July 2024: Grow The Garden, Faith Is Strength, You Are A 5D Time Traveling Gardener & Alchemist!

July 2024 Energy Update

Grow the Garden
Faith Is Strength In Times Like These
You Are The Tender of Your Divine Garden Now
You Are A 5D Time Traveling & Multidimensional Gardener & Alchemist In These Ascension Times

A Message from Frequency Writer ~ Marie Mohler

Received June 22, 2024


Divine Beings of Light, let us first take a Deep Divine Breath In, and allow this Sacred Conscious Breath to fill your lungs, your cells, your heart, and your greatest dreams that you hold in the center of your being, in your Soul Presence that knows all that you have ever been and all that you will ever be, Now in this moment. Feel this Conscious Breath activating and touching all of the embers of light that you are now, and activating them to Full Spectrum Living Light, as you Breathe Higher Dimensional Prana and Alignment into Who You Really Are. The time for shallow, mundane 3D breathing is over. The time for conscious committed daily Divine Breathing is here. You are the Ones you have been waiting for. You are the Divine Breath you have been seeking, to replenish your lives with Divine Life Force, Wholeness, and Goodness again. So let us breathe one more Conscious Breath in, deep into all of the aspects of you that desire to awaken and participate in the Creation of Your Life in this Higher Vibe, Super Quantum, and Multidimensional Way. It Is Time!

July 2024 Energy Update Frequencywriter.comIn the last message, we spoke about how the Garden Lives In You. And how the Garden Is You! And as you continue to engage the Energies of June, July, and August 2024, as the Quantum Energies of 3D Deconstruction and Dematerialization continue to work their magic, and as the Quantum Energies of 5D Building and Rising continue to work their magic as well, how are you feeling in your garden? How are you experiencing the Ascension Weather in your own personal garden? Are you experiencing days of sunshine, without a cloud in the sky? Where the perfect breezes inspire your every thought, feeling, and dream vision you desire to create? Are you experiencing storm clouds, and wondering if you are in “the right garden” at all? This entire decade on your planet at this time is a time of deep soul review. You are witnessing creations past as waves of memories, that don’t linger long, but you see them as if the Akashic Records are communing with you to reveal your past and aid in your release of any energies you are still holding onto. These are memories you might not consciously think of every day and yet they are as real as if they unfolding in your life in the present, as they pass through. You have a sense of awe witnessing some of these age old memories,

thinking to yourself, I have not thought of that event, person, place, or thing in ages. And you are right! Yet, here that memory is thinking of you, and coming up for a brief, momentary review, as if to say, remember this and all that we journeyed through? And you can acknowledge it with grace, and say, yes, I do. While allowing the sacred transmutation and alchemy of that memory into Light and Wholeness again. By your conscious acknowledgement and allowing of the alchemy, old memories of your 3D story, the matrix’s illusions of you and the stories you have lived, to return to Divine and Integrated Light once more. You are becoming whole again, in each transmutation of memory, energy, and sentient feelings or responses that emerge and unfold in you now.

You are the Tender of Your Divine Garden now, dear one. And you are becoming a Multidimensional Gardener, witnessing the weeds and remnants of old seeds rise up in your awareness now, so that you can clear them out. And choose new seeds for new God Timeline adventures. And as you do tend this garden, you don’t judge the old versions of you that you were 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or just 1 month ago. You are witnessing and actively engaging the 3D matrix’s story of you leave your conscious awareness and leave your life experiences. Like a thought bubble that you see, and witness now float up into the Great Blue Sky, popping and becoming Light and nothingness at the same time. You are the healer of your past 3D matrix-laden stories, identities, challenges, and pain. You are the one who can consciously choose to allow what were once 3D sandbags in your energy field, in your body temple, to become 5D bubbles of transmutation, and ultimately fully restored Light particles returning to Creation to build the New Earth in Gloriously Grand Divine Ways. You are this 5D Gardener. You are this 5D Time Traveling Alchemist of your own soul travels and this Multidimensional Creator of your own Rising Ascension Timeline!

