June 2022 Energy Update: The Unity Star & States of Sovereignty ~ Your Divinity Is An Inalienable Right

June 2022 Energy Update

The Unity Star & States of Sovereignty:
Your Divinity Is An Inalienable Right

This Is Your Resurrection Time, Your Rising Time,
& Your Ascension Time on Planet Earth

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 5.28.2022



Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Heart Light of the Unity Star and Infinite Field of Oneness.  Every spectrum and hue of color lives within the Unity Star, and thus, so too do all of your colorful beings of light, living your lives on a planet experiencing exponential shifts, plot twists, and a raising of multidimensional consciousness once more.  All of these Sacred Soul Colors live and breathe in you, in your chakra systems, in your heart-mind’s eye, and in your powerfully expansive merkaba and space-time interdimensional portal frequencies.  If you sometimes feel within the intensity of these required shifts now on your world and in your life, that the pressure, or the inner irrefutable summoning to change and to allow the breaking down of what must soon be rebuilt in God’s Timeline, it can be most helpful to breathe a Sacred Conscious Breath In, and allow your breath to fill with your Soul Essence’s Sacred Divine Colors.  For they are aspects of you expressing in the color spectrum of Unity Consciousness and communicating many messages that you have lived, you have loved, you have hurt, you have doubted, you have maybe even felt broken at times yourself, and yet you have rebuilt.  You have risen again, and again, and again, much in the way Christ did in his life and much in the way that the Phoenix rises from the ashes, born anew, only more radiant, more wise, and more resplendent than before.  This is your Resurrection Time.  This is your Rising Time.  And this is The Ascension Time on Planet Earth.  

frequencywriter.com ~ the unity star & states of sovereignty So breathe in that Sacred Conscious Breath and that Living Life Force, and feel it touching, reaching, and nurturing all of your cells, all of your sacred inner life force, and even that innermost spark that is your piece, your peace, and your perfect aspect of Source, The Godheart, and the All That Is.  You are that perfection, and that is reflected in the living life force in the Prana you can choose to breathe in and out, within and without, every day.  You are a conduit of this Sacred Grace, this Divine Partnership and Synergy, and this empowered Strength and Self Gnosis, in your life, if you will only step up and claim it to be so.

One of the things that The Unity Star is raining into your daily consciousness now as you live this cosmic tipping point in May-June 2022 is an awareness of Self Sovereignty.  Its the awareness of the Self Infinite, or the Infinite Self and Soul Presence that lives in all sentient life, gloriously given and receiving prana from Creator Source every day in every way.  How many of you access feelings of sovereignty?  Daily?  Weekly?  In every moment?  What if sovereignty isn’t something to merely meditate on, or to muse about.  What if it was a living breathing life force in you?  That seemed to grow gray in the density of a 3D matrix when the heavier energies drowned out these epic and soulful colors of the universe?  Sovereignty is one of the key codes of your Divine Merkaba, which is kind of a fancy vibrational word that means Vehicle of Light.  

Sovereignty is akin to your car key that starts your engines, or your key passwords online that allow access to your accounts, to protect your treasured accounts and assets.  Sovereignty.  The Word itself.  Its a healing song, isn’t it.  Sovereignty.  Saying it makes you feel better, doesn’t it?  It reminds you of who you are.  And yet, there are actions and events occurring on your world that seem to be constantly attempting to erode, or certainly infringe, on your personal freedoms and your collective freedoms and right to life, light, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness every day.  

frequencywriter.com ~ the unity star & states of sovereignty June 2022 is a Tipping Point into Sovereignty.  June 2022 is a Tipping Point into another Round and Multidimensional Layer of Sacred Sovereignty.  So let’s take another few prana filled breaths and feel the Source Energy and Divine Essence in you receiving those Divine Sacred Breaths that are pathways and portals into this Higher Knowing.  They are Vibrational Pathways and Portals into feeling refreshed and renewed, even if messages and messengers that surround you are anything but refreshing and renewing.  Your life force dear ones comes from within.  Your radiance comes first from within.  Your sovereignty comes from within as well too.  It is an inalienable Right and Truth, that is God Given, not man given.  Man made things, concepts, laws, and rules can be given and then taken away.  Source Laws and Source Quantum Physics that create and power worlds is eternal and unconditional.  You are nearing the end of man-ifested collective control, brutality, war, division, and “governance,” if you can call it that.  There is a Higher Leadership that is summoning many of you.  And to be Higher Leaders, you are also simultaneously called to Breathe Sovereign and Be Sovereign, in order to step up in these Higher Frequencies, and see through Broader Vision ~ The Greater Divine Leadership each of you is summoned to rise, believe, embody, and experience.

