February 2018 Power Portal: Be the Timeline You Wish to Be

February 2018 Power Portal:
Quantum Consciousness
Be the Timeline You Wish to Be

A Message from El Morya, the Arcturian High Council,
and the Goddess Minerva

via channel Marie Mohler
Received January 31, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is El Morya and the Arcturian High Council here today.  Additionally, we have a special guest with us . . . the Goddess Minerva.  Minerva, for those unfamiliar, was a Roman Goddess of Wisdom, the Living Essence of Feminine Wisdom, as well as the Goddess of Creativity and Creationary Fortitude.  The latter is sometimes lesser known about Minerva, but she wants each of you to know today . . . that she is a Powerful Presence of the Divine Feminine’s Creationary and Fruitful Manifestation Energies.  And it is her Creative Life Force Energy that desires to join our Message for Humanity today. 

Today is a powerful day on your world.

January 31, 2018 

cosmic portal image

It offers yet another portal to each of you, to peer into your multidimensionality, and to glean the gifts and lessons of all timelines lived. 

This is not something your Conscious Mind and Physical Eyes can do.  It is something your Whole Soul and Higher Self’s Awareness can do however. 

And so, it is that Higher Awareness that we will speak to today.

As you experience today’s gateway, and especially the next 2 weeks of energies until another Solar Eclipse event occurs, there exists a Powerful Birthing Time, a potent cleansing opportunity for All Time, and an Invitation to Dream the Highest Visions your Heart Center knows you desire to manifest through you and for you this lifetime. 

time spiraling through timeThe Power of this 2 Week Portal cannot be underestimated.  And we wish to simply say that it is in a way . . . a lens into an “All Time Review” . . . where you can safely and comfortably view the Essence of where you have journeyed as a Soul in your many lifetimes . . . and where you now wish to go . . . in this present lifetime. 

This Power Portal begins today. And it activates in each of you the Awareness . . . that you now . . . as an Awakening Multidimensional Divine Being of Light . . . are literally . . . a QUANTUM BEING. 

And that means that the reality you are presently experiencing is simply the Timeline of Energy and the Timeline of Vibrational Experiences that your Soul’s Conscious Attention and Focus In That Realm of Experience wanted to Know and To BE

room of doors photo
choose the timeline now that you wish to experience . . . simply by consciously pointing the focus of your energy field and vibrational awareness and attention into it. 


You can be any timeline you wish.

The Portals exist inside you.

They always have. 

In these New Higher Frequencies, your Light Codes are activating, and so too are Particles of Quantum Consciousness. 

Through Quantum Consciousness, you will each begin to realize you can be any frequency you have ever been . . . or one you *newly* choose to be. 

In this two week window of time between the Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon Events today, and the upcoming Partial Solar Eclipse on February 15th, you are being given an opportunity to practice this Quantum Consciousness and Multi-Timeline Time Travel that exists in your Higher Self’s, your Broader Soul Self’s, Greater Consciousness.

In a way, this Window of Time allows your Conscious Connection and really Re-Connection, with your Oversoul . . . the Deeper Essence of you that is connected to other aspects, personalities, and experiential realities of you in other realms and other timelines. 

hawk flying in cosmos imageIn this way, you are empowered to do a kind of Quantum or Aerial View Soul Review.  You will see parts of you that are skills and traits you have forgotten ~ but that you would like to Call to Consciousness again. 

And there are parts of you that you will see that the Conscious You will be happy to release, to close out, and to cleanse for All Time.

As you journey this next couple of weeks, we invite you to zoom out.  Allow the big picture review to play out like a movie trailer . . . highlighting the costumes and personas you’ve played.  And allowing the deepest parts of your Soul’s Awareness to focus in on particular timelines that need a conscious releasing, or that require reclaiming of skills or talents lost.  Do this gently.  Almost as if in a subconscious dream state, that you are consciously choosing to participate in. 

It may feel like you are in a dream at times . . . and you can choose what your character in the dream is doing.  You determine how conflicts and karma can resolve and release now.  And you can choose some skills you have lost connection with to now journey through time and into your Conscious Awareness upon waking.   

This dream work, this Quantum Consciousness Work, will be something that will expand in your wakeful consciousness on your world over time.

For now, the period between January 31st, 2018 and February 15th, 2018 . . . is a powerful Quantum Dream, Review, and Creationary Time.

In this portal, you can literally “dream the release” of soul patterns, threads, and characters through time that you have played and portrayed, and that no longer serve your Highest Good and who you are becoming. 

