January 2021+ Energy Update: The Heart Is The Bridge ~ Profound Messages for This New Year of CHANGE

January 2021+ Energy Update:  

The Heart Is The Bridge

A Profound Message for 2021 and The Changes
This New Year Is Unfolding

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 12.27.2020


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, joining you through the frequencies of the Godheart, the One Heart, the Light of the Star of Bethlehem, and the Grace of the Unity Star that It Truly Is.  Let us invite the Pure Golden Crystalline Frequencies of this Unity Star, this God Star, this Timeless Unconditionally Loving and Unifying Star to bathe us all in this Now Moment.  This transmission is streaming through on the cusp of January 2021 and we wish for it to seed in your conscious awareness the Gift of the Light You Truly Are.  Breathe in a Deep Divine Conscious Breath with us and feel this Pure Divine Golden White Crystalline Light filling your heart, your soul, your cells, and all of the places inside you seeking to rise into Greater Balance, Greater Wholeness, and Greater Experiences now in your Daily Life of Living AS Unified Light.  This is a prayer, an affirmation, a movement, and a Sacred Divine Breath that you can embrace and engage any time in the newness of 2021, as more at times seems unsettled on your world than ever before AND as more at times seems to be turning towards the Zero Point Frequencies of Wholeness and Light than ever before.  In the Duality, lives the One Breath.  In the Duality, lives Singularity.  In the Duality, lives the shining Golden Keys that you knew would await you at this time in Humanity’s History and Collective Experience at this time . . . to unlock the Divinity Codes inside you and to set yourselves FREE.  This is that Time.  This is that Sacred Moment of The Great Awakening touching the Whole Earth now.  And as you breathe the Golden Crystalline Divine Light of Source and Source Creation Through All Time in any given moment, you connect within yourself All that Is Divine Through Time and you connect with what is Truly Real amidst the sea of illusion.  The Divine Breath, in partnership with God/Source/Creator, is setting all things right, is unifying all things in conflict and duality, and is lighting a pathway forward inside you to remember again the Grace of God’s Truth inside you, that is the Living Light you Really Are.  

Frequencywriter.com ~ The Heart Is The Bridge ~ January 2021

So dear ones, we speak with you today as you are on the threshold of a brand new year.  And this means, that you are on the threshold of a Brand New Creation, yes?  Can you feel newness of epic proportions birthing in you and rising in you?  Many anticipate this change and this planetary transformation.  And also many experience this anticipation from polarized perspectives of how it will be done.  And through whom it will manifest.  And in the ways it is perceived to be unfolding.  And we would invite you once more to take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, into your heart, into your lungs, and into your cells and your spirit any time Duality is inviting you into the experience or awareness of Separation Breathing or seeing through Duality Vision this world that is at its core . . . Truly One.  Truly Whole.  Truly Divine.  

We have spoken a Great Deal this past year and this past few years about the Duality Game and the illusions that have been running rampant on your world due to the cosmological cycles that have run their course and due to those who have been chosen by the lower 3D matrix to implement, control, manipulate, and manage the Dream of Separation and the Illusion of Duality in all of its forms on your world through time.  

Now we wish to speak of the Essence of Wholeness Rising, of Singularity Rising, and of Union and Unity Rising, in your new lives, in this new year, and in this new creation and co-creation that is unfolding in the planetary collective.  The Light is shining in your hearts dear ones, and inviting you to greater and greater experiences of Unity Consciousness.  This is True.  From your head to your toes, from as above and so below, and from the outside ~ in and the inside ~ out.  Unity Consciousness is reigning and raining down on you in every possible way now, as the Pulse of Oneness is being sent so very clearly and directly from Source, from the Godheart itself, and from the Heart of Creation Itself.  

And yet, this may be very confusing to some or all of you from time to time, for you can feel these energies and pulses of Oneness and Unified Light . . . and you can also feel energies and pulses of distractions from that very Oneness and Unified Light through the stories or events you hear of the Deep Duality that has plagued your world in the old timeline of the old 3D matrix.  You came as brave epic heroes for these times dear ones.  And that means that you came as brave epic heroes for these BRIDGE times, dear ones.  Few are speaking about what it is like, from a Deep Sense of Wholeness Vision Within, to live in a world of extreme duality that is a vibrational reality still at this point in time and yet a profound and utter illusion at this time.  And this is what we wish to speak to you about today.  Living in Duality and Singularity at the same time.  Living in Illusion and New Earth at the same time.  And living in Fear and Faithlessness and Deep Faith and Fortitude and Love at the same time.  Its a lot to hold in your Divine Vessels, Consciousness, and Body Temples, at one time, isn’t it?  And yet, those alive today are those spiritual warriors who knew in this lifetime that they would be called to hold this powerful energy, this potent experience of Duality and Singularity all at one time, in this timeline and in this lifetime.

