July 2024 Energy Update: Reclaiming Soul Codes, Colors, & Talents, You Are The Colors of Magic!

July 2024 Energy Update

Reclaiming Soul Codes & Colors
You Are The Colors Of Magic

A Message from
Frequency Writer ~ Marie Mohler

Received July 6, 2024



Divine Souls, this is a Time of Connecting with the Elestial Blue Arcturian Frequencies that have streamed through many, many channeled messages over the past few years.  These higher dimensional Arcturian Blue frequencies are the colors and messengers of your Divinity, and your Avatar gifts that desire to live and express through you in these Ascension Times.  Arcturian Blue Frequencies emulate wisdom, gnosis (or Knowing Within), peace, strength, and the ability to alchemize lower frequencies into higher, celestial energies for ourselves and others.  We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.  We are the Star Seeds and the Lightbringers who came for these times, to live, be, breathe, and embody what our Multidimensional Gifts are, to assist with the transformational and transmutational energies of these times.

July 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comSo let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, and let us invite God, Gaia, and each of our Unique Councils of Guides ~ whose soul and sole purpose is to empower our Divine Mission to manifest in full fruition with Divine Resplendent Glory, Grace, Peace, and Ease ~ to breathe the Living Light of Source Within Us.  Breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath for the Light You Truly Are, and the Wholeness in God’s True Timeline You Already Are.  Breathe this Sacred Prana deep into your lungs, your cells, your life force, and your conscious awareness, feeling yourself filled to the brim with this Abundance of the Living Light, honoring, fortifying, and strengthening you to live your Light Outloud in all of the wonderful ways you feel guided to do so.  Breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath again into your lungs and your heart center, and into all of your core chakras, your Root, your Sacral, your Solar Plexus, your Heart, your Throat, your Brow, and your Crown, and see them lit up and emitting the most pristine and vibrant chakra color hues, happy to be honored and included in this meditation and this intention today.

You are the Colors of Light.  Each and every one of you carries the Colors of Magic within you.  You have talents within you that you regularly live and express in the world.  July and August will invite the more dormant talents and gifts you have within you to come forward, and start a revolution and a renaissance of Divine Soul Expression in you.  It Is Time for your Moreness to be More Accessible and Expressed in your daily life.  No more playing small.  Its time to play Big.  Its time to breathe Big, dream Big, and Express Your Soul Light in everything that you do.  From your first Conscious Breath of every day to the last Conscious Breath of the day that you take before sleep fills your Ascending Body Temples. Breathe in these Sacred Colors of Light as much as you can, as if you know them to be your Soul’s Nutrition and Sustenance in the Higher Realms of Creation.  For in Truth, they ARE.  And you are now re-discovering how easy it is to feed, nourish, love, strengthen, and empower some of these emerging Higher Dimensional Aspects of you, that desire the Allness of You to co-create together all of the Light and God Infused Talents you are and have for exactly the times you are living in now, today.

We have spoken about the Rise of the Garden.  We have touched on and summoned in the awareness that You Are The Tender of Your Garden, Your Eden, every single day and in every conscious breath.  The energies that want to step into the spotlight today in these messages coming through is that more of what is conventionally understood to be true in how this world works, functions, and is arranged and orchestrated is fundamentally changing.  At the very core of Mother Earth, changes have taken place and are continuing to take place that change the very fabric of Creation itself by changing the very fabric of Mother Earth’s Frequencies.  And thus, all who live upon her must change according to those Higher Dimensional, Higher Vibrational, and Higher Creational Codes.

July 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comAs the True Garden of Eden continues to Rise, each of you will experience new invitations to let go versions of you that simply no longer serve you or the Whole of Creation.  This has been occurring in more of your subtle bodies over many years this lifetime.  What you will be emerging and experiencing in the coming weeks and months is an evident shift, evolution, and activation of more of your conscious bodies of consciousness and soul awareness.  You are rising to take your place among the Avatars of the past, and of the future, by living your Avatar Essence in the Here and Now.

So what may have felt vulnerable, what may have felt elusive, what may have seemed too hard or too out of reach . . . all of that and all of YOU will be rising and called to embrace the spiritual work of Soul Clearing, Attuning, and Integration. This is next level Ascension now.  And 2024 will continue to summon and elicit your Higher Dimensional Aspects forward, as you courageously and steadfastly do your daily work to clear away 3D stories and 3D matrix conditioned aspects of you, that have kept you small, constricted, and compliant in the serpent’s den and underbelly of Creation. 

