June 2021+ Energy Update: ‘The Sky Is Falling’ on the 3D Matrix ~ Time to Align With God’s Vision, Heart, & Ark/Arc

June+ 2021 Energy Update:
The Sky Is Falling’ on the 3D Matrix
Time to Align With God’s Vision, Heart, & Ark/Arc

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.29.2021



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of 1000 Suns and thus Beaming through the Light of the Godheart that lives in All of Creation and in your Sacred Heart Centers as well.  In these times of trials and tribulations, in these times that “try men’s souls” so to speak, and in these times of epic change and deep spiritual transformation, the Light of 1000 Suns is Lighting up this Earth and thus illuminating the deep layers of willful amnesia and darkness that have prospered and persisted throughout many eons of time.  But Source says ~ No Longer.  No Longer will the Darkness thrive in this Void of Creation. And with that Universal Command, So It Is and So It Shall Be.  For it comes from the Energies of the Most High.  And it comes from the Heartbeat of All Creation, that powers worlds.  And thus it comes from the Center of All Life and the All That Is, that you are now feeling in your life.  And all are being touched and transformed by it, even if they appear to be sleeping in the Soup of 3D Amnesia that is soon to be no longer.  

frequencywriter.com ~ June 2021 Energy Update ~ Let There Be LightFor the Awakening Process has long before begun.  And you are in the Cycle of Its Great Return now.  So even though many do not appear to be awakening, we can assure you that many already have.  And what we can also say today is that that “No Longer will darkness thrive in this void of Creation” command?  . . .  is simultaneously launching the command “Let There Be Light in All Things, All Realms, and All Hearts in All of Creation.” And that is the Light of 1000 Suns, and the Light of the Godheart, that we know for and with you that is resetting, re-orienting, and re-seeding in One and All of You again.  

We invite you now to Breathe in this Exquisite Light Force.  We invite you to Breathe In Consciously with us . . . a Deep Divine Breath . . . that is Fully Illuminated in Quantum Divinity Codes and Quantum Divine Living Light and Life Force . . . and that is transcending ANY lower timelines and dimensional experiences that are otherwise in the collective’s escrow and power to still make manifest.  As more and more of you Rise to become Conscious Breathers and Conscious Believers in your power to Rise Up and your power to Breathe Within this Higher Dimensional and Quantum Oxygen and Prana in these times . . . you literally have the power to transmute the old world whilst you simultaneously invite in the Breath of God and the Living Light of Higher Dimensional Sight and Expansion . . . that Powers New Worlds.  

You are the Transmuters and the Creators All In One Single Breath.

And we invite you to feel the Essence of God Within you, inspiring you, guiding you, empowering you, and free-ing you in this now moment, from the fears you have carried through this entire separation cycle and liberating you into the Light Leaders and Light Seeders you came to be in the Re-Birth of Mother Earth’s Divine Garden of Eden.  It Is Time.

Now as you may know, in recent transmissions, we have spoken to more biblical sentiments, stories, and parcels of energy, especially focusing on the Serpent and Adam and Eve’s choices to descend into temptation and thus in separation as a result of those choices.  We have also spotlighted The Ultimate Shepherd who is truly Divine Source Creator, who has come to gather his flock and lead them to a New Promised Land, a New Garden of Eden, a New Light and Life on planet Earth.  And we have spotlighted the Story of Noah and the Story of Faith that is required of each and all of you right now in these times as well.  Noah himself came through in the most recent transmission to share his stories of Aligning In Union, In Love, In Strength, and in the Ultimate Faith and Fortitude with Source . . . in order to transcend the times he was living in . . . and to Build that Living Ark & Arc within.  

And today, today, we wish to you talk with you about the Living Essence of Faith and Humility.  Because both are Divine Soul Skills you will need now in the month of June 2021 and beyond, more than ever before.  To live in Faith in the ways Noah ultimately breathed and learned to be and to do, is to allow extreme Humility . . . to surrender to that which your earthly eyes, heart, ears, and senses cannot see.  And so Humility in this Deep Divine Sense is to Surrender your will and your vision to God’s Will and God’s Vision in your life and literally inside you.  

Many of you have lived lifetimes, and you have lived the experience of journeying lifetimes within your decades of life this lifetime, where you are being required to see increasingly what your will manifests without Divine Will.  You are being required to see what your will manifests as a collective humanity without Divine Will.  And you are being required to see the “fruits” of those manifestations that have thrived in the darkness of the void of separation consciousness and separation creation.  

To truly Surrender, to truly embody Humility, and to truly walk in Faith and Fortitude in Union with Source, one must begin to expand their Soul Sight to the creations and the life experiences and the emotions and perceptions lived and had . . . without that Humility, Surrender, Faith, Fortitude, and Union.  The Ultimate Contrasts are being revealed now, aren’t they?  And those contrasts are Living Energies that once held great power to control a sleeping collective.  Those contrasts thrived in the Darkness of the Void in Creation, that you have known and experienced as 3D Earth.  

