Get Ready: Myth and Truth Revealed

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received June 1, 2019

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, bringing through a Message of Extraordinary Light as the Arcturian Collective.  Today is the first day of June 2019.  And as we have shared in the previous channelings, it will be more important than ever that each of you listening to this message continues to tune in and call out the deeper soul skills that each of you has and holds within. 

The story of Arthur pulling Excalibur from the Stone has been a great messenger of this inner summoning and this inner alchemical process that unfolds in every single soul who has ever incarnated here on Earth and elsewhere . . . at some point in the journey.  For at some point in the journey, we all must tune in to a higher inner knowing, a higher inner courage, a higher inner resilience and belief IN OURSELVES, . . . that we have what it takes to set ourselves free.  That we have the Soul Skills needed to ascend in these times.  That we have the Divinity that is Infinitely Connected to the Heart of Source inside us, just like Excalibur resided in the stone, waiting for Arthur’s unique vibration, soul skill set acquired through lifetimes and yet authorized by his very birthright as a divine being and divine light of the One True Source, and waiting for Arthur’s willingness to believe in the Extraordinary Essence, Wisdom, Truth, and Faith he had carried all that time . . . to set forth a new path, a new life, a new freedom, and a new story for all time . . . to wake up to their own Inner Arthur, their own Inner Buddha, their own Inner Star System and Source Guidance System and Source Light, that had played in the ethers and danced with the Soul and the Heart of God, for Infinite Eternal Everlasting Divine Eons of Time.  

This is the Journey that you are being summoned into.  This is the next step and the next stone in each of your paths, to become the heros that you have heard about do so many extraordinary things in your history books, in your story books, and in your religious texts.  You are being summoned to be the Hero of your very own Soul Journey and your very own Life Journey and your very own Collective Soul Journey now on this world.  No longer will only one guru remove a sword from a stone, or only one instill the Christ Consciousness of Unity and Light Consciousness back into the hearts of humanity, or only one share a Dream they dreamed for all of the world to see, and be revered for the only one with those extraordinary gifts.  There is a belief that somehow Source sends to Earth one savior, one guru, one master, one orator, one channel, one prophet at a time, to help billions and billions of people ascend into their Light Body and their Light Consciousness again.  

And we would ask ~ how effective has that belief been? Has that belief in the one . . . that belief in only one of you at a time having these Extra-Ordinary Gifts, Talents, Courage, Insight, Love, and more . . . served your world in the past 10 years?  To make it more harmonious and unified?  Has it served your world in the past 50 years to restore Peace, Kindness, Compassion, Wealth, Health, Joy, and Abundance to all on this planet?  How about 500 years ago?  Has that helped you attune to this Frequency and Divine Light of Oneness and Christ Consciousness, that All are part of the same One True Whole?  Or has that belief created greater separation?  And division?  And hopelessness?  In a world where the rich get richer?  The poor get poorer?  The sick often get weaker and where the suffering grows greater every day?  

We have seen a great deal of the latter.  The stories you have in your mythologies have been mythisized.  Fable-ized.  Fantasized.  And enshrined in a belief system that separates out the One experiencing greatness, leaving the masses to languish in the overarching systems of enslavement, entrapment, separation, and suffering to a greater degree.  

And we would say that your stories have been manipulated in this last world age and cycle to lead you to believe just that . . . that one of you . . . every now and again . . . rises into their divinity . . . like a great streak of celestial light . . . and a starburst on your world . . . and you think of them as a kind of God, or Hero, or Master Being, that the rest of you cannot possibly achieve that state of Stardom.  That Experience of Soul Mastery.  That Awakening of the Spirit Within ~ such that all else that is false can be let go.  And seen with new eyes for what it was and what it had been.  

The Truth is . . . you are all RISING STARS. You are ALL Master Beings. The narrative given to you since birth in this realm is not your true story.  It is not your True Personal or Individual Story and it is not your True Soul Story or your Collective Story.  

You are Re-Turning now to RISE into the Greater Stardom and Greater Divine Essence that you have always, always, always been. And you are re-discovering in that process of shedding your old stories that matched the old 3D matrix and 3D rules for human behavior in this last cycle, that you have a much truer, newer, brighter, and incredible soul skin, that you have been wearing the whole time underneath all of those false stories.  All of those false narratives.  For the Truth is ~ you are LIVING LIGHT!

Extracting the Sword ~ and all of that Triumph, Glory, and Euphoria ~ is for you to remember and engage the Truth of Who You Really Are.  Not to wield that sword to laud over any one else any more.  But as an incredible liberation process of cutting yourselves free from the old cords to the old codes of the old matrix.  

