June 2020 Energy Update: 3D & 5D Wolves, Extreme Energies & Dualities, Time Travel, Zero Point Vision, and Wholeness Vision

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.30.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, coming through the ethers today with a message of Divine Refreshment and Soul Activation Frequencies for the month of June 2020 and beyond!  We have merged in the energies of the Heart of One since our last transmission.  And we will call on those energies . . . to breathe within and through us all now . . . from that Sacred Heart Space and from the Creationary Cosmic Living Light . . . to inspire and re-template a brand new 5th Dimensional New Earth in Fields of Quantum Oneness Energies.  We are the Shining Stars of this New Realm of Incarnational Experiences!  And we are a Collective Cosmic Star seeding now . . . all life, all light, all prana, and all unity consciousness . . . through the Living Light we are ~ in the physical and non-physical realms.  It is a beautiful co-creation between Source & Spirit and Mother Gaia and you.  And through this conscious claiming now in this moment together . . . and in this transmission still unfolding . . . we are templating this bridge between the realms . . . to rise and be its Divine Grace and Embrace . . . as all merge back into the Central Zero Point Frequencies of the One.  The Shining One.  The Everlasting One.  The Eternal and Infinite One that All Truly and Divinely Is.  

So with that, let us open our conscious connections in this transmission today with a Deep Divine Conscious Breath.  Let us take a Sacred Breath In consciously in this moment together, breathing as One Light, breathing as One Whole, and Breathing as Wholeness Vision for the Times and Timelines ahead, knowing that all is One.  All is Now.  All is Perfect.  For Creation in the Glory of its Divinity Codes that templates All Realms and All Worlds . . . IS Perfect.  And you are made of that very Creationary Perfection.  You are made of that Extraordinary Stardust that Powers Worlds with Divinity Codes of Light, and that invites Expansion of Soul Energy in all directions of time, always.  Source Creator is always and infinitely expanding.  And so too, are all of you.  In this Collective and Conscious Breath we breathe together today, we invite the Zero Point Frequencies of the One Heart, the Godheart, the Heart of All Creation to fill and unify our hearts and our heart consciousness with Joy.  Love.  Unity.  Perfection.  Well-Being.  And the Awareness that All Is One.  And anything appearing outside of the Oneness is part of the One Heart too.  Nothing can ever be truly separated from its Source.  In illusionary matrixes, it can appear so.  But that is simply a vast and global magic trick that is unwinding in these times now.  Magic tricks come and go.  And thus so do their illusions.  But Divine Truth, True Truth, Source Truth is forever.  And at the root of that level of Truth, at the core of that level of Oneness, the Foreverness of the Living Light and Unity of All That Is is felt and deeply known in all of you.  

So remember to BREATHE as life continues to unfold in June 2020, and as we as a Conscious Collective ~ which includes the All That Is in this beautiful expansionary connection through Sacred Conscious Breathing ~ come together now in this Zero Point Frequency . . . in the center of all of the duality spinning on your world at the moment . . . so that more and more of you can breathe your way through that Center Point in the Heart of Creation and into a brand new 5D world of Living Light, Harmony, Joy, and Miraculous Innovations, Co-Creations, and Inspirations.  It Is Time to breathe the New World into Being.  And as you join us in these transmissions each month, or return to revisit the frequencies at a later time, you too are breathing the New Earth and its new 5D cosmic coordinates into physical form.  From the formless, form is birthed.  From the Heart of Source and from the Heart of All That Is, magic . . . True Magic . . . and miracles . . . True Miracles . . . return to your Sacred Heart Centers . . . and thus . . . your daily lives.  Is It Time . . . to experience the Garden of Eden’s Magic and Miracles again on Planet Earth?  Absolutely.  

So call us in whenever you desire to join us in that Unified Field of Zero Point Technologies in the Center of Your Sacred Heart and in the Grace of your Conscious Breathing.  We welcome every conscious breath . . . and every intention to Breathe this Source Light and this Unity Consciousness with you now.  

And when times are hard, and triggers are steadily flowing in your life, and in the experience of the global collective right now, join us again in that Unified Field of Zero Point Frequencies where the Light Leads All Things again!  In that expansionary light, you will download exactly what you need to rise and breathe the New World and the New Earth in your conscious awareness and your lived experience . . . regardless of the swirls of duality still churning out in the collective’s 3D experiences right now.  

Eventually, as more and more of you join the Conscious Breathing Collaborations and Co-Creations with us, and with other Global Meditations that hold the Light of Unity Consciousness paramount to any gathering on the earth at this time . . . the Zero Point Portal and the Zero Point Grace and Fields of Oneness will open more and more to all of you in palpable and soul visionary ways!

