March 2019 Energy Update: Full Circle Timelines, Waking Up, and The Power of Soul Choice

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2.22.19

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, shining through the ethers today as The Arcturian Collective.  While for some of you, we know it is important to receive messages from evolved galactic star nations in the cosmos, the majority of you ultimately only desire or require the Frequency of Higher Light, Wisdom, Perspective, and Guidance, to be aligned with your present desires and soul seekings, and quests for greater understanding, support, and self-gnosis. When we enter this conversation and transmission as The Arcturian Collective, we aim to meet all of those individual and collective desires, mostly by amplifying our rich, loving, and luminous light ~ to ultimately, reflect your own.

Over the course of the past year or so, we, as The Arcturian Collective have called your attention to several core themes and concepts.  Most prominent among them . . . has been the 3D Enslavement and Incarceration Programs, Your True Divine 5D and Higher Sovereignty and Freedom, the Light Codes that have forever and timelessly guided your incarnations here (despite the density of this old earth experience), and the journey towards releasing and alchemizing any shadow aspects that no longer serve your Highest Good back into the Grace of Pure Source Love and Light once more.

It is truly a Full Circle Timeline unfolding on your world. So individuals and the collective, together, are bringing all of these themes and concepts into the fore of your personal and global consciousness, for true integration, release, and ascension.

To know where you are going, requires some awareness, acknowledgment, acceptance, and alchemization about where you have been.  Density and Illusion dear ones is where you have been.  As heavy as that may seem to some of you, and not as inspirational and uplifting as many might like, it is the Truth of your very recent ~ and your centuries-old collective past in this past world age and cycle. But to be able to look at it, . . . to look at your own personal soul histories and your collective world history . . . with a keen eye for the Truth amidst all of the disinformation taught and promulgated around the world consciousness, is a deep gift.

Because it is from where you have been, that you can now more consciously, more expansively, and more freely chart a course ~ towards where you wish to go.  

So we first wish to acknowledge the work many of you listening to this particular channel are doing to allow this conscious and more accurate and authentic review of your soul histories and patterns here on planet earth.  And to also review the density and illusions running rampant on this world, unchecked, and unmitigated, for such a long time, due to the vast caliber of deceit by the powers that were, and the distractedness of the masses, just trying to survive in such a 3D atmosphere and environment.  Being willing to look at life, and your individual lives, from this level of of cosmic lens and soul sight, is a deep task . . . and yet it brings with it, profound gifts of liberation, joy, and abundance . . . too many and too vast to list here today.  But we certainly honor you ~ for the courage you are embracing to see your lower aspects for what they were and to more fully embrace the Higher Aspects of Light you eternally ARE.

As you do that review, and open your soul eyes more and more to witnessing the illusion, you can more readily perceive the theatre it all has been. And that it still to this day very much is.

One of the extraordinary gifts in reactivating your Soul’s Higher Perceptivity . . . by witnessing and acknowledging what isn’t real and what you are not . . . is that you also become keenly aware of more of the Divinity and Freedom that you are.  

So take a Deep and Conscious Breath with us a moment.  And let the Light in that breath to fill every single particle of you, from the tippy top of your crown and soul star chakras and the highest hair on your head, to the tip of your baby pinky toe, through your feet chakras, and down through your earth star chakra. Breathing a Conscious Breath of Soul Expansion, Truth, and Source Light into all of the places inside you that had to shrink to fit into a much smaller, false, 3D world of illusion for such a long, long time.   

Change Is Coming and Change Is Here ~ The Arcturian Collective,

And we invite you to take another very Conscious, very Sacred Soul Breath in . . . and fill it with any or all Soul Signature Colors and Frequencies of Light . . . that represent to you, right now in this moment, your Soul’s Truest Expansion, its Full Breadth and Aura of Pure and Perfect Divine Light, and All of Your Soul’s Gifts acquired through 100s of lifetimes, to be here now, . . . AWAKE.  WISE.  And FREE.