July 2024 Energy Update Frequencywriter.comSo as unpleasant aspects of your old 3D story surface, and old and challenging aspects of the 3D Collective’s Experience of the dying and decaying 3D Matrix surfaces, I invite you to take a deep Divine Conscious Breath In and make of those a Perfect Encapsulated Bubble, where you witness the memories as a chapter in a book that is now complete, where they have no energetic charge for you in any way, and you simply see them now floating up, up, up into the Great Blue Sky, and you allow the Prana energies in the Grand Central Suns to fully transmute them back to Light. No heavy memories need to be carried beyond this point of June, July, August, and the remainder of 2024. Allow 2024 to be Your Year of Alchemy. Your Year of Epic Divine Liberation and Freedom from all that the 3D matrix would write, project, and reflect to you and about you, because that is just an illusion. A story that this serpent matrix cooked up for you, about you. And you are ready to lay it down. For good. For all time. In all directions of time.

And as you do this, again and again, in this Life and Soul Review unfolding in 2024, you feel yourself getting lighter, brighter, more optimistic, and more in harmony with the way that God’s Timeline and God’s Garden actually roll and unfold in Creation. You might not think or believe that the Life Review phase of the Ascension Process could be that easy, as to witness old painful experiences, or sad experiences, or lack laden experiences in a thought bubble, that can float above and beyond your garden, and become Living Light again. But it is True. It is a Core Truth, in these times. And one that your soul is seeking to remember.

The key in the magic of this level of alchemy or transcendence in these times is once you let it go, . . . truly let it go! Allow it to become Light and Ether again. And don’t give it form by giving it a second thought, after you see it return to nothingness in Creation again. Second thoughts will begin to recreate its very seeds in your life again. Because you are powerful Creators. And creating with your thoughts, minds, feelings, and focused attention is what powerful Creators do. So become like a happy, divine, sun-baked Multidimensional Gardener, and appreciate how cleansing and light-giving releasing your 3D weeds can be. It is designed to be that simple, if you allow it to be.

And in this Life and Soul Review Window in 2024, you are also invited to review the seeds you have prepared to plant in your garden. Are these the exact seeds that you want to see made manifest? Are these the vibrational experiences that live within the divine blueprints in those sacred seeds that you want to grow and cultivate into your now? As you review each seed, really look at, acknowledge, and feel each one. If each of your precious new 5D garden seeds is exactly what you want to experience, plant them now. Plant them now with joy! Plant them now with grace and feel the light in your heart growing with the sheer joy that you have put them in the soil of mother earth to grow, and grow, and grow, to be your Future Life’s Now. So that in very near time, each seed manifests as a Real and True experience in your very own Garden of Eden, thriving in 5D frequencies Now. There is no need to wait for this Garden to grow. It is here Now, in you. Remember, IT IS YOU!

So choose your seeds well and choose them wisely. Not from your mind but from your heart. If one of the seeds that you have gathered and intended to plant, ultimately in this review process isn’t quite right, that is okay. That seed may be meant for someone else. Tweak your visions for that seed. And try again. Call a new seed of faith, joy, fortitude, and light to the forefront of your heart’s visions. And see if it is a better match to who you Know Yourself to be Now, and in the Future. And if so, plant that more perfectly aligned seed for the Garden you know you are growing, right here and now today.

Let everything in your Garden be a reflection of the Quantum Divine Life you are seeking to experience, as more shifts take place. And when there are tremors in the 3D matrix, of some building, company, structure, and enslavement mechanisms fail or wobble more and more, take a breath and enter your Divine Garden, in your heart, in your consciousness, and in your inner knowings. Appreciate the flowering plants that are growing the life that you have specifically dream visioned and planted. And see the fruits materializing for you, in all highest good ways.

Those that engage the power of the dream in their lives now will have a much easier time as the old 3D illusions sputter, falter, and fail. If you find yourself faltering, again, go back to the Garden again. Spend time with Creator/Source there in the Garden. The True Garden. Not the fake and false serpent version of the garden of eden that has been given to humanity all this time. Embrace the True Timeline. Know Yourself as Living The True Timeline. And align with the Truth of You in God’s Timeline, where the Perfect Garden of Eden has always been there. And you have lived in it all this time too.

July 2024: Grow The Garden, Faith Is Strength, You Are A 5D Time Traveling Gardener & Alchemist!History is being re-written, rightly. It was usurped by a greedy cabal that lost its seed connections to the Creator, long ago. Yet, history is being reclaimed by the Truth of God again. And while the illusions and corruption in the illusions are getting exposed, the Strength in Light Warrior souls comes from a willingness for God to Write and Right the True Creation into our Hearts again.

