February 2021+ Energy Updates:  Aviator Avatars, Choice-Points, Activations, & Integration Time

February 2021+ Energy Update:
Aviator Avatars, Choice-Points, Activations,
& Integration Time

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2.6.2021

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of the Godheart and the Sapphire Blue Frequencies of the Heart of Arcturus today.  Let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In together, and allow your Pure and Perfect Soul Light and Divine Presence to receive these Sacred Colors of Divine White Light and Sapphire Blue Arcturian Frequencies.  Bathing in the Celestial Color Codes in partnership with Conscious Breathing opens your Sacred Heart Center into a place of Divine Receiving, Divine Upgrading, and Divine Knowing, and draws within you the confidence, consciousness, and quantum essence that you have always known yourself to be.  We are breathing your Starlight and your Godlight with you, and knowing this is a Time of Powerful Resets, Powerful Choice-points, and Powerful Activations into Remembering More of Who You Truly Are.  Feel these Sacred Energies flowing inside your willingness to Consciously Breathe with us and throughout your day any time you need this Celestial Infusion, Upliftment, and Remembrance that you know yourself to Truly Be.

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Energies are on the move and energies are rising.  The Star Seeded Collective on your world today is here to anchor together as One Light, as One Heart, and as One Consciousness Remembering the Truth of the Divine Plan for the Earth Mother and for all life living upon her at this time.  Star Seeds and Light Code Carriers, as many of you listening or reading this are, are very powerful and very important in the Divine Alchemy unfolding on your world right now.  When you tap into the Frequencies of the One Breath, when you tune into the Energies of the One Light, when you Breathe through your Incredible Physical Vessels through your Heart Centers and thus through the Heart of One, you are seeding these very energies into your lives, into your communities, and into your world on a Collective Scale that activates the Quantum Powers of Light you all truly are and that you all truly have.  And we celebrate this Divine Remembrance flowing from our hearts to yours dear ones.  For it is in Knowing, Remembering, Believing, and Receiving that the tipping point has been reached and that the Birth of this New Golden Age of 5D+ Consciousness is rising ever more gallantly and ever more joyously too.  

We have spoken a great deal about the Precipice before you and the Choice-points all are facing too.  For one invokes the energies of the other.  And we would say that in large part, as you have heard us speak of these frequencies unfolding within you and on your world, you have seen and felt them as your own singular, Divine Choice-point.  And this is True.  Each and all of you are making your way through the maze and haze of a 3D world consciousness and paradigm and rising to reclaim your Divine Destiny once more in the Heart and Light of your Divine Source Creator.  And what is also simultaneously occurring, is that the Individual One is Reuniting with the Many in the Much Greater Collective on your world. And then, as these Ripples of Soul Light and Source Connection and Union expand, the Individual One is Reuniting with the Many in the Galactic Collective and the Infinite Collective in the All That Is. 

So if you feel that you are alone on that Potent Precipice in your daily life, look deeper.  Feel deeper.  See deeper inside your Soul Vision.  Inside your Heart Vision.  And feel with your Inner Sentience, your Divine Merkabal Soul Frequencies and Soul Light expressing within and through you in this Now moment and in any God-given Moment in your life, who else is with you.  Perhaps your Guides?  A Favorite Guide or Spirit that you have always felt present with you in your life’s journey?  Perhaps an Archangel?  Maybe an Ascended Master and Avatar? Perhaps it is your Star or Soul Family?  And even an Animal Spirit Guide, lending you its strength, its wings, its courage, and its great heart while you see the quantum leap before you . . . and dig deep inside to remember and summon the Courageous Sovereign Soul Adventurer and the Beautifully Balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Avatar you are?  Yes, we invite you to feel this now.  We invite you to take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath with us and tap into this Inner Grace, this Inner Gnosis, this Sentient Super Power that you have and that you are.  Notice what images or feelings you sense with your Higher Sensory Perceptions right here and right now with us.  And make note of what you feel.  Can you feel, see, and/or sense yourself bathing and inspired to be the Greatest Version of You than you have ever felt before . . . knowing your Divine Soul Strength, your Clear Soul Sight, your Sacred Sovereign Power, and your Celestial Harmonized Grace and Balance within the Allness that You Truly Are?  This is the Avatar Essence you are remembering now and recalling to you.  For it IS Time to Be Your Risen Avatar Light, Soul Expansion, and Soul Expression again.

