February-March 2023 Energy Update: Ascension Weather, Storms, Vortexes, Awakening, & Quantum Creation

February-March 2023 Energy Update

Ascension Weather, Storms,
Vortexes, & Quantum Creation:

Feel Your Light, Sense Your Sight,
Know Your Divine Union With Source,
& Dream A New Divine Dream

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2/17/2023



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Christ Light of Unity Consciousness and Quantum Expansion.  For 2023 is a Grand Year of Divine Expansion dear ones.  And at the Heart of that Divine Expansion is the Infinite Light of Love, Unity, and Grace that lives inside the Heart of Creation.  You are Divine, Sovereign Seeds and Creations of the One True Source.  You are Godsparks of the GodHeart dear ones.  In all of the gusts, swirls, vortices, and triggers of Ascension Weather and the Floods Of Light that the Heart of Creation is ushering into your world, into your lives, and into your hearts as we speak . . . the Remembrance Codes of your own Personal Grand Awakening and Ascension Reside.  The Living Light within these Grand Floods of Light is summoning back to itself that which is like itself.  And that means ~ YOU.  You are being summoned back to your Original Source Blueprinted Light.  And in that Golden White Christ Light that is Pure Source Consciousness inside you . . . you have everything you need to transcend these times, these storms, and these risings deeply underway and deeply and perfectly unfolding right here and right now in 2023.

February March 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.com
So let us take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Let’s invite this first Sacred Breath from Source to wash over you, cleaning and bathing every single cell inside you with the Heart of Source Knowings that we have spoken about today and that we have already seeded in your Conscious Awareness today, and every day now going forward.  Feel the Waters of the Divine Mother flowing through your body temple, fortifying every single cell with Faith, Joy, Abundance, Peace, and Love.  And allow the Sacred Divine Mother, Mother Earth, to shower your Heart with a Song of Joy.  The Song of Remembrance.  The Song of Renewal.  And the Song of Upliftment, where doubt, fear, heaviness, grief, worry, anger, or overwhelm in some way once resided.

Whenever you breathe with this Living Conscious Universe, and whenever you Breathe in this Light of the Living Source and your Beloved Mother Earth as a Divine Child of their Perfect Union and Perfect Wholeness, you get to receive the Light of the Living Quantum Energy that showers your every thought and every feeling with this Divine State of Living Perfection.  And all of your cells, all of your thoughts, all of your feelings rise to resonate at that particular sound frequency . . . where All Is Well.  Every cell pings with a new song inside you . . . one of Resonance in the Remembrance Codes . . . humming along in Unity and Union with the Divine Light of Source . . . singing through you a Song of Unity, Harmony, and Perfect Peace.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel this Harmonic Balance and Harmonic Energy inside you no matter what was going on in the world around, and/or in your own inner world?  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel at Peace and at One with your Beloved Creator Source and your beloved Mother Earth like this, each and every time you take a Deep and Conscious Breath and allow this awareness to fill your whole body, your energetic layerings, your living Consciousness, and your Cellular Life Force?  Indeed it would be!  And the good news is . . . You Can.  Any time you need or desire a deep dose of this Divine and Sacred Light.  It is right here, For You, Within You, whenever you choose to engage it.  And to embrace it.  You learn to allow in this very Divinity by practicing Conscious Breathing on a regular basis.  And you become the Shining Star of your very own Life Breath, shining for Source, as a Beacon and as a Lighthouse for Source, regardless of whether the skies around you are Sunny and Clear or Deep and Densely Gray in the Heat of Epic Storms and Squalls throughout Humanity’s Collective Ascension Process.  You are the One who controls, manifests, and allows your own Inner Weather.  So we invite you to Breathe Easy, Breathe Deeply, Breathe Divinely, and Breathe the Light of your Eternal Tranquility and Joy as a Spark of the Godheart and a Knower of your Union as often as you can.  For these frequencies are the True You.  And it’s time to claim them.