But in shadows in the night, in the cover of darkness, how well can you truly see?  How well can you make out faces, events, circumstances, and perceptions?  How well can you see in the fog of the evening, and the lack of light and illumined sight, under those circumstances?

June 2021 is about Increasing Spiritual Sight.  June 2021 is about Increasing Illumination in Visible Ways now on your world.  June 2021 is about cracking more of the shells of illusion that have plagued this world for eons of time.  The story of Chicken Little comes to mind, where a chicken in that tale believes the sky is falling because a “piece of sky” fell down and hit her in the head.  She did not know what it was but something fell from the sky and it felt as if the world might end.  After gathering up several friends, to go alert the king of this news, they encounter a fox who says he will assist them in their journey to alert the king.  And at the end of the tale, one of the friends shakes a tree that causes an acorn to fall down, therefore revealing that the sky itself wasn’t falling, but things in the natural course of nature were.  

frequencywriter.com ~ June 2021 Energy Update ~ 'The Sky Is Falling' on the 3D MatrixThere might be cause to feel as if the sky is falling, the sky is falling in the month of June and throughout 2021.  Which is a similar feeling to the Noah’s Ark story, just with a different element of nature.  And yet, what also happens in the tale of Chicken Little is that the fear is greater than the task or the object itself.  Yes?  And is it not amazing to see in this story, or in the Emperor’s New Clothes story, that perceptions can be utterly manipulated, can they not?  And can you see how when fully trapped in solely 3D perception . . . one can perhaps justify the experience of Chicken Little . . . without further research, exploration, and discernment, to join the narrative that offers 1 perspective of what was seen and experienced, in the absence of another.

But with the broader perspective of one friend, and then another, and then another joining together, and a definitive, physical experience of the “piece of sky falling again” . . . only this time . . . with others perceptions’ of it . . . shining a brighter light on what it is . . . the Truth of What IT Was reveals itself.  Thus, the Truth of the Sky that was Falling was in the end, a simple but mighty acorn that had the entire Divine Design and Blueprint for a Magnificent Tree contained within it ~ that emerged and revealed itself.  Yes?  So in these tales, in these stories, there are a myriad of messages contained within them.  Yes?  And the symbology is something to decode now and in the future.  For symbology is subjective, and those subjective perceptions can either align with the God Perspective . . . and Higher Soul Vision and Unified Breath and Light . . . OR they can align with the Serpent’s Perspective and the Darkness of the Void’s Vision for this world and others.  

So what happens when people choose to Surrender their will to God’s Will, their vision to God’s Vision, and their life to God’s Living Life Force?  In many cases, a Whole New World of Perception is revealed that illuminates the previous enslaved and incarcerated one, that thrives on contraction, suppression, constriction, fear, shame, blame, and control.  And a Whole New World of Perception re-aligns with the Frequencies and Living Life Force of True Quantum Creation and opens doors and windows and cosmic portals within . . . for Greater Expansion, Divine Source Expression, and a Greater Joy and Bliss than many can remember at this point today.

In this 3D realm of experience, where Separation Consciousness, limits, fear, and lack have ruled the Perceptions of the Day in any timeline or point in time in history, separation vision has ruled those experiences as well.  

It takes a True Seeker, a True Leader, a True Light Seeder . . . to perhaps feel the shaking, quaking, rumbling, and sky falling frequencies of a world currently undergoing epic and extraordinary change, and to not ingest the narrative given by the very same matrix of lower vibrational perceptions that manifested the narrative in the first place.  And to rise and to seek the Truth about Who Is The Narrator of this story?  And to rise and seek the Truth about Who is the Ultimate Narrator of Any Creation Story?  In other words, who is hiding behind the curtains of all narrations in a realm manifested through Separation Consciousness and Duality and Polarized Frequencies?  And Who is the Living Eternal Light that shines beyond any clouds, any doubt, any fear, any lack, with the messages of Bliss, Prosperity, Well-Being, Joy, and Love for all?   

June 2021 will see more “Earth Shakes.” June 2021 and beyond will see more quakes in the matrix of untruth and manipulation.  The Truth Is Rising Up.  Because the Truth Is Eternally Risen.  For what is Truth?  Truth is God.  And God is Truth.  And thus, Truth shall be what sets this planet free.  For God is setting this planet free.  

Are there Truths that many would or will wish had stayed under the proverbial rug?  Yes.  Many.  Can a humanity and an entire world ascend out of one world without seeing clearly the miscreations of their past, and learning from them?  No.  There are no “proverbial rugs” in 5D realms.  There is no sweeping of anything “under rugs” in Timelines of Transparency, Truth, Illuminated Light, and Grace.  