Frequencywriter.com ~ The Heart Is the Bridge ~ Precipice Metaphor ~ January 2021

We wish to give you an image or a metaphor to illustrate some of what we speak of today, although we understand too that you very likely have awareness of this very tension or stress or lived experience of that which we speak.  Imagine yourself running away from an entire army of 3D warriors, chased to the edge of a cliff, that only offers you a steep fall into the ravine below and most certainly the end of that lifetime as you knew it.  And while you hear the army clamoring behind you, and you pause at the edge of the cliff, these stones in a profound celestial fog and mist appear before you.  Now you can’t see where they lead.  And you can’t in any way know who or what is truly offering them to you.  But vibrationally they feel a whole lot better to you than what you are presently experiencing with the angry and crazed army at your back and the deep fall to what you might call “death” below.  So given the situation, your knowing of the army behind you and the outcome it is driving . . . and the stones in the fog being offered to you . . . that have a beautiful, calming, mysterious, and yet celestial energy in them summoning you as a way of moving forward in your journey to a new adventure and to a new life and to a newness not previously ever imagined . . . you find yourself choosing a new life on that new stone path, WHEREVER it might lead you.  For you are keenly aware that any life in your old life is no longer available to you.  And you consciously step on the first stone, and then the second, until you disappear into the mist, leaving the army bewildered, unsuccessful, and in deep divine ways, neutralized by the hands of God through this celestial unfoldment, forevermore.

What occurred in that scene and scenario is this.  Two worlds were colliding on the one hand, it seems.  Yes?  And we could also say that two worlds were dividing and merging at the same time, yes?  That new experience was no longer a part of the old.  And the old experience was too dense to be part of the new.  And yet, in the timeliness of that celestial mist appearing before you, YOU were the bridge of those two worlds.  And it was your ability in the precision of a Divine Choice-point, to take quick action and to allow a Divine Intervention that led you to a New Life, that invited you to a New Adventure, and that inspired a New Level of Faith IN YOU . . . that a Divine Integration was allowed.  And embraced.  And journeyed.  Yes?

Well this is something like what you are experiencing now.  The angry or warring army is in many ways either in front of you, beside you, or even behind you right now at this point of human evolution and divine ascension.  In the duality, there is a raging illusion calling your attention on a very regular basis right now.  To manifest and enter the mist that offers a new adventure and a new life, one has to be aware of the army and the illusion that is raging or chasing you at the moment.  Yes?  Or else the awareness and ability to manifest the mist and this mystical choice would not be summoned.  It would not present itself.  And you would not be present in this new invitation and opportunity offering you the chance TO SEE its offerings.  

People tend to not take the time to manifest the mist, the grace of ascension, the joy of inner rising, without a catalyst for change.  Because this is a creative and creationary universe, there is a seed at its core that knows when the duality swings too far, a corrective action or response is created.  That is one of the beautiful things about duality that the Divine deeply reveres.  

Duality Inspires Great Change.  

Duality Inspires Creative Solutions.  

Duality Summons Great Faith.  

And Duality Requires Sovereign and Resolute Choices to Ultimately Return
All Creators Back to the Neutrality and Singularity from which they first came.

In many ways, dear ones, Duality Itself is that raging army.  It is pushing each and all of you to the precipice of leaving your old lives in the 3D paradigm and thus an old unsustainable paradigm and lived “reality”.  The global pandemic is one such example of a “raging army” that has manifested in the collective to push people to the brink of that existence.  It is one such example of pushing people to the edge of the entire paradigm’s existence.  There are many examples of catalysts for change through time, like this present pandemic and the global unrest it is creating.  When a matrix itself is an illusion, and when that illusion runs off duality and fear, it is only a matter of time before more and more people and participants in the illusion begin to wake up to the extremes that duality manifests in realms of illusion, that are what gives its True Identity as an Illusion and Perpetrated Matrix away.  We believe humanity is at that point.  Of recognizing the Extreme Volatility that only an Illusion and Distortion in God’s Original Divine Matrix can manifest.  And we believe that more and more of you are ready to leave that “raging army” or that “raging duality” behind, even without knowing exactly where the stones in the fog may lead you, one and all.  But the Promise of Newness and Change has become far more engaging and inviting that the Promise of More of the Same in the Duality Game.  And this is worthy of your attention now, on the precipice of 2021.

