February 2020 Energy Update: MASS Manipulation, Cosmic Alchemy, & Soul Skill #7 ~ The Gifts of Surrender

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.25.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through the Light of 1000 Suns into your hearts and your conscious awareness today, for that is What and Who You Truly Are.  You ARE this Living, Conscious, Extraordinary, Giving, Loving, Perfect, Divine Light.  And we believe you cannot hear this message enough in the Ascension Times that you each and all are living and engaged in at this time.  The Sun and the Central Suns hold the Light of Wisdom and Unity Consciousness for All Time in their Frequencies of Divine Light.  So whenever you feel the world is shifting, spinning, challenging, darkening, and rising too, call in the Timeless Grace and Wisdom of the Central Sun Portals of Light inside you, for they are an anchor, a soother, an affirmer, and a messenger of Who You Truly Are, at all times in these times, now and still unfolding in this extraordinary year of 2020.  

Dear Ones ~ we have spoken to you about Choosing Timelines, Witnessing Theaters and Old Costumes of Separation and Division, Embracing Soul Skills, Aligning with your Conscious Breathing that is a gift you hold inside you in every breath and every moment, and the Living Light that lives inside you that is supporting your roles as Cosmic Aeronauts in these times of Releasing Old 3D Ego Sandbags of Separation and Drama and Rising into the New 5D Frequencies of Light, Unity, and Talent Consciousness.  And today, in this transmission for February 2020 and the new energy portals it brings to each and all of you, we wish to share a message about the Gifts of Surrender.  For there is a Gift in the Active and Conscious Surrendering of your 3D Ego Sandbags back to the Heart of Source for Full Alchemization and Realignment with the Divine Codes of Unity Consciousness once more.  As your Sandbags Alchemize, so too do your 5D Dreams of Unity Consciousness alchemize . . . into Activated, Empowered, and Living Accessible Light that you can manifest with and through . . . in this new 5D Risen Earth timeline that is rapidly becoming Who You Are and Know Yourself to Be.

Many of you listening to our transmissions of light through this channel have been working with these elements and activating awarenesses of choosing your timelines and choosing the vibration you truly wish to be for some time now.  We celebrate you and walk with you in these every day unfoldments where you are stepping up and going within to BE the Light you know deep inside in your daily lives and in the world around you.  And yet, we also know that each and all of you will encounter a “3D Sandbag” at some point throughout your days . . . or weekly experiences.  Because you are still living on a 3D planet earth that is vibrationally re-templating a new 5D Loving, Giving, Unity Consciousness-Aligned Earth . . . but that is still externally throwing off old 3D egoic paradigmal energies of separation, war, conflict, division, and competition.  

These are those bridge times we will continue to reference this year . . . as you tune in within to become “lighter than air” like this channel referenced as depicted by the film character Horton, from Horton Hears A Who.  And many of you are asking, either outwardly or simply through vibration, how do I cross that bridge in my own life, every day, while all of this plays out on the world stage and in my own personal ascension process in this daily theatre as well?

The Soul Skill required to walk that Bridge between the “No Longer” and the “Not Yet” is the Skill and Gift of SurrenderSurrendering is the Alchemical Process inside you of literally becoming Lighter Than Air. 

For in the process of surrendering, you actually attune to your Frequency and you Tune your Inner GPS System to become fully aligned with Source and Source’s Vision for your Life, your Light, your Ascension through any challenge you are facing, and/or your Rising Above the Clouds of anything heavier, denser, or engaged in dramas and circumstances that are not who you truly are.  

So while Horton in that film, Horton Hears A Who, needs to literally and physically be able to cross that rope bridge, as a heavy and dense elephant on a shaky and unpredictable bridge where he needs to get to the other side, your Ascension Path isn’t so much about Getting to the Other Side as it is about Aligning with the True Light You ARE Inside.  Do you ever hear yourself or anyone else say, I’m going to go weigh this Light?  Give me a second, let me go check and see how many grams or pounds this Light weighs.  Right?  Can you imagine anyone ever saying that?  Probably not because Light is a weightless, sovereign, formless phenomenon, that comes directly from Source and that emanates directly from the Heart of Creation.  Light is everywhere, all around you, within you, and in every part and particle of any aspect of Creation.  And yet you can’t grab hold of it can you?  You can’t weigh it, can you?  You can’t necessarily contain it, can you?  You can direct it yes.  But its not a tangible thing that has mass or that has physical density.  

