February 2021+ Energy Update: The Serpent’s Vision & God’s Vision, Adam & Eve’s Choice-point, & The Precipice of Transmutation & Inner Alchemy

February 2021 Energy Update: 

The Serpent’s Vision & God’s Vision,
Adam & Eve’s Choice-Point, & The Precipice of
Transmutation & Inner Alchemy

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 1.23.2021

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, breathing a Godbreath with you in the Living Light of All Time and anchoring that powerful energy of Divine Truth, Divine Love, and Divine Sovereign Awareness in your Sacred Heart Centers at this time.  Allow this Sacred Breath and our Collective Frequencies of Light to invite you into a place of Grace Within, into a place of Divine Openness Within, and into a place of Sacred Receiving Within.  For we are here to bring through a message of Quantum Change, Ascension, Trust, Faith, and Precipice Choice-Points moving through each and all of you at cellular and soulular levels.  And it is the Godbreath Within You that has the fortifying oxygen and higher frequencies of Light that are supporting you to rise into the Higher Gnosis that you all carry within in your light codes that live within the essence of your Divinity Codes and Divine Design.  You are wired dear ones for this Higher Vibrational Awakening and Activation.  It is Divine Breath and the Living Light Frequencies that stream from the Godheart that help you to make the leaps of Faith that are needed now in these times.  So breathe deeply the Power of Divine Grace, the Presence of Divine Possibility, and the Practice of Connecting with your Sacred Heart Centers and your Third Eye Visionary Center of Quantum Light Codes with us today.  We are continuing to walk and fly with you in the Hero’s Journey that is manifesting within you in these times.

frequencywriter.com - February 2021 Energy Update - Hiker on Mountain Precipice

There is a great deal of energy surrounding this Precipice of Quantum Change, isn’t there?  Many are talking about it.  Many are feeling it.  Many are resonating with the Frequencies of Divine Change.  Some are still sleeping through the alarm bells if you will, that are sounding to awaken all of humanity to the Truth of these Precipice Times and the Truth of these Divine Choice-Points before you now.  And some feel very much alive, awake, and excited about the activations unfolding and still forthcoming.  It IS a Time of Unprecedented Change on your world.  And you are Living Embodiers of this level of Light Infused Emancipation, whether you are conscious and feeling this happening inside you, or not.  It is still happening. Because it is expanding within the Earth Mother now and ever more so.  And you can’t help but to breathe this Higher Level of Living Oxygen from Mother/Father God/Source Energy and Mother Earth/Gaia Energy too.  It is flowing in your atmosphere externally and it is infusing you cosmically and cellularly from the inside out.  

All beings on your world at this time are undergoing immense change.  And change is ALCHEMY.  To us, this means transforming from one form and into another.  The core elements of this change are working at the atomic level. Thus you are moving from a carbon based structure to a crystalline based structure in your core.  In your Center.  In your cells. And in your DNA structures.  

As this occurs, rapid change is appearing in your lived experiences as well.  For as within, so without.  This is where the greatest change unfolds.  From within to without, and thus from the inside out.  You have been living in a 3D matrix that has captivated your soul sight with its glitters and shimmers of illusion for many eons now.  It has captured your vision and reduced it to a very small and contracted state, so that the only vision, the uni-vision it has allowed you to see is the vision and version for this world that it has wanted you to see.  And this is the Serpent Energy that sews its discord in deep insidious ways that promote its Duality Game.  For Duality is the wedge that edges God out of people’s soul sight.  It is a key mechanism that supported your fall from grace and your challenges in resetting and achieving unity consciousness again.  Propaganda supports that Duality Game in the Serpent’s Garden of Separation Consciousness that the 3D Matrix embodies and is founded upon.  If the Duality Game is the soil of that very Serpentine Garden, that provides the structure for all of its foundations, . . . Propaganda is the Water and Fertilizer for these seeds of darkness, density, struggle, and enslaved living that this old 3D matrix has thrived on.  It takes the two of these masterfully cunning tools, skills, and energies to manipulate mass groups of beings into believing the small vision that the serpent energy of this world wishes for people to see.  

