March 2020 Energy Update: Bridging 2 Worlds through Spiritual Scaffolding, Red Pilling, & Soul Skill #8 ~ Inspiration

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 2.23.2020

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Source Perfection to mirror and reflect your own Divine Perfection.  These are incredible times dear ones.  2020 radiates and signifies the shift of the ages.  This entire momentous year through, you will be experiencing changes, unfoldments, and upgrades ~ the likes of which not been seen on your world perhaps ever in human evolution and human history.  So if you feel a particular intensity, if you feel the enormity of the energies and powerful light infusions on your world, if you feel like something is up or down or shifting around in some way, you are not alone.  ALL are feeling these changes at some level in their lives, in their conscious awareness, or in their inner being-ness.  These are incredible times and you are the pioneer souls living these upgrades, growing your self and soul understandings, awakening to the Truth of your Divine Perfection, and Activating from the Seeds of Divine Empowerment, Sacred Sovereignty, and the Loving, Living Light from which you all first emerged into a State of Being as a Divine Aspect of Creator Source and as a Divine Aspect of Creation Itself.

We have spoken about many things in past transmissions to assist you in this journey of becoming and emerging more of Who You Truly Are in this incredible time on the planet.  Today, on the cusp of March 2020, we wish to shine a light on The Gift of Inspiration as Soul Skill #8.  For as heavier, denser frequencies get released into the Greater Collective Consciousness, to be exposed, to be known, to be healed and released back to Source Energy for full alchemical cleansing and transmutation, you will want to continue to access and practice your own Divine Soul Mastery Skills and Abilities to alchemize any energies and frequencies that are no longer a match to your Perfect Divinity and the Light you came to Shine.  And in the frequencies and energy forecasts for March 2020, we see emerging two sacred parallel paths for all of humanity within the collective experience and within your own individual one.  

Let us share a little more about what is emerging on your world and in your own awareness on the inner planes and then we will present to you a higher cosmological perspective on the value and gift of the Soul Skill of Inspiration.  

On one path, presently unfolding in all of your lives, there is the Emerging Awareness of All That Was Made Manifest on your world in the old 3D timelines and paradigm.  What is new, or really we should say ~ what is emerging to be known to many of you again ~ are the manifestations that were suppressed and kept at bay if you will from the mass consciousness . . . while you busily and distractedly in timelines of separation consciousness that prevailed here on this world . . . went about your daily lives.  So much has unfolded in this 3D matrix unbeknownst to your conscious waking selves and collective consciousness . . . that allowed a false power source to temporarily take the place of your True Power Source that lives within the Godheart and the Heart of One that infuses All Of Creation with its Divine Sovereign and Perfect Light.  That false power source has needed to literally feed off any life force detectable on your world, be it fear (which is always a big one), grief, struggle, suffering, and chronic challenges and intense karmic contracts and loops of energies that have persisted in perpetuity, or at least for as long as most of you can soulfully remember.  The heaviness of those manifestations and that false power source and the old 3D paradigmal energies that commandeered humanity’s evolutionary cycles and literally fed off those energies to keep this matrix alive and believable to life on planet earth is what is coming to Light now on your world in 2020.  It is part of the road and path that is being traveled, so that it can surface into the collective consciousness and be actively and consciously witnessed, observed, healed, released, and surrendered to Source Energy for a Healing and Re-Harmonization of Epic Proportions.  Humanity cannot surrender it until it is known again in order TO surrender it and clear it for All Time.  

This is part of the path and the road you are all walking at this time.  You are each carrying a puzzle piece of that heaviness . . . embodying your own share of the load of density and grief . . . of what this truly prison planet has trapped and ensnared and enslaved you in . . . all this time.  So much so, that most of you find it challenging to imagine a lush, thriving, living, giving, loving earth in any real, true, and fully embodied way.  The 5D New Earth is in some ways a distant dream that many long for, but few have known how to achieve from within a 3D paradigm of existence and illusion of human experience.  But we will say that it is the 5D Light and New Earth Golden Frequencies of Harmonious Light and Unity Consciousness that are what are Real, True, and Divinely Designed for All Of You.  And it is this false matrix of Density, Separation, Challenge, Suffering, and Pain that is the illusion.  A very successful one at that, but still, a vast illusion in the 2020 cosmic clarity of this galaxy and beyond.  

