March 2021+ Energy Update #2: The Avatar’s Journey, The Vibrational Serpent, The Living Language, & Conscious Keys to The Divine Garden of Eden

March 2021+ Energy Update #2:
The Avatar’s Journey, The Vibrational Serpent,
Living Language, & Conscious Keys
to The Divine Garden of Eden

When the Word Becomes One,
The World Becomes One Again

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.6.2021


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Pure Divine White Frequencies of the Godheart and thus the Blessings of Serenity, Union, Wholeness, Being-ness, Aliveness, and Divine Celestial Light and Love.  March 2021 and beyond is a timeline of renewing your Faith in what is Whole, what is Life, what is Light, and what is Real and True in the Heart of Creation beyond the illusions of this once engaging 3D matrix and realm of separation consciousness. We invite you to take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In with us and simply feel the Grace of this Emerging Sacred Union, Faith, Truth, and Resurrection of the Living Light of Source Energy in your Consciousness, in your Heart Centers, in your Awareness, and in your Present Moment Experience.  March 2021 is activating at a deeper, and deeper, and deeper level . . . this energy of Renewal and Inner Sense of Rising and Renewal.  And in this way, this month’s energies are opening an inner door inside you, that Sacred Portal Within, to the Living, the Knowing, and the Expressing of Love that exists and permeates all sentient life force through the Power of your Celestial Heart Center.  This is where the All-Knowing, All-Being, and All-One Soul Sight shines its Light through you and into your life and into the experience of Source Creation.  Without this centering in your Divine Center, all that is transpiring in a world of immense change might seem overwhelming, triggering, challenging, and causing stress and distress in these times.  Yet, with this centering in your Divine Center, with this centering in your Conscious Breathing, and with this partnering with the Divine Portals of Union with Source, Creation, the Divine Mother Earth, and All That Is Goodly, Godly, and Holy, you access more of the Truth of your Union with the Allness of Source and the Heart of God from which you originated and to which you are now returning.  

March 2021+ Energy Update #2 Celestial Union With Source

For many lifetimes, that Union with Source was only achieved through a death experience or through a rare few ascended masters that achieved or were anointed by God as the Chosen Ones who accessed a Higher Spirituality and Union with God than most could ever conceive of.  And this made it seem so unattainable.  So beyond reach.  And this has only further served the agenda of a 3D matrix whose core fabric and machinations function through the Collective’s Belief in Separation Consciousness.  With enough momentum in the karma-infused incarnational cycles, the Lived Experience of Life on planet earth in a 3D matrix has schooled many that enlightenment such as this IS unattainable. And it has only served to reinforce that survival in this realm requires a person to keep their heads down, their hearts closed, and their lights dimmed way down, so as to not make waves in a matrix that can assert its wrath on any one at any time, simply for their very beingness.  For part of Separation’s Way includes casting out anyone who doesn’t align with the 3D matrix’s rules for being human.  You might call that, the 3D matrix’s rules for subservience and acquiescence.  And this is why the Kingdom of God has seldom been chosen in any real and vibrationally tangible way.  This is why Union with Source, Partnering with Source, Believing and Surrendering to the All Knowing Prescience and Presence of Source in You, has been incredibly challenging and seemingly unattainable throughout many lifetimes.  For Union With Source is often seen as a Betrayal of the Serpent’s Way, and the Requirements of a 3D Matrix to live, be, and breathe here, to even exist in this realm at all.

And so how does one come to terms with the seismic gap that appears to form the foundation of many human beings’ experiences in this realm?  How does one find Union amidst the profound messages of fear, confusion, control, manipulation, temptations, and distortions in this 3D illusion and matrix?  

You find it Within.  Union lives Within.  Union is offered in every single breath you take. 