And therefore, we want to talk about the Spiritual Elements of this Journey you are all embarking on now, for you are in fact going to the next level of your Spiritual Sovereignty this year in 2020.  You are rising into the realization and the reality that YOU are Light.  And that YOU are Divine Grace.  And that YOU are Divine Soul Gifts and Talents in form.  Each of these things, Light, Divine Grace, and Soul Gifts and Talents has no form or weight or impact except THROUGH YOU.  

This 3D world reality has measured itself through mass, through power, through the weight of one’s actions, beliefs, expressions, and impact.  For this entire 3D paradigm has been oriented through physical 3D vision and brain power to navigate, template, manipulate, or orchestrate life in this world.  

And yet a 5D Reality is all about the way you move vibrationally through the elements of earth, fire, water, air, metal, and ether.  You are in fact Energy Alchemists. You are Aeronauts of Higher Dimensional Realms.  You are Transformers of Density to Light.  You are higher dimensional pilots who move in the New Light through Inner Sight.  Through your Sentient Operating Systems of Light.

And therefore, we wish to offer to you a way of becoming this hybridized living being who is moving between worlds . . . who is moving between a 3D world based in mass, weight, power, execution of power, density, popularity, assertiveness, and the ability to make a dent or etch an impact in a strictly physical world and physical plane of existence . . . and into a higher, lighter, brighter, free-er, more fluid, more feminine, more whole, unified, and collaboration based soul expression that is what the 5D New Earth is templated, designed, and blueprinted to be.  

To effect change in this new realm, souls in human form must learn how to move differently.  They must learn how to co-create differently.  They must learn how to even exist differently.  And therefore, they must learn how to breathe and evolve differently, than a 3D realm has oriented your human vision to see and to engage for many, many millenia.  

When we are moving into a new paradigm of light, and we see many of you working through your issues, challenges, attachments, and routine modus operandi of navigating a realm of density, we feel it important to first spotlight the cosmic conundrum you might feel you are facing presently . . . trying to become like air and ether . . . while you still are feeling organized, orchestrated, and conditioned by a realm of mass, earth, or density.  

Your hybridizing world is currently expressing quite an elemental contrast, wouldn’t you say?  From having mastered the element of earth, density, and structures of power, rules, and the militaristic and societal enFORCEment of those rules . . . to now being invited to fly free of those dense structures and ways of being by pushing your weight around and asserting your power to make an impact in a world that largely determines value by weight, weighty-ness, or weight-infused power by the mass you exert in a particular field of energy.

But witness the elephant Horton again, trying to cross an old potentially unreliable rope bridge, attempting to move his weight to the other side.  He is still trying to take his current vehicle, his present elephant shape, form, and density, across something that may not be able to support that mass, that earth element, that he is.  And he calls in the element of ETHER, to in theory help himself get lighter, and to think LIGHT thoughts, to help him cross that bridge safely.  It is a cute and comical depiction of some of what some of you are going through right now.  And we know that some of you can relate to Horton’s efforts, feelings, and strategy to “make it across that bridge.”

We actually are attempting to show you a glimpse of what is really required of you to cross that proverbial bridge . . . and we perhaps want to clarify that the bridge is not really a route or road or path between two worlds now . . . but it is truly a bridging of elements.  And more truthfully we would say it is an alchemizing of elements.  Its as if you start at the beginning of that bridge as Horton, a denser elephant in this example, and to cross that bridge, its not weight, but elemental energy that is truly what matters, to cross that difficult divide between where you are and where you most desire to be.  

All souls remember themselves to be Living Light at their core, and thus Ether, at their core, deep, deep in your memory banks and akashic records and soul records through ALL TIME.  And ether is not mass.  It is a frequency of energy that is mass-less, and thus that is weightless, and density-less.  As Energy, and as Ether, you are part of something more that lives in all time, that impacts all timelines and realms, that connects with everyone and everything, and that therefore cannot be separated from anyone or anything.  And it is this essence that we wish to call your attention to first, for this is the feeling state that we want to invite you to tune into more and more and more.  

And if you do, tune into this essence of yourself as Living Light, as Living Sound, as Living Frequency, . . . you will begin to see that you are not truly like Horton, at all . . . but rather . . . you are more akin to a White Peace Dove . . . that is nearly as Light as Air.  You are presently in your lives on this hybridizing world attempting then to shape shift, alchemize, and transform essentially from a Mass and Earth based Density and Elemental Frequency (like Horton) into an Air and Ether based Light Elemental Frequency (like the Peace Dove).  