And that very essence is what is calling you and summoning you forward in this Time of Great Change.  You Are Here to Make Manifest the Glory of God Within You.  And You Are Here to Make Manifest the Glory of the Avatar Frequencies Within You as well.  

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This is the Energy of the Dragonfly, coming into your conscious awareness.  This is the story of the Dragonfly that has been referenced many times in these transmissions and these connections with you.  For your Merkaba is simply the Quantum Expression of this Dragonfly Gnosis.  This Dragonfly Activation and Engagement of Energy within your own Consciousness. To leap from this precipice, to let go what is known, to embrace more of that which is KNOWN throughout the Cosmos on a much higher, deeper, expansive soul level, you require your Celestial Wings.  And those Celestial Wings are your Physical Body, Emotional Body, Spiritual Body, and Etheric Body all working together as one.  This requires the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water working together as One within you as well.  This requires the Four Directions working together within you as well, North, East, South, and West.  

It IS Integration Time, dear ones.  This Precipice Time, and this Divine Choice-point Time, is Integration Time.  You are oiling your wings with this transmission.  You are freeing them to fly and soar.  You are remembering their Innate and Sovereign Value inside your Energy Field, your Higher Consciousness, and your Sense of Divine BE-Ing-ness as you move in these new energies of Epic and Expansionary Change.

February 2021 and beyond are bringing not just invitations to Divine Reunion and Quantum Leaps but remembering and activations of the BEINGNESS of Quantum Leaps, Quantum Movements, Quantum Sovereignty, and so much more.  Have you ever leapt from a diving board or a precipice choice-point of any kind into a huge body of water below?  Maybe the first time you ever had that experience, when you stood at the end of what is “known” . . . you might have felt a little nervous, some “butterflies” if you will, some uncertainty about how it would feel and how it would play out?  And at the same time, you felt this call to try it.  You felt this inexplicable pull to EXPERIENCE a leap like that, to feel free, weightless, playful, adventurous, or even limitless?  And so you ran and made that leap.  And you felt the exhilaration of that extraordinary freedom and that connection with the Essence of your Spirit.  Suspended in Aviationary Grace.  You rose in that moment, on that precipice, to literally BE and EMBODY the Energy of An Aviator Avatar, suspended in Quantum Frequencies, Feeling your Spirit Coming ALIVE and Remembering Your Merkabal Codes and Sovereignty once more, even if only for a fleeting moment.  

Yet, this is YOU.  This is the Avatar you are in this now moment on your world.  And there are many activating Avatars all around you.  There is the 3D aspect and vantage point of this Quantum Leap, where you as individuals and as a collective are seeing the Adam and Eve Energy come to a close on your world.  Where you are seeing the Propagandized Apple come to the forefront of Humanity’s Consciousness, and the effects and impacts of the Serpent’s Way and the Serpent’s Vision on your world for your world.  And where you are seeing the Serpent’s Agendas for what they are and what they were.  

In the current Bifurcation of Worlds, you are seeing this.  Some are still sleeping.  Some are rising and beginning to pull back the covers on the Film of Illusions, and just beginning to see more clearly the world that had previously captivated your perceptions and participation for what it is and what it was.  And some are very clearly seeing the Bifurcation of Dimensional Frequencies and Manifestations unfolding.  Multidimensional Soul Sight helps this process and supports your growth in this process, if you can be conscious of the Different Levels of Soul Sight that you have the capacity to perceive and if you can be conscious of the Different Levels of Inner Gnosis and Consciousness that you all carry within as well.