Speaking of Storms, Humanity is entering another tier in the Collective Ascension Process where the Atmospheric Energies may get more turbulent . . . as February Surges in Powerful Christed and Planetary Energy and the Serpent’s Den gets increasingly stirred up.  Complacency in humanity to go along to get along in the vibrational soup of the 3D matrix was a survival skill.  The Illusion of Needing to Survive will soon be met with the great shaking of False Security, False Narratives, False Compliance, and False Feelings and Scramblings to hide from the very Light many have prayed for to come and save them from this wretched Serpent Den of Illusion in the first place.  Wanting to be saved and healed can be very different than embracing your own Inner Christed Savior and embracing your own Inner Strength and Fortitude within.  And February, March, and April 2023 will shed some serious Light on the ways that people “bond with their captors” and “bond with their current enslavement and captivity” as well.  If you ask people if they wish to be FREE, the vast majority will shout a resounding Yes.  If you ask people if they will activate and take action TO BE FREE, the vast majority will look at the great invitation and wait for someone else to raise their hand.

February March 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comThe challenge with organized religions around the world has been the lulling of the masses into believing that a savior was outside of them, was external, or was somewhere else in heaven or outside of linear time and space, meaning outside of your world and your grasp.  People have believed the rituals, the mantras, the rules, and the printed sacred texts as if they were whole and complete, and direct words from God/Source/Creator.  Missing the fact that victors of wars, hostile takeovers, religious coups, and tyrants from Babylonian and deeper ancient times were often behind the permission to print these sacred texts and pass down knowledge from one generation of Humanity to another.  And so even today what Freedom means to most people is not the same as it means to Truly Ascended and Sovereign Souls.

How might you answer that question?  What does it mean TO YOU right now today to be Divinely Free?  What does it mean TO YOU right now today to breathe in Divine Union with Source?  How do you FEEL that?  These are not intellectual questions.  These are sentient inquiries.  So you have to go into your Inner Being, you must access your Inner Light’s Intelligence and Intuition, and you must move beyond the mind’s mental filters that are deeply designed for you to THINK YOUR FEELINGS versus actually SIMPLY FEEL THEM.  This is a Quantum Journey into Higher Consciousness, dear ones.  Ascension IS A Quantum Journey into Higher Consciousness.  And thus, you don’t rise into Higher Consciousness by Thinking your way there.  Thinking is in fact how you arrived all the way “down here,” in the depths of the Serpent’s Den, and in the depths of making your life experiences of Scarcity, Suffering, Debt, Taxation, and Serpent Controlled Money Printing to Keep Your Entire Sentient World Enslaved in its systems of Manipulations and Mind Control . . . feel like Freedom.  Whereby however much wealth you have and hold is what grants you and gifts you the Freedom you actually seek.  Freedom in this Mind Compliant and Ego Complicit Serpent World is then often perceived through the lens of the Flow or the Stockpiles of Money that you have and hold in the bank, through your income, through stock portfolios, or other 3D instruments of wealth “acquisition.”

But when we ask you . . . what does it mean TO YOU right now today to be Divinely Free?  We are asking you to first allow the THINKING that your mind wants to share.  And once that first instinct or thought form surfaces, you now have the vibrational room and bandwidth to get a little more real with yourself.  You can give yourself permission to really FEEL what living Divinely Free would look like in your life, right now.  Would you be working (in your current job or volunteer projects etc.)?  Would you be living geographically where you currently reside?  Would you be partnered with someone?  With your current spouse?  Or someone else?  Would you engage your family in the same way?  Who are you if you are not your 3D self answering to your 3D conceptualizations of Living Free in an Incarcerated and Consciousness Captured Worldview and Experience?

And if what you are living might possibly be somehow an illusion, in a false and flawed matrix of linear time, what would be possible for you to dream, to have, to be, if you were unlimited by space, time, and ultimately the serpent’s contracts that have previously bound you and your ability to sentiently dream a whole new dream for you and your life?

February March 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comIf there was no time, what would you spend your time doing?  What brings you joy just by “being there?” In whatever “being there” in that Unified with Divine Source Essence as the Adam and Eve Vibrational Union Inside You is . . . that you are truly meant to be?  Living out your Divine Eden, right now?  Where would you be?  Who are you with?  What is bringing you absolute Joy in that moment, where everything is possible and all the wealth and joy of God supports it?  Where are you?  What are you feeling?  How are you experiencing this beautiful and perfect day in God’s Creation by your vibrational knowing and feeling of it?

