The 5/5 Inter-Dimensional Gateway of Ascension Energies, Activation, and Quantum Integration

The 5/5 Inter-dimensional Gateway of Ascension Energies,
Activation, Alignment, and Quantum Integration

A Message from the Core 4:
Mother Mary, El Morya, Mother Earth,
and the Arcturian High Council

via channel Marie Mohler
Received May 5, 2018




Dear Ones,

It is Mother Mary, Mother Earth, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here today.

We are a Core 4 of a Much Vaster Etheric Team of Support and Light to help Humanity and the Earth’s Ascension at this time.

4 red lit candles photo
So when you hear our names, know that there are
many more of us sending our Light, our Gifts, and our Belief in You through the Ethers.  We are just the Core 4 that anchor the structure of the Higher Consciousness and Higher Light into the Heart of Your Consciousness, as the messages come through.  We are the Gatekeepers, and Portal Activators between our Realms, through this channel. 

We wish to speak to you today about the Energies Flooding your World through the 5/5/18 Powerful Gateway of Ascensionary Energies and Light.  For today, again, will be like no other.  Each Special Gateway has a Unique Creationary Tone and a Unique Creationary Light Essence, that marks the Growth and Consciousness of Humanity and All Life on the planet at this particular time.

periwinkle musical note imageThink of Gateways like today, May 5th, as being a Song, or really, an Invitation through a Celestial Song, that only your Soul, your Higher Self, can hear.  It’s so subtle in its tones that the human mind can scarcely hear it, let alone, perceive and incorporate it into your Conscious Awareness.

Today’s Light Codes and Activational Energies are only heard with the Inner Ears and Light of your Sacred Heart.  And thus, they are only heard with the Delicate and Refined Ears of your Soul Star and your Higher Self’s Greater Awareness.

And yet, despite many on your world still slumbering and being unaware of All That You Truly Are, these Activational Codes subtly provide an Activation and Resonator of Higher Frequencies of Divine Light – which alters the Vibrational Set Point of most beings alive on your world today.  It is a Powerful Reset, that is occurring from the inside out. 

Someday, when all is known to each of you again, and you know how this master plan was crafted to gently awaken even the sleepiest of earth participants in this grand evolutionary experiment . . . then you will know it was a brilliant way to awaken yourselves without engaging the deep defenses of the human mind.

Now . . . the 5/5/18 Gateway is particularly powerful because of the alignment with the Central Sun and the reconnections occurring with the Great Central Sun and the Grand Central Sun through this time and galactic portal. 

When things align at the Galactic Level, they inform even the weakest link in the chain of the physical world’s intricate, interconnected, and delicate balance for life to even exist outside of the nonphysical realms.  This is why change at this level must be divinely precise and expertly subtle . . . so as not to create ripples in the galactic field that could be felt as major earthquakes on your world. 

earth with rippling energy photoEvery action creates a set of equal and opposite reactions.  So Our Work is to create positive action in the ethers that powerfully AND positively impacts and ripples out to your world, in a way that Preserves Life in All Realms, and that Elevates the Vibration of All Life in All Realms.

The 5/5 Gateway is a Portal of Light that will transmit Activational Codes that permit the Quantum Compression or the Conscious Integration of many lifetimes of wounds, triumphs, and experiences to be felt and known to you all at once.  Yet in a way that even those still slumbering barely notice the Galactic Shifts occurring within, so as not to set off a tidal wave of mass overwhelm and panic.

The Rays of Light streaming through your world on the 5/5/18 Inter-dimensional Gateway will allow this layering of many consciousnesses, awarenesses, tools, and fears that you have held through the ages as physical beings and versions of you on earth.  Some future lives will also be woven into this Activational Re-set as well. 

The Power of this Unique Inter-dimensional Portal is that from this day forward . . . each of you will be consciously seeded with all aspects of you that you have experienced or developed through time. 

For some of you, some incredible gifts will begin to return, that you may have no recollection of learning, but yet, that you will simply know how to do special things or certain tasks, in a profound way.  Former abilities will continue to emerge through the summer and in the new year 2019, when more of these age-old skills will be needed to rise up and through the decaying elements of the old 3D structures, and more of your “All Time” Selves or your “All Time Essence” will need to step up and step forward to help meet the challenges of the day. 

You all have been in training whether you consciously know it or not ~ to be here now on this planet ~ in a time of a massive evolutionary leap, that is being conducted and co-created in such a way . . . that the vast majority of healers and earth helpers and midwives will be able to stay and do their unique part of their heroic skills, talents, and abilities.  And to lead the Earth Star Planet into its rightful 5D+ Frequency of Light and Location in the Galaxy.

clocks with time ripples image
Therefore, the Time has been activated to activate Your Own Awakening of All Your Former Lifetime Codes, compressed into a single activational file in your consciousness, and inviting you to simultaneously begin to Consciously Activate your 5D+ Past-Present-Future Codes of Enlightenment and Activational Energies . . . to now more fully awaken to your True Power, Passion, and Purpose in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Your Light is needed. 

