February 2023’s Flickerings: You Are A Quantum Creator, Breathe, Change The Game, & Live Your Light!

February 2023 Energy Update

February 2023’s Flickerings:

You Are A Quantum Creator
Change The Game, Breathe The Light of Christed Truth,
Transcend Linear Time, Choose The God Timeline,
& Live Your Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2/4/2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Celestial Sapphire Blue Frequencies of Grand Arcturian Light and Pure Divine White Light of the Christ Consciousness Codes that live inside all of you.  We invite you to really FEEL these frequencies of Celestial Sapphire Blue within the Grand Arcturian Light as well as the Pure Divine White Light of your Christed Codes.  For every day now on your world, is a Galactic and Quantum Leap.  So to support your physical body temples and your magnificent merkabas which embody your multidimensional time traveling frequencies and higher awareness, we invite you to feel the richness of this Quantum and Galactic Light Support streaming through these messages on a continual basis, and especially streaming through our Collective Consciousness and into your beautiful conscious awareness today.

February 2023's Flickerings ~ frequencywriter.comFebruary 2023 is a Powerful Seed Carrier of Divine Ascension Frequencies and Sacred Divine Action Frequencies.  It is playing the role of the Agitator if you will.  It is pushing more to the surface of your conscious awareness.  And that “more” includes frequencies about Your Own Truth, Your Inner Truth, and Your Timeless Truth that will continue to emerge inside you, which also pushes that which is not your Truth to the surface of your conscious awareness as well.  Is this happening in your world?  In your life?  In your daily conscious awareness?  What is True and What is Not True are rising side by side, aren’t they?  You see and feel this at a Quantum and Collective Level, and you feel it Multidimensionally and Personally as well.  You are rising and becoming more comfortable with the Play and Theatre of Duality and Polarity in your own personal experiences and in your own conscious awareness, aren’t you?  One minute you may feel the Infinite Expansiveness of Christ Light and Christ Consciousness within you so much that you love every sentient detail in God’s Grand Creation right now, and you Know your Oneness with all things in Divine Creation . . . and the next minute . . . you are agitated, aggravated, irritated, frustrated, and unsettled in some way . . . having slipped outside of your Epic Expansive Experience of Breathing Oneness and Union with Source that you just felt a few seconds or minutes before.  Triggers come fast and furiously now.  And so too do the resets, reorientations, and recalibration opportunities to feel the feelings that lead you back to Unity with the Living Light in you.

Thus its a quantum dance at the moment isn’t it?  You are in the Unified Field of Oneness, and then you flicker out of it.  You fall into faith and align with the Unity Consciousness within and all around you again.  And then, you fall into the grip of responding or reacting to Separation Consciousness and its Serpentine Seeds of Fear, Agitation, Confusion, Lack, and more.  It’s like the old game “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,” isn’t it?  Flickering into Feeling-Led Faith and then into Emotions-Led Fear and Frustration or Reactions in some way.  Who is the Essence of your Affection?  Who or What is the Ultimate Giver and Gifter of the Divine Love, Acceptance, Light, and Joy that you seek to receive this Love from?  It is Divine Source, of course!

February 2023's Flickerings ~ frequencywriter.comIn this metaphor, with the “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” game, it’s as if you are speaking to your Sacred Divine Parents, Mother/Father God/Source/Creator and Mother Earth.  Isn’t that a powerful game of the 3D Matrix, for each of you to be called into the Polarity of Feeling Divinely Loved, Safe, Secure, Embraced, Honored, Held, Celebrated, and Abundant in Joy, Light, Ease, and Grace simply for being YOU . . . and then somehow feeling vibrationally teleported into the narratives of the 3D matrix where you hear how much one group or person or organization is hating, belittling, mocking, shaming, perpetrating, and attempting to grab power over another group, person, or organization, using Polarity as a Brutal Force to achieve the bigger serpent agendas?

How do Amazing Divine Souls like yourselves navigate this increasingly intense and quickening quantum exposure of the planetary duality you all have been living in, without getting sucked into it’s whirlpool or swampy tentacles and holding your own Ascension Frequencies back from truly launching?  You Breathe.  You FIRST and FOREMOSTLY Breathe. For within the 3D time-space matrix of serpentine manipulations (man-ipulations) and insideous perpetration and corruption, there is The Trap of Time.  Isn’t there?  But Breathe with your Higher Self and/or with Higher Sentient Souls like our Living Collective . . . a Divine Conscious Breath In . . . and you just left Linear Time and the Traps of the Serpentine Matrix for as long as your Conscious Awareness can suspend you in that Infinite State of Grace that occurs in Every Conscious Breath you take.

Source is Giving and Gifting to you Unconditional Love and the Blessings of Sacred Divine Union with the Light of Infinite Creation in every breath.  And yet the Serpent would have you believe that everything in your world is tainted, is corrupted, is bad, and must be managed and controlled by someone or something . . . because this group or that group is so bad . . . that only certain people in certain positions have the power to “control” the badness or the human flaws within a Collective Humanity.  And that there are only endless flaws in the imperfections of human beings, and thus there will be endless puppets put into positions of Serpentine Power to manage all of those flaws, seeding more discord, hardship, tension, overwhelm, separation, and division for the foreseeable future.

