January 2019 Energy Update: 2018 In Review & 2019’s Garden of Life

January 2019 Energy Update:
2018 in Review & 2019’s Great Garden of Life

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2018





Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, El Morya, Mother Mary, and the Arcturian High Council here today, streaming our Light into your conscious awareness and heart centers as the Arcturian Collective.  We wish to speak to you today about the New Frequencies of Energy flooding your world, both your inner and outer worlds, in 2019.  And more specifically, this January, as each of you steps into another orbital experience of remembering and and rediscovering the Truth of Who You Really Are. 

2018 ~ A Year In Review

In 2018, All of Humanity was invited to plant seeds abundantly and steadily in their Sacred Heart Centers of All That Was Newly Desired to better serve their Individual Soul Path and the Soul Path of the Greater Collective. In that Spiritual Gardening or Farming Experience over the past 12 months, there has also been a surge of weeding activity.  As people intended their Deep Soul seeds for New Light Creations to grow and flourish in the New Light Codes of the emerging New Earth, they also needed to tend the soil that would provide the great womb, or vesica piscis, to grow and manifest these glorious seeds. 

As each of you turned your attention to the soil, your individual soil and collective soil mirrored to you any weeds that were taking up your essential resources, energy, and creationary light, . . . and preventing the ability and growth of your New Light Seeds to take root and flourish.  So you found yourselves having to turn to and attend to any weeds growing in this Sacred Path inside you. Some of these weeds grew fervently and prolifically, and were difficult to pull out at the root.  Some were easily cleared from the surface.  But on top of these individual gardening efforts ~ there were virulent weeds in the collective soil as well.  Weeds of past creations.  Weeds of corruption.  Weeds of unknown depths and darker frequencies than had been previously known or exposed before.  So 2018 in hindsight now was a huge year of tending the soil, facing some unruly and perhaps unexpected weeds;  And at the same time, nourishing, loving, watering, and manifesting New Seeds of Higher Light Creations, that would take some time to grow in the safety of the newly cleansed soil. 

January 2019 Energy Update, frequencywriter.com2018 was a year of Conscious Tending to your Inner Gardening. As many of you well know, at times, it seems that more weeds successfully grow seemingly effortlessly than the conscious seeds you very carefully and deliberately planted.  So the weeding continues ~ by the most diligent soul gardeners.  As does the watering of the New Seeds.

Sometimes it felt like the weeds would overtake your gardens.  For their tireless, relentless, and creative nature can be likened to the human ego, yes?  Sometimes it felt like the whole world was flowing and opening to you in very joyous and prolific ways, much like the Higher Consciousness of your Higher Light and 5D Frequencies of Love and Unity Consciousness, yes? 

2018 really highlighted the energies of gardening and growing a hybridized consciousness, on the inner and outer planes. Deep inside, New Light Codes, Seeds, and Soul Dreams were planted with great consciousness and attention to detail. These are your 5D Selves seeding their Divine Light in the Rich Soil of your Activating Heart Centers. And then, on the outer surface of your gardens, you were required to see more of the truth of any residual 3D, lower vibrational weeds that had manifested in your garden, and these are your Separation Consciousness spawned vibrational patternings that no longer have a place in this New, Rich, Whole, Garden of Goodness and Light Frequencies, for they don’t meet the vibrational requirements to survive and thrive in the new Higher Frequencies pulsing through the Earth Mother herself.

In this way, you found yourselves required to tend to all that needed cultivating, at the same time. New Seeds were being planted daily, and old weeds were being removed daily. It has been a very physical process. Its required a great deal of stamina, commitment, and persistence inside each of you.

Some of you may feel the weeds are still thriving. Some may feel like your dreams are securely planted. And many of you may simply feel quite overwhelmed by the sheer energetic demands to attend to any or all of it.  And all of your personal soul gardening experiences are valid and true, in your journeys and in their representation to each of you, of where you currently are vibrationally on that interdimensional reintegration and reunification process inside yourselves.

For you are each and all on the Road Home from deep Separation Consciousness (the ultimate vibrational culprit and creator of the weed seeds in the first place) to Higher Heart Consciousness and Full Sacred Union Within with Source Energy once more.

2018 served as a Major Field and Garden of Transmutational Energies, to release more of who you are not, and to embrace the rising stars and seeds of What You Truly Are.

January 2019 Energy Update, frequencywriter.comThis has occurred on both the Individual and Collective Fields of Consciousness. And so, there has been a great deal of energies whirling and swirling in your daily lives, coming from within and simultaneously being experienced from without.

And each of you deserves a moment of cosmic applause, affirmation, and celestial upliftment . . . to celebrate an amazing journey . . . well met, well integrated, an astonishingly well transcended. We celebrate you. Each and every one of you.

The Great Garden of Light has been turned and transformed in 2018
for the New Seeds of Higher Light Code Manifestations in 2019. 

Today, on the eve of January 1, 2019, we see for all of you several key vibrations to bring into your Sacred Heart’s Higher Awareness.

The first is the mere fact that January is a 1 Month, it’s the first month of the new year. The first day of January is a 1 day. So January 1 offers to each of you a 1:1 frequency, which is essentially an 11. 11’s are guideposts and portals of energy. They are doorways into new dimensional frequencies, and thus, new dimensional realities. So this January 1st, and January 11th, be aware ~ that New Portals, Doorways, and Invitations to Higher Consciousness are seeding themselves in your life story, in your soul journey, and in your greater awareness.  By the time you read or hear this, you all will have walked through the 1:1 portal. Know that the Frequencies of that Divine Doorway will support you and engage you deeply this month. And this year. And specifically invite you to tune in to what dimensional reality or Garden of Life you wish to create for yourself. 