The 3D world of the Adam and Eve Bifurcation and Choice-point that manifested so long ago with the Serpent’s Invitations and Temptations is coming to a close.  And you are these Divine Avatars Rising once more, to reclaim your Clear Soul Sight, your Clear Quantum Locomotion through your Merkabal Sacred and Sovereign Structures and Divinity Codes Within.  You are both this 3D experiencer and this 5D integrater.  

You Are The Avatar You Have Been Waiting For, Dear Ones.  And you are on the Precipice of Quantum Change, that is Divinely Designed at this time to ACTIVATE your Inner, Timeless, Eternal Avatar Within.  

Subtle invitations and temptations, like that of the Serpent, create gradual but impactful changes over time, in such a way that many people don’t even notice or realize they are under a spell of change and moving in a direction that they would never consciously perhaps choose.  It is a kind of change that often happens “under the radar” of daily consciousness.  And therefore, it is out of sight, out of mind, and out of many people’s awareness and perception that that kind of manipulation and unconscious change could even occur.

And yet, in this Great Awakening Process, you are Rising one and all to be Conscious Participants in your own Quantum Change.  In your Own Quantum Leaps.  And in Your Own Quantum Alchemy, Transmutation, and Ascension.  

And so in these times dear ones, it will feel as if many are sleeping under the spell, and then, many are Quantumly Woke.  Because Divine Choice-Points don’t hide.  Divine Choice-Points are transparent.  God/Source/Creator empowers its Divine Children in Realms all over the Universe to Consciously Create.  Consciously Choose.  Consciously Leap.  And Consciously Soar in their own Sovereignty.  In their own Divine Soul Sight.  In their own Divine Soul Presence and Sacred Unified Light.  

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And so what has been largely coerced, coopted, subverted, corrupted, etc. throughout many eons and cycles of time is coming to LIGHT now as a Divine Choice-Point.  To Rise and Remember What IS True.  What SOVEREIGNTY IS, and what Enslavement Sold As Sovereignty and Freedom is.

The Choice to Know the Difference is here.  The Choice to Quantum Leap in your Conscious Awareness and Remember Your Divine Origins Is Here.  

Your Four Dragonfly Wings, Your Four Chambers of your Heart, the Four Directions for your Inner Soul Compass, and the Four Energy Bodies and the Four Elements that Support your Merkabal Field to leap are “gearing up” and rising to greater awareness, alertness, and aliveness now in these times.

Remember that you can be that Inner Child again.

Remember that you can be that Divine Spark of the Godheart while at the same time
being on that Epic Precipice of Quantum Change.   

The Earth Mother and her 5D+ New Earth Consciousness, Physical Body, and Starship Frequencies are ready to receive you when you leap into Her Heart, Her Arms, and Her Body of New Earth Consciousness INSIDE YOU.  Source Creator is Breathing you and Guiding you in this Suspension of Chosen Divine Grace, Perfect Union, and Harmonized Light Codes Within.

You are this Epic Aviator Avatar.  You have all of the Divine Instincts, Soul Skills, Aviation Tools and Abilities, and Celestial Wings to Navigate the Unknowns Mid-Air and Land in the New Earth, perfect as the day that God Breathed You Into Being, as a Divine Spark of the Godheart.  

That Divine Spark IS Your Aviator Avatar.  That Divine Spark IS Your Quantum Interdimensional Essence and Experience of the All That Is, that you hold deep within, and that is here to guide you Now in these times.

The Serpent’s Poisoned Apple lies decaying, composted, and nearly fully alchemized now.  God’s Eternal Light and God’s Eternal Heart IS Eternally Victorious.  And you dear one are God’s Eternal Heart.  You birthed through the God Heart.  And you are returning now to live, breathe, be, and shine in Oneness with the Godheart once more.  