This is why your 2020 Clear Soul Sight is essential to activate and awaken now.  You are the birthers of this New Living Reality through the Wholeness Vision activating inside you through your Conscious Breathing.  Through your Conscious Connections with Spirit, your Spirit Guides, and with 5th Dimensional Higher Light and Life Forms in the nonphysical and physical realms.  And through your connections with your Chakra Systems and Divine Talents and Gifts now flowing and growing forward.  You are the Ones you have been waiting for.  You are the Cosmic Weavers of the New 5D Living Light, weaving it through your Sacred Conscious Breathing, and co-creating this New Earth together.  

So weave the Light of Oneness, of 5D Zero Point technologies and integration, and the Joy of Unity Consciousness with us at any time you need grounding, healing, joy, well-being, and integration on a whole new level than what you have experienced for lifetimes in a 3D realm.  Call out your intentions in your inner life, through your inner light, to merge and join the Oneness that you have timelessly and eternally been.  Surrender and allow the Higher Light Frequencies and 5th Dimensional Operating Systems you truly are.  And bathe in feeling and knowing your Divine Re-Union with Source, with Gaia, with your Soul Tribe, with your Soul Light, and with your Soul’s Best Vision and Mission for this lifetime at this time.  This Zero Point Energy lives inside you, through your Breathing, and your connection with the Sacred Heart Center Frequencies of Eternal Light and Grace, no matter what is unfolding in your outer world and your outer life at any time.

This is your Soul Presence’s Perfection.  This is Where Your Clear Soul Sight Lives.  This is Zero Point Wholeness, Unity, Harmony, and Grace at its finest.

It is Knowing the Perfection You Are no matter what is unfolding around you.  

It is an Inner Perfection.  It is an Inner Connection.  It is an Inner Unity with the All That Is and the Zero Point Portals of Grace that facilitate this level of time travel and cellular and soulular healing and integration at the deepest levels!

June 2020 and the remainder of 2020 will continue to swirl the energies of the Legend of the Two Wolves, referenced and reviewed in the last transmission.  If you recall, what will first appear through 3D vision as two wolves gnashing their teeth and fighting for your attention in a spiritual war . . . will continue its invitation to the Zero Point Portal of Light that shines and invites your Higher 5D Vision to emerge and to lead you into that Higher Light as the Way back into Unified Fields of Oneness and Wholeness again.  If you only see the two wolves fighting in that boxing ring of the human collective’s consciousness and experiences now, and you only see the games being played by the dark wolves to attempt to confuse the light messages of the Light Wolves, you may just miss the perfect and pure Divine Light of the Zero Point Portal opening wide in the Center Point between the two wolves and the worlds beckoning your attention now.  

Where your attention flows, is where energy goes.  Where attention flows, vibration flows.  That flow of energy, vibration, and attention is your Timeline of Experience in these times.  

So witness where you are being polarized in 3D frequencies of duality.  Witness where you are being summoned to potential higher portals of expanded soul sight.  Witness any resistance that comes up to see from a higher perspective.  Witness where your ego self, the 3D realm’s referee and manager of the human realm’s experiences, wants to hold you back, put up some blocks, contain or confuse you, to keep you in its version of neutrality which is “nowhere.”  In that perpetual state of immobilization, complicitness, resistance, anger, blame games, unawareness, and spiritual amnesia, you are spinning your wheels and your lower chakras’ gears in a perpetual state of 3D dramas and theatre that ultimately goes “nowhere” with the exception of solidifying more karmic contracts that bind you to the 3D realm that leads you to “nowhere.”  It is actually a karmic loop and trap that keeps you asleep and engaged in the realm of illusion and very clever magic tricks offered by the 3D control grid’s managers and puppeteers.

And yet, if you can witness the tugs of war on your attention, and if you can know from the inside out that there is a Portal of Higher Light opening between them, you might just be more willing to bypass your ego’s invitations to “go nowhere” and to “stay on the karmic treadmills” of distractions, denials, and distortions . . . and to consciously allow your sight and vision to expand to a higher and greater emerging Truth of the Oneness that all that “spinning” and “heightened treadmilling” in the human collective experience is attempting to birth in you.  

You are claiming your Clear Soul Sight in 2020.  Of this, there is no question!

You can embrace it with greater Grace and greater Allowing!

Or you can resist it, and feel the emotions and challenges of what resisting an emerging New Birth feels like.

Any mother who has physically given birth can tell you what trying to avoid the labor and delivery birth process feels like.  Birth at that stage of the evolutionary process . . . of mother and child . . . is inevitable.  The womb is ripe for the launching and release of new life.  And nothing will stop that inner release process.  Nothing.  A New Form of Life and Light Experience and Physical Expression is birthing.  In the metaphor of the mother and in the metaphor of this New Earth.

So we invite you in June 2020 to begin to take some of that turn inside you.  Not just conceptually now but vibrationally.  And physically.  And consciously.  