Shame, Blame, Judgement, and Censorship are allies with Propaganda and The Duality Game to further enforce, control, and manage humanity throughout the centuries . . . where new trends and conditionings of thought through art, crafts, religions, groups, communities, etc are permitted, within the same framework and management system that has always been the Serpent’s Garden of Manipulated Reality.  And now, more and more, a spotlight is being placed on those energies and allies of the greater darkness that has thrived in the deeper garden underneath the surface of humanity’s consciousness.  Because it is time for this energy to come to the surface of awareness for people to see the Living Light of their Expansive Source Energy and Divine Design that lives BEYOND the smallness and contracted frequencies of the old earth’s vision for sentient life here, and for God’s Living Light here. 

The precipice that all have arrived to at this unique crossroad or juncture in time is that of releasing what has been “known” and allowing what is “KNOWN.” Do you see this distinction?  It’s all in the language.  One language is a “dead” or “life-force-less” language that mimics a True Living Language.  In our transmissions, we are illustrating that the energy of the words themselves has very different meanings when you capitalize letters versus when you have lower case letters.  There are many ways to manipulate language, if manipulation is your agenda.  And simply by using the word “known” from your English language at least . . . you can see that that word implies the definition and understanding that the matrix wants you to know and understand from a sense of “life-force-less” energy and perspective.  But when we capitalize it . . . Known . . . or KNOWN . . . it now has God Energy inside it.  In this illustration right now.  This is how we are teaching a very simple but powerful way that the 3D matrix itself has engaged its Duality Game agenda, through the manipulation of words. Of meanings of words.  For this is communication.  And communication and language can liberate . . . or it can also incarcerate.  The darker agendas of the 3D matrix and the serpentine energy that has manifested its vision for this world has used language as a form of oppression, containment, concealment, and censorship, by way of propaganda, shame, blame, judgement, etc over many centuries of time.

Here you are in 2021 witnessing censorship on a very, very grand scale.  Some of the biggest companies that originally appeared to be the “innovators” of social media technologies are now becoming the very perpetrators of silencing alternative perspectives and dissenting voices.  It all comes back to the original 3D garden that was manifested to create Division, Separation, Competition, Discord, Struggle, and Pain.  For this is the Serpentine World of Density and Darkness, and the vision it desires for its survival and its own quests to thrive.  

So let’s look at that for a moment. Language can liberate and language can incarcerate.  That holds very powerful energy within it.  It is a potent force on your world in the many forms of media that you have all grown up with and that you have been raised to believe is “what is.” Words, be they spoken, thought, felt, printed, acted, texted, and more, have a great deal of power.  A singer this channel knows has a song called Your Word Is Your Wand.  That is a very true statement.  Your words are living frequencies.  They are commands to the universe to conspire (in the most positive sense of collaboration) and work with you to manifest your deepest dreams and your deepest desires.

frequencywriter.com ~ February 2021 Energy Update ~ Man Hiking Mountain Cliff

Yet how many people know this?  How many people on your world today really Know This?  We would say, it is not the majority.  And what is manifesting on your world right now is the active exposure and emergence of how media manipulates thought, beliefs, actions, behaviors, feelings, judgements, and more in every human being on this planet.  It can amplify good feelings and Truths just as easily as it can manipulate confused, discordant, distressed, or duality-based energies and divisions in people as well.  

People generally don’t like to hear that they have been manipulated.  That there is some strange serpent energy that might have been impacting their own personal experience, let alone their vast history of incarnational experiences.  And yet, the serpent is rising into the awareness of people’s consciousness more and more.  As more gets exposed.