Your Wisdom acquired through the ages is needed. 

Your Future Self and Soul Essence is needed. 

The 5/5/18 Gateway is activating, sorting, and organizing for maximum universal benefit . . . all that you are ARE, all that you have BEEN, and all that you are divinely designed to EVER BE.

This Gateway is also Organizing the “Timed-Release Doses” of your own “Consciousness” and “Higher Self’s Medicine,” so that your Inner Coordinates and 5D+ Operating Systems now release the Gifts, Talents, and Skills that you have accrued through Lifetimes . . . to be offered and released to the world with precision right timing.

This Gateway is also Organizing “Timed-Release Doses” of trauma from other timelines, that have up until now been trapped and perpetually vibrating, their unhealed frequencies in that timeline, and into your present timeline, even if they’ve been unknown to you.

More and more, they will be known to you.  For you will feel and see vibrational wounds and traumas activate in your present consciousness in a way that they will simply come through time to find you and show up in the simplest of triggers.

So this is all to say ~ that the Best and Brightest of You through All Time is showing up for you to help with this Time of Ascensional Events now for All Life on Earth. 

AND the most traumatized and wounded aspects of you through All Time will be showing up too.

For nothing will be left in the dark now, of the Old Ages and Timelines of Your Earthly Development.  All must be brought into the Full Transparency of Wholeness and Light.

light illuminating forest imageMarch 2018 was a Powerful Energy Portal activating and paving the way for April’s Energies that Catalyzed Awakenings.  May 2018 is seeding the New Fertile Soil for New Strong and Infallible Seeds of 5D Consciousness to take root and to grow beyond the 3D methods and mediums of destruction and corruption.

Allow the 5/5/18 Gateway to expand in your Heart’s Awareness and see your Soul’s Incarnational Records, Files, and Skills begin to integrate more into your Higher Awareness of You and All That You Have Timelessly Been.

We Are All ~ Always ~ All Things in All Realms for All Time. 

This is what makes us ~ in the broadest, most aerial view
of the universe ~ Completely and Divinely One.

As more of you rise, and embrace the Allness You Are and Have Been,
the more you also begin to tap into the Power Portal, Light Streams,
and Life Force Giving Energy of BEING Oneness Again in Form. 

There are wounds to heal, yes, with 5D and Higher Tools and Insights.  Yes.  That’s why many more Healers have incarnated on the planet than any other archetype over the past several hundred years . . . for This Time has been known throughout the cosmos to be a Game Changer and Activator of Higher Light for All in this Corner of the Universe.

If you are a Healer, or if you have felt called to be a
Healing Force of Light on the planet,
This Is Your Time. This Is Why You Came. 


healing hands image


Your Codes KNOW what to do. These Powerful Activational Gateways KNOW HOW to do the upgrades needed to complete your healing and activation work.  And to seed you with your own Soul’s Higher Plan, Gifts, and Contributions to this Life and All Life on the planet now. 

Do not fear the upgrades and integrations.  If you have deep trauma resurfacing in your awareness and energy field, then you surely have the Soul Skills to transmute, alchemize, and integrate them.

For those that do experience overwhelm, and who feel they may be floundering in the new energies rapidly exposing themselves to themselves, find the help and the Healer(s) you need.

It was Designed that the Healers of Higher Light would be in place when the veils went down, and all would come into the Collective Consciousness again ~ of what has been and what will be.    

Find the Healers you uniquely need.  And know ~ that as you heal ~ more of your tools and gifts will emerge ~ so you can rise up into a role of healer too. 

We are all here together now to help heal and raise this Earth into her Higher 5th Dimensional Whole Self and Form. 

Breathe deeply through the Actual Gateway of 5/5/18.  And know that it is seeding Higher Light and Calls to Healing than ever before.

couple connecting with large earth star photo
You Are The Ones Dear Ones That You Have Been Waiting For. 

The Sound and Light Healing the Earth so deeply needs is Inside YOU.

It is YOU.

Do your best to play your part . . . to embrace the tasks of transmuting whatever unresolved wounds you carry deep in your Akashic Psyche.

Your 3D self may still be terrorized by some lifetimes of terror and torment in some way.

But your 5D Self knows how to heal all of it, and bring it into the loving arms and All Time Frequencies of Oneness and Wholeness.

The 5/5/18 Gateway is a Songful Invitation to transmute
the old traumas now, yours, and all traumas on this world.

And to rise into a New Octave of Sounding Greater Light and Harmony into this planetary experience of a Brand New Earth. 

You are Perfect.

You are Whole.

You are Strong.

And you are supported in every step in this journey by us
and your unique council of guides. 

woman sunrise asking prayer imageCall on us for assistance in this work. 

Ask for the Love, Healing, and Connections you need ~ to take these next steps for the Healing and Ascension of this world. 

Help is always here for you.

You simply have to ASK for it to be given.

Together ~ we can do this.
Together ~ we join to form the Essence of Perfect Oneness, Wholeness, and Joy in the Cosmos.

You are Loved.  You ARE Love.  All Our Love.

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