Breathe that Light of Awakeness, Awareness, Wisdom, and Freedom into all of your cells, from your Soul Star Chakra to your Earth Star Chakra and Back Up again to your Soul Star Chakra, connecting you deeply with the Earth Mother’s Sacred Heart, Light, and Love and connecting you with the Pure Positive Energy of Source in the Greater Cosmos and beyond.  You are all of that.  You are that Infinite Expressive Expansionary Energy imbued with Extraordinary and Infinite Pure Positive Potential.  Breathe that once more, to really make it known to your conscious and subconscious awareness.  This is what is Real.  This is what is True.

And a Single Conscious Breath can Reset you and Reorient you to your own Inner Spiritual North, South, West, and East, from a Higher Soul Perspective of Divine Light and Love, any time you desire this feeling, reconnection, recalibration, and reorientation, to the Truth of your Light Within the Perfection of the All That Is.

And from there, we invite you from this Awakened, Omnipotent, Unified Divine Essence and Place of Pure Light Within, to allow your Heart to focus on what fills you up from the inside with the Greatest Joy.  The Greatest Dream.  Your Higher Heart’s Greatest Dream for you, your Soul Path, and your Soul Purpose this lifetime.

We must allow time every day for the still, small, strong voice of our Heart Centers to speak to us in Soul Vibes, in Source Downloads, in Insights, Revelations, and Inspirations.  To help illuminate the life we are meant to be living now on the inside . . . even if life on the outside, in the illusion, still appears dismal, chaotic, and gray.

Your Cosmic Compass is something wired on the inside. And so that is where you must give some conscious attention every day ~ to what you really want and who you really are.

The outer reflects the inner dear ones.  All experiences and manifestations in your present life (and world) stream from the inside out.

In your Upside Down World, as it has been for as long as many can remember, the outer looks like it creates the inner, doesn’t it?  Something good happens in your daily life (the outer world) . . . and you feel joy inside (your inner world).  Something bad happens in your daily life (the outer world) and you react and feel bad on the inside (your inner world again).   In psychological terms, this can be called an Outer Locus of Control.  The Outer essentially causes or creates your Inner Conditions.  As opposed to an Inner Locus of Control, or the belief that You Create Your Own Reality.   

The Upside Down 3D World thus creates a world of victimhood, disempowerment, hopelessness, and chaos. 

The Right Side Up 5D+ New Earth is rising dear ones ~ to remind you and invite you to remember . . . your Divine Sovereignty, Freedom, and Exponential Divine Abilities, Gifts, and Empowerment.  

Some do not always appreciate a channel of light referencing or even speaking about hte reality of duality in a 3D matrix.  And we would say to that ~ how will you ever leave or release that false matrix if you never know or acknowledge it is there?

In Higher and Higher Realms of Dimensional Living and Awareness, it is not unknown that 3D realms of incarnational experiences exist.  It is in fact deeply known and acknowledged.  For what creates Higher Dimensional Experience and Awareness ~ but the sweet and simple knowledge of having the Sovereign Capability and Choice to choose it.  

This is what Time Travel is.  

It is what Teleportation is.

It is what Bilocation is.

At the core of these Higher Spiritual Technologies, is the willingness to know that every vibration and experience is a choice.  

Many on earth, and many listening to this transmission today, are waking up and embodying this awareness of SOUL CHOICE, of VIBRATIONAL CHOICE, of Choosing Vibrationally your Thoughts, Feelings, and Central Focus and Locus of Control ~ or at least ~ Choosing the lens through which you participate in and perceive your life.   

Soul Choice is the First Step to Healing Human Disempowerment, Victimhood, and Suffering.  

One of the first Soul Choices we then face in the Waking Up Process . . . is whether or not we want to wake up.

Waking up means we will see things we didn’t want to see when we were “sleeping” and much more unconscious in our daily lives.