Do you think that the serpent in the Adam and Eve story told them of its intentions to Divide and Conquer this world, first with the apple, and the Tree of Knowledge, and then through Seeds of Divisive Discord from that very moment forward?  Do you think that Adam and Eve knew at that point that they would have two sons, or that those sons would serve to represent this very Duality Game that the Serpent had planned for this realm and for as long as the serpent’s vision could run its course through time?  Do you think they had any inkling that the serpent would tempt one of those sons, just like the scene with the original apple, to engage jealousy and even hatred of their brother?  So much so that eventually he would be so distorted in his own duality game that he would kill his own brother?  No.  They didn’t see that coming.  They were so myopically focused at that point on the apple, they never saw the 2, 5, 10, 20 steps down the creationary path where this would lead them, and their heirs in this new world the serpent was just beginning to template at that time.

How many people today see with this expanded vision?  This higher dimensional soul sight, that understands the interconnectedness of all things?  All life?  All Light?  

Once the focus was centered on the apple, and then access to the Tree of Knowledge, and that became something that Adam and Eve grew and were tempted over and over to not live without, they could not turn away from the offering, or the manipulated temptation.  It became all consuming.  No pun intended on our part.  They became consumed with the Serpent’s Invitations and Temptations to see through the ego.  To see through the lens of not having something they wanted.  To see through the lens even perhaps of judging God for keeping them from something they desired.  Or perceived they couldn’t have.  And so the craving to consume the apple became not only a fascination but a fixation.  And fixation leads to myopia or myopic vision.  Where your lens of perception becomes so warped, so distorted, so confused, . . . that it is simply no longer seeing clearly. And it is through the innocence of Adam and Eve, and thus the naive, trusting, pure Source Nature of these two aspects of the 1 God, that separation was born in the Consciousness of Humanity.  Because they did not know that this level of darkness, dark wizardry, dark witchcraft, and even evil manipulation could even exist in the world that God had given to them.  And that God had shown them.  

And so, they went on a Journey. A Hero’s Journey if you will.  That sewed at times Creations of Light in the Earth Garden in this 3D realm of density and manifestation.  And that sewed at times Creations of Darkness in the Earth Garden of this 3D realm of density and manifestation.  And Duality has been the foundation of all creations ever since.  It is why you see in your world Incredible Light, Grace, and Miraculous Things.  And it is also why you see in your world Incredible Darkness, Evilness, and Painful Struggle, Pain, and Strife.  

frequencywriter.com ~ February 2021 Energy Update ~ Adam & Eve Choicepoints ~ Serpent and Apple

Meanwhile, back in the Original Garden of Eden, that Apple the Serpent appeared with wasn’t even a Divine Apple from the Heart of Source.  It was a Poisoned Apple.  It was a Propagandized Apple.  It was a Serpent’s Apple filled with the templates of all of the Divisive, Discordant Codes that would serve as the Template for Creation.  And remember ~ that we shared in a previous transmission that the Serpent can’t actually create.  It can only manipulate.  It can cast spells of energy.  But it requires divinity to create.  So it NEEDS and it REQUIRES the sons and daughters of God to cast its spells for itself and for its agendas.  

So how long did it take for the serpent to cast a spell over Adam and Eve’s experiences, once they had deviated from the Divine Design and dishonored God’s Laws?  Not long at all.  With the birth of their first two co-creations, Cane and Abel, they birthed the very duality that the serpent visioned for so long in its mind’s eye, but was impotent and incapable to create on its own.  

The Divinity in Adam and Eve co-created it.  Not intentionally.  No.  But they co-created it out of the distorted codes that were only growing with each subsequent creationary seed, from the original poisoned apple.  And that apple?  That apple was the Godheart.  It can be seen to represent the Godheart.  Do you remember the expression, The Apple of Your Eye?  Where do you think that comes from?  It goes all the way back to the beginning.  The beginning of this 3D experiment and this experience.  You, Adam, and Eve, and all sentient life here in a living 5D++ interdimensional world were (and of course still ARE) The Apple of God’s Eye.  You were and are the Apple of the Godheart.  You Are A Living Expression of the Godheart.  You are God’s Living Heart.  

What else would a serpent that can only exist through distorted codes
and distorted creation want to subvert . . . than literally The Heart of God?  