The illusion is . . . that the Poisoned Apple is what is KNOWN.  But in Truth, the poisoned serpent’s apple is the lesser known illusion that was never a true reality in the first place.  It was only a dream of separation that impacted many souls at a deep vibrational level for the time in which you believed it was real.  This vibrationally expanded you through the twists and turns of illusions of time.  And yet it never diminished, damaged, or destroyed your Perfect, Pure, Original, Divinity Codes and your Perfect, Pure, Original Divine Spark.  These are your Avatar Codes of Light.  And the Original Adam and Eve Frequencies You Are . . . that Were Always One Unified Light . . . Created in the Unified Light, Image, and Heart of the One True Creator . . . have always been intact, one, unified, and resplendently shining in the Heart of God.  

That Is You.  That is The Essence of Your Higher Self, for your Higher Self is the Aspect of you that has never left Union with Source.  It has always lived in Oneness and Divine Perfection with the Godheart.

The Higher Self seems like a much smaller aspect of you here in an illusory 3D matrix, because that is also the way the “Serpent” wanted you to perceive yourself.  It wanted you to see the I AM Presence in you as your small, unachievable, unconnectable, un-remember-able self.  And it wanted your Ego to be your larger self.  Your propagandized self.  And it “propped” you up then with stories over time to remind your Ego that it pulls its strings.  It controls its perceptions.  It leads your life and your light, as the false god it always was and attempted to be.

But your Higher Self sees and knows the Truth beyond that propaganda.  Beyond that poison.  Beyond the Duality Game.  

And it is your Higher Self, your God Essence, inside you that is calling you now to Wake Up To the Truth of Who You Really Are.  It is calling you to reconnect with your I AM Presence.  It is calling you to Breathe Deeply the Breath of God.  And it is calling you to Quantumly Leap now from the Precipice of the known illusion to the Quantum Divine Perfection that you always truly were and are returning to fully BE forevermore.

The Theatre of 3D is closing out dear ones.  The Light of Truth is upon you and within you.

Your Aviator Avatar is Guiding you Home now to your Eternal Wings.     

It is Guiding you with the Inner Aviation Tools and Skills of your I AM Presence.  

And it is Guiding You to Activate ever more clearly, ever more cleanly, and ever more divinely the Sacred Divine Merkaba that is the most perfect multidimensional vehicle and design ever Created by Source.  You are this Perfect Creation.  And you are remembering its Valiant, Gallant, Glorious Abilities as you courageously tune into the Wisdom of your All Knowing Heart Centers and as You Rise to Reclaim the Gifts and Grace of the Divine Essence and Godspark you are.

February, March, April, and more of the incredible months of 2021 will continue to invite your Avatar Skills to the Forefront of your Heart-Mind’s Eye.  

You will continually be invited to Divine Precipices . . . to Expand to Fully Embody the Quantum Avatar and Godspark in Form that you are!

There will be many Divine Choice-Points, not merely a single one.  But all are leading you to integration, wholeness, and union with God and with Gaia once more.

So know your Journey as this Brave Epic Hero and Quantum Avatar in these times.

Trust your Higher Self, your God Essence to Guide you, to better navigate these quantum leaps with Faith.  With Strength.  With Joy.  With Elation.  And with Confidence, that only comes from living and seeing through Divine Soul Sight now.  

You have to feel it, to see it.

You have to know it, to believe and see it.

You have to sentiently embody it, to be it.

No more will things be proven to be chosen.  

Things will instead be felt and experienced to be KNOWN.

frequencywriter.com ~ Aviator Avatars ~ man arms open free as a bird


And you are the Epic Avatar and Hero of your own Soul Travels now to Rise and Remember Who You Truly Are and the Gifts of your Multidimensional Merkabas and Fields of Light that you have always held within.

Blessings to you in your Quantum Leaps this month and beyond.

Feel your Faith.  

Feel your Fortitude.

Know Your Light.

Know Your Union With the Godheart.

You are Returning to Truth.  You are Resetting in Light.  You are Re-Uniting with the All That Is.

And it is a Glorious Sight For All Of Us in the Galactic and Nonphysical Realms to see. To guide.  To support.  And to celebrate.

Welcome Home again and again to the deepening experience of the Divinity In Your Wings!

Welcome Home, Aviator Avatars to the Living Light You Truly Are! 

You are loved, dear ones. 
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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