Excavating the Divine Golden Buddha Light ~ and that magnificent emergence from its clay and stone covering ~ is also the true story of who you are becoming!  

And the story of the Emporer’s New Clothes in your mythology that we recently mentioned in the last transmission is yet another story of unearthing the true you, the Naked Truth of Who You Really Are, underneath the false narratives told to you and that you yourselves have told yourselves and perpetuated to others.  

It is time for Mythology to release from the 3D shackles of these false narratives.

And thus it is time for a New Risen Truthology to be the New Guiding Light of your Sacred Heart Centers, your Wise and Sacred Higher Selves, and the Center of the Experience unfolding in the New Earth that is templating itself through each and all of you.  

Increasingly so ~ you will be tasked with training your mental bodies, physical bodies, spiritual bodies, and emotional bodies to listen to the “stories” being told with Higher Vibrational Ears and Higher Vibrational Sight to discern what the TRUE MESSAGE is in any narrative and in any story.  

And we would say that applies to the going back to the old MYTH-ologies that were told in a way to foster separation and division and the belief in something outside yourselves having the capacity for that kind of “Extraordinary-ness” . . . to re-write the HIS-stories that were filled with agendas of the old world age, codes, and cycle.  

Go back to the old mythologies and see if you can be a literary excavator and anthropologist seeking the TRUTH in what those authors were really trying to tell all of you ABOUT YOU.  

Christ was able to perform miraculous miracles because he was tuned in to the multidimensionality that he truly is and was.  And when he performed those miracles, he would do them saying, ‘that those who believe in me will also do these works that I do.  You will do all these things and more.’ For Christ knew the Truth at a time when many did not.  Christ was able to see through the false narratives of the day, and tune in to the Truth that he was a Living Essence of the Godspark, just like all of us.  Christ was able to embody a clarity of his Divine Essence, despite all of the negativity in the narratives and in the pain and suffering of that day and time period.  And we are asked to do the same in this timeline.  

No man had pulled the sword from that stone, until Arthur came along.  Many, many had tried.  But not in full faith.  Not with the pristine clarity, heart, and vibration that Arthur had cultivated within, over time.  Likely lifetimes of time, although in that story, there is no reference to past lives influencing present ones.  So once again, in the false narrative, it appears as if overnight, a “chosen one” walks up to a stone and by the stroke of good luck and good fortune, he is able to pull the sword from that stone.  Because God has blessed him and anointed him.  And only him.  To be the one that is the True Knight.  The True Leader.  The True Light.  

We have been conditioned over and over and over in this earth realm to believe that it is one at a time.  One guru at a time can ascend to that level of light.  And the rest ~ can only hope for their turn some day ~ far, far away in the distant infinity of time ~ that they may, just maybe, be worthy of being selected and chosen by the all Powerful Creator above.  

And thus that has served to reinforce the masses . . . to further accept their enslavement, that this is how God, the Powerful All-Seeing, All-Knowing Creator, must know who is worthy, for that one, singular, next selection of the Great Prophets.  The Miraculous Healers.  The Extraordinary Orators.  It is a special club in a way ~ believed by the masses ~ that only a few get to achieve

In this inverse way, the heroes in our stories have also thus served to further enslave us, because of HOW THE STORIES WERE TOLD. Because of HOW THE NARRATIVES WERE SCRIPTED SO CAREFULLY.  Because of how the powers that were wanted to people to feel, think, believe, and see their lives and their LACK of power to strive to be anything much more than what they were currently experiencing.  It is a form of learned helplessness.  And it is fairly pervasive on your world.  

But the news we come to continue to share . . . is the invitation to open to more.  Is the invitation to begin to see your own clay buddhas, your own dejected knights that did not get the great honor and glory that Arthur did ~ but those that simply amassed a great number collectively that weren’t worthy of that task and that feat, and your own crucified Christs who through time have likely tried to do the extraordinary in the very mundane and ordinary 3D world that you were born into, time and time again.

For once you see the false costumes . . . you begin to see the false narratives so much more clearly!

And once you see the false narratives so much more clearly, you have less interested in listening and attuning to any of it.  Because it is simply NOT REAL.  It is simply NOT TRUE.  

The creators of the false narratives have green screens now, have editing software, and often have lots and lots of funding to pour into the false stories that the masses are required to believe to keep the game going.

But once each individual one in the much Greater One begins to wake up to the false costume they are wearing, they do what?  

They seek something MORE.

They seek something ELSE.

They search for a GREATER TRUTH.

They persist and cultivate a Higher Consciousness despite any energies to the contrary around them.

Because they begin to release their false armor, their false costumes, their false beliefs systems, and their false lives as they align with what is real and true once more!