March 2020 will continue to swirl these energies of exposures, to continue to support this year’s efforts to disentangle the Collective Consciousness from the false illusion and false 3D matrix of time.  Is it fun to wake up to the illusion that had not only suppressed your True and Infinite Light and Gifts . . . but that also successfully had manifested a false power source that literally feeds off the fears and living life force of all sentient inhabitants on this planet?  No.  That is why 2020 and the Growth Spurts required of all in the Sentient Collective on Planet Earth this year will bring a unique kind of intensity, immensity, and enormity of the scope of the Bigger Picture . . . and the tasks  before you as a Collective . . . requiring this extraordinary exposure, healing, and alchemical transmutation.  And the more you can rise in your own individual consciousness to accept the truth about this prison planet this 3D world and illusion has been . . . and the more you can see with clear sight and soul vision the Truth of this much Bigger Picture, the more you will be taking those inner soul steps to set yourself free from the duality of this matrix and the more you will open inner doorways to allow in the Truth of Who You Really Are and what your work on this planet truly is at this unique time on Planet Earth.

The other road and pathway you all are simultaneously journeying is the activation of your Soul Sight, your Soul’s Memories of Greater Light, and the Deep Timeless Knowing and Remembrance of your Gifts as Divine Sovereign Creators of Source Creator, connected eternally through All Time and All Space with the Power of Conscious Creation within you.  And it is the Power of Conscious Creation, and even more so, the Power of Collective Conscious Creation, that will ultimately set you and your planet free from this false matrix and these false codes of enslavement, disempowerment, imprisonment, and separation from Source.  

To access these incredible energies of Conscious Creation, and Collective Conscious Co-Creation, each of you of course will connect with your Divine Soul Skills.  These are your allies in this spiritual war unfolding on your planet right now, as we speak.  In many past centuries, and even recent decades, you might say that that spiritual war played out in a silent, suppressed, and alternate energetic field of existence and consciousness ~ mostly undetectable by the masses.  And therefore, mostly undetected by the mass consciousness.  But you are seeing signs of it now, yes?  The unrest is more apparent, yes?  The vying for your physical, spiritual, mental, financial, and emotional attentions and intentions is at an all time high . . . for in the 3D matrix . . . tweaking your fears and engaging the lower frequencies within your physical, mental, and emotional attention is the food that feeds the matrix itself.  In the higher 5D+ dimensional realms, Source Energy provides the Living Light Energy and Divine Source Light Codes that universally, harmoniously, and gracefully power this Earth and all planets and all timelines in all realms.  

To wake up from the 3D matrix, or to get “red pilled” as some of you might say, is to consciously recognize the syphoning of your life force into the false matrix and the old paradigm’s controllers . . . and to consciously choose to give your energetic attentions  to a Collective Field of Light Frequencies and New Light Codes that are in alignment and in harmony with Creator Source, with the Greater Cosmos, and with the Heart of One in All of Creation Itself.  Spiritual warfare has physical casualties, yes.  But an even greater loss, has been the spiritual casualties that have gone unseen, unacknowledged, and remained deeply subconsciously suppressed in the human collective for many, many millenia.

And if you feel or sense any unrest in your own life, in your own experiences, or even emanating from your own internal feelings of angst, distress, wobbles, separation, aloneness, or imbalance in some way . . . you are experiencing what many other soul beings in your collective human family are feeling and sensing . . . even if they can’t quite put their finger on it, or language it, or understand the conscious action steps to take to resolve or remedy it.  It starts with a feeling.  And it starts with a giving yourselves permission to acknowledge that feeling that isn’t going away.  Because the time has come for ALL to collectively and individually awaken.  

The Awakening is designed for All on Planet Earth at this time, not just a few or a select group of individuals.  The three musketeers motto, All For One and One For All, comes to mind as we share these frequencies of the Great Rising gathering momentum, soul steam, and greater traction in the month of March 2020 and beyond through the remainder of this year. 

So as each of you steps onto that metaphorical rope bridge that we have referenced many times now in past transmissions, you realize it isn’t so metaphorical now, is it?  These two worlds are very real worlds, even if one of them is a Massive Collective Illusion, aren’t they?  Timelines are simply vibrations that beings such as yourselves can make real.  Other dimensional beings can make timelines “real” as well, if the energetic intentions, pulsations, and frequencies get loud enough, strong enough, and believable enough. The 3D Earth is one such false frequency timeline.  Believable enough to be a lived reality, but not True Enough to sustain its power source indefinitely if the life force it preys on wakes up on a collective level and says a resounding NO to that false and imprisoning dream and illusion of separation consciousness.  