This is Quantum Creation.  This is stepping outside of the confines of Linear Time.  This is Dreaming and Coloring Outside the Lines.  This is living outside the Box that the Luciferian Serpent put all of humanity in.  And this is Breathing Fresh Divine Prana with Source at the Leading Edge of Creation in your own life, right now.  In every moment.  In Every Next Breath.  You are Ready to Rise and Live This New Life.  Every single one of you.

And the old narratives?  For some of you, they are already old worn out rags from your 3D costume closet that have already long been burned in fire ceremonies, when you were ready to summon in new creations and new experiences, upon remembering at some point in your life that the illusion was only as real as you made it.  For others of you . . . the great shaking and quaking happening now and increasing these next few months through world events and more local events as well . . . will be catalysts to help to illustrate the great “take down” of the serpent’s den and the serpent’s games and the serpent’s realm.  So those who require a few more shake ups and shake downs . . . recognize their own tattered costumes ready for their own fire ceremonies . . . to alchemize their own darkness into Ascended and Christed Light.

February, March, and April will be Deep Catalytic and Ascensionary Months of Epic Change.  Lessons in Attachments, False Allegiances, Complicitness with Human and Sentient Enslavement, Helplessness, and Hopelessness etc will blow through the Collective’s Experiences in a myriad of ways, all leading to One Ultimate Result.  God’s Breath in this world is blowing down all enslavement structures.  God is breathing fire over tattered, torn, corrupt, and serpentine systems.  Demolitions of Satanic Structures and Forms of Mind Control that enslave this Collective Humanity will be simultaneously crumbling or domino-ing one after the other in quick succession.  A False World and Matrix must be eradicated, for the True God Timeline to rise and to re-seed in Humanity’s Consciousness and in the Consciousness of the Entire Sentient Cosmos.

Some will spend their time in the next few months trying to outrun the failing structures, as if those failing structures are something they hope will in the end be saved, but that they can also get out of harm’s way as it wobbles . . . because they simply have mastered accommodating the Serpent’s global attacks that appear to most . . . to be natural world events.  Accommodating the Serpent is going to receive some deep scrutiny in 2023.  Colluding with Illusion will receive this Light Filled Scrutiny as well.

So that ultimately, the only choice before each and every soul . . . within this Year of Epic Change and this Decade of Deep Ascension . . . will be to Unify with Source, the Godbreath, and the God Timeline, for everything you have ever truly desired to live, to have, to be, and to experience.

When turning back from the precipice of change becomes hotter than turning into the unknown and into the Mystical Light of Higher Vibrational Experience, people will find the strength within to step up like Noah, like Moses, like David, like Jesus, like so many that have gone before you . . . to Choose Union in Full Faith with Source and to Choose Alignment with Divine Will in Full Union with Source because it vibrationally is felt and known from within as the Right Path for you, the Right and Most Aligned Path of Ascension for you.

Running from calamity has become a familiar life skill and skill set in humanity’s experience.  Lesser known is unifying with Source to transcend the need to run, at all.

It’s time to cease running.  It’s time to release distractions.  It’s time to let go of the collective illusory instinct to collude with your captors.  It’s time to transmute the personal and collective fear that you each carry of being singled out, targeted, tormented, or worse, by the hands of the serpent or its minions.

Truth sets you Free. 

Union with Source sets you Free. 

Co-Creation and Quantum Creativity set you Free. 

Because they are other worldly, meaning they are frequencies that LIVE BEYOND THIS WORLD that many in humanity know as the only reality there is.  Raise your consciousness, and this Higher Divine Truth awaits you.  For it indwells you.  It is simply awaiting the awakening of your Higher Soul Sight.  And your choice to release the heat of “making the 3D world” good, okay, or acceptable.  And your choice to embrace your Soul Essence as capable and empowered to have and to be SO MUCH MORE.

The Freedom of Which We Speak, Quantum Freedom, Divine Sovereignty, and the Light of Living Christ Consciousness Is A Feeling.  It is a Knowing.  It is a Consciousness that you must release the Games and Serpent Infiltrated Ego Thinking and enter Heart Streamed Faith Filled Soul Sight to access.