There are many, many stories of these heros who don’t get to tell their stories.  Because if they didn’t serve a mass agenda to single out a “chosen one” to give the masses just enough hope to hang on to and to continue to play the game of enslavement, suffering, separation, and entrapment, they didn’t get told.  

And we are here to say that many of those unsung heros we speak of ~ are YOU!  You are the ones listening to this transmission for a reason today.  Perhaps you are a teacher, or a healer, or a speaker of some kind.  Maybe you are a writer, a caretaker, or a scientist trying to bring through new technologies that benefit and free the world.  There are Nicola Tesla’s in all of you.  There are Albert Einstein’s in all of you.  There are Mother Theresa’s in all of you.  And there are Martin Luther King Jr.’s in all of you.  There are Christs in all of you.  And there are Buddhas in all of you.  And there are Arthurs in all of you.  

It is time to release the false narratives you have about yourselves.  It is time then to thusly get really comfortable with the nakedness you might be for a time without your stories, your false narratives, about who you uniquely and individually are.  It is also time to get really comfortable with the nakedness you might be for a time without your collective stories, your false collective narratives, about who you globally are.  As a Sentient Species, which includes all life forms in all kingdoms of the planet, physical and nonphysical.  

This is a Massive Shift.  Because it is the Heart of the Masses that is SHIFTING.  Like a massive barge out in the middle of the ocean taking a 180 degree turn . . . it has been a slow and arduous process to find our way as a collective to decide to make the turn.  But that was decided many centuries ago, at the very least, during the time of Christ.  Who said in many of his speeches and teachings, get ready.  Change is upon us.  People felt it so literally, they likely thought that meant tomorrow.  

But the Truth is . . . that Christ felt the movement of that Light energy outside the realms of 3D linear time.  He was forecasting a Great Light that he knew was on the Collective Horizon.  He was inviting people to tune in to that extraordinary Light so that they too could feel its Truth ~ NOW.  And yet, in the world of 3D linear time, it has required a great deal of cosmic alignments, human evolution, and spiritual evolution to get the masses ready for the SHIFT he foretold so many centuries ago.  

As a Human Collective, the people of the earth have been that Living Barge out in the ocean.  And December 21, 2012 opened a new planetary frequency and new emotional and sentient waters.  What does that mean for your daily lives?  

You feel more.

You see more.

You can tolerate negativity less.

You see the turmoil the earth and the global collective is in.  

You know its time to turn things around.

Jobs that solely offer a paycheck don’t offer the soul sustenance you now crave.

Partnerships not based in light and in the spirit of soul integration and evolution lack the meaning and the heartbeat that keeps them alive and aligned.

What was tolerable, is not tolerable.

What was simply okay, is not satisfactory any longer.

We would call this a celestial summoning to SOMETHING MORE.

This is what Christ was talking about what he said, get ready.  Be ready.  Prepare yourselves essentially for the House of Light you are becoming again!

This is what Arthur knew when he pulled the sword out of that stone, witnessed by the many who had unsuccessfully risen to that level of Light in order to achieve that release and that rising!

This is what the Emporer’s New Clothes story and metaphor is also saying.  Get ready for the nakedness you are becoming without your false clothes, false narratives, false motivations, false speech, genetically modified foods, false belief systems, etc.

This is the crumbling occurring in all ways in all beings around your world today.

This is the dematerialization of the 3D codes that were never based in any True Light.

We are the voice of your Great Re-Turn to that True Light.

We will continue to voice the Higher Frequencied Light you all are perfectly within!

We will continue to teach, share, and invite a new and True story of who humanity and who this earth planet truly is.

In the month of June 2019, much will rise in the heat of the narratives, especially for those in the northern hemisphere, where temperatures will be hotter than what is typical on your world.  Its not about global warming in the narrative you have been sold and told.  

It is truly about the alchemical melting away of a false consciousness in a time of Great Infusions of Light on your world.  The false consciousness is the global warming effect, as the armor, and false energy, and pain and suffering is pushed and squeezed to the surface, to be seen first, and to be exposed first, and then to be melted down and released by the alchemical light that Divine Light, Celestial Light, and Cosmic Light truly is. 

What is in your False Narrative Closet that wants to come up and out to rise into the alchemical process?  

How comfortable are you with your deeper and darker 3D energetic habits that have journeyed through time with you but that often can be hidden under a nice suit or dress at fancy occasions or even daily, at work?

How ready are you to be a naked and shining marquis of all of your daily thoughts?  That run through your electrical field, from your ego to your heart, and into your behaviors, expressions, and feelings on a daily basis?

As Christ said, get ready.  

Its all coming out in the Global Laundering Cycle still unfolding.  

Will it all happen at once?  No.