And this conundrum you might be feeling, now today, tomorrow, or that you even felt yesterday, as a metaphor of your all time experiences through time, . . . is how can I move from being an Elephant like Horton into that Peace Dove . . . and essentially alchemize myself and my light from an Earth and Carbon Based Human Being . . . into a Light, Air, and Ether Based Crystalline Clear Consciousness-Based Soul Essence who exhibits 5D Frequencies of Light?  And Co-Creative Life Force once more? 

This question returns us then again to the concept of SURRENDER.  For in the Alchemical Process of Surrendering your Density, you actually align your inner Light Codes to Ether and Air again . . . and you release your resonance, attachment, and affinity to any 3D offerings and conditionings of density that once filled your conscious awareness and attachment to ways of being that align you with mass, with density, with separation, and with power structures that wield one’s weight, influence, and control over another.  The 3D systems that exist right now but that are all crumbling are based on weight, mass, density, control, manipulation, and earth bound elements of physical reality in a 3D paradigm.  There is nothing 5D about a 3D illusion of physical reality.  These are two totally different elemental realities.  

And what we are attempting to show you today in this transmission is the awareness of Elemental Energies (Earth and Air) and how they relate and correspond to your Mind and Heart Frequencies as well as your Masculine (Patriarchal) and Feminine (Matriarchal) systems that are being spotlighted and exposed right now through the Light Infusions flooding your world in recent years and now in the coming 12+ months!

Earth + Mental Mind + Patriarchal Structures have given you this denser, separation consciousness, 3D platformed world based on Mass ManipulationOr manipulating mass (or the masses) to achieve a controlled, power-wielding, power-managed and impacted world.  

On the contrary, you have Air + The Heart + Matriarchal Systems flowing in to en-LIGHT-en humanity and all sentient life here . . . reminding each and all at soul level the Creation Model of your Divinity that is based in partnership, listening, vibration, truth, trust, light, and Higher Sight that comes from a place of inner wholeness and unity consciousness.  

Horton has the heart of this 5D Paradigm and yet the body of the 3D physicality of mass and physical density.  And in this way, Horton is not unlike many of you.  Seeking to rise into the 5D frequencies your heart centers deeply know and are remembering to be true, but with the 3D mass and earth energies around you and in your physical bodies themselves, that are based in a certain kind of density consciousness.

So again we ask, how do you successfully rise in these hybridizing worlds . . . while the elemental structures re-templating all structures become based in air frequencies and light frequencies and no longer based in earth, mass, or power structures?  

We would say, that first inner step, requires Horton, the elephant, or you, the metaphorical elephant in this story we are sharing today, to surrender your density to the All Knowing Light Structures and Codes for Living in this New Reality, inside you.  To start, it is an Alchemization Unfolding Within ~ more than it is a Physical Structure Alchemization.  As within, so without.  Within comes first.  Then the “without” reflects what is within.  

An upside down world is turning right-side up again.  Your inner worlds and light have all the soul skills needed to be these cosmic aeronauts and cosmic alchemists.  You are literally surrendering your earth densities (which include your attachments, your possessions, your things, your structures, your conditionings, etc.) to transform and alchemize so that you can more fully, easily and accessibly align with the Light, with the Air, with the Ether that you truly are.

For as Air rises in your conscious awareness as an inner destiny point of attraction and co-creation once more, your heart is granted full permission to lead your lives once more.  The Energy of Surrendering literally alchemizes any density you are living in into Conscious Living Light.  

For when you surrender, you unbridle and untether and uncage what was within you all this time.  And that is your all knowing heart center that communes with Light organically to lead your life in light, with life force, with the power and joy of ether that has the power to manifest and template worlds.  

Surrender is a broad concept and theme . . . and one that we will focus on in the month of February 2020.  Because as much of these 3D world structures continue to crumble and fail, due to their lack of alignment with the New Light Codes of Ether and Air, we will want to expand your soul skills to keep pace as best you can . . . with the coming changes . . . unfolding truthfully from the inside out.  Surrender is an inner letting go process that engages your soul skills of conscious alchemy . . . and that can only be activated when you embrace the soul power it truly holds for you and when you release the illusion and belief that power can only come from weight, density, manipulation of density and mass, and control of that physical density.  