How do you know what it is right? And what is illusion? You tap into the Energy of God in it. God can still reside in the unpleasant Truths in History. And if you can find the God Energy in painful Truths, you can allow God’s Quill to make the corrupted, false history right again. The Truth about Advanced Civilizations here is an example. The Truth about Higher Technologies is another example. The Truth Will Set You Free is a multidimensional awareness that will help all of humanity, for those who embrace this path of Rising Beyond the 3D Matrix and embracing the True God Timeline and Garden of Eden.

If you get lost or disoriented in these shifting times, go back to the Garden of your Heart inside you. Take a few conscious breaths there to re-ground and re-center. Take a breath consciously . . . for the confusion. Take a breath consciously for the centering desired. And when ready, take a Deep Divine Breath in to enter the Garden again, of your heart, and of Creator’s Heart. And review the seeds you have planted, and desire to still plant, to make what feels wrong about this world and your life in it . . . right in the Timeline of God.

Remember that the serpent’s story of you, and what you are overwhelmed by in any given moment, is only . . . The Serpent’s Version. If you continue to re-focus your energy, life force, attention, and intention on the clearest seeds that you know are meant to grow in the Garden of God going forward, you will continue to transmute again and again, where the 3D matrix wants to grab your attention, and your life force.

With bubbles of transmutation and alchemy flowing skyward on a regular basis, the 3D sand bags of pain and illusion snag your attention less and less. And you become more and more of your Divine Instrument. Your Divine Wind Instrument, to sound God into form, in the Garden of your Life Experiences again.

Does it take practice? Yes. Does it require commitment? Yes. Does it require strength and faith, and fortitude? Yes. All of those things are required. But you have those as God Given Seeds inside you, for the journey of Rebuilding God’s Garden again. Many of you know you have this inside you. The Time now is summoning those who will step up and step out in your own ways in your life, where you know you are actively building the New Garden! And as an active builder of the New Garden, the old one just doesn’t have the hooks, or the attraction, it once did. Because God’s Eden is shining so much brighter. And it feels so good to spend time in it every day. And that means, it also feels good to spend time in YOU every day.

You and the Garden are a match. A mirror. A reflection, one to the other.

Allow the 3D matrix’s false seeds to crumble, atrophy, and fall away.

And choose in every moment you can . . . to empower your Divine Seeds . . . for the Garden of Life and Light that is God’s True Garden . . . Eden . . . to fill your life with all of its richness, riches, blessings, harmony, and joy.

July 2024: Grow The Garden, Faith Is Strength, You Are A 5D Time Traveling Gardener & Alchemist!June, July, and August will continue to heat up the invitations to personal and collective alchemy, and the mastery of this level of alchemy. Find clarity and strength in your ability to witness unpleasant revelations and events, and ground in God’s Garden, again and again. Find an inner resolve to notice where you get pulled off center, and simply breathe yourself back to center again. Know now today that unprecedented change is sweeping this world, at accelerated rates. And know that this change is ultimately God led, as the old systems that can’t be re-purposed in God’s Timeline and God’s Garden, will fail and fall away. Know also that some that can be re-purposed are and will be used for good in the larger plan of Ascension and the Bigger Picture View of Creation.

Trust as much as you can in the Perfection of God’s Healing of this World, even when it doesn’t materialize in ways you might like. And each time, return to YOUR Garden, which is where you have the most power to create your experience of the times you are living in. Return to Your Garden again and again, and find epic ways to love spending time there. Plant the seeds of your Divine 5D+ Experiences. And nourish them to grow.

Everything Serpentine from the 3D Matrix must go. It will be transmuted or dematerialized. So get used to allowing illusions to fall away. And trust that God has new seeds for the New Garden that God is planting for this New Age, just like you have your own new seeds for this Emerging Grand Garden that is here to rise and thrive.

Witness the invitations to Distraction and Discord. And bring your attention back to Clarity and Focus on God’s Divine Design, God’s Garden, and Your Own Garden within God’s Garden each time. The choice is yours as to how committed you are to stay focused on the God Timeline, as more distractions swirl in the dematerialization and 3D alchemical composting process unfolds.

Faith Is Strength in times like these. Conscious and Committed Dreaming IS Strength in Ascension Times like these. Your Living Light wants to Thrive and Shine in the New Earth. So plant your way there. Dream your way there. Seed and Bloom your way there. And there will become your here, and now, if you know it deep in your heart as so!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, June 29th, 2024 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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