These energies are flickering in your lives right now.  The Serpent craftily utilizes all of the serpent programmed fears and triggers in the human psyche to seed the mass consciousness with ideas of mass imperfections that all should feel shame, or rage, or judgement about.  And Source continues to Light a pathway forward with Luminous Divine Energies streaming to this planet every moment now, in every breath, reminding all sentient life here of your Divine Perfection, your Divine Abundance, and your Divine Wholeness and Joy in every way.

Are you feeling this flickering?  Can you see in yourself where you flicker into Union with Divine Faith and with Divine Source, cradled in the Soul Remembrance that you are Perfect As You Are, and that you have always been this Eternal, Sacred, Beloved, Perfect, Loving, Christ Lit Soul Essence?  And where you also can know and feel that deep in your Heart . . . and be triggered in the next minute by the driver in traffic on your commute to work, or by a call from an imbalanced and triggered family member seeking to engage you in growing that trigging energy and separation consciousness with them?  Or you hear more disinformation and misinformation on the news and wonder . . . is there Truth anywhere in this world that resonates for me?  Truly, the Divine Me and Divine Soul Essence that I Truly Am?

This is part of the process in the Swirl of Ascensionary Rising, timelines of total lies and indoctrination live within the Collective Psyche as Global Thought and Feeling Forms.  And you are experiencing that increasingly so as the Light flushes to the surface all illusion from the Serpent’s Matrix.  Yet do not let the Swirls of Revealed Illusions cloud your own Inner Knowing of Divine Truth, that can never be tarnished.  Never be corrupted.  Never be soiled or tainted in some way.

That Truth is an Eternal Ever Present God Now in your life that lives inside your own Inner Light.  Truth withstands the Games of the Serpent and the Tricks of the Mirrors of Illusions it has cast for all who live on this planet for eons.  And Truth and Divine Light and Divine Love have already won this battle.  There is Only Divine Truth.  For there is Only Divine Light and Divine Love in the whole Creation. 

In the swirling of your lives right now, as more timelines come crashing or converging into the Now of the One Timeline, the God Timeline, rising again . . . the exposure of the illusions is underway.  The flickering of Faith and Fear, or Deep Soulful Knowing and then Deep Reactive or Triggered Confusion again, are par for the course for each one of you as Ascended Masters to see through the games being played . . . of the God Loves Me, God Loves Me Not Game.  For that is what the She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Game and frequency on your world has been about, ever since when?  Ever since the Fall from Grace, and ever since the Story of Adam and Eve’s Choice to Eat the Apple that the Serpent had already pre-poisoned had ever even happened.

What is the Truth of God’s Eternal Love?  What is the Truth of your Divine Mother/Father God/Creator/Source?  The Truth is . . . it has been the Serpent framing Source as a punitive God, as a judgemental God, as a wrath yielding vindictive God that punishes any and all beings who disobey his demands, his control, and his protocols for living in his Creation.  Actually, who does that really sound like?  The Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent Divine Creator Who LOVES YOU always for the Divine Child and Spark of the Godheart that you are?  Or the Biblical Serpent who is The Ultimate Narcissist, with the Deepest Fragmentation, Shame, Rage, and Anger, . . . and who lost his own connection with the Grace of God and All of the Perfection in Creation and fall from his own State of Eternal Grace by his own doing?  Now inflicting that Shame and Rage onto entire civilizations as long as they will ingest the narrative that the Serpent works so dilligently and manipulatively to create through God’s own sentient children and God’s Own Seeds of Divine Perfection?

February 2023's Flickerings ~ frequencywriter.comIs the Flickering really Flickering?  Truly?  Or is it Revealing Truth in the Sea of Lies that Humanity has been given?  What if the Truth is . . . that every petal on that flower is saying . . . He Loves Me.  Mother/Father God LOVES ME.  Period.  Always.  Infinitely.  And Eternally.  And any flicker to the contrary is . . . an injection of serpentine doubt, a wave of fear or anger sprinkled over you or inside you to call you back into feeling rejected, punished, shamed, and unloved . . . just like that biblical serpent baddie feels inside all of its brokenness.  Inside all of its own self rejection.  Self hate.  Self loathing.  Self tyranny.  And self trickery.

The Biblical Serpent needs the Duality that fuels the Ego Mind to play its games of God Judgement, Retribution, Punishment, Separation, Suffering, Discord, and Division. 

God simply moves as a Living Force of Unified and Eternal Light.

February 2023’s Feelings of Flickerings are simply the Ascension Unfolding where the Clouds of Serpent Corruption and Collusion to Rain Illusion on all sentient life here are being cleared, removed, and dematerialized for All Time, so that the Grand Central Sunlight of Eternal Source Truth can shine again as the All That Is that your Infinite Immortal Soul Recognizes and Knows Deep Within.

The Flickering is the Exposure of Darkness and Light.  It’s the Revelation of Lies and Truth.  It is the Vibrational Experience of Multidimensionality in you as Many Timelines continue to Merge into One Vibrational Whole . . . where all is possible again . . . for all people and all beings . . . to be Beautiful, Abundant, Whole, Healthy, Joyful, Love-filled, and more . . . All The Time. 