The Apple is the Heart of God in this Story, in this metaphor.  And there are many threads that manifested and can be understood through many centuries of time in the stories of the serpent’s tempting Adam and Eve to consume the Apple. To consume the Tree of Knowledge.  To consume the Essence of God.  From the temptation and taunting that they somehow had been “left out of having” “or having access to” an aspect of God.  

Division is very powerful.  And it is very destructive.  And it corrodes all that it sees and touches.  It has distorted humanity’s perceptions, abilities, actions, feelings, beliefs, and more through time, since that time.

And now, here you are today, receiving this message to call you back to a 3D World Age and Cycle Review of sorts.  To understand that each one of you was and is this Original Innocence.  Each and every one of you has this Original Divine ESSENCE of Purity, Divinity, and Godliness inside you.  It is also an invitation to understand that much or most of what you understand your world to be is templated in The Serpent’s Vision. For that was always the master plan.  For the garden of darkness, division, and duality that the serpent planted so long ago.  Through a distortion and poisoned apple that was chosen by Adam and Eve to consume.

And we bring you back to the vibrations and imagery of The Precipice, Divine Choice-Points, Propaganda, and Language.  These are very important frequencies to be understanding and exploring at this time on your world.  Because these are the very elements of Ascensionary Codes and Changes that are occurring on your world.

Adam and Eve made a choice.  They faced a Precipice, yes?  And they are in many ways the energies that you all descended from.  You can take this metaphorically or literally.  It all leads to the same core energy.  And with enough infiltration by the Serpent, by Satan if you will, and with enough temptations, and with enough repetition of these temptations and this distorted lens (through which the Serpent itself sees), Adam and Eve leapt off the precipice of the Divine Garden of Eden and manifested (largely unconsciously at the time) this planet’s descent into creations of density, duality, division, and challenges through time.  

You and the Human Collective on this world are facing a Precipice now in 2021.  There is a Divine Choice-Point available for those with eyes to see.  The True Apple of God has been there the whole time.  But it is re-surfacing in some people’s consciousness and it is being seen for its True Light again.  Some people are seeing now as the “films of illusion” are peeled away, and as the distorted codes are clearing from their chakra systems, and as manipulations and corruption are being steadily exposed, that God’s Heart never left.  And never needed to be consumed.  The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge had always lived inside them.  It was only through propaganda and the repetition of that propaganda and the serpent’s projections that Adam and Eve ever gave the serpent any of their time in the first place.  The serpent infiltrated their beautiful Garden of Eden, and eventually took the entire paradise down by infiltrating their choices.  The Serpent manipulated their lenses of perception and let them fall into the ravine of Separation Consciousness and this 3D Matrix ever since.  It was a masterful plan and a masterful trap.

Now, those rising, those remembering what’s True, those opening their eyes, and those seeing more and more in their daily lives that things don’t quite add up.  That if this is a Divine Universe, why is there so much Duality?  So much Pain?  So much suffering?  So much confusion?  So much hate, anger, and challenges?  Because there is Truth in the Bible of the Battle Between Good and Evil.  Because there is Truth in the Wholeness and Unity of Every One and Every Thing Being An Essential Aspect of the Light.  But there is the Truth that needs to be re-discovered that there is Darkness claiming and assuming consent from each of you ~ that it is okay to allow the Darkness to continue to play out ~ simply because you don’t know that you consented now and in the deepest past in your soul’s conscious history.  It goes all the way back to Adam and Eve.  And you are Adam and Eve now.  Today.  

We invite you to know that while there is Unity in Duality and there is Duality in Unity, and while God is in all things, . . . for God’s Heart was in the Original Apple . . . the poison in that apple was not God’s Vision for this world . . . it was Satan’s vision for this world.  And it was through the Darkness and Light of that Co-Creation that you can see Adam and Eve simply replicated.  And in Cain and Abel, Darkness and Light was replicated once more.  And so on and so forth.  

How was the temptation of consuming the Serpent’s Poison made palatable to Adam and Eve?  To this original template of Human Duality in Singularity and Singularity in Duality?  Distorted language.  The forked tongue.  The serpent’s manipulations.  Satan’s Propaganda.  