Did Revelations and Complete Planetary Enlightenment manifest in Christ’s timeline?  No.  

Humanity is that barge that has taken the turn though.

And once that turn was made . . . over the past 2,000+ years, and the portal of December 21, 2012 closed and shut for all time in all directions of time on the old 3D world age, matrix, and cycle, quantum energies are at work and at play on the earth now much more than before.

So time is speeding up to get back into alignment with the Cosmic Center, with the Central Sun Portals, with the Sacred Heart of Source, and the Sacred Heart and Core Womb of the Earth Mother.  

Will the experience of being naked in your own thoughts and belief systems increase?  


Will your thoughts, feelings, and energies manifest into form quicker?


Will exposures of deep corruption, pain, and nefarious activity on your world over the past century and many, many centuries continue to get pushed to the surface for alchemical light and transmutation in the heat of the Godheart’s Light?  And the Central Sun Portal’s Light?


So continue to get ready for the heat of that kind of Soul, Spiritual, and Celestial Light streaming through to this world, all day every day now.  

Will more beauty, joy, peace, abundance, ease, well-being, love, light, and unity return to your planet as well?  Yes.

All will occur now simultaneously.  

It is a changing of the guard.  And the New Guard, the New Sheriff, the New Guru, and the New Master Being is the Light.  

The Light is the new Guard.  And thus it is here to set you free.  To Govern yourselves in the New Light.

Nefarious schemes and old energies only had power in this unique window of time in the cosmology of time.  And that time is UP.

So discernment dear ones, is key.  Witness your judgement of who you hear is bad, corrupt, and awful on your world.  

Witness yourselves embrace who you think is a savior, the rightful leader, the return of the Christ Light.

Remember ~ you are in an upside down world ~ now righting itself.

So what has been down is up.  And what has been up is down.

And it will take some time for the sands of time and the laser of the new Luminous Light of the New Earth to fully and completely expose all that was true in the false narrative.  And all that was false in the narrative sold as “truth”.  

You don’t have to solve the mystery of it all.

You simply have to admit to yourselves that you may not know the whole story yet.  

For you all were told a similar collective story and narrative since childhood.  And that story is very skewed to say the least.  

So could it be possible that the narrative you hear on the news, or through “prophets’ you listen to, or through leaders or famous celebrities you love, . . . could it be possible that they are not what they seem?

Could a True Light stream through and expose any false narratives that aren’t based in Light and that aren’t based in the Highest Good of the One?  The True One?  The Collective One?  Of which you all are a part?  Yes. 

As Christ said, be ready.  As the film Finding Joe illuminates in the story of the Golden Buddha, its time to excavate our own Inner Buddhas.  Covered up by clay, conditioned beliefs, and the passage of a great deal of time.

As your heart may be saying, It Is Time.  

And if this is so, breathe some conscious breaths every day.  Tap into the help, support, light, wonder, and protection if need be of your Unique Council of Spirit Guides.  Their only job is you!  And your Highest Good embodiment of the Soul Path you agreed to walk before incarnating this lifetime.  And feed your chakras with light as much as you can, daily!  Especially the core 9 pillar chakras that are infinitely connected to all other meridians within you as an individual being and a sacred soul, and as a interconnected light being existing within a much greater Collective, now deeply in the process of turning “that barge” of consciousness into full activation, awakening, enlightenment, and more!

To embrace freedom, means to release that which is not freedom.

To activate the oneness, means to witness what is not resonating unity.

To embody wholeness, means to become willing to witness fragmentation and suffering.

But through that journey, extraordinary Light is being poured into every corner and every molecule and every cell of every being on this planet.  

So drink in the Light of your Higher Consciousness as much as you can!

You are the Hero of your Own Sacred Soul Journey, here at this time to help the Collective Re-Turn and Alchemize into True Divine Light and Wholeness once more!

You will do these works and more, in the coming months and years ahead.  

You are Christ Beings of Pure Divine Light, and you will remember yourselves as such in increasing waves of light and daily life!

You are Golden Buddhas rising to shine your Eternal Grace in this new era and age of peace, prosperity, joy, and wellbeing!

Let what isn’t light rise to be seen and to be alchemized more and more in June 2019.

Stay True to the Emerging Light in you.

Witness without judgment any 3D shadows in you emerging and escaping out of your spiritual closet.  They won’t stay hidden for much longer.  They too are being driven out and into the light of love, conscious release, and soulful integration once more.

And remember ~ you are the Living Essence of Divine Light!
No matter what!

You are divinely designed to be God’s Living Light.

Enjoy your Sacred Heart’s Return to its Organic Roots.

And release all else, that is less than that light and that is not who you truly are!

You are loved dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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