Your toes are in these two worlds.  Your rope bridge is connecting these two worlds.  Your consciousness is waking up to these two worlds.  And you are becoming aware of yourselves as conscious creators of those two worlds.  The Dream of 3D Separation only exists because people give their attention to that world.  The Matrix Controllers have done a powerful job of creating a believable set, design, illusion, and structure for human behavior and human governance that the collective in their sleepy disempowered state has accepted as true ~ with little resistance that anyone found to be sustainable over great swaths of time.  But we are here to say today that it is . . . simply . . . a very technologically advanced movie set if you will.  And the movie is just about over.  Because the rumblings in the Collective Consciousness are remembering this false matrix to be an illusion.  And the Power of the Collective Consciousness of the Entire Sentient Collective (that includes animals, birds, ocean creatures, trees, and all living beings!) Is Mighty!  And that Awakening Giant, that Emerging New Light and True Life Force, is being infused with the Truth of Source Light, Source Energy, Source Grace, Source Sovereignty, and Source Reality . . . that trumps all previous illusions running through this realm.  The false matrix is being deconstructed.  Dematerialized.  Exposed.  And Alchemized and Released for All Time.  

How do you more firmly place your feet in the New Light of Unity Consciousness and Higher 5D Energies and Experiences?  How can you consciously be a puzzle piece holder of the New Light Codes and be a conscious participant in the New 5D Earth SIMULTANEOUSLY building itself through Source Designed Scaffolding and 5D New Support Structures and Spiritual Technologies right now today?  

You access the Soul Skill of the Gift of Inspiration. You are dreaming a New Earth together, yes?  And to dream, we have to engage the realms of the Imagination and Inspiration.  Inspiration expresses through our Imagination.  If the old 3D structures and matrix could create a realm so believable that millions and billions of people could perceive it as real, and as the only timeline there is, can not the new 5D structures and Source Light Codes emerge an even more powerful 5D Living Reality that IS infused with our Divinity Codes and our Soul Skills, Gifts, and Talents?  We say a resounding YES!

And the Gift of Inspiration emerges through the other aforementioned soul skills.  It utilizes conscious breathing, conscious connection with your Spirit Guides and with Source, conscious connection with your Core Chakra Pillar, conscious connection with your Gifts and Talents, witness-observing both the 3D and 5D realms now and their clear demonstrations of either Truth or Lies, releasing attachments to what you thought to be true in a matrix of illusion and allowing the Light to spotlight Truth that is Self Evident, and the Gift of Surrender in which you release all that no longer serves your Highest and Greatest Individual Good and your Highest and Greatest Collective Good.  

Through these Higher Vibrations, where you increasingly embrace a Higher Broader Deeper Soul Sight and Connection with the Divine, you open a pathway to access Divine Inspiration!  And Inspiration engages the Act and Spiritual Art of your Imagination.  It is your Imagination that connects with Source Energy and the Living Light Codes that know the Templates and True Blueprints for each one of you and for the building of this brand New Earth. Inspiration is the Bridge between the Heart of Source Energy and the Power of the Imagination to template this New, Living, Loving, Giving, and Resplendent New Earth!

Your Conscious Awareness of your Divine Soul Skills then can actively and artfully release the old dream of separation . . . if you remain red-pilled . . . if you open to the possibility that the 3D realm you have occupied with your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial attention and intentions . . . is merely a timeline of illusion whose time is up.  Whose time never really was.  But who siphoned the life force energies of a Sentient Collective in this past dark world age and cycle long enough to appear real.  

And it is now your time to WAKE UP to the Truth of the Light in your Inner Being . . . that has these Soul Skills to help you WAKE UP . . . and that now can engage the Power of Inspiration and Imagination that receives its instructions, ideas, and innovations directly from the Heart of Source!  There are no longer barricades, blocks, prison walls, and karmic entanglements that are powerful enough to keep you asleep in a false matrix!  There is not enough fire power in the old system of 3D enslavement to maintain its own borders, structures, and false movie set design.  The Show Is Over!  And the actors and actresses are retiring for a new life and a new way of being that is more holistically aligned with their True Divine Nature.  And with the Ease and Peace that Creator Beings and Souls of Light born from Source Energy are eternally designed to be.  To Live.  To Breathe.  To Shine.  To Co-Create and Manifest Heavenly Energies here on Earth.

You are the Courageous Souls and Pioneers
who came here to this Earth to help set it Free!

You are the Courageous Souls and Divine Pioneers who came here in this realm of a 3D Earth to reset its Codes to the Truth of Divine Light and Source Reunion . . . 

despite the thick fog and smog of a 3D Illusion of Separation, Duality, and Division.

You are the Ones you have been waiting for!

And it is Time to Rise and Return to the Living Essence
of Who You Truly Are!