Partnering with Source through the Breath is the first and easiest option. It is the most primal soul invitation from Source in every moment . . . to Unite with Source, with your Divine Well-Spring for Living Life Force, and with your Connection with all of your Avatar Energies, Abilities, and Soul Skills . . . past, present and future.  Conscious Breathing thus is why many spiritual traditions through the eons of time have taught the Power of the Breath.  The Living and Life-Force Giving Power of Conscious Breathing.  Because it is not merely an act of consciousness, it is an embodiment of the Eternal Life Force Giving and Eternal Heart’s Knowing of God’s Perfect and Pure Energies of Love, Life, Faith, Truth, and Divine Gnosis of the Allness of You through Time.   

And it is this Union with Source that is calling ALL on the planet at this time to Breathe the Breath of God Within, now ~ in these times of immense challenge and change, and to allow yourselves the blessings of the Peace that Passes Understanding when you do surrender to allowing this Gift of The Living Life Breath of Source In You.  Without this partnership, it would seem the swirls of discord, division, separation, stress, and fear are going to swallow the Earth up whole, and take it to a realm where there feels to be little chance of a Collective Earth’s Rising into a Higher Dimensional Frequency at all.

And so we bring to the forefront of your Sacred Heart’s Awareness that the Bliss of Source is only One Conscious Breath away from where you are in any given moment to Complete, Divine, Sovereign, and Sacred Union with Source, Mother/Father God/ Creator of All That Is, and Maker of All That Is Divine in this Infinitely Intelligent Universe.  That once more seems like an uncrossable gap, chasm, and divide in the hearts of people worldwide.  But it truly is as seamless, as accessible, and as divinely transformable as focusing inside, focusing within your Heart Center, and taking this One Conscious Breath and allowing Source Energy to consciously breathe all the aspects of you in need of Divine Assistance and in need of Divine Union.  

It is only in Separation Consciousness that Chaos appears real.  

It is only in Separation Consciousness, Separation Vision, and
the Serpent’s Vision if you will ~ that Division and Duality appear real.  

March 2021+ Energy Update #2 Source Is Life

Through Breathing the Godheart into your Heart Centers with Conscious Intention, Allowance, Reverence, and Humility, the Power of Wholeness Vision, the Power of God’s Vision, and the Power of Unity Consciousness Vision returns, resets, and restores itself in your Life, in your Light Center Within, and in your Heart Centers that have always known you are not separate from Source.  You simply cannot be separated from Source.  For Source Is Life.  God Is Life.  Creation Is Life.  It can only appear in lowers levels of perception to be possible.

And so we are streaming through a message today to your very own Sacred Heart Center, that when you see evidence of Separation, Pain, Struggle, Suffering, and Discord, you are simultaneously invited to take a Deep Conscious Breath that is breathed deeply into your Heart Center’s Portal Within, where your Higher Selves know how to alchemize Fear Into Faith, Discord into Grace, and Separation into Union.

What you are living presently on your world is the greatest illusion of all time.  But the only way to transmute that illusion into Truth again, the only way to transform illusion back into Wholeness, Oneness, Truth, and Light again, is to Breathe It So.  Is to Unify with God and make it so.  Is to partner with Source and truly surrender . . . with Grace, with Humility, with Love, and with Spiritual Fortitude and Commitment, . . . your vibrational alignment with this once thriving 3D realm and illusion for all time now.  

It is a laying down and surrendering the lower vibrations of fear, of distress, of distrust, of pain, and suffering, to the Heart of God, to the Living Light of Source Within You, that makes Re-Union and Divine Union possible and a Path to Ascension Possible.