What timeline of energy do you wish to cultivate in
your daily awareness, focus, and experience?

More and more, the world you experience
is the garden you are specifically growing.

In the old paradigm ~ there was a greater delay
between your thoughts and your creations.

In the Higher Light and New Earth Frequencies,
your gardens will grow quicker ~ the “fruits” of what
you plant and tend with your thoughts and feelings daily.

So embrace the 1:1 portals in January 2019.

January 2019 Energy Update, frequencywriter.com
And as a conscious gardener, tune in and know more
clearly what you are most deeply creating.

More joy, more light, more dreams?
Or more tangles, more weeds, more challenge, or unpleasantness?

Your Higher Heart Light Knows what joy is
and when it is aligned with your 5D+ Nature. 

Unpleasantness grows from frequencies misaligned
with the Organic 5D+ Joy and Light. 

Simply notice perhaps what is organically growing
in your “reflective” garden.

And take some conscious steps to align your thoughts
with the feeling you most wish to experience in this new year.

Additionally we would say . . . There will be plenty of opportunity to witness old vibrations of creation, as more weeds expose themselves to the collective consciousness, rising up for healing, cleansing, and release.

All that is not or has not operated in the Light, from the Light, and for the Light will be flushed to the surface. To be seen and then released to Source Energy, for alchemy and transformation back to LIGHT.  We recommend you stay grounded on the Inner Planes, thus in your Heart Centers, and your own Sacred Dream Seeds of Light for your best Soul Path and Highest Purpose, whilst more of the old paradigm’s weeds rise to the surface of Humanity’s Conscious Awareness, and get collectively surrendered to Source Energy for Cosmic Cleansing in the Purest Universal Light.

January 2019 Energy Update, frequencywriter.com
Knowing your own Divine and Joyful Talents,
and Tending your Highest Heart’s Joys and Dream Seeds,
will give you a grounding light and “windshield” to focus forward and
through, as the old weeds surface in your rearview mirrors, offering a
last conscious glance to say goodbye to separation consciousness
seeds in the old earth’s separated garden experience.

You are building a New Community Garden.

And you can recognize the different frequencies now,

very clearly, of the old weed-filled separation garden and pain of 3D Earth,

And the Dream-Filled Community Garden and Joy of the New 5D Earth.

Be mindful and heartful about this Inner Gardening Process this year.

3D will keep rising its remnant energies to surrender for cleansing.

And 5D+ we’ll keep rising with joyful newness, cooperation,
happy growth, and positive potentials, as the New Earth Light
Frequencies continue to strengthen all New Earth Seedlings
seeking more Light and seeking to Thrive, . . . in the Light
all over the Planet . . . that matches its own Sacred Vibrations. 

The Light supports the Light in All Ways now.

And thirdly, . . . we will share that January 2019 invites your
conscious participation in setting yourselves FREE.

The 1:1 Portal is an Invitation to Soul Freedom.
And Soul Purpose.  And Soul Talent Expression.
And the Soul Sovereignty and Seeding
of that Greater and More Joyful Energy of Light.

Your Talents, your True Soul Talents, are wired with Source Light.

Your Dreams Seeds . . . are powered with Sacred Universal Light.

Your Sense of Individual Sovereignty, Freedom, and Joy
are your Divine Birthright and Living Essence of Light.

So we ask you, as you imagine and envision your perfect 2019 Garden of Light, how do you wish to express your Light more fully, and experience it more fully, this January ~ and this whole new year through?

What seeds do you wish to plant, that you will consciously and lovingly tend, to see manifest for you . . . as it manifests IN YOU . . . this next new year through?

What is the harvest (the manifestation) that you desire most . . . to collect . . . to gather . . . to experience . . . as the “Fruit,” Joy, and Celebration . . . of seeds well-planted, nourished, and successfully grown, by year’s end?

Plan this year’s garden now. Sow the new seeds and new visions for
who you desire to be and to experience inside yourselves ~ now.

January is a time in which the earth listens very closely to your conscious seed plantings. January is aligned with celestial stars, and knows itself as a time of new beginnings and increasing levels of light. That Light is the energy that offers the wings to expand the greatest version of you that you can be. Tune in and feel the Power and Presence of Light in your Life. See it watering your Seeds of Desire. Vision it prospering All of Humanity and Returning All Sentient Life here to re-unite with its Core Design and Core Abundance of Light.

Do not fear the weeds. Weeds are natural part of the 3D ~ 5D hybrid gardening experience. The better you become at merely witnessing the weeds, clearing the weeds (without emotional attachment or deep engagement), and Envisioning and appreciating the new Creationary Space now available in the weeds’ absence, the more you can embrace the gift the weeds now bring to all of you.

They bring a chance for redemption, re-cleansing, re-setting, and re-claiming the Greater Light you all once were and are becoming once more ~ again.

January 2019 Energy Update, frequencywriter.com

January 2019 is that invitation to Return Home to the Garden of Greater Light, to the Garden of your Timeless Inner Light, that knows perfectly how to do your part to add more Light now, Joy, Abundance, and Well-Being on a planet seeking to fully restore and reactivate this Higher Light for All.

Welcome Home, Dear Ones.
You are loved.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love. 

2 Responses to “January 2019 Energy Update: 2018 In Review & 2019’s Garden of Life

  • Álainn
    5 years ago

    What a beautiful & inspiring message! Thank you for this uplifting news for 2019. Peace to all. Love you much 3>

    • Thank you Alainn ?? Thank you for your adding your light to these beautiful and bountiful seeds of light manifesting through our heart visions every day on the planet! How wonderful it is to co-create in these New Light Frequencies the Blessings of Peace, Joy, and Well-Being for all. Blessings to you!