How can you engage Freedom as a Feeling in the next few days, weeks, or months?

As more of the Living Light beams through the Central Sun Portals of Light, to Breathe the Breath and Light of Source back into this World, and Ascension and Biblical Storms kick up in that hugely massive vortex of Transcended and Transfiguring Energies, . . . and thus as more Illusions crumble to the ground because they simply cannot withstand the Living Light in the Heart of Source setting this ENTIRE REALM FREE . . . how are you surfing these epic waves of change?  How are you feeling your True Self amidst the storms of your tattered 3D identities and costumes, that simply are not True and that simply are not YOU?

February March 2023 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comWe invite you to practice proactively FEELING and SENSING and KNOWING the Living Light of your Christed/Source Lit Heart and your Sovereign Quantum Power, in a whole new world, purified by this Grand Shaking and this Grand Reorientation to the God Timeline, where everyone has everything they need and desire to fulfill their divine missions and their divine dreams, and a New Earth of Higher Unity Consciousness than most can feel now . . . Births for many, many generations to come.

How are you seeding THAT LEVEL OF LIGHT into your Life, right now?   

This is the Quantum Energy we are talking about.  This is the 5D New Earth Consciousness that is a Living Energy inside you that we are talking about.

There is Truth in the Baptismal Journey in the Christian Faith, where you die to your Ego Self to be Reborn in your God Self and God Essence.  There is Truth in what Wayne Dyer described as Dying While You Are Alive, to your old Serpent subservient ways and embracing the New Birth of your True Eternal Soul Essence and True Self.

Feelings and Expanded Sensory Experiences will be your companions in the journey.  And your Ego Mind and its Serpent Subservient and Compliant Filters will be alchemized in that Ascension Fire Storm and Wild Weather Patterning to be a thing of the deep past, never to rise into your physical experiences again.

If you weren’t tethered by Compliant Thinking, Ego Distractions, or Serpent Shoulds – Traps – Obligations – Coercions – Fears and more, what would you be living?  What would you choose to create?  Who would you want to hang out with?  Community-Up with?  Partner with?  Quantumly Create With?  Feel your attractions to the Earth and to the essence of people in your Divine Family.  And let your feelings align your God Timeline, in daily action steps and inner visions and quantum creations that you now know are yours to create.

God is leading the take down of this Serpentine Matrix and 3D Illusion.

You are the Quantum Creator who is tasked with choosing and sovereignly creating your feeling path and thus your sentient path to Freedom.  True Freedom!

While the world is crumbling, and old safety and security structures fail as well, you will know its time to put your faith in God/Source/Creator.  For nothing else of this world will or can support you in this Multidimensional Clearing Process that will be unfolding.  Only you can choose yourself Free. Only YOU can make the conscious choices in Union with Source to untether yourself from the old illusions and false pathways of freedom and to rise into the Clarity of True Liberation and Grace.

Be ready and prepared to BREATHE IN UNION with SOURCE as the old structures and serpent minions fail, and fail in big, broad, and more public ways.  And as you practice this Art of Consciously Breathing in Union with Source, remember to Consciously Breathe at each crumbling and at each new Divine Quantum Creation you can muster and you can dream, to place yourself vibrationally into the Heart of the God Timeline. 

Feel yourself there, vision yourself there, breathe yourself there, Know yourself there, and you will be there in the New 5D Earth God Timeline . . . amazed at how easy those old costumes fell away in the burning of illusions and the resurrection of the Christ Light in you and in all sentient souls on the planet!

You are here to Live in the Quantum of Divine Creation.  Open yourself to that Wealth, that Joy, and that Ease and Joy of Being a Divine Soul in God’s Creation again.

You have known this time would come for a long, long time.

All of you have.

Now is the Time of the Great Revelations, the Great Awakening, and the Great Sentience Required to Arrive Yourself onto the Sacred Sures of God’s Timeline. 

And God/Source/Creator is overjoyed at the increasing numbers of Divine Daughters and Sons returning to their rightful place in the Godheart, lived and experienced in 5D physical form and 5D Unity Consciousness once more upon the Earth.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, February 25th, 2023 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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