Humanity’s Tipping Point: Report No. 7 ~ Mother Earth Chronicles

Report No. 7 ~ “Humanity’s Tipping Point”

Mother Earth’s Chronicles
A Twice Monthly Channeling About The Sentience of Things

With Special Support from Mother Mary,
El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council

via Channel Marie Mohler ©2017
Received October 6, 2017





Dear Ones,

It is I, Mother Earth, here with a message of Heart, Soul, Courage, and Most of All, Divine Truth today.

Humanity is at a tipping point.  Yes?  Can you feel it?  The energy is everywhere.  No corner of the globe is untouched.  In fact, there are no corners.  All are feeling the impact of the Vibrational Changes occurring in our Stratosphere, every day now.

We can look at the news.  Or not.  We can judge our neighbors.  Or not.  We can feel beaten down by the corruption of the networks of systems that darker, denser energies on the planet have manifested and monopolized for eons.  Or not.

couple connecting with large earth star photo

OR . . . we can look at our Soul Essence Within.  We can look at the Star Stuff we are each and all made of.  We can recognize that the vibrational elements that make us ~ US! ~ are the same vibrational elements and building blocks that create and manifest worlds.

In this time of “Tipping Point Energy”, each person on the planet gets to choose ~ where do I desire to focus my energy?  Today?  Now?  In This Moment? 

Each person gets to look around inside, and see . . . is it my Light that sustains me?  Or . . . is it the systems around me ~ that are clearly crumbling now and failing in the Face of Light?

If the systems are not sustaining me, or if they even may not sustain me, should I give these systems any more of:

My energy?
My consciousness?
My beliefs?
My faith?
My money?
Or my time?

What if the time I spend watching and talking about the failing systems actually perpetuates or increases the experience of stress on me, and those around me, that I love and care about?

What if my literal attention and focus on the failings and challenges of breaking systems . . . is actually manifesting just that?  The great crumbling . . . of all we thought there ever could be?  This Pinnacle of Humanity’s Technology, Science, Achievements, and Awareness?

What if . . . it isn’t.  The Pinnacle.  The Zenith.  The Ultimate Ultimate that we have believed our evolutionary and creationary trends to be?   

What if . . . it was a false path.  An illusionary path? 

What if this isn’t the best design for humanity and planet earth at all?

And what if . . . by our mere vibrational focus . . . and the discipline of our internal conscious attention, we instead . . . began to disengage from the false or flawed systems that never seem to create real, positive, and lasting change?

And what if . . . we didn’t judge those who do still watch, witness, and engage it . . . but we simply went inside ourselves . . . each time . . . and focused on our Inner Light . . . and Our Love for a Planet that could be Peace and Harmony . . . and we felt Joy from that easy re-direction of our energy and attention . . . our energetic attention and focus?

hand holding earth in space with butterflies photo

Could we . . . begin . . . to tip the Earth . . . and the Consciousness of this World . . . to something better?  Something brighter? 

I think so.

In fact, the Truth Is . . . I Know so

The world is wanting each of us . . . to begin to do just that. 

To focus on the every day vibrational focus we can give to what IS working. 

On what IS helpful to ALL people of this planet.

On what IS kind and compassionate to ALL animals of this planet. 

And what IS respectful and loving to ALL Sentient Beings on this planet. 

If kids were tasked with this in schools, as part of their day and learning experiences, and they were taught that their energy, attention, and positive intentions make a difference on this planet, they could literally clean the world in a day.  In A Day.  For the Light would reach such a Pitch of Frequency, that no darkness could resist cleansing. 

hands united around earth photo

We are that Powerful, Together, when We Stand Together, and Claim our Truth. 

When We Stand Together, and Claim Our Light. 

Kids innately know how to do this, until they are taught otherwise.  By systems and beliefs, that keep us divided and separated. 

But Unity and Light are our Natural Vibrational Setpoints and Magnetics. 

Judging the darkness, and judging what we fear, does not actually help to clear it.  Or cleanse it.

In fact, judging gives negative attention and energy to what we are NOT desiring to experience.  Thus, judging increases tensions, versus clearing them.

Judging, fighting, and resisting are energies that bind us in the more painful aspects of our world today.

So, I wanted to put out a call to any of my Earth Warriors, my Children of the Light, who have always been the Light, even in times they have forgotten ~

I put out a call this week and every day going forward ~ can you go into your Heart at the Start of Each Day, and ask it to Lead You in your Day?

And ask it to help you focus on where the Light IS Working on the World, and In the World?

And ask it to help Add More LIGHT where LIGHT is needed, through your positive intentions and attention?

Can you do that with me?

This is a global clean up effort.  It is Earth Day, like you’ve never seen it before.

And it can be Earth Day, every day, if we vibrationally, energetically, and consciously commit it to be.  Yes?

So if judgments and fear arise, I invite you to just notice them.  See where you feel them in your body.  Acknowledge them.  Observe them.  And then, send those judgments, fears, and feelings LIGHT.  Ask that they be cleansed fully in you and on the planet.  For anyone else struggling with those pains, beliefs, resistances, etc.

And let the judgments and issues you were witnessing to release from your consciousness and go back to the Heart of Source for FULL LIGHT CLEANSING AND ALCHEMIZATION. 

couple meditating unity and light consciousness photo

Together, we can do this.

Our Vibrational Focus now can help Tip the World into Goodness, Healing, and a Path to Global Wellness, Abundance, and Joy for Everyone.

Our Attention and Focus every day are our individual responsibility now.

This is literally how we clean the planet of density and pain.

Through the Conscious Focus, Awareness, and Discernment of our Higher Light.

Please join me in this Earth Day Exercise, Today, and Every Day.
I am doing it too.
Together, we are making a Brand New Earth.

I Am Grateful.
All My Love.

4 Responses to “Humanity’s Tipping Point: Report No. 7 ~ Mother Earth Chronicles

  • This message, “Humanities Tipping Point,” not only informs us of our collective progress but gives us personal steps on how to increase the Light. In well laid out daily steps, we’re told how to see through modern day distractions and turn inward to increase the Light within ourselves and share it where needed in the world. What a wonderful easy to read sincere message with such clear and practical steps toward inner Light. Thank you Marie for sharing your gifts with the world.

    • Thank you Joseph. Your light, insight, and immense gifts touch my heart and uplift this world in such powerful and beautiful ways. Together we are increasing the Light of this World!

  • Thank you, Marie, for sharing the wisdom and truth that comes through you. I so needed to hear these words. They reinforce my own leanings on spirit and light.

    • Thanks Betty. I am glad the essence of this message resonated with you. Our world certainly needs more Light in these times, and we are each invited to shine from within to collectively elevate the wattage of this planet. I’m glad to be shining with you.