And when the promise of change and newness inspires that much faith and resolve inside you, a willingness to see the Duality of Separation Vision and Wholeness Vision more keenly and clearly unfolds.  For only in the willingness to see the Two Lenses, the Two Visions, and the Two Worlds unfolding . . . can you begin to see that they are Two Aspects of One Greater Whole.  And that One Greater Whole?  Is Source Energy.  It is the Unified Field.  It is the Heart of Creation once more.  

This is the Time of the Great Return.  This is the Time of Wholeness Vision.

This is the Time of Integrating Duality and Singularity into One Whole Again.

Some have already left the raging army or raging duality game . . . and opted for the stones in the fog taken in Faith.  Taken with sentient knowing that something better and brighter lives and exists in the letting go of what “was known”.  Faith requires a deep sovereign inner surrender that something is beckoning that person inside, and that newness and all of its uncertainties is better than the fear of what is known and deeply unpleasant.  There comes a time when the Joy of the experience of living the change you wish to be is greater than the Fear people previously had of manifesting that level of change in the first place. Joy is the antidote.  Faith is the antidote.  Love is the antidote.  To any fear and any stress and any duality that exists within you.  Yet they are medicines that must be chosen.

The “raging army” might have been far off in the distance for you, this lifetime or many others.  But this go round . . . the “raging army” has entered your shores.  Yes?  It has arrived at your own doorstep.  Yes?  It has found you wherever you are and wherever you live in this Now timeline, because the Energy of Newness can wait no longer.  An entire 3D world age and cycle is closing out.  There is no longer a living host for that experience because the Earth Mother has declared some time ago that she would no longer host that level of vibrational experience.  

frequencywriter.com ~ The Heart Is The Bridge ~ January 2021 ~ Changing Landscapes

So can you see that the land you were standing on, on that precipice of Great Change, is the parcel of land that soon will no longer exist?  

It is only by taking those first steps onto or into the stones in the Faith-Filled Fog, Mist, and Mystery that you preserve and honor True Life and True Living now.

Is that a Huge Dose of Faith that is required?  Is that a Huge Surrender of the Ego Mind back to Ether to step into that Fog on the stones above that ravine?  Yes.  It most certainly is.  But is this the way that many soul travelers will finally take that leap of Faith, to cross the proverbial rope bridge between the 3D and the 5D realms?

And what is that Rope Bridge, in this essential conversation today?  It is Your Heart Brain.  It is 4D.  It is the Heart Chakra and the Heart Wisdom and the Sacred Heart Space in you that was always Divinely Designed to have the Soul Skills to BRIDGE WORLDS.

4D Is Your Heart Sight and Your Heart Vision that can see clearly the choice before you and the Journey now being walked.  Your Heart IS the Bridge.  It has always been.  

The Heart is the Middle Chakra, the Zero Point, the Center Point between the worlds of the Physical and the NonPhysical.  The Heart Chakra is the Center Point between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Chakras that are all about your material life.  Your physical body and experience.  Your karmic patterning and your ego mind that keeps track of it all.  AND the 5th, 6th, and 7th Chakras that are all about your Higher Spiritual Truth, your Higher Spiritual Sight, and your Higher Spiritual Connections with every one, and every thing, in all realms through Space and Time.  

The Heart Is The Bridge.

And it is your Heart that knows when to let go.  

It is your Heart that knows when to surrender the old world and the raging duality . . . and to embrace the Faith that leads you into the Mist of the Mystical Changes in store for you and Humanity and All Sentient Life in the New Earth and this new 5D Lived Experience of Unity Consciousness once more.

So what can help you when you see the Duality Raging inside or outside of you at this time of Great Global Fear, Confusion, Tension, Stress, and Illusion?  

Your Heart!

Your Heart Vision is what is Divinely Wired in your Divinity Codes to
See Through God’s Eyes the Unity Unfolding amidst the Duality.  

This is the Journey before one and all of you.  2021 is a stepping into the Mists of Faith, Fortitude, Clear Soul Sight, and Greater Integration and Joy once more.  

2020 created and globally manifested the interdimensional bridge to get you there.   

Your Heart is the Interdimensional Divinity Portal that holds the Light Codes and Upgrades for you to be able to see with New Vision the Grace and Light that IS unfolding. 