You can also “dream” the positive and helpful aspects of you that you would like to re-seed in your conscious experience going forward. 

cosmological clock imageIn this way, in this Portal of Fluidity in your Conscious Awareness, you may witness yourself moving backwards and forwards in time.  To resolve, alleviate, or release drags or blocks to your creative energy flow and power of Whole Soul Awareness to be your Greater Divinity in your Now.

And you can also witness yourself moving forward in time to see who it is that you become in other timelines and dimensional realms.  You can extract some of those future glimpses and aspects of you and infuse them into your Conscious Presence in your Now . . .

All of this is to say . . . that the only timeline we are required to be in . . .
going and growing forward . . . is the timeline of the
we choose ourselves to be. 

By choosing the aspects and elements we wish to vibrationally be . . . we fluidly move through time . . . by merely directing the vibrational focus of our attention and energy in that conscious direction. 

We will talk more about this concept of Quantum Consciousness in future channelings. 

For today’s purposes, we invite you to:

Be the Timeline You Wish Yourself to Be.

Be the Aspects of You ~ You Most Desire.

Release any timelines or aspects that are complete and no longer serve the Greater Whole of You.

And Remember ~ Where Your Consciousness Flows . . .
the Experiential Aspects of You will Grow.

Choose the Timeline, and the Greatest Vision of You, that is here now to benefit the Greater Whole, that you can be.

As you Align with this Greater Soul Review Process, these next two weeks and beyond, the Light Codes and Quantum Particles in You will serve to assist that Vision in all ways, to manifest. 

Visions based in Light, Joy, and Greater Good Frequencies will manifest much more quickly.  Visions dragged down by density or darkness will not gain the speed to Quantum Leap into these New Timelines.

Heavier visions will simply remain trapped in the old timelines.

Light-filled Visions, at least with Pure Intentions of Benefitting All That Is, will experience Turbo Boosts in their Cosmic Engines, and Quantum Power their way into New Frequencies of Potential and New Realms of Manifesting Light.

earth light reflected on water image
Welcome to the New Earth Unfolding!

Minerva is here to assist with any Creators seeking support in the Conscious Creation Process.

The Arcturian High Council is here to ground the Timeless Awareness and Divine Reality that each of us is a Living Source Essence and Aspect of the Godheart.  We always were, and timelessly will forever be.

I, El Morya, am here to anchor the Light of the Golden Flame’s Presence in your journey through time.  The Golden Flame can assist you in cleansing and releasing all that no longer serves you, via its Alchemical Light.  The Golden Flame can also add Quantum Light to any Pure Positive Light Energy Intentions or Positive Co-Creations you Dream of Manifesting going forward. 

Remember to B~R~E~A~T~H~E these next two weeks . . . 

As systems based in old energies and darker intentions fail and fall.  And begin the process of clearing away.

And as New Light pops into form, . . . in new ways and waves . . . across the globe.

3rd Dimensional Timeline Bound Realities are releasing with increasing speed and depth now.

5th Dimensional Timeline Abilities and Potentialities are rising and anchoring into these New, Higher, Crystalline, and Quantum Energies. 

time star light image

Be compassionate with yourselves and others in the Timeline Shifts occurring on your world.  This two week portal is an opportunity to practice moving between realms, and directing your conscious attention and vibrational focus to literally vibrate in harmony and resonance with the Timeline and Realm you most deeply desire to be in.


Blessings to you dear ones, and newly Light-Seeded Quantum Time Travelers!

And remember . . . if you jump into a timeline . . . and don’t like what you are experiencing in that realm of consciousness inside you . . . b-r-e-a-t-h-e . . . ground in Source Light . . . remember yourself as an Infinite and Timeless Creator Being . . . and Simply Direct your Conscious and Vibrational Focus . . . to move into the Feeling State and Vision . . . of the New Timeline you desire to go to.  Ask your Guides of Light to assist your Frequency Steadiness and to Help to Escort you to the Newly Chosen Timeline in your Heart’s Consciousness where you wish to go.

man meditating at sunset image

Be the Timeline You Most Deeply Desire your Soul Light to Shine the Brightest In. 

You are loved.  You Are Love.

All Our Love. 

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  • Absolutely remarkable. This just was given to me yesterday and today I read your article, thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Jeffrey! I love your website . . . theattitudeofgratitude.com. You offer amazing energy and powerful insights there. Cheers to this Power Portal between the eclipses supporting these Messages of Hope, Light, Empowerment, and Heightened Awareness to touch more hearts on the planet. Blessings and Gratitude your way!