As some quantum physicists have said,
Energy cannot be destroyed.  Only transmuted.

What is This Great Precipice we are focusing on
and spotlighting at this time?

It is The Precipice of Transmutation through the
Invitation to Soul Sighted Healing and Inner Alchemy.

What was 2020 predicated on
and what was its gift to those that have chosen it?  

2020 Clear Soul Sight.  

What is now required of each and all of you?  

The ability to see the Serpent’s Poison in the propaganda being sold and told to the world through the largest communication system ever?  The Global Main Stream Media.   

That forked tongue is still speaking its duality speak through the main stream media.  Once more, telling the masses, the “Adams and Eves” of today . . . the good things they want to hear while at the same time gnarling and squeezing their serpentine distortions , manipulations, and lies into the consciousness of those still listening to its Duality Vision, its Duality Speak, and its Duality Poison.

frequencywriter.com ~ February 2021 Energy Update ~ Red Apple of God's Eye

You are One and All STILL the Apple of God’s Eye.  You are One
and All STILL a Living Aspect and Divine Expression of the Godheart.   

But you have to see the Poisoned Apples in your world for what they are. 

You have to see the Adam and Eve Precipice in your own life for what it is.

Precipices require conscious choice.  Rarely if ever do the precipices themselves make the choice for you.  No.  It is the Soul Essence that you are that is invited increasingly so to open your eyes, to see through God’s Eyes, and to see the World and the Serpent Energy that has done a masterful job of corrupting sentient life in this world through centuries and centuries of time.  

It is only through Clear Soul Sight that each of you will choose which “dimensional apple” you now desire to experience?  

Will it be the Serpent’s Distorted, Manipulated, Poisoned Apple (that has aspects of the Godheart still in it)?

Or will it be the Original Garden of Eden Pristine and Pure Apple that is the Living Energy of the Oneness, Truth, Light, Purity, and Grace that All Truly Is?

Does even a choice between two things create more duality than unity?  You might ask?

Does it feeling like choosing a side?  In some ways, we can see how people might see it that way.

From our lens, you aren’t choosing a side.  But rather, you are choosing a LIFE.  You are choosing a TIMELINE. You are choosing a World Age and Cycle now to experience.  You are choosing a Consciousness that you desire to align with.  

The Serpent’s offering through temptation uses what was once good . . . while infusing its recipient with its own darkness, once the temptations become strong enough to force the Choicepoint and the Acceptance of Lower Vibrations and Darkness.

The God Offering, the Unity Offering, invites but does not tempt.  It summons and educates and inspires.  But it does not require.  It has no attachment to outcome and it trusts with neutrality that the Light always returns and resets itself when it is most ready.

Thus the God Offering is Trusting the Godlight and the Godheart in you to find your way through the poison, the poisonous propaganda, the films of illusions, and the distorted, co-opted, subverted 3D language . . . to rise and to reclaim your Clear Soul Sight, your Sovereignty, your Freedom, your Joy, and your Garden of Eden Wholeness Consciousness when you are ready.  

Humanity is at a Collective Precipice now.  And you are on an Individual or Personal One Too.  

More revelations will continue to come.  More illusions, manipulations, distortions, and corruptions will continue to emerge.  

All are rising to give each one of you and the All Of YOU the opportunity to make your choice . . . whether to leap into Clear Quantum Sight and Lived Experiences now . . . or whether to stay in the Sea of Vibrational Soul that is largely led and influenced in a 3D matrix at this time by the forked tongue effectiveness of Propaganda and Poisonous Messages of Duality, Darkness, and Division.

Choosing to no longer consent to the Serpent’s Vision for (False) Power is not a leap into Greater Duality.  