You see it in all of your stories and mythologies of the SPIRITUAL Journey within the Hero’s Journey.  It isn’t solely about facing dragons, facing serpents, and facing the 3D matrix’s web of lies and distortions by wielding a giant sword and killing that mythical beast in some way, form, or fashion.  The Spiritual Journey of the Hero’s Journey uncovers that facing your karma (the serpent, and taming and releasing the ego (also the serpent of this realm), and mastering the herculean tasks of that battle (also part of the serpent’s way) is only the first step in a much Greater Spiritual Journey, that is often misunderstood.  Once those initial portals of consciousness are activated and achieved in the deep soul tasks faced in the Hero’s Journey, there is the question of now what that faces every soul traveler at some point in his or her quest to find God, to ascend out of realms such as these, and to rise in the Holy Light, Truth, and Grace of God to transmute this realm and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  For some, that Kingdom of Heaven might simply be Known as Eternal Bliss, Truth, Peace, and Light.  Whatever that Ultimate Ascensionary Vibrational Destination you perceive and Know from the Inside Out, and whatever words you use to describe and Know it from Within, this is the task for many on your world today.  

There is a 2 Step Process unfolding in the Hero’s Journey
of all beings on your world right now at this time.

There is the summoning to slay the serpent energies within you, that perpetually appears to manifest the karma, the propaganda, the perceptual poison that keeps your ability to access the God Vision, God’s Knowing Within, and Union with Source at bay . . . and that perpetuates this hero’s journey to be a never ending “battle” within . . . that reaffirms that this ever-slipping or ever-elusive Vibrational Union with God cannot be attained.  And by “slaying,” which is the Hero’s Journey Language in your realm . . . we mean in the higher realms, facing, cleansing, clearing, removing, and dematerializing.  This is the first big step to the Ascension process in these times.  And many, MANY, are in the process of hearing that call to Face the Dragon so to speak.  Many are hearing the call to Face the Serpent so to speak, for it is one of the first steps in the Hero’s Journey in this realm . . . to face the Vibrational Dragon or Serpent that appears to Control, Guard, and Perpetuate this Lower Density Realm.

And yet, for many who have faced these inner dragons, who have faced the inner serpent’s taunting, conditioning, and perpetration of lower dimensional vibrations of fear, lack, scarcity, drama, trauma, and pain, there is the next level of Spiritual Growth and Awakening that Requires Union with Source, and Union with Gaia, to regain and ascend as a Divine Child of Divine Union once more.  That is why the partnering in your Conscious Breathing is in large part THE BEST PATH to Divine Union once more.  For in the Conscious Receiving of God’s Grace, God’s Blessing, and God’s Eternal Love for you, you are surrendering the Old 3D Matrix that previously bound you in its tethers, temptations, and distortions in the first place.

Thus in Every Sacred Breath taken by the Spiritual Hero in the Spiritual Hero’s Journey, and the Divine Hero’s Journey, and the Celestial Hero’s Journey, you are leaving behind the need to battle the serpent any longer and to give it your power through your attention and intentions any longer.  

And in Partnering through your Conscious Breathing, you are signaling to Source, to the Godheart Within, that you are ready to lay down the remaining attachments to the Serpent’s Way, to the Ego’s Way, and to the 3D Matrix’s Way, that can only offer separation consciousness in some form or fashion, and that can never offer the Wholeness, Divine Union, and Celestial Higher Vibrational Unity Consciousness that is the Christed Consciousness of your time!  OF ALL TIME! 

And so to any of those hearing this transmission today, we invite you to look within.  We invite you to see through the lens of the Witness Observer, which is your very own Divine Avatar Within, and your very own Higher Self Within, that is your Sacred Mentor in this realm to help you recover your Clear Soul Sight in these times . . . so that you can begin to perceive the Spiritual Battle unfolding . . . where the Dark Wolf if you will of this matrix, or the Serpent of this Matrix . . . is summoning your soul through your focused attention and your vibrational attention.  It wants ALL of your attention.  And it has an infinite amount of ways to access your attention, on all levels of your being.  There are triggers, traps, and hot buttons all around you and within you, designed just for you, and only amplifying in these times, to keep you tied up in the battles of the Serpent’s Way, to keep you mired in a 3D realm fighting for your survival, OR acquiescing to the 3D matrix for your survival, or in a state of lower dimensional dissonance that is a wound that never really heals.  If you are not in Union with the Divine, then you are in separation.  And that is what the serpent and lower vibrational matrix is counting on.