If you choose to see the armies and the duality through only 3D physical vision, and from only the lower 3 chakras, it will appear messier, and messier, and increasingly stressful.  Because 3D vision is crumbling along with the 3D matrix itself.  The ego is also a large part of the 3D matrix itself.  It was created to be the “god within” in the perceived absence of the True God/The True Creator Source/The True Divinity Codes and Living Light you all Truly Are. 

The more you try to hold onto that which is crumbling, the more stress, and tension, and duality you might see.

Yet the more you let go, the more you surrender and allow Wholeness Vision to be your newly calibrated Soul Sight, the Stones in the Mystical Fog begin to appear.  And new direction summons you.  And your Higher Heart Chakra and Sacred Soul Vision can begin to lead you in God’s Kingdom.  God’s Creation.  God’s World.  That has always existed parallel to this 3D matrix of separation, division, struggle, and pain.

Source is simply summoning us Home now from the Theatre of a 3D Matrix that can be pretty terrifying in its dark agendas for humanity if we were to continue to inhabit this vibrational timeline any longer.  Suffice it to say, the 3D matrix at this point is incompatible with Life.  It has run its course with such control, such vigor, such manipulation, and such illusion . . . that it has literally manifested itself out of existence.  

The Hand of God is opening and reaching to one and all of you to begin to see the mortality of the 3D matrix, the culmination of the ages, and the crescendo frequencies unfolding on your world now . . . for what they are . . . for the Truth of What They Are . . . so you can recognize a Portal Inside You, inside your Heart Center, opening to the Greater Wholeness Vision that can see God’s Kingdom, Source’s True Creation, the New Divine Garden of Unified Consciousness and 5D+ Living Light in form once more.  

Frequencywriter.com ~ The Heart Is The Bridge ~ January 2021 ~ Heart Vision Hands

Your Heart Vision, engaged with Faith and Fortitude, has the ability to come to terms with the Reality of the 3D Illusions playing out and to empower you to take action to Step onto the Stones in the Fog . . . or the Divine Rope Bridge that is Bridging Both Worlds, now and forevermore!

The Age of Aquarius shines with new emboldened Freedom, new liberated Soul Sight, new expressions of your Divine Talents, Gifts, and Sovereignty, and new adventures that are just beginning dear ones.  And all of this is beginning in you, for this is the way of the Living Energy of the Universe now.  ALL Children of God are being summoned Home.

And it is with Deep Faith and Heart and Soul Sight that you will all rise to join the New Light that lives on the other side of this Matrix of Duality, Separation, and Fear.

We celebrate your Celestial and Imminent Rising, dear ones.  It has been a long journey.  And it is still unfolding.  But the 3D matrix is what is now dematerializing, despite its yells, projections, and fits of anger and duality-speech.  

It is the 5D and Higher Light of God’s Divine Design that is summoning All of You to find the Faith, the Soul Sight, and the Courage Within to say YES to the New Life and New Adventures that await you in God’s Great, Vast, Abundant, Happy, and Wholeness Garden of Eden and Garden of Goodness that is your Beloved Mother Earth.

The Great Mother is summoning her children Home as well, to remember Who You Truly Are! 

January 2021 and these next 12 months will begin a powerful journey of resetting Light Codes on your world in visible, transparent, faith-filled, and wondrous ways.

The old 3D matrix and its puppets will be shown to themselves and to the world . . . the entire paradigm and matrix that is dematerializing through the Light of the Living Creation’s Powerful Alchemical Processes of Transparency, Truth, and Transformation.

Remember Your Brave Epic Hero Within!

He or She is ready to Rise, into his or her Heart Chakra, and Clear Soul Sight, and Literally Become their very own BRIDGE between the Ages whose time has come to be lived and embodied now.  

Before long, you will be on the other side of this entire Journey of Soul Expansion and Experience, and you will see once more with Full Wholeness Vision, with Clear God Vision in your Heart, and in your Sight, the Truth of the Illusion of this whole past world age and cycle.  And you will rise with Joy, Love, Passion, Power, and Purpose . . . and return Home into the Heart of Collective Co-Creation for the HIGHEST GOOD of the Heart of One throughout All Time and Space once more.

Remember . . . in your Journey Back to Wholeness This Month and Beyond . . . Remember Your Conscious Breath.  It is the Very First Step before Any Step on the Stones in the Fog Are Taken.  When you Consciously Breathe, God Walks With You In Every Step.  And that Is Full Faith, Full Surrender, and Full Empowerment in the Most Expansive Ways, whose time is Now . . . in You.

Happy New Year, Faith Walkers, Faith Knowers, and Faith-Filled Creators!

You are loved, dear ones. 
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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