Heart Integration

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“Clear, Connect, & Align Your Sacred Heart Center”

This is a beautiful meditation or gentle daily practice that can nourish your heart center.

Humans have been living in “separation consciousness” for eons.  And our hearts are calling us Home now, to re-union, and to unity consciousness, once more.

This Heart Integration Exercise was given to me through my guides to support and assist this inner attunement and soul ascension process occurring in us all.

It is easy to do, and it opens a vibrational connection between
you, your heart, and your soul’s wisdom.

Each day, choose a quiet place (a physical one or simply an internal one) to take a deep breath and go within the four (energetic) chambers of your heart. These four chambers reflect the four energy bodies of your divine essence.  They are ready to heal, rise, unite, and thrive with your renewed, conscious, and loving attention.

The first chamber is the Chamber of your Heart’s Wisdom.
It is your Emotional Body.

Take a moment and look with your inner eyes at this chamber in your heart. You might see it as a quarter section of divine “tubing” that will join the other three energy bodies’ “tubes” to form a complete circle. See what feelings or images come into your awareness, as you focus your inner eyes on your Emotional Body. Gently allow what you “see”. Is there debris? A block? A memory? A color? A feeling? When you are ready, visualize your Emotional Body cleansed, cleared, and filled completely with Pure Source Light and Love.

The second chamber is your Physical Body.

Pause now and look within this “tube”. See what feelings, sensings, and images come to mind in your heart’s awareness, as you focus your inner eyes on your Physical Body. It is the Physical Body that transmits Health, Clarity, and Divine Energies within all cells of the physical being that you are. When the physical body declines, it indicates or represents the physical separation of Conscious Body from the Body of Matter. Fill your Physical Body now with Pure Light and Love from its Original Source Light. See how much Light can fill these Chambers, so much so that they are glow-full and abundantly filled with Divine Love and Perfection.

The third chamber is your Spiritual Body.

The Spiritual Body carries many Divine Memories of Earth Perfection, Wisdom, and Flow. These are memories of Millennia of Goodness. All Wealth and Supply. Where all that is needed is already supplied and available. It is your All-Beingness. Your Oneness with All That Is. It is your Reservoir of Happy Thoughts. Take a moment and call its consciousness to you. Pause now and look within. This is a vital heart chamber. It is the seat of your Psychic Vision and Manifesting Power. Thus it is important to honor and cleanse this chamber and fill it with extra Love and Source Light to restore Full Flow, Trust, and Perfection once more. When it is cleansed and clear, consciously re-connect the Spiritual Body to the Physical Body and to the Emotional Body to gently form the shape of a circle. Visualize these bodies aligned and connected, and working together in flow.

All are serving you well.  Coming to life with the Light and Love shown in clearing away debris and this grand re-fueling with strengthened believing Source Light.

The fourth chamber is your Mental Body.

It is kind of the Library of the House. It records all Wisdoms, Lessons, Skills, and more learned across lifetimes. It is your link to the Akashic Records. It is your own personal Akashic Record and where you connect to the memories and records of others. It of course connects with your other three bodies/chambers, providing Inner Balance and Divine Flowing Perfection. Pause a moment and look within at your Mental Chamber, your Mental Body’s “tubing”. See what feelings, sensings, or images come into your awareness, as you focus your inner eyes on your Mental Body. Whatever you see is okay. It has been calling to you to give it this loving attention that it needs, requires, and deserves. This is your link to past, present, and future. With Gentle Love, Light, and Healing, you can restore this chamber to it’s full prowess; It’s archives of rich energy and tremendous wisdoms; And it’s balance of power to guide your creative essence, through the full wisdom flow and spectrum of possibility from what was and what can be. Pause now and look within. Fill your Mental Body with vibrant Love and Light, and connect it to the other three energy bodies to form a complete circle of wellness, wholeness, happiness, and greater awareness.

This completes your Inner Chambers’ Re-birth and Re-awakening. Breathe Light and Life into your Heart Center, visualizing each chamber receiving full Flow, Belief, and Light, and seeing this reflected in your Energy Bodies (as Rings of Light around you). Do this daily. Ancient civilizations nurtured these chambers like gold – for they were the gateways to enriched divine living and all of the magic they could ever need.

Welcome back to your Center. Your Truth. Your Light. Your Heart Wisdom.

Your gifts are returning.

Be ready. Be well!


*As an added bonus:  To further illustrate this Heart Integration Exercise, and the essence of our soul’s journey to remember and awaken our heart’s consciousness, I wrote the story of Dragonfly.  Click on the video below to have a listen.  Allow this story and these sound frequencies to speak to your own heart’s awareness.

Welcome HOME.