You can’t take your 3D baggage with you into the New Codes and the New Energies of the 5D Realms.  And you can’t take your rogue 3D Ego and Separation-Aligned “Will” into the New Energies of the 5D Realms.  

And so people will need to see and learn from the contrast of what their 3D egos have created through their 3D will, their 3D amnesia, and their 3D lack of soul sight and unified breath and partnership with God/Source/Creator/Maker of All That Is.

And in the great unveiling, the people of this world will be summoned TO SEE all that has happened on their watch when they couldn’t see.  And they will learn from their own 3D separation vision what 3D separation vision manifests.  Much of this world has manifested from Spiritual Astigmatism, Vertigo, and Amnesia.  That is the Rock of the 3D Matrix’s Foundation.  And hence, all descendants (be they living beings or living creations, or both) from that original foundation are askew.  Are off course. And are out of alignment with the Original God Codes, God Light, and Divine Blueprints for this world.

When does a sleeping humanity become willing to align its breath with Source Breath?  

When does a sleeping humanity become willing to align its heart with God’s Heart?

When does a sleeping humanity become willing to align its will and vision with God’s Will and Vision?  

When the veils on the illusion of creative power, freedom, and all there is ~ is lifted.

When the veils of corrupted power, corrupted systems, and corrupted consciousness are lifted.

When the True Manifestations of all that was Dark in the Void of Creation in a 3D matrix are revealed, unveiled, and exposed for all to see.

Awakening is a Powerful Process, especially after such a long slumber.

Those that have been in this journey for some time know that the Awakening Process is often bitter-sweet.  The Highs can be filled with Elation and other-worldly Awe.  The Lows can be filled with Great Ripples of Despair, Shock, Grief, Lostness, and Feelings of Aloneness and Abandonment.

The unprepared soul will feel this the hardest.  The deepest.  The unprepared soul will feel this with profound shock, grief, gravity, and perhaps extreme bouts of emotions.  

God is peeling back the veils on an anomaly in creation.  God is peeling back the curtains on the grandest illusion ever successfully made manifest for this length of time.  

frequencywriter.com ~ June 2021 Energy Update ~ 3D Earth Is A Wonder3D Earth is a wonder to other Star Seeded Nations, as to how so many can sleep for so long.  And many are witnessing and watching the global and quantum awakening process already underway.

What will steady the heart and hearth of a planet, and all life upon it, when the foundation upon which it was darkly and densely built is exposed?  When the illusion is unveiled and all the systems that feed into it are revoked, revealed, charged, arrested, and removed or dematerialized?  

Union With Source.

Surrendering your will and becoming One with God’s Will.  

Partnering with Conscious Breathing.

Opening with Epic Humility to admit what you can’t possibly have known in a 3D matrix many, many, many people believed for so long . . . was real.

The Humility to perhaps allow the bridge of the “Don’t Know” mind in order to permit the entrance and emergence of the “ALL KNOWING” Heart once more . . . is a Great Step Forward.

The Humility to Surrender Vibrationally to the All Knowing Heart pulsing and often neglected within . . . to RISE . . . and to step forward and to lead you and your life again is a GREAT STEP FORWARD in this vast ascension process and rapid change unfolding ever more quickly these days.

Noah lived this.  Noah learned this.  Noah expanded and surrendered and rose into this.  

And you can too.

The Floods are here dear ones.  One might say, the Sky Is Falling.  

The Nakedness of the Illusion is rising to the surface.  The Truth of many painful transgressions . . . allowed, permitted, and perpetrated by the matrix . . . and by human beings in their own lostness . . . who perpetrated these atrocities on their fellow human family and their fellow sentient family and their beloved mother earth . . . while they slept, denied, denounced, and/or avoided in the void of this darker side of 3D creation . . ~ their roots as Divine Souls . . . will be shown and exposed to the people.  

And it is through this Exposure, Disclosure, Earth Quake and Shake timeline on your world, that the Truth will shake itself free.  And that means that through the pain of the revelations, the Joy and the Resplendence of the Return of God Consciousness to this world will Birth and Breathe New Life in this world again.   

Remember the Light of 1000 Suns.  Remember their Joy for you and for all on this realm at this time.

Know the Power of the Light of 1000 Suns will disrupt the Games of the 3D Matrix and the puppets who serve its agendas against the Law of One, and against God’s Laws.

Know that there will be moments of Great Joy and Liberation just as there will be moments of Great Despair, Shock, and Pain.  

A World of Duality, Plurality, and Polarity is Weaving Into One once more.

All who have embraced the energy of contrasts to fuel this matrix will have to experience the Fusion and Re-Orientation back into Wholeness once more.