There are many, many uncomfortable and inconvenient truths to see, when we do start waking up.  A lot has happened to us and to the earth, while we slept.  And while the 3D matrix dulled our senses and spiritual perceptiveness way down.

Waking up means liberation and expansion.  Yes!  In many, many wondrous ways.  

Yet it also means feeling and seeing suffering, corruption, and duality here . . . that can be very overwhelming to our now increasingly sensitive systems, and really our activating 5D operating systems.  

So . . . can we avoid seeing the reality of duality in 3D life?  You can try.

But by trying and consciously efforting to avoid the Truth of What Is, you do create a vortex of resistance.  That may temporarily block out what you don’t want to know.  And it may also continue to block out much of the Greater Good you do wish to more intimately know and experience.

So is Awakening and Ascension a destination, or a process?

Dear Ones, it is BOTH.

What we aim to provide you in these transmissions through our Frequency Writer and Channel . . . are the Seeds of your Divine Empowerment, Awareness, Abilities, Grace, and Light.

You are Infinitely Free, underneath a now antiquated veneer, belief, and set of cultural conditions that would have you believe in the status quo.  And the way things “are.”  And the way the world “is.” 

We would again say . . . in an Upside Down Global Matrix . . . “What is” in that world . . . typically is “What Isn’t.”  In other words, what you may think these things are . . . might be the opposite.  This is what Duality, Polarity, and Separation created.

That’s not the Divine Design.  But it is the design of this False 3D Matrix.  

If you can muster the courage to see it, long enough to witness the Truth of What Isn’t Real and True, you then are gifted the awareness . . . that you have had choice living inside you all this time . . . to sleep in that dense matrix, or to WAKE FULLY, . . . and raise yourself out of it . . . by the Vibrations You Choose, Embrace, Embody, and Engage every day forward.  

Is the Earth remaining in that false 3D matrix any longer?  No.

She is rising to be her buoyant 5D+ Light now.

Will all be summoned into Awakeness and 5D Light?  Yes.  In one way or another.

We must rise, maintain, and sustain now an Inner Frequency that is in resonance with the New Earth Light.

We, in essence, must become Frequency Specific to the New Earth.

As the Earth Rises, so must we.

All of these transmissions invite you to engage your Soul’s Super Powers to transcend this old way of being.  This dense way of living.  This separation consciousness that has permeated this world.

In that Rising, is the Opportunity to Awaken to the Truth of the Power of Choice.  

It’s the first task you each face, upon activation.  

Will you stay awake?

Or will you justify, rationalize, or succumb to 3D slumber and disempowerment again?  

It is a choice.  

Ascension is not a passive process.

Ascension in fact requires Active Conscious Participation.

In March 2019, more invitations will be extended to all of Earth’s citizens and all life on planet earth . . . to wake up further, to see the dissolution of 3D Earth at the fore, and to embrace the responsibilities of True Freedom and Empowerment.

March 2019 thus invites all life on planet earth into the Power of Conscious Choice . . . as another Activational Step in the Global Awakening and Reset to Higher Cosmic Consciousness.

And so, we invite you to look within and to consider, what will you choose?

Is it Time for Continued Passivity and Sleep?

Or it is Time for Active Conscious Activation and Participation in your own Soul’s Rising and the Collective Ascension unfolding in every aspect of life now?

And if you choose the latter, what might be some Soul Skills to learn more about or to call out ~ to celestially support your Newly Activating Sensitivity and higher Awareness? 

We will speak to these Soul Skills and make more suggestions in the next channeling.

For now dear ones, we commend you for your courage and your stamina in this Powerful Journey of Earth Ascension at this time.

March 2019 will flower opportunities to claim your Soul Stance and your Vibrational Positioning in this next month of Ascension Energies and Shifts.  Some will challenge you, and some will thrill you.  But ALL will be designed to LIBERATE YOU!

You are loved, dear ones. You ARE Love.All Our Love.  

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