Through the Witness Observer Within, you can begin to cultivate the Soul Sight to see where exactly are you in that hero’s journey?  Where are you in that first round of trials and tribulations as you seek to solve and re-solve the riddles of the 3D human’s experiences and your karma, otherwise known as sin, pain, and cyclical suffering in some way?  Where are you in that aspect of the Ascension Journey?  Have you seen the Serpent in your travels?  Have you identified its ways?  Have you clarified for yourself the ways it tempts you today, just like it tempted Adam and Eve and drew them away from God’s Garden of Eden and the Pureness of Divine Creation so long ago?  What are your triggers and tethers to that level of temptation?  What gets your attention through the Serpent’s Way that keeps you on the treadmill of karma, sin, pain, suffering, judgement, angst, fear, ego perceptions, and more?  How does it get your attention?  How do you react when it gets your attention?  Would you like to slay that proverbial dragon and that vibrational serpent of the 3D realm and clear it out once and for all?  What Hero’s Swords do you have and do you engage from your expanding soul skills, battle armor, and awakening consciousness . . . to cut away and release your tethers to the Vibrational Serpent’s Duality Games and Entrapments?  If you don’t have awareness of these tools and this perception in your life, it may be time to begin to see deeper, to look with clearer lenses, and notice the patterns of how the Serpent’s Way is summoning and subtle-y or loudly engaging your life force and your energy in this realm, to keep you in a state of “battle” and “division” and “duality” all the time?  

That battle can be KNOWN for the simple frequencies it truly is . . .

And that is a very effective battle that Serpent Energy wages with all life here on earth, especially Humanity, until the Hero in that Hero’s Journey awaken’s to the Game Itself. March 2021+ Energy Update hero's journey mountainAnd Knowing the Game Itself goes along way even in those initial steps on the Path of the Hero’s Journey to reduce the Serpent’s Power by about 50%.  Just Knowing About It reduces the Serpent’s Power by half!  Then there are the tasks of moving through the inner gates and portals of your own attachments to the fear tethers, the tether wounds as we have called them, and the ways in which you still engage the serpent as your reference point in this realm, and as your resistance point in this realm, and/or as your acquiescence point in this realm.  That is all part of Step 1 in the Hero’s Journey to rise in consciousness to slay the initial vibrational serpent that stands at the gate ~ and guarding and preventing your Divine Union with the Sacred Wisdom of your Heart Center that is the All Knowing, All Thriving, All Loving God Energy In You.  That Serpent has been holding vigilant guard over your Hero’s Attempts to Return to the Garden of Eden Within.  

Using many Soul Skills, including Conscious Awareness, Conscious Breathing, and Releasing Attachments that tether you to this realm, to find a greater Love and Neutrality, and Truth, and Trust, and Faith within, you begin to melt away and alchemize the heavy burdens that the weary soul traveler has carried through lifetimes.  And you begin to lay them down.  Uncovering a more Mystical, Faith-Filled, Soul Sighted, Clear Sighted, Empowered Version of You! And that is who has the Soul Power to dematerialize any temptations of the 3D matrix and to pass through those inner gates and portals to arrive at The Garden of Your Sacred Heart Center.

And thus begins the next step in the Spiritual Hero’s Journey, or what we call the Avatar’s Journey Within, coming Home now in a Deeper Journey of Faith, Fortitude, Surrender, Trust, and Truth, than EVER before.  And this is where many of you reading this reside.  You are gathered together individually and collectively outside of your True Sacred Heart’s Garden of Eden, that is summoning all of you right now to that Sacred Precipice Within.  