These Quantum Energies, Quantum Unions, and Quantum Revelations are no small tasks, dear ones.

It is a time to Buckle Up as they say for the illuminations will not cease now in the weeks and months ahead.  

The serpent can writhe, coil, spin, twist, and attempt to narrate through its controlled human pens, manipulated media outlets, and soul-surrendered news, actors, business people, and digital platform sources and resources.  

But in the end, it will be revealed as the snake it always was.  

Truth Will Set This World Free.

The Gears of Truth may appear to move slowly for some.  Too slow, even, we should say for some.

And yet what we can also decisively say to you at this time . . . is that everything is moving with Divine Precision.  And that includes the Perfection of these Truth Gears and these Revelations emerging always at the right time.

In the Bifurcation of Worlds, the invitation and the summoning will always be . . . to align with the Side, the Light, the Hand, and the Heart of God.

In this Bifurcation of Worlds, is the invitation to Open Your Clear Soul Sight, to embrace Humility, and to embrace Faith, and to embrace the inner awareness that the ego’s vision, no matter how broad, stealth, strong, capable, and confident it may appear to be . . . it is No Match For God.  And it is No Match for the Flood of Revelations.  And it is No Match for the Floods and Perceptions that the Sky Is Falling.

Only Divine Vision, only God Vision, only Clear Soul Sight through Union with Source of your Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit, can see clearly what is failing.  And what is RISING.

And Who Is Aligned with Source, and Who Is Aligned with Serpent.

These are the vibrations and the vibrational choices of these times.

frequencywriter.com ~ June 2021 Energy Update ~ Precipice

Do you remember our Precipice Transmissions?  

June 2021+ will draw more and more people off their precipices to embrace with Faith, Humility, and Fortitude ~ the Gifts of Leaping into Union with God’s Heart and Vision, for they will now and newly understand the trap of the 3D matrix and its games that can never offer a Divine Soul what it truly desires:

Sovereignty.  Eternal Life.  Epic Prosperity.  Abundance of All That Is Divine. 
And Multidimensional Liberation, Love, Light, and Joy.

The 3D matrix cannot manifest these things because it is NOT these things.

The serpent cannot manifest these things because it is NOT these things.

So we invite you to keep tuning into these messages and what it will be like for you and within you to face that precipice of quantum change now in your life.  In your vessel.  In your daily experiences and in your choices.  

Chicken Little on the Mainstream News will keep reporting that the sky is falling.

And for many, of those Chicken Littles, The Sky Is Now Falling, . . . on them and their narratives . . . for they are not built on Foundations of Truth.  And thus, they are not built on Foundations of God.

Their Narratives of Fear, their Narratives of Doom and Gloom, and their Narratives of the next big thing To Fear is all they have to offer humanity now.  

For those receiving these messages, you have to ask yourself, why do you resonate with these messages?  Is there some Chicken Little Energy in you?  Are you ready to surrender your Chicken Little Codes and Resonance at this time?

And alternatively, where are messages of Strength?  Where are messages of God?  Where are messages of Truth?  Where are messages of Faith?  Where are those vibrations in this Spiritual Battle for Human Consciousness shining the most?  

In an upside down and inside out world, turning right side up with increasing and quantum speeds, you might just find that who you have aligned with this lifetime or another, was not who you thought they were.  And therefore, that what you believed to be true was distorted truth in the hands and the narratives of those invested in perpetrating and perpetuating control in a false reality called 3D earth.

Waking Up isn’t easy.

But Waking Up is necessary now.

Prepare your Arks.  Your Inner and Outer Arks now.

Find ways to connect with God, your pure and perfect Source of All That You Need.

If you don’t know how to find this connection, begin a conversation with yourself and Source about surrendering your will to God’s Will, your breath to God’s Breath, your vision to God’s Vision.

Every vibrational choice you make in these times is an exponential choice in the ethers and manifestations of time and creation itself.

Choose wisely.  

Choose consciously.

Witness fear.  And choose Strength.

Witness corruption.  And choose Faith and God Consciousness.

Through this portal of Awakening and Ascension, humanity will never again in this new 5D Earth descend into this level of darkness again.

As this channel frequently says, It Is Time To Rise.

And Together ~ We Are Rising With You.

Together ~ We Are Empowering You.

Together ~ We Are Believing In The Spiritual Light and Divine Life Force You Have Eternally Within.  

You Are Free.  Claim this to be so.  

The Sky Is Falling on the 3D Matrix. It Is Time.  

God’s Light Codes are Clearing It Away.

Align your Heart with God’s Timeline.  And so you will be there!

And So It Is!

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

**This transmission is posting a couple of days early on June 3rd, 2021.  The marinades video (Part 2) will post on Saturday, June 5th.  So tune in soon for that as well.  Blessings!

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