Your Divinity is an inalienable right.  Meaning thus that it cannot be separated from you.  Your Divinity lives within the vibrations of your Sovereignty, as the incontrovertible Truth that you are an aspect of God living in a God-Created, God-Backed, and God-Led Creation.  The closer the sentient life of this planet rises to access this level of emerging Sovereignty within your Divinity . . . as one of the Creator’s favorite aspects of Who You Really Are . . . the more the poles and the shadow side of Creation will step up to thwart your liberation.  The more it will attempt to clamp down on your Sovereignty and to mirror to you in some way, shape, form, or fashion . . . just how not free you need to be to make the whole world a whole lot better.  It is distorted logic.  It is Luciferian and Serpentine Playbook Energy 101.  And yet, that Unity Star we continue to speak of, is not reducing its shine.  In any way.  Nothing will dull the Light of the Great I AM.  Nothing will dull the Power of Divine Presence and Prana in this world at this time.  Nothing will stop the Unity unfolding.  Nothing.  

Unity is the Path now.  Divinity is the Path now.  Liberation and Sovereignty are the Path of the Great Return now.  But the serpent can enter your conscious awareness through paid advertising, as much as it can muster the funds through other manipulations (or man-ipulations) to do so.  Do you know what Sovereign Beings do?  When they see biblical-serpent-paid advertising and advertisements come on their screens?  Or seep through other messaging systems . . . that include family, friends, educational systems, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc?  They know the power of the “mute button.”  They know how to vibrationally mute the propaganda, snake oil type false advertising, and deceptive mind control tactics that have been legalized on the 3D law books, to control and manipulate or man-ipulate, the people.  

frequencywriter.com ~ the unity star & states of sovereignty June 2022 brings High Tides.  June 2022 brings more Crescendo Frequencies.  June 2022 pulses those waves of the Unity Star’s Beams of Light, summoning all of the Light in this world to return to the original blueprint and eternal well-being-ness state of Unified Consciousness, Sovereignty, Abundance, and Grace.  Unity is an Inner State, more than an outer one.  It is powered by the Godstar and Godspark in each of you, first and foremost.  And thus, Freedom comes from Within.  

If you are looking for someone externally to free you, to illuminate you, to save you, to reset you, you are looking through inverted or distorted lenses.  Clear Soul Sight knows inherently that everything you are and have always been comes from within.  Thus, your house doesn’t define you.  Your spouse doesn’t define you.  Your bank account doesn’t define you.  Your credentials and degrees don’t define you.  It is Your Light Within that emanates a frequency and thus a communication of Who You Are.  And this will be read, heard, known, and responded to through others who recognize those frequencies, or don’t recognize those frequencies in themselves, and they will be known through Quantum Awareness and Consciousness of Sovereignty Synergies, that are literally higher vibrational networks of Interpersonal Connection, without lower vibrational energy games of stealing energy from one source to feed another.  

Sovereignty is an Inner State of Being that is LIFE GIVING.  It is always granted.  It is an eternal state and way of being, that is ever flowing.  And ever abundant.  And Source Knows This.  It is time for you to know this again.  

The Serpent’s Long Running Duality Game, that plays by a very simple and yet elaborately replicated, multilayered, playbook of smoke and mirrors, and hierarchal structures will continue to speak loudly and forcefully about the games it NEEDS ALL OF YOU TO PLAY in order for its playbook to continue to play.  But as more of you feel the Unity Star’s Call, and turn to its Light, that lives in you, no amount of grand-standing will be adequate to stop or prevent an Awakening Collective. 

Its already happening.  Sovereignty is already activated in the Collective.  It always was.  Many descendents of Adam and Eve have opened those portals and those inner doorways for centuries.  Many others have not.  June 2022, on the heels of May 2022, offers a tipping point where the doors are opening wider, and wider, and wider, for more of the human collective to peer inside.  What will they see?  Is that Humanity always had the opportunity to be free.  To live their sovereignty.  The serpent doesn’t like it, not one bit.  But it is True.  The biblical serpent will activate a puppet or servant to get on the microphone, the Serpent’s Mouthpiece, and grand stand all kinds of buzzwords and trigger words that call the collective back to the game board, back to the illusion the Serpent has planned for each one of you.  But more and more are waking up.  Seeing that checkered board.  Witnessing the Two Wolves on that board.  And themselves as the pawns on that grand distortion.  And remembering, . . . God doesn’t play games.  The Serpent Does.

