The Gifts of Sentience: A Higher Perspective

A Message from Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council
Through Channel – Marie Mohler:

What Is Sentience?

You asked for a message about the Language of Sentience?  Yes. 

We are happy to help with that.


Do you know know that place in between sleep and wakefulness, where the unconscious lives and dreams unfold?


That is a vast field of sentience.

The degree to which sentience is allowed openly in one’s conscious life determines to a degree the level of sentient dreams one needs to play out in the subconscious dream times. 

Does that make sense?

So the more you awaken to your inner realms of consciousness and your conscious connection with Source, the greater your playing field of sentience becomes.

Now . . . What Is Sentience?

What is it’s purpose?  It’s function?  It’s power?

We would say it is God’s Light Source and Guiding Compass in You. 


It is your Heart’s Sacred Senses.

It’s the barometer and language of all lifetimes. 

Sentience is your feeling based operating system. 

It is more than the counterpart of your intelligence. 

It is a multidimensional perceptual field . . . 

That stores, recalls, and activates knowledge throughout All Time.  And thus it is perceiving through energetic feeling antennae . . . that are all a part of your energetic field.

Thus, it is an operating system AND a language that connects all time and space together.

It is the engine if you will of your merkabal structure.    

Without sentience, all one can perceive is linear time.  And since this planet’s experience of 3D time is up, anyone operating without their sentience is going to burn out their inner engine.

The Power Source of Life has shifted.  From Intellectual Fuel Sources to Sentient Fueling. 

Hence, many of you asking, praying, and knowing the shift from Fossil Fuel energy sources  . . . to much more harmonious, green, earth technologies.  These new technologies are consistent with the language and operating system of sentience.


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The old, dense, 3D fuel systems are too heavy to operate in these lighter playing fields.  Creating a self destructive mechanism.  
And thus, what you see on your world today.  Pipelines failing.  Storm pressures exploding. 

The old operating system will not work in the new timelines.

And the new timelines are already here and now upon us. 

So why is sentience as a language . . . essential “oil” for this new operating system?


Because it literally lubricates the new gears of this newly forming planetary dimension and dimensional field. 

Sentience is the language of the Soul. 

And thus – your direct connection with the frequencies, “all knowingness,” and
Precision Timing and Order of Source. 

It is your Home, beyond dimensional timelines, and beyond the stars.

So when you run an upgraded sentient system, your conversations become less flat and “means-to-ends” focused.  And they become more rich, emboldened, and meaningful, because ALL OF  YOU is participating in the conversation.  Not just your mind, “from the neck up”. 

When you feel your way in your world, you are attracted to an entirely higher level of sight,
than the limited view achieved with the mind. 

Limits lift. 

Everything is synergistic. 

And ALL is achievable in a space of coherence, resonance, and highest good for
all sentient beings in the cosmos. 

Of course the sky’s the limit when you activate your sentience, because you leave behind the incarcerating bars of lack, limitation, linear living, and linear seeing. 

Sentience is the essential first step off the precipice of 3D enslavement programs and into a world where all dreams are truly possible.  Because they are.

We will discuss more of how to connect with your sentience in additional channelings. 

This is just the opening framework Source wanted you to have. 

And it is essential that sentience is understood as more than a language. 

It is a locomotion. 

It is a navigational system. 

And it is an operating system.

Sentience powers all of the higher realms above the 3D Plane of Existence.  

So Sentience is the Heartbeat of Existence. In All Timelines. And in All Worlds. 

Of course it would be the initial step on the journey of coming Home to One’s Self. 

It is the heartbeat and oxygen that fuels the realms of physical and nonphysical communication, and that allows us to communicate with each other, despite time, space, and form differences.

Sentience is the universal language and battery that makes our world able to simply BE.

This is a perfect place for us to begin this message for humanity. 

It is the essential starting point of your Return to Grace. 


You are Love.  You are Loved.  All our Love.  Always.

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