You are so much more than your stories.  You are so much more than any lack and limitations that the lower 3D matrix has led you to be-lie-ve.  We are not here to Be The Lie any longer, as in Be-Lie-Ving.  We are here to be-Truth, or to express the Living Light in Action through Be-Truthing.  We are here to express the energies of Be-Rising, and Be-Faithing, Be-Excelling, and Be-Ascending.

As the world awakens, a new language will emerge through each and all of us that more vibrationally matches the Truth of Who We Are as Divine Souls in a God Creation.  So many words have been hijacked or intentionally created to enslave the speaker of those very words.  Every aspect of daily living is calling in this clarity of the words you speak, the light you shine, the colors you wear and call into your breath on a daily basis, and the soul sight through which you see this world, and your place within it.

July 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comStar Seeds are not here to follow conventions.  Lightbringers are not here to collude with the illusion.  Evolving souls in the Time of the Rising of the Great Garden are not here to perpetuate the spell castings in all languages and in many words used and expressed today.

Star Seeds, Lightbringers, and Evolving and Ascending Souls are here to usher in The New.  They are here to show the way of releasing this old 3D paradigm of constriction and incarceration, and embracing the emerging New 5D+ Structures, Technologies, Spiritual Expansion, and Talent Expression.  We are here to Rise and Be Bold.  We can add that to the New Language;  We are here to embrace Be-Bolding, or being Bold!

Moreness of Everything in our lives will be our experience.  There will be no shortage of distractions.  There will be no shortage of deceptions getting exposed.  There will be no shortage of continued attempts to perpetrate propaganda and mind control on the public either.  And at the same time, there will be no shortage of Infusions of Celestial Light, empowering humanity and all life on the planet to see clearer, hear deeper, feel clearer, and more.  There will be no shortage of tools and remedies to assist humanity with transitioning out of a deep spell in this lower 3D matrix, aiding everyone to stand up in their power, in their own sovereignty, and in their own awakening soul codes and BE WHO THEY TRULY ARE.  There will be no shortage of abundance coming back to We The People, and Truthfully, to All Sentient Life On The Earth.  The Meek shall inherit the Earth.  It is happening.  It is happening, dear ones.

For the remainder of 2024, get used to MORENESS.  Expect Moreness in every aspect of your lives. The Ascension Cycle is accelerating.  A great deal of illusion must spin and squeeze to the surface of Humanity’s consciousness and awareness while at the same time . . . a great deal of what is Real and True in God’s True Timeline must expand and become more omnipresent in people’s conscious awareness and daily life flow as well.

2024 marks the spot in the Ascension Cycles where Humanity makes a significant shift from being deeply asleep and complicit with their containment and enslavement, to being stirred to a level of awakeness and alertness, where the slumber and the illusion is more known to All.

In the coming years, more changes, plans, technologies, structures, and systems will emerge into place as if by magic, with a seamless flow, that ultimately pulses from within the Core of Mother Earth, and deep within the core and Heart of Creation.  Nothing can stop the Light Energy pouring forth from the Core of the Earth and the Heart of Creation.  Nothing can stop what is coming.

What each individual is invited to in these next few months and in the remainder of 2024 still to come . . . is to allow the release of increasing layers of illusion that were implanted into your 3D identities and karmic histories as challenges, fears, anxieties, frailties, limitations, and more.  The old stories of you that are not the Divine You must go.  The New Stories, the True Story, of You must now emerge.

July 2024 Energy Update ~ frequencywriter.comIts a Time of Reclamation.  Its a Time of Revelation.  Its a Time of Renaissance and Revolution, emerging in a new way.  Without war.  Without illusion.  Without pretense.  The Living Light is simply emerging on an epic scale for all to see, know, and thrive in again.

How do you want to experience your Reclamation of your Soul Codes?  Your Soul Colors?  Your Colors of Magic that live within your Consciousness?  Your Body Temple?  Your Talents and Gifts?  These are the questions.  And as you explore them this month and beyond, and as you tune into the question, Who Am I?, feel yourself expanding and opening to be the most beautiful, grace-filled, joyful, Divine Soul you could ever imagine yourself to be.  Because that is Who You Are!  This is your Organic Divine Truth and your Organic Divine Blueprint, that places you among God/Source/Creator’s Greatest Happy Thoughts, for creating Creation In The First Place.

Let’s embrace the Return to the Garden.  Let’s embrace the Soul Colors and Living Light streaming through the planet, to empower our every step in the Ascension now.  This is a Time of Great Renaissance and Evolution.  Let’s journey it with as much Joy, Light, Peace, Strength, Courage, and Willingness as much as we can muster!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, July 13th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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