And the Riddle outside of your very own Inner Portal, your very own Inner Threshold, that all are facing within as a Living Collective of Source Energy, seeking to Return Home to God’s Eternal Garden of Eden as a Collective, and yet through the profound Individual Invitations that all have received, . . . the Riddle that remains is . . . What Is Keeping You From Full, Complete, and Total Divine Union with Source at the Highest Levels as you live presently in your current realm and your current timeline of perception, lived experiences, and within a Community of Sentient Life who are also invited and challenged by this very same question?

There is a Collective Answer to this Riddle, which is the Summoning to Co-Creation for the Greater and the Highest Good of All. Of the Whole.  Of the Oneness that All Truly Is.  

So that Riddle invites an inner questing in this next tier of the Avatar’s Sacred Soul Journey to Union once more inside each of you to consider, to reflect on, and to explore deeper . . . HOW a Greater Collective arriving at The Great Gathering . . . HOW can this Greater Collective with many different perceptions and gems of soul lessons gleaned in the Journey . . . work together . . . acknowledging all of the Divine Differences and all of the Divine Similarities . . . that are REQUIRED . . . to give the Collective FULL SOURCE VISION . . . through that COLLECTIVE VISION and WEALTH OF SOUL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM WITHIN . . . How can this Collective begin to work together to manifest the One Key that is needed to unlock the COLLECTIVE DOOR to the COLLECTIVE HEART to the COLLECTIVE ZERO POINT PORTAL . . . FOR THE COLLECTIVE TO WALK THROUGH?  These are big questions dear ones.  And many of you are hearing them.  

Which brings us to the second task that lives inside each of you . . . who have arrived outside of this Sacred Heart Portal and Center within yourselves.    

And that question is . . . HOW CAN I,   fill in your name here  , acknowledge all of the Differences and Similarities I have within myself within my soul gifts, lessons, and challenges through time . . . and come into a Greater Self-Accepting Wholeness and Integration, that leads to Divine Surrender and Union within Me . . . and that can help to contribute to my Total Union with Source . . . where I accept my humanity throughout all time here and I accept the humanity of others throughout all time here . . . and where I can thus join and unite with others in alchemizing and melting and forming a brand new Celestial Cosmic Key at the Gate of the Collective Garden of Eden . . . to Guide us through into the 5th Dimensional Field of Oneness?  

So how can I enter my own Divine Garden of Eden Within and thus bring that Knowledge to the Collective at the Great Gathering . . . outside the Portal of the Collective Garden of Eden . . . to unite together with all of these sons and daughters of the Divine, of God, of Gaia . . . to vibrational activate and open this Portal of Light for us all?

These are big questions dear ones.  And we can tell you that you have and hold within all of the soul skills you need and desire for this Return Trip.  For this Return Journey. And we can assure you that All Are In This Sacred Journey at this time.  Even those still amazingly able to sleep, while a vast majority has already awoken.  The Sleepers and those Awake are all required to work together in the ways you are uniquely guided to be activators and unifiers of this Higher Soul Knowledge and Wisdom that is reaching a Point of Higher Dimensional Divine Union at Higher Vibrational Decibels with each passing day.  

And we can say that Divine Faith, Fortitude, Trust, Truth, Conscious Breathing, Divine Surrender, and Awareness of the Spiritual Hero’s Journey, that is a level beyond the Human Hero’s Journey, which is really the Divine Avatar’s Journey, . . . are required now for this transcendence.  And we can say that Growing, Evolving, and Allowing a NEW LANGUAGE in your Heart of Hearts, in the Core of your Being, in the Seat of your Soul Presence to emerge and to begin to speak through you as ONE, as Divine Living Awareness of the Oneness You Truly Are, is the Path now.

When the WORD Becomes One, the World Becomes One.

When your LANGUAGE Becomes Whole and Sovereign,
The World Becomes Whole and Sovereign.

The Word and Your Language are key elements to the Key of Alchemy required to Open the Collective Garden of Eden and which allows the Human Collective to finally and ultimately arrive in this new 5D Loving Giving Earth.  

Is Humanity at the Precipice of Facing Deep Divine Truths?