Are you willing to consciously and actively witness the thoughts you think each day about the two wolves messages you are seeing?  Can you witness them for a 3rd dimensional level of sight and ego constraining process that they offer to you?  Can you see the vying for your attention from a spiritual warring perspective of sight?  Can you admit to yourself that you might be able to see that spiritual warfare and how it is playing out?  With an authentic allowance of how uncomfortable that duality and that 3D polarization of energy feels to you?  Like the world is being “warred” apart?  Like the tensions and divisions are rising and escalating in ways you can witness from this “soul-observer” perspective?  Without getting caught up in the riptides of the dualities and divisions and grave tensions now?

In other words, are you willing to see through the lens of the two wolves in your life right now?  Could your perceptions of the dark wolf be clouded by your own spiritual astigmatism and spiritual amnesia in the conditionings of this 3D realm and paradigm?  And could your perceptions of the white wolf, whoever you believe that to be, be skewed and clouded by your own spiritual astigmatisms and spiritual amnesia in the conditionings of this 3D realm and paradigm?  Could both of these extremes have been manipulated to be Extremes of Energies?  And is it possible that what you believe to be true . . . could have an even deeper Truth . . . in any direction of time . . . if you were to open and expand your spiritual vision to understand the quantum nature of time . . . and the distortions and clarities you might find as a Time Bender or Time Traveler seeking Clear Soul Sight and Wholeness Vision restoration now?  

What would it take to become a witness observer of the extreme dualities taking place now on your world . . . without attachment to the rightness and wrongness of either side you perceive?  In order to “buy yourself some of that ‘quantum time’ and soul sight expansion” as we have been describing in many past transmissions along with this one?

What if one of your deepest soul tasks right now was to awaken your Wholeness Vision?  Your Clear Soul Sight?  Between and Through All of the Realms of Illusion and Divine Truth, coming into one Synergistic Whole?    

What if you could allow yourself to take a step back as a witness-observer from any extreme polarities right now . . . and simply witness the masks they are wearing?  And if you could allow that stepping back and seeing from an aerial cosmic view through time, or at least a higher soul sight than you have previously allowed in a very long time . . . can you allow the dark wolf and the light wolf to do their work to expose the illusion that is the war between them . . . in 3D vision . . . and also the Zero Point Portal that is also existing in between them with 5D+ Vision?  

Could you become willing to see them both?  The Two Wolves as 3D Nemeses . . . and the Two Wolves as Collaborative Co-Creators?  As both the 3D and 5D versions of themselves . . . with a common purpose.  To help you awaken to their modes and methods of operation and divine soul purpose across the realms of human and sentient experience . . . to invite this Higher Soul Expansion and this Quantum Shift in Cosmic Consciousness on the earth at this time . . . and in the entire Universe and all of Creation?  

Can you feel the bigness of this Shift in Soul Sight?  

Can you see at any level the extraordinary nature of the Zero Point Portal that 2020 offers to each and to all of you?  

Can you see in the numerology of 2020, which equals 2+0+2+0, a 4 year of rebuilding . . . re-templating . . . re-unifying . . . and re-sighting all those with spiritual amnesia and spiritual astigmatism . . . to awaken conscious breathing, conscious building, conscious seeing, and conscious harmonizing again . . . out of a world of immense and intense fear and duality into an extraordinary field and world of Oneness, Love, and Complimentary Opposites and Diversities that create Divine Wholeness again?

What if you are this light warrior listening to this at this time, to awaken and activate this Spiritual Vision as a critical part of a Greater Collective Whole?

That is attempting to Return and ReUnify the Greater Oneness that All Truly Is?

What if you are divinely designed at this time to begin to explore this Zero Point Energy and this Field of Divine Oneness again?

Through the witnessing of the extreme dualities and polarities of 3D stories, narratives, experiences, exposures, and emerging templates that have never been done before, at least according to your 3D record books and histories?

What if the way “out” of duality is actually a way “in” to conscious breathing and a way “in” to Higher Soul Sight?

What if some of whom you thought were heroes were actually the dark wolves?  Masquerading as Light?  What if some of who you thought were the darkness and corrupt leaders and dark heroes of your world were actually Light Wolves appearing or masquerading as Darkness?  What if this whole show and showdown of the spiritual war that many are still unconscious about in this 3D realm and life you see around you . . . is also a higher Zero Point Portal to expose the overall insanity of a 3D illusion collapsing unto itself?  Where the Light Wolf and the Dark Wolf aren’t ultimately who wins the war over the year . . . but where the Light Wins in the end?

What if you could begin to see your life as an exercise in regaining Wholeness Vision to Restore a 5th Dimensional New Earth back to its Unified Field of Oneness and Unity Consciousness and Christ Consciousness once more?