March 2020 will invite you to see with increasing WHOLENESS VISION . . . in which you see more and more . . . the truth of the illusion of the 3D world . . . and in which you see more and more . . . the True Path . . . to Awaken to the 5D Earth Timeline that always always always existed . . . but simply beyond this 3D matrix’s level of sight.  Separation frequencies are very limiting.  That is why this prison planet was able to sustain itself.  It gave you basically 2 choices to feel in your lives in this realm of duality . . . LOVE OR FEAR.  Of those two frequencies, the 3D controllers created event after event to condition the threads of FEAR more strongly into the human psyche. And therefore the dream of separation . . . became the Dream of Fear for the most part.  And Love has had its challenges in rising to the hearts and the greater attention of the Conscious Collective ever since.  This paved the way for FEAR to establish the tone of this Matrix and to create a self-reinforcing loop that Fear is all there is, with perhaps a little love and good fortune sprinkled in.  But LOVE and Good Fortune are what was conditioned to be scarce and lacking.  And it has been Fear that so very easily was able to be triggered, manipulated, and conditioned into the Collective.  Its very easy to create something scary, and to let people’s 3D emotions run wild with fear, so that they eventually enslave themselves in this matrix of fear.  And there you have a planet that feeds the controllers the very food and life force they require to keep the illusion running in perpetuity.  

But as we have said before, and as we say now, the Light Infusions coming from the Heart of Source Energy and the Heart of Creation through the Central Sun Portals . . . are pulling and peeling back the curtain on this false matrix!  And in time, the “wizards” or “controllers” behind the curtains will have NOWHERE to hide.  

The Entire Sentient Collective more and more are being infused and fed with the TRUE LIGHT of Source Energy that truly powers worlds!  And that is a Soul Nourishment that is awakening your Ultimate Clear Soul Sight in 2020!

Use the Power of these Light Infusions to Seed and Nourish your Inspirations . . . to Express your Imaginations, Ideas, and Innovations about a new Living, Loving, Giving, Resplendent New Earth that is emerging in this new dream of Divine Reunion and the Great Return to Oneness with All of Creation.

We will speak more about the Gift of Inspiration and Imagination to Dream the new 5D Innovations and Unity Consciousness that is returning to lead your world in the New Light Codes of this New Loving, Giving, Resplendent Earth in transmissions to come this spring and summer.  

But know it deeply as a direct LIFELINE to SOURCE ENERGY . . . to access what IS True and Templated for this new 5D Earth Timeline . . . that you are all dreaming collectively now.  

In your Inspirations, you are tapped into the frequencies of the Sovereign, All Knowing Nature and Source Power within your Heart Centers.  That is where you have all that need to transcend this 3D World and this rise into your 5D Soul Presence and Divine Nature.

In this way, we are describing leaving a 3D level of consciousness that is an illusion but that retains your deep love and respect for your humanness and your human body temples that are 5D creations and spiritual technologies in and of themselves.  So do not attach and pair the 3D frequencies of illusion with your human body temples and templates.  It is and was a much higher frequency and technology that created the perfection of your Divine Sacred Human Body Temples and Divine Merkabas that connect you into the Heart of Oneness at all times for All Time. 

Breathe your Union through your Complete Mind-Body-Spirit Divine Blueprints . . . and know yourselves to be Sovereign and Free Divine Creators of the One Source Creator.  

Breathe consciously any time this year, and particularly now, in the month of March 2020, as old energies get exposed for the illusions and densities they were.  And as new Light continues to emerge in Higher Truth of your Divinity and the Conscious Collective’s Ability to Dream in this New Way together.

Will it all be easy?  We will not say easy.  But will it manifest in a flowfull, growth-full, expansionary experience and lead you all into a much greater joy, light, abundance, health, wealth, and experience of well-being?  YES!  YES!  YES!  It most certainly will.  

Walk that bridge daily now with Love and Joy in your Hearts, knowing the Perfection in the Clearing Unfolding, including the Clearing of your very own Inner Soul Sight.  If something clears and gets exposed that you were once attached to, let it go.  Engage the Soul Skill and Gift of Surrender . . . and perhaps say this prayer . . . Whatever no longer serves my individual and the collective’s Greatest and Highest Good, may it release in peace, with ease, and with the greatest joy for all involved in this realm and in All Realms.  And so it is!

You are these New Earth Dreamers.

You are these New Earth Pioneers.

You are this New Earth Living, Giving, Loving, and Resplendent Light.

You have the Gift of Soulful and Heart-Connected Inspiration and Imagination to create all of the Innovation, Ideas, Co-Creation, and Higher Light Emergence you need and seek at this time.

Trust it!

Trust your Higher Light to lead and guide you perfectly. 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.  

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