Sovereignty is living life beyond the games.  Sovereignty is “exiting the matrix” if you will, and choosing to breathe the prana of your Everlasting Divinity. Sovereignty is seeing others around you trapped in their own chess games where they move the pawns and separated pieces of their lives around, organizing them to their egos agendas and patterns that attempt to control the life you lead rather than let it run wild and free . . . and choosing your Wildness and Freedom beyond the tethers others’ still have a strong desire to give to you.

Bosses may give conditions and deadlines (look up that word’s definition ~ its again sobering to see the incarcerating nature of 3D words and expressions), and threaten that this happens or else . . . Governors may do the same thing, Mayors, School Boards, State Mandates (Man-dates), etc., . . . but they are mere tools straight out of the serpent’s playbook, to condition the current generations of humanity and sentient life . . . to the Serpent’s Rules of War, Rules of Engagement, and Rules for Incarnation for this life.

Sovereignty is saying . . . I’m Not Playing.  

Sovereignty is saying . . . I see the man behind the curtain. 
And you are not a God, but a mortal being.  And a distorted scaly one at that.

Sovereignty is seeing the ridiculous nature of the powerlessness of the Serpent,
when it cannot manipulate and distort the living, everlasting realities of Creation.  

Unmasked, the biblical serpent is not a pretty sight.  

Un-curtained, the biblical serpent’s minions, serpents, and servants can be very unsightly and atrocious as well.

The Unity Star’s Light beaming into this world is exposing the cloaks worn, and the game played, at bigger, deeper, and broader ways and levels.  The deceptions and the distortions that create this movie and this crazy show become so absurd to those awakening and peeling back their own curtains to access their Sacred Sovereignty.  

The Serpent is exposed now.  The Serpent’s Servants are too.  Exposure is only increasing.  The heat of the Central Suns and the Unity Star is immense.

frequencywriter.com ~ the unity star & states of sovereignty ~ Hot Summer 2022Best to prepare for a Hot Summer in 2022.  May 2022 seeded more of the tipping point.  The Fulcrum is ready.  God’s Light Forces are ever increasing.  The serpent picked a battle it cannot win.  But it will go to the ends of the earth and die trying.  

We say ~ Embrace Your Sovereignty Within.  Unleash and Unchain your Inner Divinity.  Allow your Light Codes to Rise, untethered.  Unafraid.  Breathing ever deeper.  And seeing ever clearer.

A New Quantum, Prana Filled, Golden Abundant Age is rising, in you.  Its always been rising within you.  

Humanity is just now coming around and coming awake to remember and know this again.

Sovereignty is a State of Being, and a State of Grace Within.  You empower it with your breath and your conscious attention, or disempower it with your Constrictions and Lenses of Fear.  

Regardless, The Unity Star is only going to continue to bring the heat of its alchemical light to this planet and to your lives with increasing depth and permeation.  The Central Suns are beaming ever deeper as well.  

Prepare for a Planet Illuminated!  The Summer Solstice is a moment in time in which you experience a Peak Illumination!  2022’s Summer Solstice will not disappoint, for it will continue to crack the codes of illusion and to sparkle the Nature of Living Unity and Multidimensionality in profound ways.  

Let Sovereignty Permeate and Empower your Living Cells, and feel the Grace Of Unity Consciousness as you Breathe Prana and Expand the Divinity that is YOU in these times.

Propaganda has no place in that Epic and Sheer Divine State of Grace.

The Serpent has no power here when people breathe
the Prana of Sovereignty and their Everlasting Divinity. 

You ARE this Epic State and Esence of Sovereignty and Grace.

Remember this in The Great Crumbling.

Those that do . . . will experience The Great Rising, in that one and the same Crescendo God Moment of Epic Proportions.  

You are the Ones you have been waiting for.  

Sovereignty and Liberation are yours for the breathing and yours for the receiving.  

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

*If you desire to delve deeper into the marrow of these messages, you can access my Marinades messages here that will post on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 on my Color The Magic YouTube channel.

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