Surrender is Enlightenment.  Surrendering is not surrendering to density and giving in.  True Divine Surrender is consciously choosing the Light to Lead Your Life again, through your Sacred Heart Center, that is connected through All Time to the Infinite One, to the Heart of One, to the Element of Ether and Source Energy that connects and weaves and unifies All As One.  

So we have more to share about the Energies of Enlightenment.  For now, we feel we have given you much to think and feel about, in the energies of the Elements of Earth and Air, the Mind and Heart, the Masculine and the Feminine, and the control structures based in Mass versus the faith frequencies of Flow and Divine Alignment.  This is what is alchemizing now on your world.

You are presently a living hybrid of these two worlds.  There is no need to wrestle them within.  Only a need to witness the reality of the two worlds within.  And then, once witnessed, and known to some degree, you can become a conscious, alchemized, cosmic aeronaut who is ready and willing to allow and engage the process of rising within to enable the Living Light Codes of your Divinity to reset, restore, and realign inside you . . . as the Living Light, Cosmic Coordinates, Soul Skills, and Gifts and Talents you have always eternally been.

But that a world of mass manipulation and density has covered up for millenia so effectively that even you have not understood the full power, abilities, and divinity of your Light and Light’s True Expression.  

Feel yourselves on the cusp of being in a sense a Horton the elephant physical presence . . . allowing yourself to alchemize and transform into a shining peace dove who can fly above the ravine, above that rope bridge, above the clouds and storms, and into the sunlight of the 1000 suns that is your Home Frequency.  That is Your True Divinity.  That is your True Light and Wisdom Source.  That is the Heart of Creation that you are integrally a part of.  

Surrender is your Etheric Bridge to help you move through the shifting elements and dimensions you are traveling right now.  Surrender is that willingness to let go to who you really are . . . by letting go of who you are not.  

The 3D Egoic Sandbags are the physical representation of the Earth Densities you may still be carrying around with you.  Most are!  No matter how much work you have engaged and released, all still have some 3D density that needs to be consciously released.  And the crumbling 3D world will help you see where you still have some attachments to those sandbags that are tethering you to earth elements and mass densities of fear, pain, wounds, manipulation, control, deceit, dis-ease, and more.  They are your markers, your cues, your mirrors in a way . . . of where your sandbags still bind you to an old 3D matrix that is falling away . . . but not before you witness those sandbags call your attention and cry out for help to release them.  Any pain of the sandbags is calling out your skills of conscious witnessing, conscious breathing, conscious surrender, and conscious alchemization. 

You have all of the soul skills within to move from being an elephant in the 3D matrix to becoming that Peace Dove, that Cosmic Aeronaut, that Divine Dragonfly in 5D Light and Unity Consciousness.

Breathe with us a moment.  Draw in a Sacred Deep Divine Breath and allow it to cleanse and clear any densities or fear you may have about this process unfolding in you and in the greater whole right now.  All are wired to RISE.

All are wired to embrace the Living Light, whose time it is to return to the Hearts of All in this realm.

You all have the skills to be this Living Light.

And you all have the skills to rise and alchemize any mass or density or separation consciousness you currently carry in your field of awareness or your field of unconsciousness.

You have lived many lifetimes on this earth in its 3D cloak of illusion.  Some of those illusions embedded old, old, old programs and files that have run for centuries.  But they are corrupt codes really.  They are not who you really are.

Let us continue our discussion and transmissions about higher dimensional surrendering techniques and tools for the coming months in 2020 in the next transmission.

I am willing to surrender any density that is not who I truly am at soul level and as a being of Living Divine Light ~ is a good affirmation to use to start.  

You are a brilliant resplendent gifted and talented soul light on this planet at this time.

The Earth’s Ascension will summon and require every sentient life and light to add their candle flame to the collective candle that is here to Light Up this Brand New Living Loving Giving 5D Earth!

Embrace that Living Light inside you now ~ and your wings, like Dragonfly, will begin to unfurl and fly you to new heights, that will delight your soul and untether your physical attachments in ways only your Sacred Heart Center knows how.

Welcome Home Cosmic Aeronauts, Divine Dragonflies, and Inner Peace Doves!

Together ~ we rise! 

Together ~ we light up the cosmos with Living Resplendent Light again!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.   

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