Choosing to no longer consent to the Serpent’s Vision for (False) Power is a Consciously Breathed, Consciously Chosen step to be awake in the Sea of Vibrational Soup right now, to see the manipulation of sacred sound through Distorted Language and Poisonous Propaganda, and thus to also open to the Clarity of New Earth Vibrational and Source-Aligned Language.  That sees, speaks, shines, acts, and lives once more through the Reunion of your heart with the Godheart, or the Original Apple from the Garden of Eden that holds the Codes and the Keys to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge and the Oneness and Wholeness that you truly are.

Choosing sovereignty and all the vibrational mini choice points now and in that future is a choice to remove any consent (conscious or unconscious) to and within the serpent’s 3D matrix.  

Witness your language.  Notice how you speak.  Do your words feel free?  Do you like what you are saying and how it is communicating what you mean to others?  If the things you are saying are mean, is that really how you wish to communicate?  Even if you don’t resonate with another’s perception, do angry and incite-ful words . . . and does languaging them . . . make you feel better?

Think about Adam and Eve’s Choice-point.  They are another version of you at some point in your incarnational history, and certainly, now at this point of Quantum Change at the Quantum Precipice.  

You even have an expression . . . in men . . . of the Adam’s Apple.  Do all of these references and vibrational expressions cue and clue you in to the fact that you have all lived out this Battle between Good and Evil in a Duality Game that all are a part of.  The Books and Messages in the Bible have been read, preached, taught, and considered for many, many centuries of time.  Sometimes, they have been abandoned.  Because the distractions of a 3D world can be so consuming.

Notice expressions you see and hear.  Some are metaphor.  Some are quite literal.

Language is a core vehicle through how you experience, or do not experience, your Divinity.  Language is also a core vehicle (in the Duality Game of 3D) through how you experience, or do not experience, darkness and satan’s agendas.

Partnering WITH language and listening for where there is God-force in language, Light-force in language, Life-force in language . . . and listening where it isn’t . . . will help to guide you in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead of Great Change.

The world is alchemizing before your eyes, though the Conscious Choice-Points of Many Brave Epic Hero’s who in their Hero’s Journey woke up and out of the Sea of Vibrational Soup and into the Cosmic Sea and Higher Dimensional Realms of Divine Truth.

Sometimes the Truth is painful to see, within the lower dimensional realm.  And yet that Painful Truth is a bridge to the Higher Realms of Unity Consciousness and Clear Soul Sight.  

God Vision sees it all and acknowledges the darkness within the Light that makes up the entire Whole and Field of Creation.

You dear ones are returning to that Wholeness Vision, that God Vision in you.  

But what activates that on the precipice is the willingness to see the darkness you are leaving and not consenting to any longer, so that you claim your Sovereignty of Sight, your Sovereignty of Language, your Sovereignty of your Divinity and bring it holistically with you when you Quantum Leap.   

Open your eyes.  Open your ears.  Open your sensory abilities, and thus your sentience.

We know these are not the easiest of times. We also know that a Great Divinity is returning to your world.  As more awaken to the Truth of the Lie.  And as more awaken to the Pathway Forward to Live Awake, Alive, and Aware in Truth, in Light, in Wholeness, and in Pristine Conscious Awareness going forward.  So that Serpents like the one that designed much of this 3D matrix and experiment cannot offer a poisonous apple to a new Adam and Eve 100 years, 300 years, or 1000 years in the future and rebuild.  

Mother Earth IS 5D and higher multidimensionality.  At her vibrational core, are the principles of Truth, Trust, Transparency, Light, Awareness, Kindness, Love, and Joy.  

She invites you to come and visit with her and Mother/Father God once more in her orchards in the Garden of Eden, and to simply enjoy BE-ing with them in your Divinity.

Do you remember the expression . . . 

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree? 

Well, in the Garden of Eden Frequencies, and in Mother Earth’s Divine Orchards, this is beautifully true of all of God’s Children.

You are the Apple of God’s Eye.

You are the Apple of Divine Truth.

You are the Brave Epic Hero Who Came For These Times.

Remember the Godheart within you.  

It has all that you need in this time of The Great Precipice and Epic Change on your world. 

You are loved, dear ones. 
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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