, FALL INTO FAITH.

If you feel fear of others around you, FALL INTO FAITH.

As more of you begins to engage the vibrations of Faith and FAITH-ing your way into this new Quantum Light and Life of the New Earth, the more the stones in the celestial mist will appear before you in perfect and precise ways.

And you can also remember to sing if it helps you . . . what dragonfly says,

Oh Dragonfly, with your Wings of Light,

You inspire us to Take Flight, 

Oh Dragonfly, Dragonfly,

Oh Dragonfly, with Integrated Sight,

You call our Hearts to Unite

Oh Dragonfly, Dragonfly,

Oh Dragonfly, in Coordinated Flight,

You remind us, of our Own Path of Light,

When we join our wings, our hearts sing

We elevate as One to a bliss that rings

Oh Dragonfly, Dragonfly,

Oh Dragonfly, Teach us The Way,

Oh Dragonfly, Namaste.

frequencywriter.com ~ Marie Mohler ~ January 2021 Dragonfly Wisdom

You are these Divine Dragonflies!

You are these Brave Epic Heroes that came for these times.

Know that the 3D realm will expose itself and crumble nearly simultaneously.

Your job is open to seeing it for what it is, a vast illusion that facilitated a great deal of evolution.

And to now feel the Divine Choice-point before you and within you ~ inviting your Full Faith and the Activation of your Divine Wings, which is your Divine Merkaba.

We will talk more about the Divine Merkaba this year in 2021.  

But first, listen to Dragonfly and seek out the Heart Integration Exercise that accompanies it.  

Feel these stories, these tools, and messages.

Your 5D Living Light Codes already know how to help you live in this new way!

Trust the Light in you to lead YOU!

And Trust the Light in you to lead this entire Planetary and Quantum Ascension that is deeply happening and unfolding at this time!

It is Time to Take Flight!     

You are loved, dear ones. 
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

2 Responses to “Epic Quantum Change: Divine Choice-points, Multidimensionality, Merkabas, Dragonfly Wisdom, & New Earth Ascension

  • I just wanted to take the time to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you Marie for this service to humanity. Your messages have played a really significant role in helping me to hold hope and to develop my faith over the last year or so. So beautifully timed to coincide with exactly the changes, insights and growth that I’ve been going through. Thank you and may your transition to 5D be as painless as possible.

    • Hi Luke! Wow, thank you 🙏🏻 Thank you for your heartfelt appreciation and reflections of resonance. As Ram Dass once said, we are all just walking each other Home. And I am delighted to connect with you on the pathway Home, in the faith, in the grace, and in the light we truly are. We are weathering some “storms” of change these days, and yet with Faith and Fortitude, we are rising to let go of all that is not aligned with our True Divinity and our True Light Codes for Living in God’s Creation and God’s Divine Design. As we let go of all that we are not, we rise to more fully embody Who We Truly Are and Have Always Been! Thank you for this beautiful message today. It is an honor to connect. I send you blessings and luminous light as you surf these waves and rise into the Greater Light and Truth of your Amazing Divine Nature and Multidimensionality! 💙✨🌎🦋