Is Humanity at the Precipice of Facing Individual Deep Divine Truths Within?


Is Humanity at the Precipice of Realizing and Facing the Nature of the 3D Vibrational Serpent who has been manipulating Divine Truth all this time to serve its own agendas?


Is Humanity equipped with all of the soul skills needed to clear out the nature of the 3D Vibrational Serpent from your Individual Lives, Egos, Lived Experiences, Belief Systems, and Conditionings?


A first step is beginning to recognize on an individual and collective level the Serpent’s Vested Interest in Perpetuating Poisonous Propaganda on the Sentient World of Oneness in this realm.  For if it doesn’t, it ceases to exist.  It can only exist through Powerful Divine Creators such as yourselves.

And if it can distort your First Language, which is the Word of God, or Divine Sound Expressed in Any Realm, which is a core key of Divine Creation, then it can distort Creation Itself.

And that Serpent has nearly succeeded in Distorting All Of Creation through Willing Participants and Spell-Bound Unconscious Participants through the ages, through the use of Propaganda and the Vibrations of the Poisoned Apple, that it works its dark spells and illusions through.

Now is the Time to Awaken to the Power of Conscious Breathing to Unify With Source Energy and to consciously release the tethers that exist in your own energy fields and in the Collective Energy Field.

Now is the Time to Awaken to the Power of the Living Light that lives in the Living Word that Lives in Conscious Living Language, that ascending souls are remembering now as a Key CONSCIOUS KEY . . . necessary for the Great Return through the Great Gathering and in this Time of the Great DIVINE RESET to the God Codes, The Divinity Codes, and the Celestial Codes inside you.

You are the Living Language’s Decoders dear ones.

You are the Rising Avatars who are decoding, exposing, and dismantling the Serpent’s False Language, which is the Serpent’s Insidious Propaganda Machine for the Machinations of ITS Matrix.

You are reclaiming Conscious Breathing to be able to Speak God’s Word, God’s Living Light and Living Language and Living Sound now, onto and into this Planet, ready to partner with all of you once more in the Ascensionary Codes and Cosmic Keys to access the Divine Garden of Eden once more. March 2021+ Energy Update sunset hero's journey fields of light

You need your Conscious Breathing and the Conscious Living Celestial Language that is the Original Breath, and the Original Oxygen, and the Original Word, and the Original Light that formed Creation in beginningless time.  

Awareness, Faith, Fortitude, Surrender, and Union are required for the Spiritual Hero’s Journey . . . for the Brave Epic Spiritual Avatar’s Journey . . . that is activating inside one and all of you at this time.  

So breathe a Deep Divine Breath In With Us today.  Breathe this any time you desire to be a Conscious Contributor, Participant, and Creator of the New Earth Garden in these times.

All is unfolding with Divine Precision and Perfection now.

You are unfolding with Divine Precision and Perfection.

And Simply Remember . . . When the WORD Becomes One, the World Becomes One.

When your LANGUAGE Becomes Whole and Sovereign,
The World Becomes Whole and Sovereign.

When your Breath Becomes One, The World Becomes One Again.

Find your way into practices of Conscious Breathing each day as you can.  

And listen for the Divine Language of Light emerging inside you, that with the aid of your conscious breathing, is eradicating the Serpent’s Propaganda that has controlled this world since the beginning of this 3D Serpentine Timeline of Separation Consciousness. 

Divine Union Is The Remedy.

Individual and Soulful Union Within Is The Remedy.

Collective and Soulful Avatar Union Is The Remedy.

And the rest will emerge vibrationally, as the Gates of the Garden of Eden return to One and All, through these Higher Vibrations of Sacred Union, Breath, Surrender, Faith, Awareness, Fortitude, and Love for all.

We welcome you into the KNOWING of your Avatar Light Within.

We welcome you into the KNOWING of your Christ Light Within.

And we welcome you into the KNOWING of your Divinity Codes and Sacred Union Within.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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