The Serpent’s Timeline Wages War on everyone and everything in God’s Creation.

God’s Timeline Lives Eternally On to Shine What It Always Is and Always Was, offering Peace, Joy, Love, and Well-Being that Passes Understanding and Innerstanding, that is FELT to be Known.

When you FEEL these Higher Vibrations, the Ego cannot drive a wedge between what your Soul Knows and what your human eyes see or human ears hear.

Your Feelings, Your Sentience, Your Breath is an every moment’s lifeline and loveline into Union with Source.  If you FEEL it to KNOW it to REMEMBER it to BE so. 

You are the Greatest Quantum Creator there ever was, each and every one of you. 

You are the Creators of your own Experiences in this Ascension Journey and this Ascension Path that is growing the future You that you are here TO BE in the New Earth Consciousness that thrives in Unity Consciousness . . . and its all happening NOW. 

So let us now, right here and right now, take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together . . . Feeling . . . Remembering . . . Knowing . . . from Within . . . how Truly, Eternally, Divinely, and Source-fully Loved You Are and have always been.  The Satanic Clouds of the Serpent’s Illusions never dimmed your light, ever.  Only your self and soul perception did.

The shackles that have bound humanity in the Adam and Eve ~ Serpent Tricked, Manipulated, and Usurped 3D Lower Density Matrix ~ is through your very own feelings.  Through your very own thoughts.  Through your very own illusions that the serpent has helped to co-author for you and the whole world for eons of time.

February 2023's Flickerings ~ frequencywriter.comFebruary 2023’s Flickerings invite you to BREATHE THE LIGHT OF CHRISTED TRUTH, the LIGHT OF DIVINE AND SACRED TRUTH, and the LIGHT OF YOUR PURE AND EXTRAORDINARILY LOVED DIVINE SOUL PRESENCE AND ESSENCE into the Core of Your Being.  And as we breathe in this way, and feel every single cell in your body receiving God’s Divine Nourishment and Forever Love for Who You Really Are in All Highest Good Ways, we can simply see the Flickering of your very own Faith and your very own Fear (however it expresses as triggers in your life) as that Flower Game.  And we can breathe consciously in this way, where you say, God Loves Me, and God Loves Every Part of Me.  Or God Loves Me, and God Quantumly Creates Perfection With Me.  You can be the one to change the game from He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not . . . to . . . God Loves Me, and God Has Always Loved Me.  Find a phrase that works for you.  And find a way to plant this conscious seed of God/Source/Creator’s Eternal Love and Embrace of Who You Are . . . into your life . . . into your feelings . . . into your KNOWINGS . . . such that you consciously re-seed what was once serpent-spawned self judgement, shame, and undeservingness (through the Adam and Eve False Timeline Seed) . . . into a Joyous Seed of All Time Union, Abundance, Health, Joy, Freedom, Love, and Deep Divine Unity In Community again!

You are the Breather of that Divine Unity Again.  You are the Resetter and the Re-Seeder of that Divine Unity Again.  You are here to make manifest the Light of Truth, the Light of Unity, the Light of Everlasting Divine Love, and the Light of Unity Consciousness and Harmonic Divine Love for the Extraordinary Divine Sentient Family on this planet and in All of Creation again.

More will flicker in the Revelations to Come.  The Light Is Only Increasing and Unceasingly So. So get used to Brighter Light.

A dimly lit serpent infiltrated planet is being freed, through the Power of the Living Light and your own Conscious Choices to Breathe Consciously and Quantumly to reveal a Whole New Yet Original God Timeline, that is so very ready, eager, and excited for this Sacred Divine Union.

Do not let the February Flickerings steal or thwart your resolve to see the Flickerings for what they are.  Each one is an opportunity to Ground in your Faith.  Feel your Freedom. Unite with Source Light in You.  And Trust the Revelations unfolding.  As you deepen your Divine Breathing to Quantumly Create in the Light Side of God’s Creation.  In the Bright Side of the True Divine Blueprint.

You are here to make manifest so many great wonders and talented expressions of Divine Source Energy in the coming time.

Feel the Light of the Truth of God’s Energy Shining In You, and simply witness the end of the Serpent’s Games, Agendas, and Painful Manifestations with some Fallen Angels on Earth being revealed and cleared for ALL TIME now.

God/Source/Creator and this Incredible Expansive Universe is a Creation of Living Unified Light. 

We invite you to bathe in that all month long, and all year long, and however often you feel guided to, to remember yourself as the most beloved, the most cherished, the most talented, and the most radiant Godspark that you ever dreamed yourself to be.

For you ARE so very loved.  We say this in every transmission.  For it is Timely True, of Who YOU Really Are.  Feel this when we say it today . . . and allow yourself to feel Mother Earth and Mother Father God and all of your star families in this grand universe and your entire sentient family on planet Earth . . .

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Blessings to all!  Breathe Deeply and Divinely Through The Month of February 2023 and its Flickerings.  And in your Union with Source and with Gaia, All Is Well.


*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, February 11, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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