What if that was your Ultimate Spiritual Mission and Purpose at this time right now?  

We see for you, and for all of you as a collective, this invitation now to witness observe the swirling twirling illusion of polarity in its 3D extremes of duality . . . and to know from within that the Higher 5D Perfect Divine Light of the Cosmos, of the Godheart, of the Heart of Creation is bringing the splinters of duality and separation consciousness around to unified circles and spheres of collaborative, diversified, whole, Living Light again.

June 2020 is going to offer each and all of you more extremes, more confusion, more distortions, and more divisions and tension in which to hone your skills as Whole Soul Avatars to come back into Whole Soul Vision and Mastery.  It is also thus going to offer you a Portal to Begin to Time Travel into 5D Higher Soul Vision to lift off as a kind of Cosmic Aeronaut and play in the realms of traveling within Zero Point Technologies that see the Yin and Yang fighting as these two extreme wolves . . . merging into One Collective Portal . . . One Collective Voice . . . One Collective Wholeness as they spin together as two halves . . . as to two wolves . . . of The One Light.   

That One Light Is You.

That One Light is All Of You.

That One Light is the Two Wolves Merging as One.  

It is quite a birth!

It is why so much seems so overwhelming and yet so inviting at the same time!

It is an ending of the old and a beginning of the new in One Birth!

It is a death and a birth at the same time!

And the question is . . . can you open your soul sight to help you move into the Zero Point Safety and Divine Cradle in the Cosmos . . . where you can be the all and the nothing in one frequency . . . as a living energy . . . in physical form . . . yet hosting all of your nonphysical divinity codes at this time as well . . . to steer your divine merkaba straight into that Zero Point Portal . . . which is a womb between these realms right now . . . while the dying of the old unfolds and while the birthing of the new emerges?

Find your soul tribes.  Find your people and your spirit guides who can see for and with you your ascension process as this Awakening One Light Frequency you are.  

Find ways to partner, collaborate, co-create, and come together to open these Portals of Zero Point Neutrality and Perfect Divine Light together on the planet, for the planet, to raise the planet into 5D Wholeness and Grace again!

Know that you will find yourself pulled in the tug of war between the wolves now.  

Know that your safety is in the Zero Point Consciousness and Living Light Frequencies that allow neutrality and witnessing of the old 3D lies, illusions, manipulations and distortions.

And NOT in the complicit Spiritual Amnesia that your Ego seems to choose more often than not, even tricking you through 3D magic tricks to believe that same amnesia and complicitness is 5D Light.  

Consciousness at this higher Truth 5D level requires conscious participation, action, surrendering to the Living Light, and Trusting All That Is unfolding to reveal the Divine Truth and the Living Light . . . that IS WHO WINS in the Ultimate Show Down and Time of Revelations that this is! 

June 2020 invites the Emergence of your Soul Vision.  Of your Soul Mastery.  Of your Soul Skills now!

Breathe the Light of the Oneness you are.

Breathe the Faith you have inside on the inner planes to Trust the Divine Light of the Living Universe to Lead this Ascension Process and reveal the True Truth as the Victor in all ways in all directions of time.

Breathe Light and Love for your Two Wolves Within weaving now as Cosmic Weavers the Truth of the Oneness you are.

Trust any pain, confusion, overwhelm, etc to be cosmic cues to you now to go inside and listen deeply for the Light’s Leadership in your life!  

Know you will follow your own Divine Bread Crumbs to follow your Pathway Home to the Light with as much efficiency and spiritual fortitude and grace as possible.

Trust the Light to Lead.  

Breathe in that Living 5D+ Light through your Conscious Breathing and Heart Center.

Feel the Wolves in 3D gnashing their teeth in that boxing ring.  Witness your terrified or triggered ego referee.  

And feel your Calm 5D Vision knowing the Wholeness in all of it . . . and following the Light’s Guidance System through your Inner Lantern, your Inner Cosmic Map, and your Inner Soul’s Coordinates that have always known exactly where and who you are even when your 3D lost self, unconscious self, conditioned self, or egoic self did not.

Your Soul Presence and your 5D Essence has always known Who You Are!

And it knows the Story of the Two Wolves for you now.  

It is guiding you to Zero Point Vision.  To Wholeness Vision.  To 2020 Clear Soul Sight. If you will simply and courageously allow it to emerge in you.  

So much joy, grace, innovation, and exploration awaits you in these 5D frequencies summoning you to come full circle now.  

Rise in that New Light and in your Higher Sight to give yourselves permission to claim it.  To be it.  To embody it!

We see you as the One Light.  The True Light.  The Wholeness of Unified Light.

Thank you for joining us in this extended Breath of Oneness and One Light . . . that is powering the New Earth. And that is building the New Earth.  Through Miracles.  And through the Essence of the Light that All Truly Is!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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